Superman: Transformed!

Superman Transformed Between dying and splitting in two it was the most controversial thing that ever happened to the Man of Steel Superman s loss of power following the events of The Final Night his search for a means

  • Title: Superman: Transformed!
  • Author: Dan Jurgens Louise Simonson Ron Frenz Ron Lim David Michelinie Karl Kesel Josef Rubinstein Tom Grummett
  • ISBN: 9781563894060
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Between dying and splitting in two, it was the most controversial thing that ever happened to the Man of Steel Superman s loss of power following the events of The Final Night, his search for a means to regain his abilities and his subsequent transformation into a new costume wearing Man of Energy are collected for the first time in Superman Transformed.

    One thought on “Superman: Transformed!”

    1. I very rarely give "2 star" ratings.But this volume merits it.Poor concept, poor art, poor execution. Certainly not Supermans finest moment.

    2. I absolutely, positively despised this book when it came out if only for the pure principle of the matter.

    3. Granted, I've thought that Superman could use a facelift for some years now, his death and rebirth accomplished that rather handily; why they bothered with this horrible transformation is beyond me - it would have been enough to stop at the point where he regains his powers (in a rather silly, abrupt manner).This comic served to remind me of why I've always preferred Batman as a hero; the Batman comics have always been rather conservative about supervillains and their powers. Every single comic [...]

    4. Interesting story. Any Superman fan worth his salt remembers the new costume that he wore when he became in contact with an electric energy force that caused a transformation within him. Believing this was a permanent change of the costume fans were outraged and prayed that Superman would return to his traditional outfit. He would, be it would be enforced that this wasn't going to be erased. It did happen and whether for good or bad some of the story was very cool.Still. It wasn't well told, it [...]

    5. A Superman story of the late nineties—a period that the Man of Steel might wish could be rebooted and forgotten (oh, wait…)—here we find out how Superman turns into the “All New Superman” with a new blue suit and electricity flowing out of his eyes.Fans hated the change, pretty much universally. Having come to this story late, and being spared the ire fans must have felt at the time (by knowing that the change was short-lived), this wasn’t the worst Superman story ever told. Sure, it [...]

    6. Okay I've read a lot of one-star superman stories lately. But this is unquestionably the worst of the lot.I actually feel a bit guilty adding this to my read list, because I only got about 10 pages in before giving up in disgust. The writing, my god, the writing.It's bad-fanfic level. Worse actually. Clunky exposition in every panel. Just. Ugh. Words fail me. It angers me that something this bad actually got published.Honestly I think this is the worst written comic I've ever read. And I include [...]

    7. I only got this book because I didn't want to prejudice my son against Superman, just because I hate Superman. I thought the reboot of the series would be a good place for him start; luckily for me he hated it as much as I did. The new suit and new rehashed powers were a nice touch but became ridiculous after that.Sorry Supes you still suck.

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