Happy ish Jane Pearson is single thirty five and reluctantly dressed as a squirrel When she s not covered in fake fur she sleeps with the wrong men avoids laundry sets her vibrator on fire and dodges her

  • Title: Happy(ish)
  • Author: Cara Trautman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jane Pearson is single, thirty five, and reluctantly dressed as a squirrel When she s not covered in fake fur, she sleeps with the wrong men, avoids laundry, sets her vibrator on fire, and dodges her mother s demanding phone calls Surrounded by eccentric friends, an offbeat family, peculiar coworkers, and a twenty four year old goldfish, Jane searches for happiness throuJane Pearson is single, thirty five, and reluctantly dressed as a squirrel When she s not covered in fake fur, she sleeps with the wrong men, avoids laundry, sets her vibrator on fire, and dodges her mother s demanding phone calls Surrounded by eccentric friends, an offbeat family, peculiar coworkers, and a twenty four year old goldfish, Jane searches for happiness through a maze of dirty clothes and hard lessons.Happy ish is set in Ferndale and the metro Detroit area.

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    1. The main character Jane is, hands down, one of the best modern representations of what it's like to be in your 30's, childless and unmarried. What an absolute hoot! I found myself laughing out loud and felt an immediate connection with the main character Jane and could easily see commonalities between Jane and my unmarried 30(ish)friends as well. For many unmarried 30-something(ish)women, everyone around you seems to be getting swept off their feet and marrying Mr.Right. Soon your married friend [...]

    2. I'm Happy to be done with this book, which I probably should have quit reading long before I finished. My fault. I'm not sure why I saw so many great ratings, but this was a let down.The main character, Jane, was an idiot and not as funny as some of the other reviewers lead me to believe. The dialog was pretty awful, and entire sections were written like this:Mom: I have something stupid to say.Jane: I have a stupid response for you.Mom: Let's annoy readers by talking like this often and for a l [...]

    3. This is an extremely light read in the most literal sense. You follow Jane as she eats, works, dates and hangs out with friends and family. It tries to be hard to make mundane situations super hilarious, with odd nicknames for characters and a lot of drama about a goldfish, but misses the mark (in my opinion). The dialogue is very amateur and I couldn't take the cliche conversations with her mother.

    4. I got this as a free ebook and honestly I didn't expect much from it. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down though. I read it in one afternoon and it's kind of a long book. Happy(ish) was interesting from beginning to end, it made me laugh and cry mostly laugh. If you've got some time to kill I heartily recommend checking this out.

    5. I started off really liking this book (1st chapter is hilarious!). I thought for sure that I was going to whiz right through it. Unfortunately, it fell apart quickly and I found myself bored by the minute-by-minute details. I decided to move on to read something with more substance and chose not to finish.

    6. 3.5 stars. Seriously you not have an editor? "Could care less" means THEY CARE. They care enough that they could possibly care less than they do now. COULDN'T CARE LESS means they do not care at allat they could NOT care less than they do now. 3 times this phrase was used incorrectly. Is this self published? Did no one who read over the book have any common sense? Seriously, how do people not understand this phrase. Read the actual words. How is it not obvious? I could care less! You could? Real [...]

    7. I freaking LOVED this book! I can't stop talking about it. I even let my daughter try to win a goldfish at the fair today because of Jane's goldfish. And yeah, my daughter won the dang thing and now there's a goldfish in my house that I secretly love all because of this book.There's a lot about Jane that reminds me of myself. Sure, I never set my bedroom carpet on fire after having a mishap with a toy. And I never almost quit a job because I was afraid of a pending presentation. But there are ot [...]

    8. Interesting, definitely odd, but I liked it! I'd say a solid 4 stars!I loved the writing and the oddball characters. If it weren't for them, this might not be as enjoyable as it was. It was both sad and funny, but man did I love Jane! And who didn't love Sparky!? I felt a little sad that Jane was already 35 and couldn't find anyone special in her life that wasn't an asshole. Well she held a torch for someone, she just didn't have the courage to grab what she wanted. But alas, fate steps in and w [...]

    9. I recently picked up a Kindle and I'd forgotten than I had this book in the Cloud. I don't know the author but I do know that she's a local girl and I support my local talent.I really enjoyed Happy(ish). It made me laugh out loud. "Herpes, you can cure. Babies, you keep forever". I loved that line. It made me emotional over a stupid goldfish. I can't say that I've read any book that made me tear up over a goldfish. The storytelling is spot-on. It's about a woman in her 30's facing the next step [...]

    10. Praise for Cara Trautman for not creating a limp damsel in distress, but an every-women sort of limping along and finally finding her stride.If you are in the mood for a fun, quick read then this is the book for you. I had been reading a lot of fantasy/dystopian books and needed a palate cleanser. When Happy (ish) came up in a daily e-newsletter I get, I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did. It's main character, Jane, is probably the most normal character I've ever read. Quirky things an [...]

    11. Jane, the misadventurous protagonist from "Happy(ish)," is a mess. That's the main reason I enjoyed the book so much. She doesn't have her s*** together, and it's a lot of fun to watch that both unravel and then come through in some unexpected ways. She's surrounded by ideals and cautionary tales, and she has to battle her id (and occasionally don a squirrell costume) in the struggle to feel like she can achieve even true happy(ish)ness. A great read by debut novelist Cara Trautman. I look forwa [...]

    12. Great story kept me reading. I was drawn in and totally felt for the characters. Although there were so many peripheral characters that at times they could be hard to keep up with. There were a few things a good editor could have helped with. But those things were small.

    13. I really liked this book and all the characters in it. It's a quick, fun read. I wish there was a sequel because I would love to know how the characters all make out. I recommend this book.

    14. I thought this would be a really funny book, judging by the blurb. It had some good moments, but it definitely wasn't as funny as I had been expecting. It didn't have me hooked, and I kept finding myself putting it down and finding other things to do rather than reading it. Never the sign of an amazing book. Can't really put my finger on anything specific, but it just didn't do it for me.

    15. I'm hoping next time I read a book on my Kindle I'll be able to insert my highlights and notes. But I still have my review on blog scifisstrs/2018/0

    16. From page one, this book had me laughing. Jane is a likeable character, and she and I have certainly shared some of the same thoughts. Sometimes, though, I had to wonder what she was thinking, especially in her choices with men. I find it hard to believe that someone at the age of 35 would accept a date with someone and then not two minutes later, upon receiving a booty call text, blow him off. As a teenager, yes, I can accept that. But at 35? By then, I would hope a person would have a modicum [...]

    17. How Happy(ish) found its way onto my Kindle, I don't recall. I do enjoy a story that's light and frivolous after reading a long, dark, family drama. Happy(ish) turned out to be a family drama too, but with alot of comic relief. Jean is 35 years old, unmarried and lost. Her house is a wreck, her job is a constant source of irritation and her love life is in a state of disrepair. She lives next door to her best friend Clair, who along with her husband, stars in commercials for the online dating we [...]

    18. Don't worry, be happy(ish)I was already way past half of the book when the question that kept annoying me from the beginning started to flash in neon before my eyes: is there a point to this book?When I finished the book I had my answer: none whatsoever!What is the book about? Life! Plain and simple life with splashes of humor that is a bit sarcastic and a bit sad at some parts.This book tells the life of Jane, a single 35 years old girl whose life escalates until she has a meltdown. But, fortun [...]

    19. 4.5 stars!Happy(ish) follows Jane, a single thirty-five year old woman, on her journey from being happy-ish with her life -- from her ho-hum job, to falling in and out of bed with her jerk ex-boyfriend, to being a third wheel while her friends find love, to bickering with her mom overjust about everything -- to finding her own true joy. This book was hilarious. I actually snorted a few times while reading at the gym. I really enjoyed and related to the character of Jane. There were times I wante [...]

    20. This has been the fastest I've read a book. 400 pages of pure entertainment! Even if your not 30 years of age, Jane is a character any generation can relate to. This book made me laugh, have compassion, cry, celebrateeverything! It is not one of those books where you have such a noticeable plot. You just think this book is a never ending story about an everyday girl. However, soon enough, the plot of this story is revealed to all of us! Jane went through a series of events that finally got her t [...]

    21. Jane is a loveable, confused, typical thirty-five year old woman. She has some wonderful relationships in her life from her friendship with her ex college fling, Jack (who just happens to be gay and is involved in a serious relationship with Steven)to her serial-dating friend, Gina. Jane is a woman living on her own, trying to get by in a world where her half-brother calls her Momma and his fiancé has her wearing a squirrel outfit to raise money for the wedding they can't afford. Every characte [...]

    22. If you enjoy reading a lengthy story where every detail is told to you, every situation is told to you, leaving your imagination to drown in mediocre story telling then Happy(ish)is for you.You see, sentences don’t have to say much. They just have to say the right things. Our imaginations will fill in the blanks. It’s not a coincidence that the root of “imagination” is “image.” Imagination is the capacity for people to see the world you are trying to paint. Intelligent people like to [...]

    23. I have a slight bias toward this novel because I grew up near Ferndale, MI, which is the setting of the story. It evoked a lot of nostalgia, but that being said, knowing the setting was not dependent on enjoying the story. I read this book cover to cover during a long 24-hour day of traveling internationally through three different airports. I mention that because this book is a light read that doesn't demand a lot of intellectual attention. The characters were fun, well-developed, and easy to r [...]

    24. I was looking for something different to read and stumbled across this as a promotion and it was free for a limited time. WOW! I like good deals like that! What made it an even awesome deal was that the book was fantastic!! It was funny, kept my interest so I was not skimming through pages and skipping paragraphs. The main character Jane was not perfect and was just doing the best she could to stumble through life. Her family and friends were a mixture of good hearted characters that for the mos [...]

    25. This book is FANTASTIC! I really connected with it, and enjoyed the entire cast of characters. There have been many books that made me laugh, but not like this one; I was cracking up nearly every other page, genuinely tickled. The main character, Jane, is a great representation of the modern single woman in America. Though this book is hilarious, it is also filled with heartfelt moments, so I did shed a few tears here and there as I read it. Overall, this book was a delight to read, and I couldn [...]

    26. I absolutely loved this book.I absolutely loved this book. I downloaded it by mistake, I wasn't looking for a novel, I was looking for books on how to be happy. However as I started reading it, the story drew me in more and more.The main character in this book is so beautifully flawed that she was very easy to relate to. I even started to feel envy as I was picturing all her wonderful friends and family members. All in all this is a great pick me up, I only wish that it didn't have to end so abr [...]

    27. It was very hard to complete this book, It took me a month and a half to finish reading this book. It had nice moments, but I had to push myself to open the book and read it just for the sake of the challenge. I wanted to ditch the book so badly and start something else but I really pushed myself to stick with it. When I'm done reading for the night it was hard to get back on track and continue reading the next day. It didn't grab my attention enough to make me not want to put it down. It was ok [...]

    28. Loved this book!I just finished reading Happy(ish), free download on . I truly enjoyed this book. I laughed, I cried - the characters are so true to life. The main character, Jane, tells you her incredible, but believable, day to day life that will leave you laughing, cringing, and later, crying. It was hard to put the book down. The chapters flowed so easily into each other. You can really relate to the characters. If you want a good read, please read Happy(ish). I highly recommend it!

    29. Silly, fun chick lit and I loved it. Absolutely wonderful book to read during a crazy work read. Jane is struggling to deal with her life. her half brother's upcoming marriage to an older woman, her mom's crazy phone calls, her friend's promiscuous ways and all of the stress she has at work.But here's what's great: Jane's friends and family truly love her and each other. There is a safety net so strong that in the end, life works out. Sometimes it's a little far-fetched, but it's still really en [...]

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