India Was One

India Was One Suddenly he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss He squinted to see what it was He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mo

  • Title: India Was One
  • Author: An Indian
  • ISBN: 2940012680877
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Nook
  • Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss He squinted to see what it was He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus He had come as far as he could in his country But she was standing in another country.He was in South India and she was in North India Have you e Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss He squinted to see what it was He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus He had come as far as he could in his country But she was standing in another country.He was in South India and she was in North India Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India Kaahi Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.How will they get together Will India become one again Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.

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    1. More like 4 1/2 stars, yaar!"'I didn't call you BLOODY, I called you BUDDY, a friend. But if you don't take my friend's advice, he will make you bloodyat I can promise you'" (page 9)."'It says on the card "RESIDENT ALIEN." ALIEN? Made me feel so strange and unwelcome here, like I was from some other planet. I felt so bad that day, but not as bad as when I became a US citizen'" (p. 214)."Actually, it was a sign that had said 'Welcome to India,' but someone had altered it, and put a caret between [...]

    2. This was an interesting book, and one that cannot be easily categorized.There is a love story. Jai and Kaahi meet in college and fall in love. Their story threads through the book, including their initial attraction, time spent with each other and friends in college, their marriage after graduating, and their lives together – and apart – and together again.There is a culture log. Indian culture, Los Angeles culture as experienced by Indian immigrants, and European culture as experienced by I [...]

    3. India is One is a cultural roller-coaster. India's culture, it's strengths, and weaknesses are entwined with a beautiful love story. Anyone who is interested in knowing more about India, before visiting or just for fun, this book could prove to be a great tool. The descriptions and explanations for various Indian, European and American places, landscapes, practices etc are very lively. This book also deals with some serious issues like terrorism, regionalism etc and handles them really well.

    4. The author immerses us in the culture of India-- its foods, hobbies, daily life, religions in a way no outsider could. We then get to see his perspective of America as he migrates here for work, and his view of Europe on vacation. I liked seeing how someone from another country sees things that we are so used to. In the book, trouble then erupts in India the northern India being divided from Southern India. Whether the divisions where caused by regional differences or religion does not matter; t [...]

    5. 'India Was One' by an Indian follows the lives of Jai and Kaahi as they grow and mature from teenagers into adults moving from their mother land of India to overseas America. It shows the struggles that both Jai and Kaahi face when leaving their home behind and how they have to adapt to fit in and make America the best possible home it can be without abandoning their culture, heritage and beliefs. It describes the many religions and different backgrounds of people living in India, however, when [...]

    6. I read this sneaky book a few weeks ago but didn't feel ready to write about it for some time. I call it sneaky because it found it's way into my head and heart. The love story was, may I say, lovely? The group of friends were silly, funny, loyal and finding their way in a somewhat privileged atmosphere which made what happened in their country even more shocking. It was fascinating to learn the history of the political difficulties in India and of how the division of the country affected indivi [...]

    7. 3.5/5I'm madly in love with the Indian culture and this book is exactly what I needed, a beautiful journey to India. 💕🇮🇳When I first started reading this, I didn't expect it to be so lovely. 😍This is the love story of Jai and Kaahi, but it was more of a Travel book to me.Nevertheless, I'm quite impressed with this one, it's very informative, enlightening and different from what I usually read. 👏🏼Glad that I was provided with a copy from the author! Many thanks to you sir and go [...]

    8. I was granted a free sightseeing tour through the eyes of the author that guided me through the busy streets of Mumbai, India. Fascinating detail of the country's many local charms, foods and pastimes were proudly put on display. There was a lot to soak in. It was quite a ride. Throughout the narrative, many notations of popular foods, expressions and even some mild expletives were written in the language of Hindi followed by an explanation in English. That was an interesting "first".I made the [...]

    9. #Win one of FIVE eCopies now through Dec 13, 2016 - International - Click on Banner to #Enter! Love, Loyalty, TraditionsDiscover India through the eyes and heart of one of her sonsDIA WAS ONE romances the love of country and the love between a man and woman. Two tales intertwined to showcase the cultural heritage of a country with a kaleidoscope of religions, ethnic backgrounds and even dialects unfolding simultaneously to reveal the human side of life in a country steeped in traditions, in a ti [...]

    10. Review on :India Was One is not an easy read. It is not a love story, a mystery/thriller an adventure, a travel book or anything that fits into a structured genre. But India Was One is all of those things and so much more.Looking deeply into the culture and mores of a country that most Westerners don't understand, it takes the reader on a journey that is at once heartbreaking and life affirming. This novel will take you to the heart and soul of both the geographic land that is India and the rich [...]

    11. Who can ever forget John Lenon's spectacular lyrics of Imagine? Here are the few remarkable lines:“Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one” John Lenon undoubtedly talks about one true thing that holds nations together- unity, which is a damn precious thing. An anonymous author, wh [...]

    12. Review on :This lovely book really surprised me! I was expecting a travel book or a simple love story or maybe a boring political story. Not here! It is a love story, a travl guide and a political story, but it is so much more. As someone who spent a month in India I was really impressed by the story itself and the way it was told. The graphics are excellent, the insertion of actual different Indian dialects was very interesting and integral to the story. The writer made me feel like I was actua [...]

    13. Personally I like it as read.It is a story written with so much bubbling; it’s rightfully “rollercoaster ride” and can be put in different genre the way of story progresses.India has vast heritage of its beliefs, history, communal sagas and regional traditions. And there with it also have benefits and consequences. Book reminds many common issues out of ocean filled problems.The book had transcendent storyline and my expectations are usually high with it but some places the story abruptly [...]

    14. This book was well-written and original, the story of a love between two people divided when their country is divided, and how they are finally able to reunite. Jai's struggle to reconnect with his beloved wife Kaahi feels realistic and vibrant, and I highly recommend reading this book. I ordered an ebook of it on . :)

    15. A story with a human touch!Particularly, I liked all the descriptions of culture, art, customs and traditions, family bonds, friendship, love story, travel, leisure activities, social gatherings, societal underpinnings; things that are human indeed. Those things are somewhat omnipresent around the globe in some form or another, supposedly.The style of the author is exquisite and immersive. The 'yarn' or the 'thread' of the story is believable and quite realistic.On the other hand, the second par [...]

    16. India Was One is about Jai who was from the south India and Kaahi was from the north India and this cause them to have some challenges long the way. Readers of India Was One will follow Jai and Kaahi journey and to see what happens to them.India was One is the first book I have read of An Indian. I enjoy reading India Was One. I like the way An Indian portrayed his characters. I like the way An India includes drawings has headings to each chapter. Also, the inclusion of maps to allow the readers [...]

    17. I finished this book in two sittings, I couldn't stop reading.To me this book is a love story. Yes, it's a love story between Jai and Kaahi, but it's also a love story about India; an ode to India, if you will.This book was very well-researched and informative. Having never been to India, I found all the descriptions and explanations fascinating. The author takes you on a journey all over India, explaining the different traditions, languages, and religions. It is incredible to me that so many se [...]

    18. This is a beautiful and exciting love story full of action, adventure and magnificent descriptions. The book is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and culture of India. Bonus there are some great illustrations.When Jai and Kaahi return to India after several years in America they are cruelly separated by new geopolitical barriers, with Kaahi trapped in the the North of India and Jai trapped in the South. Will their love and determination to be together be strong [...]

    19. This story was a breath of fresh air a wonderful story I enjoyed reading this book but sorry to say it lacked some thing but I did enjoy reading it all the same I would be delighted to recommend this story to my friends. My sincere thanks to the author An Indian for the pleasure of reading this book so to all happy reading fromm me.

    20. Being in contact intensively with Indian people in the past months I am on a journey on finding more about the country and its people. This book surely brought me what I initially hoped for, getting to know more about the culture of India, daily life, religions, history and mentality. I do believe that one could find the same interest in reading also about the life in USA and travel through Europe from the eyes of a foreigner and especially as an Indian. The love story was pure, honest and touch [...]

    21. Those familiar with my reading tastes & my views on literature (no matter how amateurish they sound) will know that I do not hold popular fiction written by Indian authors in high regard. I mean, the disappointments I've suffered at the hands of some 'top' authors makes me apprehensive & cautious. And then once in a while, I come across books like 'India Was One' which revive my hopes that there are authors who are willing to try something beyond just college misadventures & romances [...]

    22. ‘There were ten terrorists, and they came from Pakistan.’An Indian is the author of this short book – no name is offered. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India, came to the US in 1989 to New York and currently resides in Los Angeles. His book contains illustration drawings by DarshiniThis is a love story between Jai and Kaahi who grow into the mysticism of India with all the elegant traditions, most assuredly about Indian weddings as stated on the author’s website – ‘Indian Marriag [...]

    23. "India Was One" is a book that asks "What if this is possible?" A very unique and novel idea from the novelist who goes by the name An Indian. Very fitting as this book was written for Indians every where by an Indian. I am Indian by ancestry and though I have never visited Mother India, this book paints very vivid imagery of India. The author very vividly describes local foods, customs, clothing and festivals religious or not to enhance the reader's enjoyment and understanding of the story.The [...]

    24. This book should be reached out to every individual. A great love story and a lot to learn from! Author, you have done a great job!

    25. India was one is an action adventure story written about Jai and Kaahi. It is a journey into India and a simple love between the two of which is disrupted once the country gets divided into south and the north.I found the story to be interesting for various reasons. The initial cultural experience was, for instance, a very nice addition to the story. Not knowing much about India or the culture, the book introduced a sort of backstory for people like me, and I liked that.The other thing interesti [...]

    26. I’ve always been fascinated by the way a country like India can be so full of innumerable states and languages and ethnicities and different cultures, and yet be “one” – so this book sounded very promising. Considering the background and its conflicts, the concept of the country being divided into South India and North India, much like South Korea and North Korea, doesn’t seem far-fetched at all and is portrayed in a shocking way that makes it even more credible.“India was One” by [...]

    27. When I was asked to review this book I was a bit sceptical, not because of the book itself, but because this is totally outside of my regular reading genres. I personally hate anything with politics in it, so I felt a bit dubious.But I either do something thoroughly, or not at all. So, having committed to the task I closed my eyes and dived in.And what a pleasant read it was!First we meet Jai and his friends Bunty, Subra and Punk in college in Mumbai. Then a beautiful girl, Kaahi, also joins the [...]

    28. I have to admit that if I was in a bookshop I would have walked straight past this book. So, when I was given the opportunity to read it, I checked out a few reviews on it and, although a little apprehensive, decided, well, why not. I thought: what do I really know about India other than the Taj Mahal, Bollywood, Imran Khan and a cracking good Vindaloo on a Friday night? Well, alright, not that little – but my point is, I don’t know much. The reviews seemed to suggest that there would be som [...]

    29. India Was One by An Indian is a novel that is a bit hard to describe. The author who goes by An Indian was born in Mumbai, India and came to America in 1989. He has lived in New York and Los Angeles. I met the author on and was offered a copy of the book in return for review.The book is divided into roughly two sections. The first three quarters of the book is is the story of Jai and Kaahi, a young couple who met in college and marry. Jai comes from a well to do family in northern India. Kaahi [...]

    30. I purchased this book on some time ago, and prioritized reading it due to a review request from the author.I often discuss genre in books. India Was One straddles two genres. The first 75% is a romance dealing with the relationship of Jai and Kaahi, the two protagonists. The last 25% is a powerful thriller type plot dealing with how Jai and Kaahi are separated in a divided India. Actually, there is a sub-genre of romance called romantic thriller. This book could fit into that sub-genre. Given t [...]

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