The Lion and the Crow

The Lion and the Crow In medieval England duty is everything personal honor is valued than life itself and homosexuality is not tolerated by the church or society Sir Christian Brandon was raised in a household where he

  • Title: The Lion and the Crow
  • Author: Eli Easton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • In medieval England, duty is everything, personal honor is valued than life itself, and homosexuality is not tolerated by the church or society Sir Christian Brandon was raised in a household where he was hated for his unusual beauty and for his parentage Being smaller than his six brutish half brothers, he learned to survive by using his wits and his gift for stratIn medieval England, duty is everything, personal honor is valued than life itself, and homosexuality is not tolerated by the church or society Sir Christian Brandon was raised in a household where he was hated for his unusual beauty and for his parentage Being smaller than his six brutish half brothers, he learned to survive by using his wits and his gift for strategy, earning him the nickname the Crow Sir William Corbett, a large and fierce warrior known as the Lion, has pushed his unnatural desires down all his life He s determined to live up to his own ideal of a gallant knight When he takes up a quest to rescue his sister from her abusive lord of a husband, he s forced to enlist the help of Sir Christian It s a partnership that will test every strand of his moral fiber, and, eventually, his understanding of the meaning of duty, honor, and love.

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    1. It's been ages since I read a Historical book but I saw a friend's review of this and couldn't resist and I love this Author.Set in 1300 England,I did struggle initially with the medieval dialogue but the more I read the more I enjoyed it and found the dialogue actually worked.William first sees Christian at an Archery Competition and is instantly attracted to the beautiful young man.Christian is the youngest of 7 brothers and does not have a happy home life,so when the opportunity to escape for [...]

    2. *Review for the revised, expanded edition from Dreamspinner Press***3.5 stars**Eli Easton!! That ending I'm so upset right now that I'm docking 1/2 a star because of it. Why did you have to do that to a girl?!?!?!?I've never read a historical that was THIS historical. We are talking 1200s, people. However, I'm a HUGE Eli Easton fan (she ranks in my top 5 favorite M/M authors) and so I had to give this one a try. I had never read this story when it was in its original incarnation, so I won't be a [...]

    3. 4.5 starsFabulous, this is the reason why I continue to read and love historical romances. Because they're fun, engaging and dreamily romantic, especially when they're believable and the story flows, holding my attention all the way. Big win, was the mutual admiration between Christian and William bringing their unique skills to win the battle. Christian wasn't a weakling, he was tough, sweet and a great match for William, the trust and respect between them is awesome. Sexy knights and a slow bu [...]

    4. "Sometimes, what the world asks of us is wrong. And when it is that wrong, there is no honor in obeying it."I don’t read historical romances, let alone medieval ones, so I don’t really know the genre. I read it anyway, you know, because it is an Eli Easton. I’ve never thought it would affect me that much. The storyline was thrilling, and even though I knew beforehand that it had a HEA, I was scared and worried for the characters here and there. Swoon-worthy knights, a breathtakingly beauti [...]

    5. Say what you like. You are mine and forever will be.This is a very simple story. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Well written, well paced, convincing and straight to the point, it gave me what I was asking for. It took me into the Medieval world for a few hours and it drew me in a relationship full of warmth and affection.I have to say first that everything Medieval draws me. I'm lucky because I live in the Old Continent, so there are endless opportunities to go crazy when finding those cha [...]

    6. This was the most historicalhistorical story I’ve read so far. And surprise, surprise I enjoyed it. “The Lion and the Crow” is a sweet and romantic medieval m/m historical that didn’t bored me like I was expecting to. I must admit the only reason I decided to read this one is because I enjoy Eli Easton’s writing style. AnywayThe writing, as always was flawless and engaging and a little bit different of course since it’s a historical.The story is about two men – Sir William Corbet a [...]

    7. BR with Giulio and Mark!!!This one goes straight to the favorites shelf. I loved every word. There's romance, adventure, a few deserved killings, and some smoking sexy times!Plot concerns WilliamAnd Christianand their attempt to rescue William's sister from her ogre of a husband. The two knights fall in love and lust along the way and I am still swooning. Great, great book.

    8. *5 BREATHTAKING STARS*WOWI don't think I could ever find the right words to describe how good this book is. It was simplyrfect. "Say what you like. You are mine and forever will be.""You came for me.""I will always come for you."I wouldn't ask for anything to be changed in this story. It left me wanting more of the heart melting and beautiful love shared between these two characters. I wish this story hadn't finished so soon, I couldn't get enough *sigh*. The plot, writing and characters were so [...]

    9. This new edition of The Lion and the Crow from Dreamspinner has about 12K new words added, including new scenes and a new epilogue, plus it's been fully re-edited. I love William and Christian and wanted to give them a more definitive story.Hope you enjoy it,Eli

    10. This was an enjoyable and unique story, although I found it a little slow at some parts and it lacked fire for me. The plot was also rather predictable and convenient for the characters. I think the blurb, the cover and my love for medieval fantasy raised my expectations too high. It’s also the fact that being a big fan of ASOIAF has affected me too deeply and I just can’t swallow easy convenient medieval plots anymore. So it’s me, not the story!

    11. I am not a fan of historical/medieval genre -- except for Megan Derr's but hers is more fantasy -- but I was very much intrigued with this one for one major reason and one minor one. The major reason? I like Eli Easton's writing style with samples of two of her short stories I'd read. This was her longest yet (32k) and since it was free, I thought, why not? The minor reason? OMG, that cover IS just gorgeous!!! And I loved itI thought the characters were well-drawn; ALTHOUGH I must say that I fav [...]

    12. It's a kind of magic, magic, MAGIC!Yes, no less!To write such a beautiful and touching story in about 100 pages? I say Eli Easton is a genius!I loved the two MC's, they where both strong, brave, and kind knights, but Christian? Dear God, Christian just stole my heart!William, the older, more serious knight:I only recently discovered my love for historical romance, and this one takes us back to 1200! Yes, to live in this times is hard to begin with, to be a man that loves men? I mean, there aren' [...]

    13. Sometimes I can't believe that these LHNB stories are free! There have been so many awesome ones this year but like a lot of other readers this one is way up there in my favourites so far. Lovely slow burning, medieval romance full of UST and lingering glances plus a raw, rough and tumble adventure with some blood and guts fighting thrown in. Delicious! These were hard times full of hard men and I would imagine for most people, rich or poor, a hard life. I felt the atmosphere of the times was ca [...]

    14. 4 Stars - an emotional and sweet HR shortie about two brave knights who fall in loveThis is a historical short story about two beautiful young knight who see each other and feel instant attraction for what is forbidden to feel. Christian: ~ “He told me I was possessed by a succubus, a female demon that hungered for men. He told me he would pray for guidance to free me from this creature.”The bullied youngest son of Lord Brandon, Sir Christian Brandon (the Crow), and the few years older Sir W [...]

    15. The mm equivalent of a no-nonsense Harlequin romance. Laughably convenient plot twists and a forgettable storyline and characters, yet entertaining and nicely paced. An enjoyable, fast and free read.

    16. i thought it began very solidly, with some keen promise to the medieval road-trip aspect.but that last 30 percent was a hot mess.

    17. Dashing knights, chivalry, sword fights, castles, damsels in distress. A great medieval story with everything you could wish forI loved this story, it contained everything that I love from this period. I couldn't have wished for more. The writing made the story totally believable and it was also pure escapism.Sir William, The Lion, needs to rescue his sister and daughters from the clutches of a cruel and beast for a husband who abuses her. He goes to Lord Brandon to ask to raise an army to fight [...]

    18. Yet another free read from the LHNB eventGod, is there no end to them?? And all the ones I've read so far have been wonderful. This is a medieval romp with two knights of the realm Christian and William,loved it. 4 stars and Not doing a huge review. I loved both of the MC's. Christian (Crow) was extremely loveable, brave, noble, fearless, oh and by all accounts handsome, as well as being the youngest of 7 sons. He had fancied William from afar for quite some time having seen him on the tourney c [...]

    19. Christ. Is William's horse named after Tristan, of Tristan and Isolde--so sexy. Beautiful use of language. Witty and playful and utterly charming to read. The slang, the insults and just the general ambiance was engaging.William so sensible and yet, terribly insensible about other matters. Stupid man.Christian, brilliant with a bow and fearless, but I'd have heart attacks keeping track of him.On a quest they set out; some wish them well, most don't care, but a few hope for the worst. There is in [...]

    20. Don't ask me about historical accuracy, I didn't check. I was too busy indulging in my knight kink and being entertained, and I sticked to it no matter what. Enjoyable story with a nice flow when you're in the mood to escape reality.

    21. My review on the Lion and the Crow is this:I do not know where to start. this is a blow your mind heart and panties kind of story. Two honorable KNIGHTS of the court embark on a quest to save Sir William's sister ( the Lion) fromher abusive and debauched husband. Sir Christian ( the Crow) volunteers to help sir William on this journey.What transpires is an adventure where this two knights discover there inner most feeling and passion and love thatnot even the gods can stop.I'M a mess of emotion [...]

    22. Review of the expanded new version:I really enjoyed the free shorter story, and this new longer revision is also a great read. This is the story of two knights in Medieval England, who share a quest, and a desire for men. Christian is young, attractive, and certain of who he is and what he wants. He's fenced in, though, by being dependent on a father and older brothers who disdain him and want to see him married and under the family control. William is his own man, on a quest to save his sister [...]

    23. I liked the relationship between Christian and William. It's well developed. And I really liked Christian. He's determined to let William know that nothing's wrong with being gay. Although at first William was so strong-willed not to encourage his urges, eventually he did melted for Christian.I took away one of the stars because (view spoiler)[I didn't get my HEA. I'm so sadHowever, I have to admit that epilogue really mesmerising. I could play it in my head like a movie scene. It did really giv [...]

    24. Well, it's official. I'm probablythe last person, ever, to read this story. Like any Eli Easton read, the world building and writing are excellent. Christian is a beautiful, resourceful schemer, William is stubborn and pragmatic, and the whole read is filled with sexual tension, tender moments, and even a bit of action.What?! I was talking about swordplay. You know, archery, and bandits, and stuff. What kind of action and swordplay did you think I was talking about?Okay, okay. There's that kind [...]

    25. 3.5 stars A pleasant read with a very promising start and a rushed and slightly laughable end.I enjoyed it. I already forgot it with Mark & Nick!

    26. I will admit I was hesitant for this audio book - not only because it's a historical romance, which can be an iffy thing when dealing with M/M unless it's AU, but because when I listened to the sample the narrator, Scott Richard Ehredt, sounded like a stuffy old British guy who would bore me to death. God, was I wrong!Scott Richard Ehredt is PERFECT. He blew me away. SeriouslyBlew. Me. Away.The characters and time (late 1200's to early 1300's) are beautifully, and even lovingly, portrayed. The o [...]

    27. OMGDat’ Ending-Well, I love Knights in Shining Armor in my books. Ande cover.HAWT!The chemistryHAWT! The first love scene was SUCCULENT! The MCsADORABLE! One was kinda to fem, but, I was okay with that. The crossdresser trope, was all kinds fun. But.e ending.well? *distraught face*

    28. A lovely historical with enough UST in it to set my desk on fire as I read and forgot to eat my yummy salad in front of me. Yeah, this was good. It was gallant and swoony and that end kinda pissed me off but then I read it again, the last 552 words (yes, me and my OCD counted) and I realized it was noble, so very, very knightly, so very William and Christian at the heart of it and I am okay with that. William and Christian swoon and swoon again.The first kiss alone was worth everything but then [...]

    29. Loved this tale of knightly romance. The star-crossed heroes are devastatingly noble and courageous, the dialogue perfectly evokes the time period, there's plenty of intrigue and violence, and there's even a fair maiden to rescue. I'd love to read a full length historical romance from this author. That would be really special.

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