The Blue Coyote

The Blue Coyote Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren Sabet and Joe camping with them But at Bluffs State Park Frannie finds herself worrying than usual about their safety and when another y

  • Title: The Blue Coyote
  • Author: Karen Musser Nortman
  • ISBN: 9781482722406
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren, Sabet and Joe, camping with them But at Bluffs State Park, Frannie finds herself worrying than usual about their safety, and when another young girl disappears from the campground in broad daylight, her fears increase The fun of a bike ride, a flea market, marshmallow guns, and a storyteller is quickly oveFrannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren, Sabet and Joe, camping with them But at Bluffs State Park, Frannie finds herself worrying than usual about their safety, and when another young girl disappears from the campground in broad daylight, her fears increase The fun of a bike ride, a flea market, marshmallow guns, and a storyteller is quickly overshadowed Accusations against Larry and her add to the cloud over their heads Frannie begins to puzzle out the mystery Are the itinerant road workers as much of a threat as Frannie thinks What about the lone woman camper who also disappears Or is the girl s deadbeat dad behind it all

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    1. First things first: I need to mention I received this book from giveaways.Frannie and Larry Shoemaker, a retired couple went camping with their grandchildren and their friends. The trip started with them takings a wrong turn which took them to a dirt road dead-ending in a junkyard where they had to turn around (in an RV no less). From that point on their rest was interrupted by all sorts of annoyances which finally culminated in a crime with Larry being blamed for it - and I would be the first [...]

    2. The Shoemakers are again camping with friends. They have their grandchildren along. They are staying at a park in central Iowa. At nights are wildlife programs. Bicycle rides provide activities. Larry is upset by a girl riding with training wheels. She later disappears and Larry is accused. Someone files an abuse charge against them. Frannie has some thoughts that helps clears them. I like this book even better than Bats And Bones

    3. I absolutely loved this book. After reading Bats and Bones, the first campground mystery, I couldn't wait for the second installment! Frannie and her husband, Larry, are well-developed, very likeable characters who soon feel like friends. The plot is believable with enough twists to keep you guessing. I also enjoyed the camping tips that the author includes in her books. I haven't been camping in years, but after reading this book I am ready to rent a pop-up trailer and hit the road!

    4. Frannie and Larry Shoemaker were heading to their camping site at Bluffs State Park with their two grandchildren, Sarabeth and Joe, when they became lost. A carelessly placed detour sign had them heading down a pot-hole ridden dirt road which ended at a junk yard for old and abandoned vehicles. The turning in the gateway proved difficult, but eventually they found themselves back on the correct road and shortly arriving at their destination.Sarabeth was called Sabet and had been since younger br [...]

    5. The Blue Coyote was the second book in the series of Frannie Shoemaker. This is a fun cozy mystery about the campground adventures of Frannie, her husband and their camping friends. Since this book is meant to be a stand alone, you won't feel like you have missed anything in the previous volume. But for me, it was like meeting old friends once again since I had read the first one. Cozy mysteries are meant to be fun and free of gore. Although this one dealt with a child being abducted from the ca [...]

    6. The hills rolled out in front of them, alternating dead brown stubble in the harvested fields and emerging vibrant color in the tree rows, muted by a fine dust in the air.Frannie and Larry Shoemaker are headed out in their thirty foot travel trailer with grandkids, Sabet (SaraBeth) and Joe. They meet up at Bluffs State Park with Larry's sister, Jane Ann and her husband Mickey. Good friends, Nancy and Ben are also along for the adventure. Soon after set up, a young girl rides in continuous circle [...]

    7. Larry and Frannie Shoemaker are off on another of their camping adventures with friends, and their two grandchildren, Sabet and Joe, are with them. All seems well except for a little girl who rides her bicycle with very noisy training wheels that drive Larry crazy--until that very girl disappears, right after complaining to another camper that Larry frightened her.Suddenly Larry, a grandfather and retired police officer, is in the minds of many of their fellow campers the prime suspect in a chil [...]

    8. Once again Nortman has hit a homerun with "The Blue Coyote." The story line is plausible - in fact reading the day's news headlines extremely possibly, and every parent and grandparent's nightmare. Despite trials and ails, the main characters come out ok, albeit slightly worse for the wear, and the book has a 'happy ending,' as it should. Nortman's works are a pleasure to read. Quick and easy, well written, enjoyable mysteries. Once again, while well-suited for any age reader or a read-aloud, wi [...]

    9. This is the second book I have read in this series and I have enjoyed them both. I like the characters. They observe the other people in the campgrounds. Sometimes they comment on unusual things they may be wearing or doing but nobody is written in an outrageous quirky manner. I really dislike "quirky" characters that are annoying but everyone puts up with them. I like the camping theme but not the camping tips. They might be better placed at the end of the book. I read the Kindle version and it [...]

    10. “This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”This was a quick fascinating listen. You never know what might happen on a camping trip. Make sure you know what is happening around you, because Frannie probably won't be close by to solve any crime.I hope there will be more adventures.The narration was well done.Michelle Babb brings the characters to life.

    11. I'm in love with the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries series! Karen Musser Nortman's writing style takes you along with her and her friends' adventures in camping. She paints a picture, draws you in and you cannot put the books down! I love everything about these books, from the feel of the smooth matte covers, the chapters laid out in 'time-line' style to the wonderful Happy Camper Tips! Win, win!

    12. Tuck this delightful cozy into your camping gear this summer. You'll find Frannie and friends' latest escapade just the thing for those rainy evenings spent inside. But be warned if you sample all the delicious recipes in the book, you won't be able to do enough biking, hiking and swimming to work them off! And most of all, stay away from Blue Coyotes!

    13. Once again Frannie and Larry Shoemaker are camping with their friends. This time their grandchildren are along for the weekend. The trip starts out with the Shoemakers getting lost on their way to Bluffs State Park because a detour sign has gotten turned sending them in the wrong direction. Finally arriving at the park they start getting settled in when all of a sudden this very loud unpleasant screeching sound. This sound is being made by a little girl on a bicycle with training wheels. The sou [...]

    14. ( Format : Audiobook )" when it hits closer to home."Larry and Frannie love camping, a chance for all the family to spend time together and friends to join them, too. But amidst the bustle of intergenerational chaos there is one sound which Larry cannot abide - the clack, clack of trainer wheels on bicycles being ridden back and forth. It is this obsession to end his irritation which gets Larry into prime suspect position when a little girl goes missing.Although the storyline itself is pretty we [...]

    15. After reading The Blue Coyote, another Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mystery and the second in the Camping Can Be Murder Boxed Set, I feel like I know the Shoemakers, their grandchildren, and their friends personally. That’s why I was so incensed when Larry became the prime suspect in a campground kidnapping. Frannie was even more infuriated, though, as the authorities seemed to focus on her husband while the missing child and her own grandchildren remained in danger and the real culprit remain [...]

    16. Frannie and Larry Shoemaker are happy to be camping with their grandchildren and several friends again. All is going well and everyone is settling into their adjoining campsites. Then a little girl goes past on her bike with her training wheels squeaking. So much for a quiet weekend. Larry stops the little girl and offers to take her training wheels of her bike. The girl is frightened and takes off without taking Larry up on his offer. Later that day the little girls goes missing. Somehow Larry [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mystery series. It’s the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m already hooked.The main characters are likeable and well-written. The plot intrigued me and kept me guessing. It is fast-paced.I listened to the audio version. The narrator, Michelle Babb, always draws me into the stories she narrates. Her voice is perfect for story telling. She does a great job with it.I’m adding this series to my list of cozies I want to read [...]

    18. Title: The Blue Coyote -The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mystries Book 2Author: Karen Musser NortmanPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformISBN: 13-9781482722406E-Book ASIN: B00C37280IPublished 3-28-13 Kindle EditionPages: 242Genre: MysteryTags: Cozy, Camping, Suspense, FamilyLarry and Frannie Shoemaker, their grandchildren Joe and Sabet and lab Cuba travel with their camper home to meet up with friends at the Bluffs State Park campground. Despite a minor unplanned detour of getti [...]

    19. A wrong turn seems to serve as a harbinger for plans gone awry for the Shoemakers as they set off to camp with their two young grandchildren (Sabet and Joe), relatives Mickey and Jane Ann, and a couple of friends. After settling her family into the campground, Frannie becomes increasingly aware of potential dangers for children there. Soon, one of her worst fears comes to fruition when a child mysteriously vanishes. As the finger of blame points toward her campsite, Frannie feels compelled to ai [...]

    20. The Blue Coyote is a great mystery and I seriously enjoyed listening on my way to and from work. Larry and Franny Shoemaker are going camping with their grandkids and meeting up with family and friends. Everything is going great until a girl comes riding by with her bike that has very screechy training wheels on it and Larry goes to intercept . The little girl goes to a lady for help and after that disappears without a trace. Franny Shoemaker's mind starts running wild with how to solve this cri [...]

    21. I've read both books in this series, and while I liked "Bat and Bones" I thought the Blue Coyote moved at a faster pace and was more cohesive. I think part of this was using just one point of view in Blue Coyote -- Frannie's. The other characters were clearly expressed through their actions, we didn't need to be in their heads. Karen Nortman captures the teasing nature of older couples who have known each other for awhile and have a shared interest. I could imagine them sitting at a local grocer [...]

    22. I loved reading this book. Because Karen and Butch (aka Frannie and Larry) are friends of ours, I love trying to figure out who's characters are based on which of our other friends. Karen does a fine job of distorting characteristics of a lot of people so the folks you meet in the book are a compilation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!I will say that I am taking credit for an honorable mention on page 42 where Frannie mentions Nancy's green and brown flannel pajama pants that have campfi [...]

    23. I won my book from and I really appreciated that. I do not think I would have read it if I had just seen it on the shelf.This was a very nicely written mystery. It reminded me of my Nancy Drew books. There are 3 female friends with their husbands and they do lots of normal camping things while solving a mystery. The heroine, Frannie and her husband, Larry, are camping with their grandkids when another child is abducted. There is a feeling throughout the book that the story will end happily for [...]

    24. Frannie and Larry gassed up the truck, packed the camper and headed out with a couple grandkids for a quiet weekend with friends. Will their trip be uneventful? Oh, you hope not. A little girl riding a squeaky bike with training wheels up and down the state park trails that tweaks Larry's nerves starts this mystery into motion (you too will want to ship Larry a can of DW40 for his next camping trip). Accusations, an abduction and a chase through a dark field spark a great story. I am impressed h [...]

    25. The Blue Coyote by Karen Nortman is an entertaining, fast-paced story about a missing child at a campground. Although second in the Frannie Shoemaker campground mystery series, it is easily a stand alone read. With a few twists and turns to the plot, the author keeps the reader guessing right to the end as to the culprit. While touching on the tragedy of kidnapping and human trafficking, The Blue Coyote is a fun book to read (or listen to as this reviewer did). The narrator, Michelle Babb, does [...]

    26. This is the first book in the series I've read and the first mystery set in a campground. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters. The plot felt like the most plausible situation I've read in a long time, which was really nice. Not five or six murders in a small town. I listened to the audio version and Michelle Babb did such a good job. She's easily one of my favorite narrators and I will always listen to what she reads.**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest revie [...]

    27. Another excellent cozy mystery with a campground background. Although this is an ongoing series, each is a sound standalone. The ongoing characters are a group of friends who enjoy each other's company and plan weekends at different state parks, which are enjoyable until a police matter intervenes. No murder this time, but a young girl is abducted even as Frannie and Larry's two grandchildren are with them. Good sleuthing is done by all.Michelle Babb gives an excellent performance once again wit [...]

    28. Another really good mystery by Karen Musser Nortman. Frannie Shoemaker and her husband Larry, like to travel to different campgrounds and camp out with their friends. Larry is a retired cop and Frannie a retired school teacher. They seem to be magnets for mystery and suspense on some of their camping trips. I enjoyed this book very much, and recommend it to fellow mystery lovers.

    29. Another great camping adventure with Frannie and LarryThe second book in this series was just as good as the first. Follow along while this couple and their friends find adventure and mystery while camping with their grandchildren at one of Iowa's many great state parks. It keeps you guessing

    30. I Loved this book !!! I started with #3 in the series, then went back to #1 and then this one . I think it's the best so far! Just thoroughly enjoying this series just bought #4 Lady of the Lake. enjoying it already!!

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