Halloween Hustle

Halloween Hustle In the dark a funky beat Something white with bony feet Skeleton dancing up the street Doing the Halloween Hustle Skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party but as he grooves across town he k

  • Title: Halloween Hustle
  • Author: Charlotte Gunnufson Kevan Atteberry
  • ISBN: 9781477817230
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the dark, a funky beat Something white with bony feet Skeleton dancing up the street, Doing the Halloween Hustle Skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party but as he grooves across town, he keeps stumbling, tumbling, and falling apart Can Skeleton stay in one piece long enough to make it to the party

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    1. This is the first book I read to my pregnant belly! My future son was kicking the entire time! It was such an entertaining story, and my husband even listened in. My favorite aspect of this book would easily be the great examples of figurative language. For example, this alliteration: "Gets up and grooves with ghoulish grace" (p. 7), or this consonance: "Bones scatter / What a clatter / Spine is like a broken ladder!" (p. 4). You may also notice the simile in that last passage! The colorful illu [...]

    2. I've had this book floating around the house since before Halloween, so it seems strange to read it in the Christmas season. Still, I'm glad I finally picked it up. The Halloween Hustle is a fun story, with a good beat to it. The Skeleton is that guy, you know the one, that just can't sit still and dances wherever he goes, be it on the bus or anywhere. The zombie's foot coming off kind of creeped me out, but overall I liked the book and thought it a little different from your usual Halloween sto [...]

    3. Cute, rhyming story about a skeleton who just loves to dance. While on the way to a dance contest (which he dances to all the way there) he encounters a few bunps that cause him to fall apart but he mends himself and keeps right on dancing. Fun Halloween story that's in no way scary for small readers.

    4. My six year loved it!The illustrations were great! It's a cute little story. I liked the rhyme scheme. My daughter liked the happy ending. She believes skeleton found "the girl he's supposed to be with". It's a quick funny read.

    5. A happy surprise: a self-published-at- goodie. Skeleton Halloween-hustles it to a big Halloween party, stopping from time-to-time to pick up his scattered bones and tape them and bind them into place. Fun illustrations and a suitably hustling beat.

    6. Cuteory. My 2 1/2 year old loved the story! Great rhyming and he loved the paraphrase. Will be reading this one to my 5 year old twins tomorrow night.

    7. So cuteThis book was repetitive which kids love. Perfect for Halloween. My son loved this book. He enjoyed reading it to me. He's in Kindergarten.

    8. Goofy skeleton book. But the message is clear fall down and get back up, things aren't that bad and your friends will always help. oh and dancing feels great!

    9. What a lively upbeat book, I loved it! I got on a roll with the rhythm of the rhyming text and this was a fun book to read. I could feel the beat in my head even after the book was read. The words did not feel forced and the book made sense. What a delightful Halloween book for children. Skeleton starts up the street doing the Halloween Hustle with the different parts of his body moving and jiving to the beat. Then it happens, he falls and his body comes apart and he's laying in pieces. Using ru [...]

    10. This one is a triple threat: great illustrations, fun to read, and fun to listen to. The catchy rhythm carries this Halloween story that has enough humor and interest in the pictures to make this a Halloween classic. It only took one reading for my three year old grandson to do the Halloween Hustle.

    11. Love this fun Halloween Rhyming bookMy grand daughter is in kindergarten and we have been reading this every night since I got it on my kindle. She knows all the the words by heart and even sings it to her own tune. Love the bright colored pictures and jazzy rhythmic story. I will definitely look for more books from Charlotte Gunnufson.

    12. Ghost is throwing a Halloween party and Skeleton can’t wait to get his groove on, problem is he is just a bit klutzy and prone to falling apart.Little ones will enjoy this colorful trip through town while their favorite Halloween “monsters” hustle their way to Ghost’s party. The wonderful illustrations do a terrific job of bringing the undead to life.

    13. A great Halloween book that have a lot of rhythm & rhyme that will keep childrendEntertained. Because my grandchildren have short attention spans. So, they will enjoy this book when I read it to them because I'll dance while I read.

    14. CuteThis was a super cute Halloween story, and my 3 and 4 year olds loved it. I'll definitely be looking for more by this author.

    15. Funny details in the illustrations, clever rhyme, and--spoiler alert--the bit about the zombie. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    16. I really liked that the inside covering was a bright, light green. I liked the title page. It was all black and orange writing for the titled and there was a mailbox and a skeleton's hand opening it up. It was so cute. Everything about the invitation was adorable. The spider webs in the top corners, with the little spiders trailing down. The male had a curl of hair and the female a wig. There were three pumpkins, each with a detail, Midnight October 31, 1313 Shade Lane and Dance contest! It's cu [...]

    17. This is absolutely a great book to read on those chilly October days. It's a Halloween book but it's not at all scary, so it's perfect for younger readers. The rhymes are very good and the repetition of parts of the story are great for those who are learning to read on their own. The illustrations are really great in "Halloween Hustle". Every kind of thing or person that is associated with Halloween seems to be represented in the book. But they are definitely not scary at all. They are drawn to [...]

    18. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=2004This is a perfect Halloween book for young readers who want to get into the spirit yet do not want to be scared. The colorful illustrations add an extra element of fun to the book which will suck the readers even more into the book. My favorite part, though, is the rhyming and rhythm. It adds something special to the book that makes it different than other Halloween books.

    19. This book will have you and your child bumping up and down along with the beat as you read this rhythmic tale about a skeleton who likes to dance but unfortunately keeps falling apart into a big pile of bones. But he picks himself up, sticks his bones back together (with dubious adhesive solutions) and goes on his way, inspiring everyone he meets to dance along. The ending is really cute, making this not only a fun book to read but a great story. Highly recommended for Halloween time.

    20. We love this bookMy grandson and I read this book a lot as we are getting ready for Halloween. This book is fun to read and it really is helping us get ready for the holiday. Happy Halloween to everyone and we hope everyone will have a chance to read this book to help them get into the Halloween spirit.

    21. Halloween Hustle is a delightful book with funky rhymes and eye catching illustrations! Skeleton is having some trouble hustling to a Halloween party until a friend steps in to safe the day! Perfect bedtime read for those crisp and chilly October nights!

    22. Reread this year and loved it just as much as the first time! Skelelton is on his way to the Halloween party but as he dances along, he keeps falling apart and putting himself back together again. Finally the skeleton girl helps him with ghoul glue and repairs his bones for good.

    23. A rhyming story about a skeleton who likes to do the Halloween Hustle, but keeps getting his bones scattered. Will he be able to keep himself together for the dance contest? All the monsters and assorted other Halloween characters are friendly looking.

    24. Max's review: "Good."A cute, creative rhyming book. He walked away singing, "Halloween, Halloween, doing the Halloween Hustle."Although he had to remind me, "It's November 1st. Halloween's over."

    25. Great book I got this book to read to my kids, they enjoy this book a lot. Great book for kids and is free with unlimited kindle

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