Watch Me Walk Away

Watch Me Walk Away At the age of seventeen Lisa was broken when Bobby left He was suppose to be her first First Love First Time First Everything No word for six long years She moved away from the painful reminders sacr

  • Title: Watch Me Walk Away
  • Author: Jill Prand
  • ISBN: 9781490366500
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left He was suppose to be her first First Love First Time First Everything No word for six long years She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad She struggled to rebuild her life.Now six years later she returns as a strong, successful woman grabbing a job at oneAt the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left He was suppose to be her first First Love First Time First Everything No word for six long years She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad She struggled to rebuild her life.Now six years later she returns as a strong, successful woman grabbing a job at one of New York s hottest marketing agencies She is dating a gorgeous guy with his eyes on a corner office But it all changes when she sees Bobby again.Can she risk another heartbreak from Bobby Will she be able to repair her friendship with Brad Lisa will have to decide between the man she s with, and the two men that want her.Who will she be with, and who will she tell to Watch Me Walk Away

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    1. So I was blessed with getting an ARC copy of this book. I have to say that I loved it, for this being Mrs. Prand's first book she did an amazing job. It was well written and the story plot was fabulous. I cant wait to buy a signed copy. Lisa being stuck in between three guys was WOWe details were incredible and overall she has made it to my list as being one of my favorite Indie authors! I would recommend this book to anyone. It is definitely worth the time to read! The anticipation in the endin [...]

    2. I loved the story. Lisa tried to be strong and fight her heart. Bobby didn't give up on her. Their friends are amazing. My heart breaks for Brad. I love Brad and hopes he finds an amazing love. Stuart needs his butt kicked for being a dick.

    3. ***Note: I received a free copy of this eBook, in exchange for an honest review***Let me introduce you to Jill Prand, a new indie author, who just published her first book, Watch Me Walk Away (Walking Series), earlier this month. Once I read the synopsis of the book, it seemed like just the kind of book I could get lost in. I seem to navigate easily to the books that involve long triangles. Although I am not sure why, because most of the time I am screaming at the main character to make a dang d [...]

    4. I had the pleasure of beta reading Watch Me Walk Away by Jill Prand and I loved it! How could you not read the blurb and not want to read and find out what exactly Lisa is going to do with three men pining after her? You have Bobby, who left her high and dry without so much as a word when she was 17, then you have Brad who has always felt something deep for Lisa, and then Stuart her current beau with the great job! All sexy men, wanting one woman!! Ladies, don’t we wish we had it like that?Jil [...]

    5. Do you ever forget your first love? Lisa from Watch Me Walk Away has tried but she can’t seem to shake those luvin’ feelins. She can’t be with the one she wants so she’s going to love the one she’s with. Keep a fan handy because Watch Me Walk Away is chock full of hot action and even a little DIY. This is where Jill Prand really shines. Her ability to write believable and scorching hot love scenes is spot on. I also appreciated that this is a stand-alone novel. Sometimes I’m not in a [...]

    6. This was a cute and heated love story and even though I wanted to smack Bobby on the head for being so stinkin' dense more than once, I really liked the main characters. It did take me until the end of chapter one to get sucked into the story, but once I was there, I was not letting go until I had finished every last page. I grew up where a large chunk of the story takes place, so in many ways it was like a trip down memory lane. The editing needed just a bit more work and and the epilogue felt [...]

    7. A beautiful love story. Lisa and Bobby were teenage sweethearts. He broke her heart when he went away and now is back. Brad is her best friend and picked up the pieces of her heart because he loves her.A complicated triangle now that they are adults and meeting again. I was torn then happy then angry and finally crying. A well written and easy flowing read. Emotions are high for both reader and characters.I can't wait for the next book!

    8. Watch Me Walk Away was a great debut novel. The storyline was fun with a few twists I hadn't expected, and the characters engaging. After a while I wanted to slap Brad upside the head so he'd snap out of it, but other than that, I enjoyed the ride.

    9. So I had the pleasure of beta reading Watch Me Walk Away by Author Jill Prand and I have to say it was a VERY good book! It kept me engaged and intrigued throughout the story which one Lisa would choose. Would it be Bobby the love of her life who abruptly left without so much as an explanation or Brad the loving best friend who has been through it all with Lisa including losing their virginities together? Hmm, are you interested yet? You should be! Jill Prand did an amazing job for a debut novel [...]

    10. Brad loves Lisa.Lisa loves Bobby.Bobby walks away. When you are young and in love you always think you found the one. The one you are going to spend the rest of your life with and nothing is going to take them away from you. But, what happens when the one you love just walks away. No phone calls, no emails, no texts. NOTHING. In Lisa’s case, this is exactly what happened to her. She loved Bobby and knew they would spend the rest of their lives together, until the day he up and left to join the [...]

    11. Very good book!! I love when books can capture my attention from the first couple of pages. After I read the first few pages, I was hooked and read nonstop. I loved the chemistry between Bobby and Lisa. Although I wanted to slap Bobby a few times and if I was Lisa, I would have dumped Bobby, I do like them together. They are each others soul mates and they proved that time and time again. I loved them as a couple as well as I loved Brad. Brad was Lisa's best friend and he loved her more than jus [...]

    12. WATCH ME WALK AWAY (WALKING 1) by JILL PRANDThe synopsis of this book intrigued me that’s why I added this to my to-read list. And the fact that it is a second-chance at love kind of story is a plus. Yes, it is one of my fave kind of stories and Jill Prand did not disappoint. And this story is also about friendship and that’s why I like this so much. Lisa and Bobby’s story is painful at first. It was kind of hard reading what Lisa went through after Bobby left her, without any explanation [...]

    13. Review left by Emily a Book Worms Reviewer, thank you Emily. We gave this book 4 stars. This is book one in the Walking seriesReview for Watch me walk away by Jill PrandIn this cute love story you delve into the lives of Lisa and Bobby as they are reunited after being apart for 6 years. Bobby wants Lisa, more than ever after leaving her after high school. Lisa is skeptical, and upset with him for leaving without a word. To top of this love affair, there is Brad who has been standing in the wings [...]

    14. I have died and gone to book heaven! I've read a lot of books and when I say a lot, that really doesn't do justice to how much I have readlol! Where have you been Jill!? This book is amazing, wonderful & unique in it's own right!!!The characters captivated my attention from the beginning and wouldn't let go till the end, and I still yearn for more of their story! When I read a book, I'm usually in my own little world and nothing exists but me, the story and the characters. With this book, I [...]

    15. This is an awesome debut novel! I really enjoyed the story with its many ups, downs and crazy twists. The story of Lisa & Bobby could easily be one of any average person, their characters were so real & believable. Their chemistry was just plan HOT and undeniable, so the fact that they couldn't stay away from each other was as clear as day. I loved the intensity of their relationship & how easily they were able to pick up right where they left off, despite trying to "take it slow." A [...]

    16. I had the pleasure of reading "Watch Me Walk Away" by Jill Prand and I LOVED this book! There are 3 main characters.Lisa---The girl who loves only one guy and compares all her relationships to this one guy. Bobby---the one guy who Lisa loves but he left her to go into the military without telling her why he left her. Brad--Lisa's best friend who was there to pick up the pieces when Bobby broke her heart. Brad is in love with Lisa but Lisa doesn't feel the same way even though she did lose her vi [...]

    17. Wow! This was one smoking hot and super fast read! I really loved the characters. Lisa is this very strong independent women. I really felt for her and liked how she stood up for herself. I also really respected her. She realizes that she does not want the guy she's with and they wont work but she still respects that she is with him before she will move on with the one she wants to be with. Bobby I love Bobby. Yes he broke Lisa's heart but you find out his reasoning's and can't help but love him [...]

    18. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."Book titles always fascinate me - sometimes they don't seem relevant at all, other times they are the ultimate cliche . Here however the author keeps us guessing right till the very end - and suddenly there is a Eureka moment, when you realise just what and who the title refers to Very clever . and to be honest frustrating as then you want to know more!The back story is well described and the side characters are pivotal t [...]

    19. When I started this book, I expected to have a sweet story with a couple twists. This book is so much more than that. Lisa has had her heart shattered by the one boy she trusted most. She has tried to rebuild her life and find love, but has been unsuccessful. She is back in New York, living with a friend, dating a former client who seems to be really nice, and working at her dream job. Then her friends get together for a celebration and she sees the one who left her in high school.Bobby claims t [...]

    20. WOW, what is there to say, I don't think there are enough words in the world to describe how it makes you feel? To go through life wanting and still loving someone or something is a powerful feeling. The loss feeling is something that just don't disappear, it sits on your chest and makes you angry and sad something that never leaves your heat, while reading I just kept keeping this feel of heavy. I couldn't shack the feeling that I have felt to many times. When someone walks away they think ther [...]

    21. 47% read but wont be reading the rest.The premise was good. However the execution of the story was poor and ridiculous in relation to her age and job status. I like a good romance but i like a story which is believable. Really she was good at her job and had her own assistant at 23 years old. This age is the age that I worked out based on the fact they hadn't seen each other for 6 years and the age that they last met. Than she was so good at her job but 1) didn't know one of the hottest security [...]

    22. By Butterflies, Books & DreamsFormat:Kindle EditionI had the pleasure of reading this book before its release dateI know this is Jill Prand's first book, and I must sayYou could never tellIt had me happy, sad I hurt for LisaThe one man she wanted to give everything didn't want her back.She seems to meet a nice guy in StuartWell, Ill let you read about him.There's the best friend who has loved Lisa since the beginning of time.This is a great story, by a new upcoming authorCongrats on this rel [...]

    23. Now THIS was a good read! Watch Me Walk Away by Jill Prand had me completely absorbed from about the second paragraph. I did not want to put it down. Sleep became a secondary function. These characters are all fantastic and so easy to love. Lisa and Bobby belong together. Although I also love the addition of Brad, I was a little disappointed that the epilogue was a Brad POV. I am hoping that Brad stars in the next book in the series, but I would have liked a sneak peek into the future of Lisa an [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book. It was an enjoyable easy read that I accomplished in one sitting.The story moved smoothly from beginning to end. The characters were loveable and you couldn't help but hope that things would work out for them in the end.It was nice to be able to sit down and forget about the outside world for a little while. It was also nice not to have to think about the story, it was easy to understand.I would have no problem recommending this book to others.Way to go.

    25. I won this book in a contest and I am so thankful!! It's a wonderful book! I was drawn into their lives. I felt for her character. To lose a love at a young age is hard, but to not know whyat's torture to your soul. I love that these characters were flawed, but we're able to work on their problems and overcome. The writing was engaging and had me hooked. I look forward to the next book! Great read!

    26. I read this book in 2 days no lie, I couldn't put it down! Lisa met Bobby when she was 15, they instantly knew they were soul mates. There lives from there was filled with love, confusion and hate leading to heartbreakuntil years later when they meet again. Read this book and experience it with them! I absolutely loved this book!!I won Watch Me Walk Away and I am so glad I did! Jill Prand has a new fan! I am anxiously anticipating the next book in the series Walk Into Me to be released!

    27. Wow this is a really great addictive read. This is the authors debut novel and she did a fantastic job. Loved the storyline. It's a great love triangle. I love Lisa. A strong character, I liked that she wasn't indecisive. Some great hot scenes in this book. A really great enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading book two.

    28. I'm sorry, but I got to the 80th page and couldn't read it any longer. The writing was horrible. It was a quick 80 pages, but the author was telling a story, not showing us a story. There was no detailed description to any of her characters. I try really really hard to finish stories, even if I think they aren't worth it, but this book was just not the right one for me.

    29. Rating 5 out of 5!I was easily sucked into the story and fell in love with the characters. I wanted a happy ending for everyone but alas that is not always possible. I am hoping in the next book that the poor soul that had a crappy ending gets the love he deserves. I recommend this to all of you that like a good romance now and then!

    30. A good story that is closer to 4 stars to me because it kept me engaged. Now that it's settled in partsnof the story felt underdeveloped. I also started to lose interest in Lisa as she became more selfish along the way. She became the epitomy of the person who runs you over then say's, "Oops! Did I do that?" Never means to hurt people but is careless with other people's feelings.

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