Conversa no Catedral

Conversa no Catedral Lima Peru meados dos anos Santiago Zavala jornalista e filho de uma fam lia de classe m dia alta e Ambrosio antigo motorista de seu pai se encontram num pequeno bar chamado Catedral Enquant

  • Title: Conversa no Catedral
  • Author: Mario Vargas Llosa Ari Roitman Paulina Wacht
  • ISBN: 9788579622021
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lima, Peru, meados dos anos 1960 Santiago Zavala, jornalista e filho de uma fam lia de classe m dia alta, e Ambrosio, antigo motorista de seu pai, se encontram num pequeno bar chamado Catedral Enquanto bebem cervejas e relembram fragmentos de suas vidas e as de seus conhecidos, recomp em o panorama pol tico peruano nos anos 1950, como um mosaico Publicado originalmenteLima, Peru, meados dos anos 1960 Santiago Zavala, jornalista e filho de uma fam lia de classe m dia alta, e Ambrosio, antigo motorista de seu pai, se encontram num pequeno bar chamado Catedral Enquanto bebem cervejas e relembram fragmentos de suas vidas e as de seus conhecidos, recomp em o panorama pol tico peruano nos anos 1950, como um mosaico Publicado originalmente em 1969, Conversa no Catedral um dos livros mais importantes do autor Pr mio Nobel de Literatura, al m de uma das obras mais contundentes da fic o latinoamericana do s culo XX Vargas Llosa narra uma hist ria ambientada em um per odo de grande insatisfa o pol tica, em que os protagonistas da trama apresentam, cada um sua maneira, liga es com a ditadura do general Manuel Odr a de 1948 a 1956 Santiago Zavalita filho de Ferm n Zavala, rico empres rio ligado ao ditador Ele havia se distanciado da fam lia por quest es pessoais e pol ticas, chegando a integrar uma organiza o ligada ao Partido Comunista Peruano J o velho Ambrosio, ap s se envolver em um caso obscuro, foge, mas retorna a Lima Ele trabalha em um canil, mas j n o tem a mesma energia de antes.A conversa entre Zavalita e Ambrosio revela aos poucos os dramas de suas vidas Os conflitos, as paix es e as hist rias centradas principalmente em don Ferm n trazem tona relatos de um per odo marcante Aos poucos, o leitor tem diante de si n o s um rico panorama hist rico da Am rica Latina da busca da identidade de um pa s em meio repress o e corrup o desenfreada , como tamb m uma fascinante hist ria de amor e morte, que liga os dois personagens de uma forma cada vez mais profunda.Com a escrita minuciosa, Vargas Llosa observa os mais diversos segmentos da sociedade peruana Segundo o autor, na apresenta o da edi o, nenhuma outra obra lhe deu tanto trabalho quanto esta O resultado, entretanto, foi recompensador a ponto de o pr prio escritor j ter declarado em diversas ocasi es que Conversa no Catedral o nico romance que salvaria do fogo, caso tivesse que tomar uma decis o t o radical.

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    1. Mario Vargas Llosa's third book is a marvelously terrorising romp through Peru of the 50s and 60s and yet all told in a bar called La Cathedral in the space of a few hours over a couple of beers and several packets of cigarettes. The narration of the first chapter is particularly confusing with each sentence being associated with a different narrator and timeline with sometimes no contextual help as to where they fit. And yet, the reader is carried along on these rapidly moving words as on a whi [...]

    2. Fantastic! Fan-tastic! "Conversation in the Cathedral" was definitely a big work of art, a real masterpiece. It was the first book by Llosa that I read (after a suggestion by my friend, Moeen) and I'm now eager to read some more of his. It was none of a magic realism but yet a pure South-American way of story telling, with so many "stories" happening.The book starts when Santiago Zavala, journalist, meets with his rich father's former chauffeur, Ambrosio, and they go to the bar "Cathedral" to ha [...]

    3. از درگاه لاکرونیکا سانتیاگو بی هیچ عشق به خیابان تاکنا می‌نگرد: اتومبیل‌ها، ساختمان‌های ناموزون و رنگ‌باخته، چارچوب پر زرق و برگ پوسترها شناور در مه، نیمروز خاکستری. دقیقا در کدام لحظه پرو [تو بخوان امریکای لاتین] خود را به گا داده بود؟رمان این‌طور شروع میشه. مرور رو همین‌ [...]

    4. This is the best novel I’ve read in my 45 years of life. It is probably due to the fact that being Peruvian makes me feel deeply identified in it. I see it as a huge painting about the mentality and feelings of people in Peru and why not of people in many other countries in Latin America and probably around the world since the search of absolute power inevitably leads to corruption everywhere.This is a huge painting and indeed the most memorable intent to reach a “Total Novel” that I witne [...]

    5. No sé que decir de este libro, no soy muy buena haciendo reseñas, y menos cuando los libros son tan buenos como éste que acabo de terminar. Vargas Llosa: sos un maldito genio y ahora quiero leer todos tus libros.La historia comienza cuando Santiago va a buscar a su perro a la perrera, y allí se encuentra con Ambrosio, un viejo conocido que había sido chofer de su padre. Ambos van a un bar llamado La Catedral y, entre trago y trago, desentierran las historias vividas. Historias de vida marca [...]

    6. I must admit that I got off to a rocky start with Mario Vargas Llosa's Conversation in the Cathedral: after a dachshund is brutally clubbed to death in Chapter One* and a woman gets drugged and sexually assaulted in Chapter Two (by, moreover, sympathetic characters who don't ever seem quite to grasp the offensiveness of their actions), I was feeling a mite unfriendly toward the novel. By Chapter Three, though, I was reluctantly softening my stance, and by Chapter Four I was fully immersed in Var [...]

    7. Vargas Llosa, hijo de puta, me la volviste a hacer. Creí que ningun libro tuyo podía ser mejor que La Fiesta del Chivo. Y luego 726 paginas y 3 días sin salir de mi casa. Llore, reí, sufrí, me indigne, me dolió el estomago Lo que mas me sorprende es su capacidad de contar una historia con tantos saltos de tiempo y tantos personajes; que el inicio sea tan confuso y que luego poco a poco, todo vaya encajando. Definitivamente una obra maestra.

    8. If Mario Vargas Llosa, had never written anything else, Conversation in the Cathedral would by rights earn him the Nobel Prize for Literature. It is a hefty novel (600 pages or so), but it is worth spending the time reading.The novel is set during the dictatorship of Manuel Odria (1948-1956). The major characters are Santiago Zavala, nicknamed Zavalita, and Ambrosio Pardo. The first is the eldest scion of a rich family that is well tied in with the dictator; the second, a black former chauffeur [...]

    9. Conversation in the Cathedral is a story of decline and fall – deterioration of family, ultimate ruination of hopes and pursuits.“The voice, the body are his, but he looks thirty years older. The same thin lips, the same flat nose, the same kinky hair. But now, in addition, there are purple bags on his eyelids, wrinkles on his neck, a greenish-yellow crust on his horse teeth. He thinks: they used to be so white. What a change, what a ruin of a man. He’s thinner, dirtier, so much older, but [...]

    10. برخی از منتقدان این کتاب را برجسته ترین اثر یوسا میدانند.در این کتاب دو چیز بیش از هر چیز دیگر توجه خواننده را جلب میکند نخست وسعت دامنه ان و در بر گرفتن رویداد ها و شخصیت های متعدد است و دیگری ساختار پیچیده اش.زمینه کار یوسا در این رمان همچون اثار دیگرش بخشی از تاریخ معاصر پرو ا [...]

    11. Vargas Llosa es un conchasumadre. Se metió un país entero en 800 páginas. Y tú dirás, bah, pero si Fitzgerald en el Gran Gatsby se metió a EEUU en menos de 300 págs. Tmr, cállate, carajo. Que te peguen un tiro. NADA QUE VER. Porque al cerrar el libro, a mí me da la sensación de que la monstruosa complejidad del Perú de Odría ((de cualquier Perú (de cualquier país)) solo puede contarse con una estructura como ésta, con unas cajas chinas del demonio y una kilometrada semejante. Poca [...]

    12. خواب چیز ِ خوبی ِ ، ولی خطرناک می شه اگر ندونی کی وقتش رسیده که بکنی ازش . ادامه اش یعنی ریاکاری و فریب. ادامه اش یعنی کابوس. یعنی درست روزی که راه می افتی به جایی بری. از میون آدم ها و خیابون های ِ آشنا می گذری. سر ِ چهار راه می ایستی . فکر می کنی. فکر می کنی که درست کی بود اون زمانی که [...]

    13. When ever I come to names such as “Liosa”, “Borges”, “Cortazar”, “Fuentes” I wish I knew Spanish language, as I’m sure works by these authors would have a different aroma and melody in their own tongues. Liosa is, for me, one of the greatest story tellers, whose works give me deliciousness in Persian as well, (if it’s translated by Abdollah Kowsari, for example). Mario Bargas Liosa uses a highly sophisticated techniques with a very delicate language in multiple viewpoint, as [...]

    14. اول اینکه:حالا با خوندن سومین رمان کت‌وکلفت و مشهور یوسا (سه رمان: سال‌های سگی، سور بز و همین. جنگ آخرالزمان رو نصفه رها کردم)، می‌تونم حکم کنم که یوسا بزرگترین استراتژیست بین رمان‌نویسها است: مثل یه فرماندۀ نظامی که بالاسر شخصیت‌ها و نقشۀ رمانش واستاده و همزمان با همه بازی [...]

    15. Terminé la lectura de mi regordete ladrillo. Qué buena novela! Qué bien escrita! Detesté a muchos personajes, pero eso sólo lo puede hacer un gran escritor que logra envolverte irresistiblemente en su historia y despertar esa emotividad. Son los años 60, en Lima, durante la dictadura de Odría. Aclaro esto, porque bien podría ser cualquier otro dictador latinoamericano, en alguno de nuestros países que han vivido esta experiencia política y social. Los atropellos, la manipulación de la [...]

    16. خيلي خوب بود كتاب خيلي پيچ در پيچ و خيلي شخصيت دارهنميشه گفت شخصيت اصلي زاواليتا هستش يا دن فرمينداستان ي خط مستقيم نيست دائم در حال تغيير زمانه دائم فلش بك به گذشته دارهجالبه !تو اين كتاب اصن نويسنده در مورد زمان حال حرف نميزنهفقط گذشته وگذشته گذشتهگفتگو در يك كافه شروع ميشه [...]

    17. I've started this book several times before and have never been able to get very far. But this time I slowly got myself into its rhythm and enjoyed it. It certainly does have a lot to say about the search for personal identity in a corrupt world under a corrupt government which oppresses every attempt to proclaim a personal identity. In this case it's Peru in the 1950's, but one gets the sense that it could be aywhere, anytime. It's a masterwork of character development and, indeed, an example o [...]

    18. With dogmatists or clever, the Peru will always screwed - Carlitos said. This country started badly and end badly. Like us, Zavalita.Conversation in the Cathedral by Mario Vargas Llosa

    19. یکی از بهترین کتابهایی که خونده م. گفتگوهای لایه ای که درست در جایی که داری کلافه میشوی بهت نشانه خوب می دهند و براحتی تو را تا آخر کتاب می کشانند. این ها را درباره کتاب در محفل کتابخوانی نوشته بودمکتاب خیلی خشن شروع می شود. فضای کثیف و فضای سگی شهر را می توانی بخوبی حس کنی. روزنا [...]

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    21. A minha primeira leitura de Vargas Llosa. Aventurei-me em conhecer o Peru. Mas este não foi o livro mais indicado Iria compreende-lo melhor se conhecesse a política peruana. A obra é uma extensa conversa entre Santiago e Ambrósio. Dois homens destroçados por uma sociedade opressiva. Duas vidas monótonas e sem prazer. Santiago em jovem envolveu-no num movimento comunismo, quando é preso decide abandonar os seus interesses políticos e se torna jornalista. Sempre teve uma relação conflitu [...]

    22. Mi relación con este libro ha sido de amor-odio, a ratos embaucándome con los relatos del joven Zavalita y sus aventuras en la disidencia política del régimen Odriísta y a ratos sumergiéndome en el más profundo letargo de las hisorietas paralelas de Amalia, Trinidad, Trifulcio y el conchesumadre de turno. Me ha faltado el canto de un duro para sacar papel y boli y hacerme un croquis temporo-espacial de los personajes porque que nadie se equivoque, aquí el narrador no aclara nada, ¡no pa [...]

    23. I started this book in 1988 (when I had more time). I gave up.I picked it up again in 2008. I'm not sure I'm happy with that decision.I read a fair amount, and I read some reviews. I don't know if I've ever read a novel where I felt that reviewers were so systematically full of shit. Further, I've plugged people for their ideas about this novel, and found their opinions sorely lacking. I think a lot of them faked it. I didn't. Here's what I think.Yes, there is a set of interesting storylines her [...]

    24. This is a big, well-structured book that reflects the 1950's of Vargas Llosa's native Peru. The title actually refers to a conversation betweean two main characters, Santiago and Ambosio and how their lives are intertwined in the power and politics of the day. Santiago, son a of a powerful family throws everything away to become a journalist. His stance stirs up issues in his family while, Ambrosio is a dark-skinned poor man who works as a driver for two rival men. Stir in the dictatorship, poli [...]

    25. از بهترین کتاب های یوسا. داستان بصورت گفتگوهای دو نفره بین شخصیت های مختلف در زمان های مختلف روایت میشه. خود داستان بسیار پرکششه و طبق سیاق مخصوص یوسا مساله کم کم روشن میشه. اگر بتونید چاپ قدیمی حوالی سال هفتادش رو پیدا کنید بهتره. چون بسیار سانسور شده.

    26. La conversación entre Zabalita y el zambo Ambrosio en un bar de mala muerte llamado La Catedral es el argumento de esta novela. La novela es el fondo de ese diálogo, lo que emerge en ese encuentro. A partir de esta premisa cuesta prever que se viene en esas 736 páginas. Desde el punto de vista de su estructura, es perfecta. Vargas Llosa va narrando y intercalando no solo distintos personajes, sino que tiempos. Saltando de personajes y situaciones incluso en un mismo párrafo. Claramente en un [...]

    27. "Ninguna otra novela me ha dado tanto trabajo; por eso, si tuviera que salvar del fuego una sola de las que he escrito, salvaría ésta". MVL '98.La mejor obra que he leído - y muy posiblemente que leeré -. No hay más.

    28. Cómo vas a escribir una novela como esta, Mario, qué barbaridad.No seas pendejo metiste un país completo en 700 páginas. Nuestro Perú.Algunos pueden cuestionar, pueden decir ese webon es puro floro, todo ficción, efectismo, pero yo te creo Mario, yo te creo. Putamadre cómo no te voy a creer si reconozco a mis tíos en la novela, reconozco a mis amigos, reconozco a mis padres. Y haciendo cosas horribles, Mario, siendo horribles los reconozco, siendo mezquinos y cagándola, siendo víctimas [...]

    29. Mario Vargas Llosa didn't make it easy. I read chapters 2 (rather disturbing) and 3 three times. I finally got my bearings by reading another reviewer's review.It doesn't take long to figure out the Cathedral is a bar, but figuring out that Santiago Zavilita (also called Skinny by his family) and Ambrosio are the speakers takes a bit longer. Longer yet is the placing the other characters and getting used to the format. The best way to envision the conversation is thinking of a movie with the par [...]

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