Greed Gather round love because I want you I want what you have I want what you don t have I want of what I already have I want But if you so much as ask for something in return go ahead and walk away

  • Title: Greed
  • Author: Fisher Amelie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gather round, love, because I want you I want what you have, I want what you don t have, I want of what I already have I want But if you so much as ask for something in return, go ahead and walk away Know if you want to play in my world, it s every man for themselves and the weak become mine Leeches will be obliterated because I make it my job to destroy them IGather round, love, because I want you I want what you have, I want what you don t have, I want of what I already have I want But if you so much as ask for something in return, go ahead and walk away Know if you want to play in my world, it s every man for themselves and the weak become mine Leeches will be obliterated because I make it my job to destroy them I protect what s mine and I take what s yours because that s what I do I want.My story will not endear me to you and, frankly, I could care less if it does because I m in this for the money and nothing else There s nothing redeeming about me I m a corrupt, money hungry, immoral asshole from Los Angeles I m every man s worst nightmare and every girl s fantasy.I m Spencer Blackwell And this is the story about how I went from the world s most coveted guy to the guy no one wanted around and why I wouldn t trade it for anything in the world.

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    1. 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT FISHER AMELIE HERE6 Greedy Stars(Spoiler Free)If I could give Greed a million stars, I would. If you asked me what a top favorite book of mine is, I would say Greed. If someone asked me if I had any issues with this book, I would say none. Do I love the Hero? Yes. Do I love the Cover? Yes. Do I love the story? Yes. Do I love the author? Yes.You get the point.I loved Greed and you will too. Cocky I know, but it’s the truth.You will have to read Vain prior to reading Greed, ev [...]

    2. 2--What the Duck Happened to Spencer--Stars!!!Let me start by saying that I LOVED Vain, LOVED it. Went right on my favorites shelf. I LOVED Spencer in Vain--but this wasn't the same Spencer. Needless to say I am a Fisher Amelie fanBUT this one DIDTR. MaybeBut90% of the book It was cow after cow, birthing, cleaning, shoveling shit.I'mThis was one big fat cheeseburger casserole with some extra Cheez Whiz on top just for good measure. I mean damn!!!"I suffer for you," she barely got out. "I want to [...]

    3. 2 I-DIDN’T-MIND-THE-COWS STARSDISCLAIMER: This review has nothing to do with the cows nor were cows harmed during this review.This is what bothered me:1. Spencer.More Grit. Less Fluff. He was such a badass in Vain. He fell in love too fast. I just didn’t believe it. I usually don’t mind insta-love, but I thought it was a little too “insta.” I was also hoping for more snarky dialogue from Spencer. He was way too sweet.I even tried to adjust my pre-existing view of him from Vain, but the [...]

    4. Putting this on hold to possibly finish at a later date. I'll refrain from rating, but will briefly explain my reasoning: I loved Vain like a psycho. But Greed is not what I expected. The synopsis captivated me; it's one of the most powerful blurbs I've ever read. Spencer is portrayed in a certain light that I didn't feel was delivered. If his greed consumes him, I want to feel that down to my bones — and I never did. He immediately displayed so much regret during his actions that his characte [...]

    5. Greed is the second book in the Seven Deadly series. Each book in the series focuses on one sin: Vain, Greed, Fury, Lust, Idle, Binge, and Envy and with them Fisher Amelie has created unique stories that stand out with wonderful messages and beautiful journeys.From the beginning of Greed, we are faced with the extreme lengths to which Spencer Blackwell is willing to go for money, greed, and personal gain as he carries out the dirty work behind his father's business. The interesting twist t [...]

    6. 2.5 stars :\For those who miss Sophie & Ian as much as I do, here's a teaser:facebook/photop?fbThe one fallback of Fisher Amelies' Seven Deadly Sins series is that her synopses are never really enough to tell you what this story is ACTUALLY about. Whereas Sophie Price is vain, Spenser Blackwell is greed. You might remember him as one of Sophie's only true friends from back home, who was a bit like the male version of Sophie. Spenser constantly lives in fear of becoming his dad, who is greedy [...]

    7. 4 Greedy Stars. Spencer knows money. Is what he does best and what we wants more. Money is his life and he knows nothing more than being a rich, greedy bastard. But eventually that greed leaves in a bad place with himself. Enters Cricket. A good sweet girl that will show Spencer that there’s more to life than money.That they are more important values and more important things in life than money. That life can be measured in moments and feelings… and not only in material things. And when Cric [...]

    8. DNF @ 50%I loved Vain and this author’s writing. For several reasons, this book didn’t hold my attention and when you start skimming at 50 percent it’s time to re-evaluate.Just one too many cow scenes…I also found Spencer’s dialogue and thoughts were down right cheesy. "If you took everything I'd ever found hot, beautiful in a girl and piled them into a corner, you'd get Cricket Huntanding in a corner." "You dazzle me, I told her."The ranch, Pop Pop and Ellie, city boy (green horn) cha [...]

    9. DNF at 35%I read a little bit more than 35%, but the last 15% doesn’t count, because I was skipping pages as well as was being totally out of this story. This terrible pain in my chest is agonizing. I’m heartbroken. I wanted to loveGreedso much. I was anticipating it, cherishing the thought of it, preparing myslef to be blown away by the utter honesty of Amelie Fisher and her incredible storytelling. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Greeddidn’t mesmerize me, captivate me or take me on a p [...]

    10. ~2.5 starLet me first off say, I loved Vain and Spencer's character in the first book so I was looking forward to reading Greed. So, I was very disappointed in the book. This book was titled Greed but I really didn't feel Spencer was truly consumed with greed. Yes, he was remorseful for his actions but I wasn't truly sold on the idea that he was greedy. I wanted to see more of Spencer's bad side where we could see the gradual transformation and redemption of his sins. As for his relationship wit [...]

    11. It's so hard to write a review when you neither loved nor hated the book. Greed was just an okay read to me. It had it's great moments, but it also had it's boring moments. It had some great characters, but as well as that it had some bloody awful characters. Unfortunately, those not so great ones were the main characters."The running mantra is "I want, I want, I want" but that quickly turns to "I need, I need, I need."I do not know what has happened to Spencer in between Vain and Greed, but he [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsI really liked this book up until about the last 15% and then it just felt rushed. I remember thinking the same thing about Vain but it wasn't enough to affect my rating; it was with this one. I like to sometimes go into books blind so I won't read the blurb. However since the blurb from Vain gave very little of the book away, I decided I'd read the blurb for this one too. Well, it had me nervous. It didn't sound anything like the Spencer we met in Vain, who for the most part was the go [...]

    13. 5 Click StarsI received an ARC from the author for an honest review.This is the second in The Seven Deadly Sins series. You do not have to read the first one to enjoy this book. But you want to. You really, really want to. Click The sound of a camera, a cocking gun, something falling into place just right. Yep. Click can be so many things. And Fisher Amelie clicks with Greed. The love is obvious. The love Spencer has for his sister. The love that grows between the characters. The growth of the c [...]

    14. The Greed was more powerful than the will to do right.Spencer Blackwell is unable to escape his father, who is a greedy monster that tries to run his life. He’s made Spencer into his own personal lackey, doing his dirty work by manipulating and blackmailing clients who don’t play well with his father. His father also bullies and manipulates his family and if they don’t abide by his rules, they pay. And Spencer has been paying for years just by being his son. Spencer has formed this mentali [...]

    15. Full review to come during Tour BUT I will say thisThat's right totally AWESOME READ !!!! If you loved Vain your going to love GREED !!!!!!OMG OMG got my ARC !!!!!

    16. DNF-ed exactly halfway through.So, I may have said at one point that if Fisher Amelie wrote about ducks swimming in a pond, I'd read it and love it and tell everyone they had to read it.It's not ducks, but Greed is a book I couldn't read until the end (and I've been trying to, for days), and I wouldn't recommend, especially if you thought Vain was good. Just leave it at that.This is the first time I'm compelled to use one of those fs in my review. Spencer was making me lactose-intolerant, that's [...]

    17. I like this author. Her writing isn't perfect, but I enjoy her stories and they way they are told. I don't even mind that they are a bit too sweet. And remember, my feelings are basically that of a dead person. This story probably got me even more because it touches on adolescent and early adult illness. My best friend died when we were 21 from an illness that should have been treatable, that was diagnosed early, but that they universe ensured that we lost her anyways. Pretty deep for a Wednesda [...]

    18. SERIOUSLY?! I'm boarding this train but for the rest? O.oI'm not sure people will gravitate towards a book entitled GLUTTONY. Or SLOTH for that matter (though that would be interesting to see, I admit)

    19. Im not 100% sure about this. I got sucked in by the cover, that is a fact, lol! I really liked Vain and was quite a fan of Spencer in that book. That being said, I think maybe too much was happening to wrap my head around.Spencer returns home from college on break, and you get a real glimpse into his dysfunctional family. His relationship with his father is more like a blackmail/user fest than any sign of paternal connection. Spencer's dad is a complete ass, getting his monetary gain from others [...]

    20. DNF @ 41%Sighis saddens me. I loved Vain so so so much. My hopes were so high because Spencer was great in book 1.This book started off great.Greed was apparent.dramatic home lifeanding up for his sisteris book was sucking me inen it stopped.I was bored out of my mind after 15%. I started skimming and that is a really bad sign for me.Spencer, sexy, rich, hot shot says "gosh darn". WHAT???? That was it for me.UghI triedI really did.just saddens me. :(

    21. I thought this book started off alright but as soon as Spencer arrived at the ranch and met Cricket, my interest dipped. I feel like I've read some better ranch type books and by halfway I just wasn't convinced of the main couple's connection with each other. The last straw was when I had to read another 'click' *confused face*

    22. Sooo cute and emotional, i actually cried Spencer swoonsss i love him cute adorable sweet spencerOMGGGG WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA clean read guys :) it was cleaner than vain, i skipped more in vain i think this can go as a mature YA, but since spencer is 22 years old, then it would be categorized as NA.SPOILERS, SPOILERS SPOILERS EVERYWHERE !!Soo this book is goodThe romance is so sweet, Fisher Amelie is Brilliant Sooo about the book it was beautifully written, funny and entertaining, i found mysel [...]

    23. 3.8 Stars a slight bump up for emotional havoc.Spencer's weakness is his desire for money. It's what sucks him in, what makes him do deplorable things; it's why he can't say no to his father. But Spencer has to make a choice. Follow his father's orders or save his sister.When Spencer and his sister find themselves on a ranch in Montana, their life of luxury and excess no longer exists. And when Spencer's eyes land on Cricket, his life is about to change. A chance to protect his sister and escape [...]

    24. First this:Now, this:Can't wait for the rest!!They should keep up the vertical center because the background makes up for the "empty" side spaces making the overall look striking and something that catches attention.I loved the first book because of its nontraditional lead character and I'm expecting the rest of the series to have similar leads :D

    25. AhShit, HAVE YOU SEEN THE COVER?HAVE YOU SEEN THE FAN-FUCKING-FREAKING-TASTIC DROOLWORTHY COVER?Hello, Mr. HOTTIE!Whoever told you that NO ONE wants you around is INSANE!One look at your abs sealed the DEAL.I'm so reading YOUR book.*FANGIRLING*

    26. *ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review*5+++++ ‘Click.’KissesOMG…O.M.G.…OOOOMG…really? Did I really just read that book? Because I’m pretty sure that book just destroyed me. Sucked me in, took me for the freakin joy ride of my life, spun me around and then spat me out leaving me as I am now…dazed and confused and so freaking happy I can’t even handle myself. Which is saying a lot considering I cried about 42 times, had my heart practically ripped out of my body and physically scream [...]

    27. I won't be continuing this series. I had serious issues with it, and I could actually feel myself getting triggered. The premise of this series is to be introduced to a protagonist with one of the seven deadly sins, and they go through a "hamartia" of sorts and become likeable and change with the introduction of their love interest. To begin with, "Greed" is a completely misleading title. Some alternatives: "Unfulfilled", "Coward", or best yet, "Sheep."Feelings towards the plot?Lacking. I didn't [...]

    28. Book of the Week 7February 15/16Review:For the third time this week, I find myself unsure of how to rate a book. Sadly Greed isn't a 4,5Star book and I am pondering if I should round up or down like the other two were.Now you probably think, well she was not sure about Vain as well. And you would be right.Then you would probably think, so why read Greed. Well, I had to- might not be the answer you looking for? But it's true. Just let me say this while we at it, I will be reading Fury as well.I k [...]

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