Chasing the Valley

Chasing the Valley Escape is impossible Escape is their only hope Danika is used to struggling for survival But when the tyrannous king launches an attack to punish her city echoing the alchemy bombs that killed Danika

  • Title: Chasing the Valley
  • Author: Skye Melki-Wegner
  • ISBN: 9781742759548
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Escape is impossible Escape is their only hope.Danika is used to struggling for survival But when the tyrannous king launches an attack to punish her city echoing the alchemy bombs that killed Danika s family she risks her life in a daring escape over the city s walls.Danika joins a crew of desperate refugees who seek Magnetic Valley, a legendary safe haven But whenEscape is impossible Escape is their only hope.Danika is used to struggling for survival But when the tyrannous king launches an attack to punish her city echoing the alchemy bombs that killed Danika s family she risks her life in a daring escape over the city s walls.Danika joins a crew of desperate refugees who seek Magnetic Valley, a legendary safe haven But when she accidentally destroys a palace biplane, suddenly Danika Glynn becomes the most wanted fugitive in Taladia.Pursued by the king s vicious hunters and betrayed by false allies, Danika also grapples with her burgeoning magical abilities And when she meets the mysterious Lukas, she must balance her feelings against her crew s safety.Chasing the Valley is the first book in an epic trilogy of magic, treachery and survival.

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    1. Danika Glynn was sixteen; alone after her parents and sibling had been killed in the last round of alchemy bombs the king had launched, she struggled for survival. She knew she had to join the king’s army when she turned eighteen – everyone did – but she was determined not to. After all, it was on the king’s orders that her family had been killed; why would she help him to kill others? On the night the bombs struck again, Danika fled to the sewers. It was the only place to be safe from t [...]

    2. There may be spoilers (major spoilers are hidden though) lurking about, so read at your own risk! Also, I sorta blabbed a bit too much on this one. Sorry.The story begins with a young 16 year old girl named Danika, who lives in Rourton, Taladia.For as long as she can remember there’s been a war on Taladia, including bombings to her city, by King Morrigan with the use of alchemy bombs, which react in various ways, such as after the explosion they cause the ground to become quicksand or beautifu [...]

    3. I had the chance to read this recently and I must say I was mightily impressed. From the first sentence I was bound up in the world of Danika Glynn and her struggle to overcome the difficulties imposed on her by the tyrannical king. This story is a real page turner with unexpected twists and interesting characters that draw you into their world. It's target audience is Young Adult and it hits the sweet spot for that demographic while being a great read for anyone of any age.

    4. I really enjoyed Chasing the Valley. I especially love the last few chapters, and the daring endurances the characters had to go through. I love the idea and the way the magic was protrayed in the book and I thought it was very original. However, I had some difficuly visualising some scenes in my head. Foe example, the parts where the trainline went over the mountains like a cable car, and the plateu filled dead lands area at the end of the book had me stumped. I just couldnt get the right image [...]

    5. divabooknerd/2013/10/cChasing The Valley is the young adult fantasy fusion novel of the year. It's an engaging mix of magic fused within an oppressive dystopian world, and blends so effortlessly together. In their world, the wealthy and homeless are both ruled by the confines of their walled city, those with money to burn living a fuller life, but all under the watchful eye of the palace and royal guards. The King is a tyrant, and will stop at nothing until he is the sole ruler and citizens at h [...]

    6. I could not put this book down, The story line is amazing and full of adventure, I love the Cover of the book, with the bright colours it really makes the book stand out.Chasing the Valley is a story of determination and Survival in the harshest conditions. Danika is a homeless street kid, after her family were killed in an Airstrike by their king, Danika has been surviving on the streets, and getting odd jobs around the bars. It is after curfew and Danika is still at work when bombs start to fa [...]

    7. I was given an uncorrected proof from my bookshop boss as she thought I might enjoy it since it has been described as being of a Tomorrow When the War Began cross His Dark Materials (young early reviewers have called it a mix of The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson - I do not see this, but realise they're limited in what they have previously read to compare it to).For me, however, I found it to be a bit lacking in appeal and found myself losing interest quite quickly as I didn't feel as involved a [...]

    8. Books that i love, i naturally finish within a day and this book is definitely not an exception.Funny how i found this book only now,it's such a great book! I can't believe there isn't much popularity for this one.I seem to be attracted to "son of the king" type of boys.Let me clarify,firstly there's Fitzroy Vacker from Keeper of the Lost Cities,he's the strongest telepath (second if you count Sophie) and his name means "Son of the King".Then there's Tedros of Camelot who's the son of King Arthu [...]

    9. Once I got into this YA fantasy book, I enjoyed it. Sixteen year old Danika Glynn, a scruffer (street kids) hates the royal family who regularly bombs her city with magical filled bombs - especially after the raid 9 years ago killed her family. In a desperate escape attempt to find the mythical Valley in the far south-east she become part of a refugee crew and must learn to trust her companions despite their disparate origins (pickpocket, two "richie" twins, the son of revolutionaries and anothe [...]

    10. DNF at 50%Chasing the Valley was not exactly boring, but did little to keep my interest. I did not care for any of the characters, and thought that Danika was dumb. Honestly, how did she survive the streets? Danika has no edge. One would think that living on the streets, with a survival-of-the-fittest mentality, would make her more suspicious of the unusual, like kites flying in the air. But nope. Danika is an anomaly. She risks her neck for others when she has had to fend for herself the past y [...]

    11. When I read that Chasing the Valley was written by a young Australian woman in her early twenties, I was intrigued. Perhaps it was my patriotism or simply the fact that I selected parallels, such as age and aspirations, between myself and Melki-Wegner and made an instant connection.That being said, her debut novel was quite impressive. Her story telling is of a maturity beyond her years and the emotional turmoils suffered by her characters had added power through her words. Quite a fantastic boo [...]

    12. It's an easy to read novel, I see how it would engage teens with its setting and themes.It felt a little formulaic and clunky in parts. For example the word 'proclivity', it irked me every time I read it. For a teen fiction novel I think these elements are important to get right.I will probably read the coming novels too, if only to see if the writer's style develops further.

    13. An impressive story written by a young local author. Danika demonstrates a lot of strength on her journey to find the Magnetic Valley. I love curious details such as the foxaries and the alchemy charms. If you liked Divergent this may be one to consider reading.

    14. Genuinely unputdownable! An impressive fantasy debut with a fascinating premise and engaging characters. Highly recommended!

    15. ‘Chasing the Valley’ welcomes us with a beautiful, explosive cover, an intriguing title and a very dramatic subtitle screaming plotlines of danger and adventure. One of my friends recommended this book to me, and, looking at it, I could only think, this book looks too perfect to exist. After reading this, I think I can confirm this theory.As a novel for younger readers (that awkward age between ten and thirteen where you’re too old for children’s books but too young for YA… I remember [...]

    16. Rating: 4.4 starsI have to say, I'm surprised about how much I enjoyed this. For real though, this was pretty good. If there was one thing that really bothered me though, it would be the romance. The love interest wasn't, well, interesting. It's hella rushed and I just can't see any chemistry between Danika and Lucas. But aside from that, the characters, the development, the writing, etc, was so well done to me and I really, really enjoyed reading C.T.V. If the rest of the series continues like [...]

    17. DO NOT WORRY, THIS REVIEW DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS. “Oh mighty Yo, how the star-shine must go, chasing those distant valleys of green…”Chasing The Valley, the first book in the chasing the Valley trilogy, written by Skye Melki-Wegner and published July 1st 2013 by Random House Australia, is an adventure/survival/fantasy young adult novel based in the land of Taladia, a far off land where magic is a part of everyday life. Usually around puberty, young people develop a proclivity: a particu [...]

    18. Book 1 in a trilogy - this is a great read - with a strong conclusion to the first part of the adventure. A group of teenagers flee there ravaged city to seek refuge in the Magnetic Valley, pursued by King Morrigan's lethal hunters. A terrific blend of fantasy and magic with strong characterisation of the individual crew members, with Danika as the narrator of their adventures. Found out about these from the Ragner's Apprentice website of one my favourite YA authors John Flanagan rangersapprenti [...]

    19. Review also found on Looking for the PanaceaFast paced and action packed, Chasing the Valley was quite a nice, fast read. From the very start, intrigue is built around the world and the characters, and, as the reader, you're constantly wondering what's going to happen next. The book was quite enjoyable overall, however, I do have to say there were a few minor issues with the world building that perhaps very slightly lowered my enjoyment of the novel (to be honest I'm just being overly nitpicky, [...]

    20. Thank you to Random House Aus for the review-copy!This is a magical book! Literally. It reads like a dystopian (a world of extreme poverty with a tyrannical king, but modern technology), but magical powers are a way of life. That mixture of dystopian + magic = awesome.The premise was awesome!Premises make up a good 50% of the adoration factor, for me. There’s a billion books about kids who go on a journey to a mythical “paradise”. But most books don’t have over-sized foxes, alchemy bombs [...]

    21. Chasing the Valley by Skye Melki-Wegner surprised me. The cover and the blurb led me to assume it would be a fairly stock-standard and and unoriginal read and I put off starting it a little bit.But I was wrong, and it was evident from the first few pages. Danika became a street kid after losing her parents at the age of eleven. For reasons that we only begin to understand in this first book, the King enjoys bombing some of his subjects to keep them in their place. They're not ordinary bombs, how [...]

    22. Danika is a homeless girl because of King Morrigan’s bombing, her house was bombed with her family inside and her outside. Her boss tells her about a group of teens around her age are meeting in the sewers that night to discuss leaving the city, but they don’t let her come along. Later in the story, they let her join because she saved their lives while leaving. They go on a journey to find the ‘Magnetic Valleys’ to get away from King Morrigan. On the way they meet a royal called Lukas an [...]

    23. Combining magic, alchemy, fantasy and adventure, "Chasing the Valley" is a quick, enjoyable read. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the characters - none of them immediately stood out, there didn't seem to be anything extraordinary about them. However, this worked in their favour, added to their appeal. The characters were very easy to relate to because, while they all had their strengths, they were thrust into an unfamiliar environment and forced to adapt. They made mistakes, fought [...]

    24. Chasing the Valley by Australian author Skye Melki-Wegner, is the story of Danika Glynn, a sixteen year old orphan, living in Rourton, a city of Taladia. Taladia is governed by a royal family, led by King Morrigan, a man who sends his citizens to war. During another bombing of the city, Danika meets a band of kids keen to escape, and they grudgingly allow her to join them on their quest for the Magnetic Valley.The author has created a rich fantasy world in Taladia, a place where magic abounds. P [...]

    25. I received an uncorrected eARC from the publisher, Random House, via NetGallley, in return for an honest reviewASING THE VALLEY tells the story of Danika Glynn, a scruffer (indigent person) from the dark streets of Rourton, a city characterised by extremes of wealth and poverty. Danika lost her family to an air raid, some 9 years before her novelistic present, and she has survived by her wits ever since. On the night her story commences, the bombs start falling againASING THE VALLEY tells the st [...]

    26. Chasing the Valley ReviewDanika Glynn is a sixteen-year-old girl who’s all alone after her family died in the Rourton Bombing when she was a child. Now Danika is living on the streets and when the city is being bombed again by the king, she hides in the sewers. While there, she stumbles upon a refugee crew composed of teenagers who were trying to escape the country as well, and after saving their lives, she joins the crew knowing of the hard and adventurous journey ahead of her.For myself, the [...]

    27. Chasing the valley book review.After her parents and brother died in an alchemy bombing, Danika is living on the streets, knowing eventually, she will have to go to war. When her city is bombed again, Danika hides in the sewers, without realizing that a refugee crew who was escaping the country of Talida, was down here too, and after saving their lives, she joins them for an epic journey of action and suspense.For me, this story really worked, it was exhilarating and relatable, and I was always [...]

    28. It was okay but not amazing stuff. I did enjoy the world building and the powers, but I found a lot of the plot drivers cliche and there were loads of stereotypical characters. In some cases I can ignore these issues, but in Chasing the Valley they just compounded one another.My biggest pet hate with this book was the King bombing his citizens in the first place. Why would a ruler want to kill off his subjects? Sure he is making an example, but he is killing hundreds, if not thousands, of his pe [...]

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