Primtallenes ensomhet

Primtallenes ensomhet A prime number can only be divided by itself or by one it never truly fits with another Alice and Mattia both primes are misfits who seem destined to be alone Haunted by childhood tragedies that mar

  • Title: Primtallenes ensomhet
  • Author: Paolo Giordano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: None
  • A prime number can only be divided by itself or by one it never truly fits with another Alice and Mattia, both primes, are misfits who seem destined to be alone Haunted by childhood tragedies that mark their lives, they cannot reach out to anyone else When Alice and Mattia meet as teenagers, they recognize in each other a kindred, damaged spirit.But the mathematicallyA prime number can only be divided by itself or by one it never truly fits with another Alice and Mattia, both primes, are misfits who seem destined to be alone Haunted by childhood tragedies that mark their lives, they cannot reach out to anyone else When Alice and Mattia meet as teenagers, they recognize in each other a kindred, damaged spirit.But the mathematically gifted Mattia accepts a research position that takes him thousands of miles away, and the two are forced to separate Then a chance occurrence reunites them and forces a lifetime of concealed emotion to the surface.

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    1. This book is going to be big. But, people still don't know that, people still haven't heard about Paolo Giordano and his brilliant, brilliant work called, 'The solitude of prime numbers'', which stands on the same magnificent title throne with Kundera’s, ''Unbearable lightness of being''. And The solitude of prime numbers, easy to say, broke my heart. Primary numbers are natural numbers that are divided only with number 1 and itself. In this book, in a human form of numbers, Alice and Mattia a [...]

    2. I finished this book moments ago and find myself irritated instead of thoughtful. I want to love this novel, it's unusual, bleak, as real and demanding as gum stuck to your shoe, but there is no payoff for my time spent with it. Each painstakingly set-up scenario of adolescent and adult angst/trauma is left dangling like a series of complicated esher drawings that lead nowhere and are partially erased.The author's style is raw and minimal. He's able to occupy a girl/woman's psyche as seamlessly [...]

    3. Il libro si presenta compatto, di una lunghezza di circa 30 cm e con un'altezza di circa 5 cm. (ci si scusa per l'approssimazione); presenta una sovra-coperta di carta plastificata raffigurante un'immagine di donna all'interno di un fitto boscame. Se andiamo a togliere la copertina possiamo notare che la parte sottostante è rigida e verde con stampigliato a lato il titolo del libro.Possiamo altre sì notare che le pagine sono di carta e numerate, l'inchiostro di stampa è nero, se andiamo a con [...]

    4. Io non ce l’ho con Paolo Giordano perché ha scritto un libro mediocre ed applauditissimo (probabilmente) per lo stesso motivo.Non ce l’ho neppure con l’ignoranza del mio Paese che, in termini culturali, credo stia messo su per giù come un trenta per cento degli abitanti delle favelas brasiliane (il restante settanta per cento, in loco, si arrabatta per vivere e pensa. In Italia, purtroppo, non hanno ancora istituito un master che supplisca a questo inspiegabile deficit educativo).Non ce [...]

    5. The idea is beautiful. Compare people to numbers, compare the loneliness of people who don't know how to belong to the otherness of prime numbers, and thus imply that there could be resolution to their alienation because it's part of a logical pattern, and if they can't belong to everyone, at least they can belong to each other.However, other than the fact that Mattia, one of the main characters, is a genius mathematician, and one passage where he introduces the concept of twin prime numbers, th [...]

    6. Onvan : The Solitude of Prime Numbers - Nevisande : Paolo Giordano - ISBN : 670021482 - ISBN13 : 9780670021482 - Dar 271 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    7. Absolute disappointment.One of the worst book I've ever read.The flatness of the characters is an insult to the reader.

    8. His number: 2760889966649Her number: 2760889966651Apparently, one is not the most loneliest number in the world. From the moment I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down; it was completely engrossing. I can't really begin to think of an accurate way to describe the depth of solitude these two people seemingly want to seek out in their lives because it comforts them. All I know is that I found myself relating on so many levels: in making stupid decisions, in feeling socially awkward, i [...]

    9. I have read other reviews and many people enjoyed the first half best, as did I. I believe the reason being that our youth is bittersweet, even the horrors we suffer from it. The early days for a detached Mattia are spoiled by a tragedy he is responsible for. I was shocked and saddened by the ramifications a choice made as a child seemed to carry for him. One thing I must add, I didn't like how the writer jumped from that tragedy to the future because I really wanted to know what happened in the [...]

    10. This was embarrassingly bad, and the news that it has met with broad critical acclaim is infinitely depressing. Take two "damaged" stick figures, define each only in terms of their 'abnormality', surround them with the standard tableau of distant parents, cruel classmates. Make liberal use of facile, offensive stereotypes, for instance that the only conceivable career option for the emotionally retarded male basket case is to become a mathematician. Because this will allow you to sprinkle in som [...]

    11. Despite the glowing reviews, this book was too depressing for me. The Italian award-winning Physicist author, Paolo Giordano, has a polished minimalist style that I admired, but the characters were, ultimately, so damaged, insular and cold that the book may well have been titled, "The Abject Loneliness of Dysfunctional People." The real title reflects the mathematical fluke of “special primes,” prime numbers that are close, such as 13 and 15, but ultimately still separate. It also describes [...]

    12. IncredibileMe l'hanno prestato, senza che lo chiedessi, anche se prevedevo che, prima o poi, ci sarei cascata, con un titolo così accattivante!Il protagonista, Mattia, è un matematico, ma pensa con la testa di un fisico, quella di Giordano. Alla fine però la mentalità scientifica si risolve in un atteggiamento maniacale e si riduce a distorsioni mentali. La scrittura è scorrevole, sì. La lettura è veloce. Troppo per i temi narrati. I problemi sono seri, le malattie vere, di cui però semb [...]

    13. The only experience that can rival reading a really great book is reading a really awful one and ripping it on ; especially if, like this one, it comes with glowing recommendations. Except for some of the writing (maybe), this book had absolutely no redeeming feature. It was one of the most depressing books I have ever read, with no redemption and completely non-endearing self-involved characters who were either pathetic, sadistic, or both. You didn’t want anything good to happen to these peop [...]

    14. Tra i vari demeriti di questo libro, che sono tanti, troppi, ce n'è uno che è più imperdonabile di tutti gli altri, ed è la spocchia con la quale Giordano racconta la storia che racconta, la presunzione di allargarla a ritratto collettivo, in qualche modo rappresentativo di una generazione, o comunque di una parte della stessa che, per quanto frivola, per quanto danneggiata, per quanto supponente e molle, non meritava di essere trattata così, con questa superficialità, con questa piattezza [...]

    15. Hay libros que estimulan la imaginación, libros que se basan en una trama apasionante, llena de viajes a lugares exóticos o de historias fabulosas, que te permiten pasarlo bien durante un rato, que te ayudan a evadirte del mundo mientras estás imbuido en ellos. Y después están los libros de personajes como es el caso de Paolo Giordano y 'La soledad de los números primos'. Como bien reza la contraportada, "Todo el mundo reconocerá algo de sí mismo en el libro de Giordano, pues el verdader [...]

    16. While all fiction emanates from the imagination it is rare that a work successfully mimics the language of dreams. The Solitude of Prime Numbers comes as close to doing so as any novel I have read in recent memory. The incidents of the characters' lives are blended together by the young author, Paolo Giordano, in a way that suggests their lives exist, fictionally, on the edge of reality. The main characters, Alice and Mattia, are in a state of continual wonder both of the world that surrounds th [...]

    17. This was a an oddly stark book, melancholy in tone, but heartbreakingly beautiful. I often read to escape, to feel lighter, but The Solitude of Prime Numbers added weight to my heart, almost unbearably. Reading the stories of Alice and Mattia, the two damaged souls at the heart of this book, was a pleasure, but definitely not an escape. The translation from Italian is really flawless, I did not see one sentence that seemed awkward. I read The Solitude of Prime Numbers last night, but I have a fe [...]

    18. A lovely novel by a gifted author. It is a story of a lifelong, ambiguous but inescapable relationship between a intellectually gifted but socially awkward mathematical genius, and a conflicted, anorexic woman with a great sensibility but also with a chronic incapacity to deal with her own life in a positive manner. Two kindred, damaged spirits who are attracted to each other by their unique sensibility and by their solitude, but who find it very arduous to fill the existential gap between the t [...]

    19. È un medicinale, leggere attentamente il foglio illustrativoTEGORIA FARMACOTERAPEUTICA:Pessimo libro, lettura consigliata solo per uso eccezionaleECAUZIONI PER L'USO:Evitare la lettura di piacere.Da utilizzare solo per lo studio delle funzioni junghiane [vedi l'articolo con analisi del Tipo psicologico dello scrittore sul mio blog] o per diventare EmoRMA FARMACEUTICA:Perfetto Pacchetto di Marketing con titolo accattivante.Le prime 50 pagine puzzano - a volte in tutti i sensi visto che all'inte [...]

    20. Por el estilo de narrar y por los personajes solitarios, raros y marginados se me vino a la mente el mundo de Murakami, y quizá por eso enganché rápido y no solté el libro hasta la última página.Por los comentarios que leí pensé que iba a perder mi tiempo leyéndolo, suerte que no fue así.Al estar acostumbrada a finales abiertos, inconclusos y hasta dudosos no me hizo ruido que este terminara de tal manera. Además ya la premisa de "los números primos" te daba la idea de que no iba a s [...]

    21. Yep a year later, still a solid 5 stars.I love it when I get rocked unexpectedly by a book. The characters in this book so drew me in and seemed so utterly real (even though the book spans a couple of decades and alternates between the male and female protagonists).On top of that, was the sheer beauty of the writing. Every so often, I would read a sentence stop and realize "Wow, that was incredible" and would have to read it again. Given that it was written originally in Italian, part of me w [...]

    22. Não foi um livro fácil, foi antes um mergulho em águas profundas e turvas.Toda a gente conhece ou pelo menos já ouviu falar de casos como os que foram aqui expostos.Eu conheço. E sei a luta que se trava para chegar a estes miúdos. Familiares, professores, amigos, esbarram em muros de silêncio onde ninguém penetra. Mutilar o corpo – qualquer que seja a forma – é o bálsamo para o castigo que pensam merecer. É fácil e habitual julgá-los como “desequilibrados” ou “mimados à p [...]

    23. The Solitude of Prime Numbers broke my heart multiple times, ruthlessly. A prime number can only be divided by one or itself. Then there are prime numbers like 17 and 19, 41 and 43 and so on. The thing about these numbers is that they will always, till the end of the world, be separated by a wall, a number, be it 18, 42 and many others. These numbers can never come together in any other place. That's their solitude. That's their fate.Alice and Mattia have the same scenario. I read this book in t [...]

    24. 1 stellina e mezzo.Dov'è il capolavoro della letteratura italiana di cui si vociferava? Io non l'ho trovato di certo in questo libro.

    25. Warning: This review gets a bit 'geeky'.Prime numbers are not defined in terms of other numbers; other numbers are defined by their prime factors. Primes greater than three are separated by at least one non-prime, paired primes by only one. Paired primes become less frequent as numbers get larger.That is the mathematical truth behind Paolo Giordano's novel.He introduces the idea that people can be defined in this way: that some people are like prime numbers and cannot be defined in terms of othe [...]

    26. Italialaisen Paolo Giordanon esikoiskirja Alkulukujen yksinäisyys (La solitudine dei numeri primi 2008, suom. 2010) on yksi suosikkini lukemistani kirjoista. Taidan rakastaa tällaisia melankolisia ja herkkiä kuvauksia ihmismielen rikkonaisuudesta. Giordano sai Alkulukujen yksinäisyydestä Premio Strega -palkinnon ja kirja on käännetty yli 20 kielelle.Alkulukujen yksinäisyyden (Wsoy-Aikamme kertojia) pääosissa ovat Alice, joka vammautui lapsuudessa ja Mattia, joka kadotti vammaisen sisko [...]

    27. Sostanzialmente un libro inutile.Personaggi inutili, storia non sviluppata come meritava, finale inutile all'ennesima potenza! Non ho capito dove Giordano pensava di poter accompagnare il lettore sostanzialmente, questo libro è una tragedia dalla prima all'ultima pagina. Non c'è speranza, non c'è la scintilla, non c'è nulla!#delusione estrema

    28. No me equivocaba cuando al empezarlo pensé que lo iba a devorar. Un día ha durado en mis manos. Un día aprendiendo sobre Mattia y Alice, sus defectos, su historia y su final. Me ha sabido a poco, necesitaba más

    29. Oggi mi è capitato tra le mani questo libro. Me lo regalarono nel periodo in cui era divenuto un caso editoriale.Ovviamente non lo lessi, la mia vita ha un appeal talmente controcorrente da essere quasi una costrinzione. Mi scoccia fare quello che tutti fanno, lo confesso, è una mia debolezza.Invece il libro non è assolutamente male, ben scritto, sviluppato in maniera più che coerente, personaggi interessanti, il tema che lo sostiene geniale.Ecco, il finale non l'ho capito, ma la pecca è as [...]

    30. Pungente drama psicológico tratado de forma sóbria e pragmática sem os evitáveis e desnecessários floreados emocionais que, a maior parte deste tipo de narrativa, tende a utilizar. Mas também não consiste numa história seca, sem brilho ou significado, muito pelo contrário é superlativa na abordagem de uma temática – a da solidão - e esse aspeto, creio, ser o elemento fulcral, o mais interessante trazido pelo autor à publicação. A narrativa começa abordando, em alternância, a i [...]

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