De alchemie van het verlangen

De alchemie van het verlangen Een jong stel verruilt de grote stad voor een oud huis in de Himalaya De anonieme mannelijke hoofdpersoon kan zich hierdoor in alle rust op het schrijven storten Hij kampt echter met een writer s bloc

  • Title: De alchemie van het verlangen
  • Author: Tarun J. Tejpal Molly van Gelder
  • ISBN: 9789044510140
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Een jong stel verruilt de grote stad voor een oud huis in de Himalaya De anonieme mannelijke hoofdpersoon kan zich hierdoor in alle rust op het schrijven storten Hij kampt echter met een writer s block Wanneer hij geobsedeerd raakt door een kist met dagboeken van de vorige eigenaresse van het huis, verlaat zijn vriendin, Fizz, hem Hij reconstrueert in een aantal jarenEen jong stel verruilt de grote stad voor een oud huis in de Himalaya De anonieme mannelijke hoofdpersoon kan zich hierdoor in alle rust op het schrijven storten Hij kampt echter met een writer s block Wanneer hij geobsedeerd raakt door een kist met dagboeken van de vorige eigenaresse van het huis, verlaat zijn vriendin, Fizz, hem Hij reconstrueert in een aantal jaren het leven van de hoofdpersoon uit de dagboeken, Catherine, en legt daarbij niet alleen de geheimen uit haar verleden bloot, maar ook het fundament van zijn relatie met Fizz.

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    1. Garbage of Higher Order!Sexual extravagance can be employed as a shocking factor, especially in transgressive fictions, case in point Charles Bukowski. Just a shocking phenomenon, you can’t expect to glue your readers only with that. There is so much wetness. You might skid on it and damage your cerebellum even before crossing 50 pages, if you are not very careful. If you don’t get what that wetness is, you aren’t perverse enough. At the 100th page, you can’t wait to get through the moti [...]

    2. This is a very well written book with a steady subject at hand. My main issue is that it is over 500 pages long, of which 200+ pages could've been cut to get us to the point. This book is split up into five sections: Karma, Sathya, Kama, etc. (translated as action, love, money, desire, etc.)We start with our nameless narrator and his wife, Fizz, at a crux in their marriage after fifteen years. For some reason he just doesn't desire her body anymore as he has constantly for the duration of their [...]

    3. Do you remember Tarun Tejpal? The Editor-in-Chief of the revolutionary newspaper Tehelka? Very recently he has published a novel. The name of the book is The Alchemy of Desire. Last week I bought it from The Starmark on Lord Sinha Road. I would not mind saying that it is a nice fiction inspite of the fact that I have not finished even half of it yet. He sets the mood with the powerful starting line which says Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is. How true! Being a person who [...]

    4. Love is not the strongest glue between two people, Sex is that's the hard hitting opening line of the book. This is the first book written by Tarun Tejpal,and what an amazing piece of work he has come up with. New readers might find it hard to digest but I have found it to be a truly great art of work. He has written with style and flare of the likes of Salman Rushdie and Naipaul.Its just not about the protagonist's unsatiable desire for his wife but also how that desire gets him through the nua [...]

    5. I loved this book. From the start to the finish. From the city to the hill station to the diaries to the sex to an attempt to move on. Brilliantly written, loved the language. Worth reading for sure.

    6. One of those time-pass books. The man has a hang up about sex. Life for him seems to revolve around it. I think he should stick to Tehelka.

    7. Reviewed in: August 2010The book was good. But i waxed too eloquent! Also, Slowly, sensually, The Alchemy Of Desire, hypnotizes and serenades the reader into an aesthetic adventure into the realms of the carnal, caressing the erogenous zones of the mind while exploring the crests n troughs of the body. The wily alchemist, Tarun J. Tejpal, quietly brews his potion, a heady concoction of passion and ambition, and slips it past the reader’s throat, taking him, body and soul, to the giddying heigh [...]

    8. This is surely one of the most difficult reviews I have had to write in the recent past. I honestly did not know what to make of this book. It has been written well but I am not happy with the structure nor the size of the book. The plot does not move till you are through with 50% of the book. Till then the author is busy trying to share his personal sexual experiences / fantasies (which he is surely well accomplished in). But this is surely not my cup of tea.The book ends in a whimper and you w [...]

    9. The reason I chose this novel to read, apart from its captivating title, is that one of my friends has read it also.For her it was a while ago, but when my eye finally fell upon this book while visiting the local library and couldn't do anything but pick it up.Alas, choosing this book and bringing it home with me, didn't have the effect I wished.Choices are everywhere, and what to read next is sometimes the most difficult.So, Alchemy of Desire, it had to be patient.When I finally picked it up, [...]

    10. This is a highly satisfying read. From the vivid details of the history, landscape and the peoples of India to the angst of literary craftmanship experienced by the narrator, the story is, or rather the multiplicity of stories are, captivating. "I narrated and narrated -living, embellishing, conjuring- and they became the tales of Scheherazade, stories to keep me alive in her lifeI knew that more than anyone else it is lovers who need the gift of the story. They need to tell stories to each othe [...]

    11. I am being a bit generous and giving 4 stars (3.5 would be closer)because parts of this book made me laugh out the loudest I have in years (on reading), and some of the descriptions of people, places and journeys felt so authentic that I was immediately transported to my childhood and teens. Yes, there is an awful lot of "erotic" content. What can you expect from a book that starts with "Love is not the glue between two people. Sex is"? And it does get repetitive despite the author's desire (pun [...]

    12. How does a person fall out of love? What contributes to it? This excellent novel explores just that, telling the story of a should-be novelist and the passionate love-of-his-life. Their desire for each other is overwhelming, all-consuming. It's what keeps them together, the foundation of their love, until, all of a sudden one morning, he wakes up and doesn't want her. Why? That's the story he tells, and it is very interesting. However: this is two books. If you want to crack it open, and I encou [...]

    13. Is it his real-life sexual misdemeanors that have caused some people to lazily label this book as "soft porn"?! The butt-jokes flow easily don't they? I mean, I'm not his publicist nor am I even going to engage in any sort of puritanical discourse on his whole sordid business but really, just "soft porn"? To call this book just that is to do it a terrible disservice! Such is the scale and ambition of this book, I'd never be able to do justice and come out with a deserving review but it has so mu [...]

    14. THE ALCHEMY OF DESIRE is not linear in structure and has several different interleaved strands: the role of sexual attraction in love, the struggles of the emerging writer, the problems of India emerging from traditionalism to modernity. A simple recounting of the plot does the novel a serious injustice. The couple endures genteel but joyful poverty until an unexpected inheritance allows them to purchase a country home in the Himalayas. This house was built by an American adventuress, Catherine, [...]

    15. The biggest mistake of my life was to decide reading this book. I looked at the first and last page before selecting it to read, because the first line started with something like how two people are joined together with the strongest force of "sex" and the book ended with the same phrase but the word sex being replaced with 'love'. I was interested in reading how the book lead to that conclusion. This book was a huge disappointment. It was really a book containing soft porn with a little touch o [...]

    16. This is my all time favorite! I have not seen someone being so articulate in expressions of seduction or dilemma as Tarun Tejpal. Being a hardcore Journalist, Tejpal has showcased his craftsmanship at beautiful and refined writing. Each word in this book is fitted in like a precious gem. The book though has a lot of seduction, does not fall short on a noteworthy plot which is in itself is spell-binding. The way the protagonist retraces the past is thrilling. Also how he and Fiz (his wife) make e [...]

    17. "You do not have to desire for a hundred years or love for a hundred for it to be true. The love of a fleeing moment, the desire of an instant, is as legitimate and true as that of three score and ten years. [:] The moment you are touched by love or desire you are touched by the divine." "There is a road for everyone; and a resting place. She must sense her happiness where it came to her; she must take her pleasures where she found them; she must go where her heart took her." "Your house should [...]

    18. I am quite ambiguous about this book. The storyline is not linear which makes it interesting in my point of view. I enjoyed the rhythm and it seems to me that it takes the whole book for our want-to-be writer to truly appreciate his wife Fizz. While the book has a high sexual content, I never thought that if could be considered as soft porn. Interested in reading his other book "The story of my Assassins."

    19. Ok, why is it that I love misogynist literature? I don't get it.There was something about the unreliable character of the narrator that really got to me here: I didn't like him, but I loved her. ANd in loving her I figured that there had to be something about HIM that I missed. And that made me take a leap of faith, even though I fundamentally disliked and distrusted him.d I really want to move to a crumbling cabin in Himachal and write a novel, so there's that

    20. It took me a while to finish off this book since most pages were - well, brimming with desire. Tejpal drives home the message that desire and love are not the same - desire holds the relationship together, love doesn't. I think I agree. As always, I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of Indian cities, villages and country side. The book has a great story line; if one is patient enough to get through the first few chapters of soft porn.

    21. Basically it is concoction of three-four stories with lot of lust and sex. The novel is not polished and you can easily find the seams where he connected these stories. There are some parts which are very good but most of the prose is boring. Overall it is worth reading if you can tolerate its boring portion.

    22. Embarrassingly racy, but a beautiful, extremely well-told story. I started reading it months ago and stopped and started, but the last half of the book was incredible. I could actually see myself reading it again some day.

    23. who can ever hold the essence of fire?who can ever know the alchemy of desire?A beautiful story which unfolds itself at the heart of Indian turmoil, weaving through the paths of love and desire. A must read for all

    24. 'Petty success is a disaster''LoversThey need to tell stories to each other continually to keep themselves from disappearing."

    25. Romance, heart-break, spooky, historical, failure, thriller, seduction, success, humour, sarcasm- this books takes you through a whirlpool of emotions. Extremely, extremly well written.

    26. One of the best fiction books i've read. Well written, engaging literary style would be the key plus. The life of a couple in India, delving deep into their life. A must read.

    27. Truly one of the most beautiful books I have ever read with perhaps the best opening page ever. Evocative, romantic, erotic. I think I may need to read it again soon.

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