Tales of a Drama Queen

Tales of a Drama Queen After Elle Medina s three year engagement spectacularly self destructs she flees home to Santa Barbara to heal and regroup Determined to create a new life that is better for her than her old one Ell

  • Title: Tales of a Drama Queen
  • Author: Lee Nichols
  • ISBN: 9780373250639
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • After Elle Medina s three year engagement spectacularly self destructs, she flees home to Santa Barbara to heal and regroup Determined to create a new life that is better for her than her old one, Elle decides she needs to 1 Get a good job 2 Find a nice apartment 3 Find an adequate boyfriend But this proves to be challenging than she expected Especially when shAfter Elle Medina s three year engagement spectacularly self destructs, she flees home to Santa Barbara to heal and regroup Determined to create a new life that is better for her than her old one, Elle decides she needs to 1 Get a good job 2 Find a nice apartment 3 Find an adequate boyfriend But this proves to be challenging than she expected Especially when she hasn t got any skills, she has a bad shopping habit and she is looking for a man who recognizes Prada Join Elle on a dramatic adventure as she has a go at life as a private eye and a telephone psychic, and auditions to be an exotic dancer.

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    1. I'd say this was really like a 3.5-3.75 stars.I have never read anything by Lee Nichols, but always thought the book sounded like a cute Chick Lit read I might enjoy. I was especially into Chick Lit when I added this to my TBR List, so it's been there for quite awhile. And one of my New Years reading resolutions is to read more from my older TBR pile. I always tend to go for more current books added and at the rate I was going all the older books will never get read. So I picked this out of my s [...]

    2. I was very close to giving up on "Tales of a Drama Queen". I even had the disappointed review written in my head, but sometime after page 50 or so, it gradually got better until Elle was no longer the shallow, vain example of why chick-lit gets a bad wrap. Instead, she became someone you want to root for as she learns to believe in herself and becomes less "surface-y". Still, I was a little disappointed that Merrick turned out to be physically perfect and Elle didn't just fall in love with him d [...]

    3. Actual rating: 3.5 stars. I admit it's a little difficult to like Elle in the first third of the book. She just makes so many bad decisions that it's hard to root for her. By the end, though, she does become a better person (if just as catastrophe ridden), which makes for great reading.

    4. This book has a horrible title, and not only because it brings to mind an unrelated Lindsay Lohan movie. It sounds like a generic piece of chicklit trash, when it's actually a hysterically funny piece of chicklit trash. There's a difference.

    5. Elle is a lot like Becky in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella (shops too much, can't manage money, screws everything up) but not quite as lovable. Elle does grow on you. I'm not sure she actually learned her lesson about over-shopping, but everything works out perfectly in the end. I have to say the freak-hair thing bothered me. Really, how shallow is that?! I did like that she rented a trolley to live in. How unique!I do think I would ave enjoyed this more had I not already read the Shop [...]

    6. Cute, defiantly better than I had expected.At points I didn't like the main character. I don't relate to her in any way since she has never had a job and is very surface/looks orientated and just isn't anything like me, but I think that is what made it enjoyable for me

    7. I went to visit A Friend in a different city and didn’t feel like reading the book I took with me, so we found a used bookstore and decided to check it out. I mean, there are Borders and other regular bookstores but I generally find cooler things in used stores. This time, not so much.However, I did get 3 books: 2 Piers Anthony and “Tales of a Drama Queen” by Lee Nichols. This was, I discovered to my horror only after I bought it, a Red Dress Ink book. Which means it’s published by Harle [...]

    8. I really didn't mind this book. Elle was an extremely stressful character for me at first. I honestly thought she was awful! and I had a really hard time finding any redeeming qualities about her which made it difficult to feel any kind of sympathy toward her. Sometimes I felt like her character was to overwhelming, superficial, destructive, and naive to be believable. However I thought that the books itself flowed well, and I think there was good character development, plus it was kind of funny [...]

    9. This book was HILARIOUS!!! Elle is so funny! The predicaments that she gets herself into will make you cry laughing! Does that happen to real people?! When Elle's fiancé comes back from a business trip with news that he got married her whole world implodes. She's been living the life of luxury on Louis's dime. What does she do now? Her parents refuse to help her financially and she's never had a job in her life. She moves back to her home town to try and start over but she literally had no mark [...]

    10. I rather enjoyed this book. At first glance it seems like your typical chick lit, and it is, but it's actually really funny. I decided to read this book because I had just finished a drama and the only other book on my Kindle was a thriller. I wanted something lighthearted and fun to read in between two more serious books. This book really served its purpose! This book isn't going to win any awards and the characters are all very surface, but the book was really entertaining. The book is about t [...]

    11. La vita di Elle è un disastro: il suo fidanzato va in altro stato per lavoro e torna sposato con un'altra, così lei si trasferisce a Santa Barbara da una vecchia amica. Se prima si limitava a fare shopping con i soldi del futuro marito, ora deve trovarsi un lavoro e imparare a gestire il suo budget. Ma cosa può fare? La barista, la medium?Cielo, che libro stupido! Elle è odiosa per i nove decimi del libro, sarà che avendo pochi soldi sono abituata a pensarci dieci volte prima di spenderli, [...]

    12. I'll read "Chick Lit" if its lying around, it only takes an hour or two. And this happened to be lying around this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised, despite the cover, the title, the publisher.I found it really smart and LOL'd at several moments. Really fell in love with the protagonist and shared her credit card agony and other foibles. That's a funny word, foibles. Elle Medina is spiritually the American younger cousin of Bridget Jones and that can't be a bad thing. Check out the review by [...]

    13. I loved this book - Nichols is one of my new favorite chick lit authors! The story is amusing and entertaining, and though it's fluffy there is a real core to the book that helps you forget the fluff. There are definitely moments when you are yelling at Elle to stop, to think for a second, isn't it OBVIOUS what's going on??!!, but really, her naivete is part of what makes her such a charming character. You want to take her home and feed her soup and take care of her. The ending is a bit deus ex [...]

    14. I would give it one more star, but for the swear words. I'm so SICK of them. They really aren't necessary as a daily part of MY life, so I don't understand why an author would deem it necessary for a character in her book.Other than that, the book was good. For a while, I got sick of her being a whiney, self-absorbed woman, who expected everyone to take care of her. But, I guess that's the whole point of the story, how she overcomes that.

    15. A little unbelievable, occasionally frustrated with main character yet found myself strangely attached to the story. It was humorous and frustrating at the same time. Overall an okay read, a little too much going on and a little too frustrating dealing with someone so spoiled, however, that is what makes her a drama queen.

    16. C’est l’un des premiers Red Dress Ink que j’ai lu.On suit Eleanor dans sa quête d’une vie trépidante. On découvre la vie d’une diseuse de bonne aventure non souhaitée. Eleanor fait ce pourquoi elle est douée et qu’elle aide les gens autour d’elle. Lee Nichols nous permet de découvrir la vie de son personnage et nous faire apprécié les diva.

    17. I wish I shared the same enthusiasm for this book that other reviewers have shown, but the main character got on my nerves. I wanted her to make a good decision for herself; I wanted her to be responsible; I wanted her to quit being so gullible. And her obsession over Merrick's hair was a little overdone. I understand why in the end, but it was a little much for me.

    18. One of those books that I decided to read on a day off, curled up in bed. I do enjoy chick-lit on occasion and am pleased to say I enjoyed this one. I could relate partially to the character - I'm also in my late twenties and don't feel much like a grown up (though my experiences are vastly different to hers).

    19. Whoops! I loved this book when I first read it many years ago, and had been looking for the second book, which has a very similar title. I got excited when I found it on amazon. Downloaded it, and started to read, I still felt like I had read it, because I had. I didn't remember anything that happened, so it was like reading it again for the first time. I still really like it!

    20. While I didn't care for the protagonist at first, slowly the author put her through the wringer of dead-end jobs and it began to feel like sweet, sweet revenge. I was so hoping she wouldn't be "saved" by some romance, and she wasn't. So I've changed my rating on this book and I would recommend it to fans of chick lit, with the following warning: it ain't pretty, and I like it like that.

    21. It took me about 100-150 pages to really get into the story because the lead character seemed too annoying for me at first. Soon I found myself absorbed in the novel and even laughed out loud. It had a wonderful ending and is definitely a book I will keep on the shelf to read again.

    22. Reads like a less-well-written version of the Shopaholic books. Elle has many of the same financial problems as Becky, but Elle also gets herself into some unique and funny circumstances as well. Funny, with some laugh out loud moments.

    23. I wish I could give this a deeper review, however, I only made it through about 60 pages before I gave up. I thought it would be light, witty and humorous, but it was more annoying, boring and flat. Try it if you want, but I could not get invested in the story.

    24. It was okay. The ending was a lot better than most of the rest of it! The main character to me wasn't so much a drama queen as a dingbat! She sounded like the dumbest 26 year old I've ever heard of and was a little annoying.

    25. I love this book. I think it's funny, sweet and the choices this heroine makes show her to be a strong, independent woman worthy of respect and awe.I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to unwind with a piece of chocolate cake and a fun book.

    26. Such a fun and easy read. It pulled me in and I never wanted to put it down! Elle reminds me of so many of my friends and she can definitely hang out with my crew anytime, I love the fun and drama she brings to any situation!

    27. This was a cute book and had alot of laugh out loud moments. It is very "light" (what else do I read) but alot of funny and very warm. I'm looking forward to read more items from this author.

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