Don't Bite the Bridesmaid

Don t Bite the Bridesmaid Alice Shepard needs one thing a date for her sister s wedding And not just any date A hunk who will make her fianc rue the day he left her for her best friend Her drop dead gorgeous neighbor fits the

  • Title: Don't Bite the Bridesmaid
  • Author: Tiffany Allee
  • ISBN: 9781622668045
  • Page: 327
  • Format: ebook
  • Alice Shepard needs one thing a date for her sister s wedding And not just any date A hunk who will make her fianc rue the day he left her for her best friend Her drop dead gorgeous neighbor fits the bill even if he is a bit quirky and never comes out during the day and Alice has downed just enough appletinis to ask him But she makes it quite clear that there will beAlice Shepard needs one thing a date for her sister s wedding And not just any date A hunk who will make her fianc rue the day he left her for her best friend Her drop dead gorgeous neighbor fits the bill even if he is a bit quirky and never comes out during the day and Alice has downed just enough appletinis to ask him But she makes it quite clear that there will be no funny business Spending a week on a cruise ship full of humans while sleeping close to his sexy next door neighbor sounds like a helluva bad idea to vampire Noah Thorpe But his friends need time to get him out of a shotgun wedding a vampire bonding that will tie his fate to a female vampire he s never met And Alice s offer comes at just the right time What could possibly go wrong

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    1. Cute story Alice has a jerk of a ex who used her and cheated with her best friend and is coming to her sisters wedding so she shows up with her sexy neighbor Noah who is a vampire. There was some funny parts but it was mainly a sweet romance kind of a book and I enjoyed it alot.

    2. Don't Bite the Bridesmaid was such a cute read! It was different from the typical vampire story, which was refreshing and fun! I loved both Alice and Noah and wish their story hadn't ended. I loved the characters - they were all so charming. Alice's family was a hoot, particularly her mother Edna. It was fun to see that Alice and her sister are aware of vampires, even though the rest of society does not. It added a fun twist to the story, since it was so very untypical for many stories similar t [...]

    3. Rating: 3.5 out of 5.Alice has been burned before. The cause of that is the best man for her sister's wedding.To not seem sad, lonely and hung up on her ex, she comes up with a plan to ask her hunky neighbour to be her plus one.The story was light and lovely.A very fulfilling novel for those who want to read a paranormal romance without much of the angstC Courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC.

    4. Arc provided courtesy of NetGalley and entangled publishing for an honest review .Loved this book! Great fun read, you get a hot sexy vampire, a cute next door neighbor,Some hot romance and humorous situations !Alice Shepard needs a date to take on her sisters wedding cruise, she cannot attend by herself,simply because the best- man Brent is her X fiancé and she cannot let him think that she has not moved on . Alice's second problem is she need to work up some courage to ask her sexy neighbor t [...]

    5. Mmm mmmm mmmmm!! There was a time when I was obsessed with Paranormal Romance but since I found my guilty pleasure in other genres, I stopped reading them. Don’t Bite The Bridesmaid is a completely different look on Paranormal world. Yes, there are vampires with all the same traits but they are mature and ohhh so yummy!Alice asks her neighbor to go on a one-week cruise with her as plus-one and since Noah needs to get out of town to avoid being forced to get married, he agrees. Spending time wi [...]

    6. When we think of vampire/paranormal romance books- we think Twilight but Tiffany takes Vampires to a new level which I love! She makes them her own and has us wanting more and wishing all men could be like Noah the vampire!(I'd take him-- shh don't tell my hubby tho! ha) She literally sucks us right in with a big bite of curiosity, humorous times + romance and then sinks her teeth into us at the end! This is such a cute sweet vampire story that literally will suck you in and once you are in you [...]

    7. LIGHTHEARTED ROMANCEAlice Shepard's sister is getting married, her sisters husband to be, is the brother of Alice's ex-fiancé. Knowing he will be at the wedding with her former best friend with whom he cheated is not going to be easy for Alice.Desperate not to turn up to the weeks cruise without a date Alice asks her sexy neighbour Noah Thorpe to be her pretend boyfriend for the week. Noah has definitely noticed his very pretty neighbour, but she's human and he's a 200 year old vampire. Her pro [...]

    8. Fun and sexy!Damn! I can't believe I just read this now, I've been putting this off for sometime as I thought Don't Bite the Bridesmaid was going to be another cliche vampire romance but I was wrong! I've read a lot of dark vampire stories but never something like this the writing style is quite unique, love the humor in the story and the sex scenes are steamy!I have no issues with the main characters! Noah is one grumpy vamp sexy, possessive, protective but also a little sensitive and vulnerabl [...]

    9. Alice Shepard wants to be at the wedding for her sister, but she has one tiny little problem. Her ex-fiancee, and brother to the groom, who she caught with her best friend are attending. She needs a pseudo boyfriend quick and her mysterious neighbor comes to mind.Noah Thorpe doesn't usually get close to humans, being a vampire of course their is no need. When his neighbor Alice shows up on his step, he can't help being attracted to her, she is a ray of light. He has watched her over the years an [...]

    10. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: May 27, 2013Publisher: Entangled PublishingImprint: CovetAuthor’s Website: tiffanyallee/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Sons of KaneSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: Just Talk It Out AlreadyFavorite Tropes: Pretend EngagementThis fun, sexy read had a little bit of everything – action, drama, steam, heartbreak, and joy – and while I [...]

    11. 3.5STARSI changed my ratings cause I was rereading this story and I actually liked it.I like how they're neighbors and I like how they both get together without Alice really knowing who Noah is. There was a time that I got a little confusing and wondering if the story was vampire related and as to where the story was heading. Don't get me wrong it's quite intense (the sexual intense) but when they connect BOOM the scene in the kitchen so HOT *winks*. Overall though Alice and Noah are likable, t [...]

    12. I couldn’t finish this. It wasn’t because it was awful, but from what I managed to read it was boring. The writing was ok, the heroine a bit annoying. I rated what I did read and I think I was being generous. Anyways, with not as much time to read as I used to have, spending it on anything less than interesting is tragic.

    13. I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange of an honest review!A fun light read!With her sister's wedding on the horizon Alice Shepard badly needs a date and not just any date, but one handsome enough to stick it to her ex-husband and hopefully in the shape of her sexy neighbor Noah Thorpe. With enough appletinis running through her, Alice daringly asks Noah to join her on the cruise for her sister's wedding.Spending a week on a ship with humans and next to Alice is a b [...]

    14. Yep, I'm still not over vampires. This book has a hot one! Noah needs to be gone for a week to avoid an unwanted bonding. Alice needs a date for her sister's destination wedding. Noah is HOT, not that Alice thinks they'll be a real couple. But having a HOT date, since her ex is going to be there (with her former best friend no less) is a bonus.As the blurb says, what can go wrong? Well, neither of them anticipated the UST was going to ramp up beyond the tingle they had felt before. And we all kn [...]

    15. 3 I-can't-believe-this-is-a-vampire-book StarsThis was a fun book, but one I'm having trouble remembering about a week after I read it. Alice is in need of a date for her sister's wedding on a cruise ship. For some reason, she only knows of one guy she'd like to take with her; her sexy neighbor who never seems to be out during the day. Yep, he's a vampire. And actually he really needs to get out of town as his vampire council is trying to make him get married. Now, my next sentence may sound wei [...]

    16. A hilariously funny vampire love story with a unique setting of a wedding cruise.Alice has been peeking on her next door neighbor for years. He doesn’t go out much during the day, doesn’t have many visitors, and his home is in desperate need of “clutter.” She’s been burned before by love, so she’s reluctant to enter into any relationship. But, she does need him to accompany her on her sister’s wedding cruise for sweet revenge against her ex. Noah steals glances at his neighbor from [...]

    17. Predictive, predecible, förutsägbar! Dicho en tres idiomas y la pura verdad. Tengo que dejar de elegir estos candidatos a coleccionar polvo en la esquinita de mi iPad.

    18. GENRE: ParanormalTHEME: Romance, Vampires, HumorRECEIVED: AuthorBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW: This was my first book by Tiffany Allee and so glad I started her new series, lots of humor, romance and fantastic characters. This reminded me a lot of the movie with Debra Messing, the Wedding Date but with some vampire spice.Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid follows Alice Shepard who is dreading going to her sisters wedding dateless and having to deal with her ex-fiancé who now has a new fiancé. Desperate ti [...]

    19. Originally published at Reading RealityDon’t Bite the Bridesmaid was a lot of fun to read, and it also had a couple of surprisingly deep points along with the cute love story (and I’m not just talking about the hero’s fangs, either!)Of course Alice wants a date to her sister’s wedding. And not just because she doesn’t want to spend a week on a wedding cruise as a pitiful single (yuck!). The groom’s brother is her lying, cheating, scum-sucking ex-fiancé. Pride requires that she rub h [...]

    20. Don't bite the Bridesmaid Tiffany Allee.I love a good romance and to add a vampire edge to it – well that sounded fun. Sometimes you want to read something deep and engrossing, sometimes you just want something light and humorous to relax your mind. Don't Bit the bridesmaid is perfect for that. I really took to Alice – her penchant for bracing her courage with Appletinis, her way of seeing the best in everything and everyone, and her loyalty to her family. Then there's Noahhottie neighbour w [...]

    21. My Review:I bought this book on a whim just because it sounded like it could really be fund yay totally was what I'd hoped it would be!This is just a really well-written, fun, entertaining book. The majority of the book takes place on a cruise's a destination wedding for Alice's sister who's marrying her ex-fiance's brother. So yes, the ex she was with forever is going to be on the cruise toowith his new girlfriend, who also happens to be her ex-bestfriend. As a result, Alice is desperate not to [...]

    22. I used to read Paranormal Romance all the time, but then it seemed like they were all the same and omg, they were ALL ABOUT VAMPIRES. All of them. So I stepped away, only reading one from time to time when I needed a break from my usual genres.And to be perfectly honest, this was why I picked up Don't Bite the Bridesmaid last week. Because I felt like I needed a palate cleanser from all the YA and New Adult I had been reading.What a surprise! It was refreshing to read a PNR that was funny and sw [...]

    23. Review to come. But: if you like paranormal romances, I'd recommend this!******Received an ecopy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review:Alice is screwing up her courage to ask her hottie neighbor for a favor. A huge favor. He's a bit stand offish, so appletinis might do the trick. Oneor four. Damn, too many! Eventually, Alice is able to ask him for the favor, and oh lookjust in time as he, Noah, has to get out of town for a little bit. Pretending to be her boyfriend on a week long c [...]

    24. Review from Backchatting BooksAlice Shepard is in a pickle. Her sister has planned a week long cruise to coincide with her wedding and Alice needs a date. Not any date you understand, but the kind of man that will make her cheating, lying ex-fiancé jealous. Her next door neighbour Noah seems to fit the bill and he reluctantly agrees to her proposition as he needs to escape impending doom in the form of an arranged marriage.Alice is quite a fun character who, like many women in romance novels, d [...]

    25. More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesThis is a book that vampire fans MUST read! It is just pure fun from beginning to end. I loved the story line and the characters and just everything about it really. It is the perfect book to read when you want something lighthearted, fun, and quick. It is the perfect book to devour.The story line in this one is perfect for any pararomance fan. It is light and cute and has a bit of a twist I didn’t really expect, but also really loved. It’s a s [...]

    26. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I love romances that make me sigh when I’m done.I believe it’s about 200 pages and it took me about two hours to read. Lucky for me I started it after bedtime, no little interruptions, because I didn’t want to put it down.Simply put it is a sweet romance between a vampire and a human with a couple of very nice steamy love scenes. It reads quickly and it’s fun. Perfect for a few hours lounging on the beach or in your backyard, just soa [...]

    27. You know, it has to be said. Entangled Publishing has really been releasing some entertaining reads with beautiful covers lately. Perhaps they always have, but I'm just paying more attention to them recently. Either way, I found this book through a post with the publisher offering ARCs for honest reviews. Seeing the cover and reading the blurb, I thought, "well why the heck not?"I won't go into too much detail about the contents of the book, but I'll just say it's not your typical vampire read. [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book. I had hoped from the description that it would be a fun, light read, and it didn't disappoint. Alice, desperate to show up her ex-fiancé at her sister's wedding, asks her hunky neighbour to go on the weeklong cruise with her. Though she's lived beside him for five years, she hasn't seen him outdoors much. In fact, he seems to be almost a hermit. But he's hot and she's already told everyone she's bringing someone. Noah agrees to the façade because he's got his own pr [...]

    29. This book showed up on my feed one day when a GR friend was reading it. The title was so charming that I had to pick it up despite the recycled plot line (anyone rememberThe Wedding Date?). Turns out this story is a funny, lighthearted romantic comedy (just like the movie), but instead of a male escort we have Noah, the hotty vampire from next door. I’m not going to go into what the story is about because the storyline is rather obvious. I will say Noah and Alice have nice chemistry together. [...]

    30. Alice and Noah have been neighbors for 5 years and don't know anything about each other. Obviously, Alice doesn't know Noah is a vampire when she asks him for the favor of pretending to be her boyfriend at her sister's wedding on a cruise. All to make her ex jealous. Noah agrees in order to escape from being forced to mate permanently with a stranger. During the cruise they wonder if its worth to give in to the attraction that they are feeling for each other.In my opinion, I felt that the book w [...]

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