Dr. No

Dr No The legend continues Stand by for adventures with the world s greatest secret agent as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever When two M agents disappear in Jamai

  • Title: Dr. No
  • Author: John McLusky Ian Fleming Peter O'Donnell Henry Gammidge
  • ISBN: 9781845760892
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The legend continues Stand by for adventures with the world s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever When two M15 agents disappear in Jamaica, Bond is sent to investigate but a mysterious assailant attempts to dispatch 007 with everything from poisoned nectarines to killer centipedes And when Bond linksThe legend continues Stand by for adventures with the world s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever When two M15 agents disappear in Jamaica, Bond is sent to investigate but a mysterious assailant attempts to dispatch 007 with everything from poisoned nectarines to killer centipedes And when Bond links the attacks to the island of Crab Key, owned by the mysterious Doctor No, his troubles are just beginning This new edition also collects Diamonds Are Forever and From Russia, With Love Not only that, it also features a new introduction by Eunice Gayson Sylvia Trench and the final part of a feature examining the post Fleming novels

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    1. Another RGB present, and am slowing knocking these offa purely guilty pleasure this. Random thoughts - why did they begin the films with this one- seems something of an odd choice to me. It is, when we scrape away the post-cold war setting, a frankly ludicrous plot. It really is quite odd, and Dr No's test/labyrinthe is just bonkers. Growing up with the films it is funny to read how bonkers the plots were in the novel. Generally, I think Fleming is better when the plot has more credibility - Fro [...]

    2. Dr. No is one of the stronger Bond novels, a superb tour-de-force by the enthralling Ian Fleming. You’ve probably seen the film version featuring the inimitable Sean Connery as Fleming’s protagonist, but the 007 that Fleming writes about is very different to the playboy extraordinaire that we see on the silver screen.Here, Bond is weak and half-defeated, away on a mission to Jamaica to carry out a simple task, an investigation in to the unexplained disappearance of Commander John Strangways. [...]

    3. It is interesting that the sixth book in the Bond series, Dr. No, would become the first movie. It is also interesting that this does not appear to be a random pick: Dr. No is by far (so far) the most archetypal book in the series. After surviving his encounter with the Russian assassination agency SMERSH and crushing a Soviet plan that very nearly worked, Bond recovers from the finale of From Russia With Love and is ordered by M to take a brief vacation in Jamaica. He is also to investigate the [...]

    4. Länge har jag haft ambitionen att läsa Ian Flemings romaner om agent 007, James Bond. Av en slump springer jag på en gammal fin inbunden utgåva av Dr. No, som jag då trodde var den första i ledet med tanke på att den första filmen gjordes baserad på denna bok. Där hade jag givetvis fel, Casino Royal var den första boken om agent 007. Icke desto mindre var det intressant för mig att läsa just denna först, för i min värld är Dr. No det första mötet med Bond. Att läsa Casino Roy [...]

    5. Probably my favorite Bond book so far, or at least tied with Casino Royale. Some great insight into sheer strength of will, thanks to Dr. No's strange form of conceit. His belief that others lives are expendable for his education in the pain vs terror tolerance the human body and brain are able to endure. Very similar to the six-fingered man (The Princess Bride) he is a formidable villain described in such visually emotionally inspiring detail, that while you are made uncomfortable reading him t [...]

    6. A short, uncomplicated, entertaining detective thriller set in the Caribbean. James Bond was much more of an average guy than as portrayed in the movies, and had none of the gadgets or smarminess. Dr. No was an intriguing villain. There was absolutely no reason for Honeychild to be in the story except for awkwardly drawn out erotic situations. The stereotypes of Black, Chinese, and Indigenous Caribbeans would certainly be considered racist by modern standards. I enjoyed reading this story but pr [...]

    7. Better than the disappointing Goldfinger, better than the movie adaptation. Subtract a star for Dr. No's interminable and terminal monologing, but this is one of the better entries in the series so far. Pleasant surprises include Honeychile Rider being a smarter and tougher woman than we've seen in the past (lots of monologing there, too, but nowhere near the levels the doctor sets), the loving descriptions of Jamaica and Crabkey and the waters between, the feelings Bond has for and about Quarre [...]

    8. Definitely my favourite Bond book so far (reading them in order). It's patiently written, with Bond initially recovering from his wounds received in the previous novel. After being dispatched to Jamaica to investigate an agent that has gone missing, he stumbles on the fiendish plans of the mysterious Dr No. There are plenty of memorable characters, some brutal action, and an end sequence that takes you inside the mind of what it takes to be a survivor like Bond. Highly recommended.

    9. Dr. No's fate takes the phrase "s*** happens" to a whole new level. Where do these Bond villains come from? The unbounded cruelty is completely unfathomable, yet Bond faces it with grit, determination, and survival. His relationship with "Honey" is very earthy, both in quality and in language used to describe her and they way they interact. She is childlike, yet street smart, and she faces intentional cruelty with grit that equals Bond's own.

    10. I really do enjoy the James Bond books. Everyone loves the movies, but there is a level to to the detail in the books that just can't be transferred. Some of the reasoning behind what is going on is explained. For instance, the reasoning behind the WaltherPPK is explainedfabulous! I am just figuring out there is an order to the books as well. Guess I have some reading to do.

    11. So, this is not my favorite of these books, so far. It's not bad, it's just there's a little more objectification of the female character in this novel, Honey Rider, without giving her very many positive skills and traits to balance it out at all. The story also strikes me as slightly underdeveloped. Oh well. There was still plenty to enjoy, here, and Dr. No's eventually fate is blackly comical.

    12. The further along the series I get the more I am appreciating Ian Fleming's ability to paint a picture the imagery of the scenery and characters is vivid and at times so graphic it reads like you are watching a movie Dr No is an incredible villain, and Honey is the quintessential "Bond Girl" vulnerable but strong, beautiful but flawed, needy but independent I really enjoyed this one.

    13. I'd have liked this book more if it wasn't just so extraordinarily racist. It's racist in that special British way that doesn't feel like the product of ignorance so much as arrogance. Maybe I should just expect that of pulp prior to the civil rights movement.

    14. Better than the movie, this book had plenty of action, romance and action. The government figures that Bond runs into are stuffy and stilted; nice to know that James Bond doesn't like then either! After all of this time the plot still comes through. A good read.

    15. Fast and fun read. Perhaps overly theatric at the end, but that's what I signed up for. I like bond and how it takes one back into a different era (including polite word choice and unexpected racism).

    16. A absolutely fantastic book. Action, suspense, mystery, romance; all in one book. I would read this book a thousand times over, and recommend it to anyone. Starting out as a vacation for Bond, in true Bond fashion, ends up uncovering a mystery that is constantly throwing a twist in.

    17. Darker and better written than you'd think. But ultimately rather preposterous and straightforward . The end dragged, although in fairness the rest was quick going.Favourite quote: In combat, like it or not, a girl is your extra heart. The enemy has two targets to your one.

    18. Fast, fun Bond, displaying some of the best writing of the series so far – as well as the most overt racism and sexism, but then what does one expect? Fleming and Bond are entirely creatures of their time, class and culture.

    19. dr no is a solid james bond novel, although the ending felt a compact. I enjoyed it however and would recommend!

    20. Enjoyable, as with the rest of the series though it did get a little silly by the end. A little less grounded than Fleming's other Bond books.

    21. I think that it was a very interesting book so far and is a very good read even for someone who has seen the movie.

    22. one of the better Bond books I have read. (I am reading them all in the order they were written) Fleming is getting better with each book!

    23. The 6th book in the James Bond series by Ian Fleming.A decent short read full of action as you would expect. An entertaining read.

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