A Fool's Gold Christmas

A Fool s Gold Christmas A classic heartwarming tale for the holidays from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery The cheer in Fool s Gold California is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker An injury has

  • Title: A Fool's Gold Christmas
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373777884
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • A classic heartwarming tale for the holidays from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery The cheer in Fool s Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker An injury has forced her to return home to her estranged family So she won t add to the awkward scenario by falling for the charms of her brother s best friend, no matter how tempting heA classic heartwarming tale for the holidays from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery The cheer in Fool s Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker An injury has forced her to return home to her estranged family So she won t add to the awkward scenario by falling for the charms of her brother s best friend, no matter how tempting he is When she s recruited to stage the winter festival, she vows to do as promised, then move on, anywhere but here Jaded lawyer Dante Jefferson is getting used to the town he now calls home, but the pounding of little dancers feet above his office is than he can take When he confronts their gorgeous teacher, he s unprepared for their searing attraction Evie is his best friend s sister off limits unless he s willing to risk his heart Dante has always believed that love is dangerous, but that was before he had to reckon with the magic of a certain small town, where miracles do seem to happen.

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    1. 3 Cowardly Jerk StarsOMFG! I took a little break from this series because all the books were setting me off and giving me cases of the rants. I hate cowards in books and this series is rampant with cowardly men. What makes this worse is I almost always love book up til the end when the hero does his chicken dance and then it just ruins it for me. It's like being out at a restaurant eating a beautiful meal and you're really enjoying it. Then when your 3/4 done the chef comes out and farts in your [...]

    2. 4/5 StarsAs soon as I started reading this I knew it would be another good book.It was a smooth and easy read, a classic Mallery, easily identifiable as one of hers.We had met Evie and heard about her in previous stories and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her but that soon changed. She never knew her father and always felt the odd one out and was often ignored even by her mother, which kind of shocked me considering May (her mom, who has featured in previous Fools Gold stories) comes acr [...]

    3. The Good: I fell behind in this series and spent far too much time away from this cozy little town I love. What a wonderful time to come back to it, with a Christmas themed story. Evie was a natural choice for the female lead, having introduced her, a little, in a previous novel. Dante was a little more surprising as the male lead, but they worked together perfectly. Evie and Dante's fears were both understandable, if not completely relatable. The Christmas setting made the entire story a lot mo [...]

    4. Evie Stryker has been on her own for a decade, since she left her mother and three brothers for New York and the hope of a dance career, which turned into a job as a cheerleader for a professional football team. But when she gets her leg broken by a barreling football player, her family takes her home, to a small town called Fool's Gold. Evie gets a job teaching dance while her leg heals, but plots her escape -- until she meets handsome attorney Dante Jefferson, her brother's business partner. N [...]

    5. Welcome back to Fool’s Gold, California where dancer Evie Stryker is settling while recovering from an injury. Evie could easily be labeled a scrooge during the holiday season, with a family who she has never been close to closing in and trying to make amends for issues in their past. Evie finds a welcoming diversion when she meets lawyer Dante Jefferson, who is best friends with her brother. Dante is not looking for a relationship, but a way to get through the holidays and when Evie agrees to [...]

    6. This was my first read of the Fool's Gold series. I liked the sweet town but the book wasn't so amazing that I now would want to read more books of the series. It was a simple christmas chick-lit with a sympathic heroine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    7. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerTwo books ago I broke up with this series. Obviously I have no willpower because the minute I saw this one on NetGalley I requested it. The reason I wanted to read it was because the heroine was actually the one redeeming part of what I call the book with the goats of doom . I’m happy to say that this one wasn’t awful.Evie Stryker is the estranged half-sister of the brothers that were the leads of the past three books in the series. The reason sh [...]

    8. A FOOL’S GOLD CHRISTMAS has another mother-daughter estrangement storyline, but this time is May Stryker (mother of Clay in the previous book and his brothers from books 7 and 8) and Evie Stryker. Evie is a half-sibling to the Stryker men, conceived during a one-night stand during the time May was reeling from the death of her husband. I admit that the way Evie was ignored by May (and many times by her brothers) while she was growing up broke my heart. She suffered true psychological and menta [...]

    9. I was totally in the mood for a unique Holiday romance that takes place in a small town and this book hit every one of those points. This is one of those lovely stories that was so easy to get into and to lose myself in. After a horrendous accident, Evie Stryker’s family has finally brought her home. The problem is Evie has never felt like she was a part of her own family. Now her family is trying to change that and one of her brothers has asked his business partner and Evie’s neighbor Dante [...]

    10. A Fool's Gold Christmas sigue la misma linea que los libros anteriores y aunque es un poco extraño leer una novela de Navidad en pleno agosto, me apetecia leer algo de este estilo.La historia de Evie y Dante es rapida de leer y muy agradable, obviamente no es la lectura mas profunda pero si eres fan de esta saga estoy segura de que la disfrutaras.2.5 Estrellas!

    11. Ms. Mallery has cemented herself as one of my must read authors! Fans of her Fool’s Gold series are in for a delightful and funny treat this holiday season.Evie Stryker is in Fool’s Gold against her wishes. Her family abducts…well coerces her into coming to Fool’s Gold while she heals from an accident. To say that being around her family is an understatement is being nice. She has always been the outsider and the close knit town is an additional stress for Evie. To pass the time, Evie de [...]

    12. Loved the book. Loved Evie and Dante. I have been waiting for their stories since I first met them in Summer Days, but never suspected at that point it would be their story. Evie was brought to Fool's Gold by her family after a devastating injury. She doesn't want to be there as she has always felt like an outsider in her own family. She was emotionally neglected by them, especially her mother, left home at seventeen and never looked back. Evie finds herself spending more time with her mother an [...]

    13. A couple of years ago I really got in to Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. Only Yours/Only His/Only Us I devoured back then and so whenever a new Fool's Gold novel was released, it was downloaded to my Kindle. But I didn't keep up with the books and I now have 8 or 9 to get on with. I foolishly thought A Fool's Gold Christmas was a novella (I don't know why) so decided to start with that one, although I am now kicking myself because A Fool's Gold Christmas comes after the Summer Days/Summer Ni [...]

    14. What a great end to the Stryker Family saga within Fool's Gold. I was very curious to know what Susan had in mind for Evie and she certainly didn't let me down. Evie Stryker, baby of the three Stryker brother's, is forced into Fool's Gold when she is injured while performing as an NFL Cheerleader. Evie has a lot of resentment towards her family, especially her mother, who has always treated her like an outcast, since she was conceived out of wedlock. Evie takes a position at the local dance stud [...]

    15. Is there a better place in the world to spend Christmas than Fool's Gold?? I think not! Today I was having a rather blah day and I wanted to curl up with a book that I KNEW would be good. I surfed through my shelf, nothing. I looked at my Kindle. Nothing. I resorted to Netgalley and immediately found what I was looking for! I've said it a thousand times, Susan Mallery is my go-to for a feel good read! (My husband compares my bookshelf with her books to my childhood teddy bear, because when I pul [...]

    16. Susan Mallery delivers a sweet small town romance that is packed with her trademark wit and humor. Emotion backs this story up, making it more than just a sweet interlude between two people. As Dante and Evie help each other through their emotional issues, A FOOL'S GOLD CHRISTMAS becomes a story celebrating support and love.It took me a little time to warm up to Evie's character because she was introduced as a shrieking, stressed-out mess. But once more of her personality shone through, I found [...]

    17. There’s nothing special about this trite romance set during the Christmas season. Evie Stryker is an injured dancer who falls in love/lust with bad-boy lawyer Dante Jefferson. Not wanting to give away what plot there is, suffice it to say that more than once I wished Evie would quit whining, put on her big girl panties and grow up.

    18. Two-haiku review:She teaches dancingHe's a hardcore businessmanNot into long termNice depth to this oneShe works out mother issuesReally love series!

    19. Review also post at my blog, TBR MOUNTAIN RANGE.Even if you don't read the FOOL'S GOLD series, you'll still enjoy this book because this couple is so very charming. If you love a friends to lovers theme, then grab this book and enjoy this sassy dancer and the lawyer who can't stop imagining her in a leotard.The thing that I love most about Susan Mallery's books is that they're so easy to read. It's like sitting down with an old friend and catching up—whether you read the series or not. A FOOL' [...]

    20. Review copy provided via NetGalley4½ starsWhy I Read this Book: When I heard that A Fool’s Gold Christmas was Dante and Evie’s book, I was so excited. I may have even squealed. I had to read this book. Both characters were a great addition to the town and having them paired up was icing on the cake for me.What I Liked: I like the we’re just having fun together but aren’t going to take this too seriously trope. I love seeing the hero and heroine fight the inevitable and then watching it [...]

    21. Originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogI’m willing to bet I’m one of the biggest Christmas enthusiasts you will ever meet. I know I complain about fall clothes being out before summer is even half done, or the Halloween decorations jam-packing the aisles before school even starts… but I get a secret thrill when I see my first bit of Christmas merchandise or get my first email that tells me tickets for the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall will be going on sale soon.What I [...]

    22. Hadn't read a book of this genre in a long time & picked this one up for a dollar at used book store.Of course, like any rom com, it was entirely predictable & that's OK. Just wasn't that interesting to me.And had to laugh as author kept stressing the 'small town' but yet it has a huge convention center!

    23. I quite simply adored this book! It is the final book of the Stryker’s I have to say I’m going to kind of miss them, although as true to Fool’s Gold tradition I am sure we will still see them in following Fool’s Gold installments. I started this series with the Strykers, but I certainly am not going to end this series with the Stryker’s. I am quite curious for the returned and returning home military men! This book was true to Susan Mallery form in that it was funny, fun and sweet. You [...]

    24. Review: A Fool's Gold Christmas by Susan MalleryReissue Publication Date: November 1, 2013Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ Dawn Rated: 4.5 StarsBlog Link: wp/p3d0RZ-RLREVIEW: A wonderful love story. A Fool's Gold Christmas had me hooked from the first page. Dante and Evie's story had every element I look for in a great romance. I love how Susan Mallery can write a story and make you feel like you are right there in it. Dante was captivated by Evie from the moment he saw her and Evie was hanging [...]

    25. This is another great addition to the Fool’s Gold series. This one was all about Evangeline “Evie” Stryker. Estranged from her family, never feeling like she truly belonged, she feels out of sorts when her brothers and mother bring her to Fool’s Gold to recuperate after an accident on the football field side-lines as one of the team cheerleaders. Her first thoughts are to just get better and leave as soon as possible. Then she finds herself settling in as a dance instructor for Charlie [...]

    26. Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookIt has only been in recent years that I have started to read and enjoy Christmas themed books. I really liked the main characters of A Fool’s Gold Christmas. Both were very jaded about life in general and hated Christmas for their own reasons. Their mutual hatred for Christmas brought them closer but could it change their views? Will they start to enjoy Christmas or hate it more???Evie did not [...]

    27. This book was hard for me to rate because on one hand I loved Evie and Dante together and I also really liked who they were as characters. It was everyone else that I didn't really care for.I don't know how to explain it but there were situations in the book where I was just so annoyed and done with. And if I have to hear May sob and cry again I will not be a happy camper. You were a shit head to your only daughter because of your mistakes and then to expect, after several years of no contact, a [...]

    28. Cover & Title - 4 out of 5Favorite Line - "She would simply put one foot in front of the other. After all, she was used to dancing through the pain." Favorite Character - Alexander, the cat. Ok so i will be the first to admit that i am a total grinch. Normally because of this i am not a big fan of season books, this book however was by an author i like & the other reviews made it sound not too cheesy/corny so i decided to try it. I was not disappointed by the cheese factor as there was a [...]

    29. I felt a little 'meh' about this one. Although I am jumping into the series with book 10, so that might be part of it.The half sister of what I assume is one of the main families in Fool's Gold (a small town) is basically kidnapped home after she injures her leg because a football player crashed into her as she is cheerleading. All this happens months prior to the novel, so not sure if it shows up in another book, but felt kind of like I was joining the story too far along. She is teaching dance [...]

    30. The cheer in Fool's Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker. An injury has forced her to return home to her estranged family. So she won't add to the awkward scenario by falling for the charms of her brother's best friend, no matter how tempting he is. When she's recruited to stage the winter festival, she vows to do as promised, then move on, anywhere but here.Jaded lawyer Dante Jefferson is getting used to the town he now calls home, but the pounding of little dance [...]

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