The Two Sisters of Borneo

The Two Sisters of Borneo The sixth installment in the wildly popular Ava Lee series from Arthur Ellis Award winner Ian Hamilton Ava has been in Hong Kong looking after Uncle She has also set up an investment company with May

  • Title: The Two Sisters of Borneo
  • Author: IanHamilton
  • ISBN: 9781770892446
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sixth installment in the wildly popular Ava Lee series from Arthur Ellis Award winner, Ian Hamilton.Ava has been in Hong Kong looking after Uncle She has also set up an investment company with May Ling Wong and her sister in law, Amanda Yee One of their first investments a furniture company owned by two sisters in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo runs into immediate problemThe sixth installment in the wildly popular Ava Lee series from Arthur Ellis Award winner, Ian Hamilton.Ava has been in Hong Kong looking after Uncle She has also set up an investment company with May Ling Wong and her sister in law, Amanda Yee One of their first investments a furniture company owned by two sisters in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo runs into immediate problems with a Dutch customer Ava goes to the Netherlands to investigate, but her life is threatened when she is confronted by a gang of local thugs in Borneo Out of the shadows comes a mysterious man from Shanghai .

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    1. It would not surprise me to learn that Ian Hamilton’s books have inspired pilgrimages to Toronto’s vaunted houses of dim sum, as Hamilton is specific about locales and the particular delicacies to be enjoyed in each. Hamilton has a track record now with his sixth novel in the series, and we believe him when he talks about food, clothes, and hotels. This middle-aged white male author is merely channeling his inner young, Chinese, lesbian side, and to judge from reviews, little is as thrilling [...]

    2. Finding a copy of this book in the U.S. was overly difficult and costly, and I'd like to thank House of Anansi Press, the Canadian publisher, for its assistance. Ava Lee is preparing for her close friend and business partner Amanda's marriage to her half-brother when the third partner May Ling reveals that one of their largest investments has been forced into bankruptcy and things look very bleak. Ava bops off to Amsterdam to see if there is fraud, enlisting some local help, and Amanda breaks of [...]

    3. Ian Hamilton improves this series with each book he adds! Ava Lee has become a much more fully rounded character. The people in her life have increased exponentially with each novel, and those relationships further enrich the plot. May Long, Amanda and Ava Lee are now partners in a business, and one of their investments in Borneo has suddenly gone sour. And the search is on! I'm enjoying the series. It is unlike any other I've read before, which has added to the pleasure.

    4. This fast-paced Ian Hamilton novel featuring kickass forensic accountant Ava Lee is yet another fun adventure. This time one of her newest investments - a furniture company - is in dire financial straits with the word "suspicious" written all over it. Following the money trail from Hong Kong, Borneo, and the Netherlands with a stopover in her hometown of Toronto, Canada, we experience Ava at probably her most vulnerable in the series. As she investigates the debacle, she's simultaneously dealing [...]

    5. Book # 6, in the Ava Lee MysteryIn “The Two Sisters of Borneo” the relationship between Ava and her mentor plays a good part and offers us one of the most emotional installment to date. Uncle, a former Triad boss is dying and Ava is looking after him….when other problems surfaces… After investing into a Bornean furniture company Ava falls victims to a suspected fraud and needs to go all out in her usual manner to follow the money trail that will lead her to Amsterdam and to Kota Kinabalu [...]

    6. I picked up the first book in this series after meeting the author at a reading last year (go public libraries!). And, as cliched as it is to say, I never looked back. I'm not entirely certain what the appeal of the books is for me, because there is isn't just one aspect I can point to that explains the fascination I have for Ava and her world, but this is one author I'll pre-order and not worry about wasting the money.

    7. I don't think I have cried at the end of a thriller as much as I have with this one. I cannot wait until the next one and this one hasn't been published yet!! Ava is my HERO !! Ian has produced one of my most favorite characters aside from Jo Nesbo and Harry Hole!!

    8. Ava is vulnerable in this book. We see her letting emotion get the best of her. She shows she is not perfect. She is doing the same sleuthing in exotic locales but this time the client is herself as a new business venture with May Ling gets off to a rocky start with bankruptcy and theft. Ava is preoccupied with Uncle's ill health and the wedding of her half brother. While in Borneo she unwittingly allows herself to be kidnapped. Lots of action and the cavalry to the rescue in this one that leave [...]

    9. Like many of these, I read this book in one sitting. The pace and story kept it moving along as the need to find out what was going to happen with the characters was greater than the need to get to sleep. This one was more emotional than the others, less of a travelogue than some and more about bonds and connections. Overall a good addition to the Ava Lee collection.

    10. Since the very first book of this series I have been hooked. Two Sisters was so vivid in its description. The funeral scenes transported me and generated such emotion. Looking forward to King of Shanghai. Thanks to the public libraries.

    11. somehow, i think of ava as a man rather than a woman it has nothing to do with her sexual inclination, but rather her characteristics. nevertheless, the story is engaging as the other books, it is thrilling and highly emotional ride.

    12. Meh. Although by the ending I was engaged. The lead character is a rich, stuck up unreal stable character

    13. I feel like this installment is overshadow by a wedding and a funeral. I realize I don't read the Ava Lee series for the character development but rather to see how the problem/puzzle is solved. I can't explain it but I am a bit disappointed by The Two Sisters of Borneo, however I still gave 4 stars because overall I enjoyed the series immensely.

    14. This is another great episode in the Ava Lee series. It begins with a wedding and ends with a funeral. In between there is lots of intrigue and action. Another page turner.

    15. Compelling book, one of the best in the Ava Lee series, and the most personal. Not only is she supporting Uncle through his illness and the love and respect they have for each other shines through, she attends her half-brother's wedding as maid of honour and we learn more about that part of her family and the unique tensions of coming from her father's second family in Hong Kong society. Along the way, we also see relationships develop through her new investment business with partners May Ling a [...]

    16. I love the Ava Lee series by Ian Hamilton. In fact, will be reading the newest one shortly, stay tuned1 As for the Two Sisters of Borneo, quite a ride. Ava is a bit rusty after 4 months off, a bit emotional with the lingering cancer that is taking the life of her dear Uncle, a bit not on her game. She is tasked to find a lot of money gone missing from her partnership with May Ling and Amanda, Ava's new sister in law. Powerless at times in this book, Ava still manages to use her wits, stay centre [...]

    17. This book gets us about as personal as we've been so far. This time the money Ava is looking for is for her own business and developments with Uncle have her staying in Hong Kong instead of Toronto. I like that this story has less concentration on name brands than we've seen in the past but I'm not sure I like the increased sexual content of the last few. I am also left wondering just what Ava sees in Maria, she is always portrayed as so needy and almost childlike, which seems unusual in a profe [...]

    18. this is not good, not good at all. Another year till I get to read the next story of ava.This is a very emotional story. I would think this book is just an intro, a bridge, for the next book. Ava's adventure is a secondary story here. the main story is about uncle, and what kind of connection and business he has with Xu. I think the quality is on par with book 5, where book 5 is intense with action this book is intense with emotion.Kudos for Ian for the book, I really really hope you can publish [...]

    19. Not my favorite In the Ava Lee series - not enough action, too much time spent on describing designer fashions with unlimited budgets, and too many forensic accounting details but a fun read as Ava travels the world to solve an investment fiasco. Like Reacher, even with her hands tied she can beat up the bad guys. Wonder when the movie starring Lucy Liu comes out? That's my guess for casting anyways

    20. The Ava Lee series are always a fast and exciting read! The main character, Ava, is a fantastic character who know how to 'kick ass' when she has to. The plot of this book seemed extra exciting than the others and also sad when another main character died. It was fascinating to read about how a Chinese funeral service was carried out with all the traditional observances. If I'm looking for a book to take my mind out of a reading slump, I always know the next Ava Lee book will do the trick.

    21. This book was fantastic, as with all the other books in the Ava Lee series. It was not necessarily my favourite (though I cannot seem to choose which one is), it is definitely still a great addition to a fabulous series. I am interested to see where the series goes from here, without spoiling anything, so much changes in this novel that I am excited/terrified to read the next novel when it comes out.

    22. Love the Ava Lee series! Ava is such a compelling heroine. For anyone who hasn't read the series before, don't start with this one -- it has the least action and is the most tame. It feels more like a transition book in the series, tying loose ends in the plotline and setting the scene for a whole new beginning for AvaLooking forward to the next book coming out Feb 2015 -- really excited to see what it has in store for Ava, May Ling and Amanda and how their paths will cross with Xu.

    23. Mystery seriesAva Lee continues to have great adventures in interesting places. In this one Ava and her two new business partners run into some problems in Borneo and Amsterdam. As a fascinating side story "Uncle" is finally conquered by his cancer and Ava meets Xu, an associate of Uncle from Shanghai. More Canadian references than I can mention because Ava is from Toronto.

    24. This next novel in the Ava Lee series is excellent. Ava has been in Hong Kong with a Uncle who is ill for 4 months. When the business she has a stake in is in trouble she travels to Amsterdam and then to Borneo to unravel the issue and to get their money back. Ava is a well drawn character who is smart and determined. I look forward to the next book

    25. Hamilton's Ava Lee series are really engrossing. They lead to Asian locations and really different characters. In this book Hamilton is setting us readers up to accept a new relationship and partner as Uncle has died. Ava still needs underground connections for her forensic accounting work. The question is how deep will she get involved with the Triad We will have to wait for the next book.

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