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  1. After reading this book, you can not stop and wonder how history could change and how the world would look today if some details from the past would be slightly different. The Third Servile War, fought by the slaves army lead by Spartacus against the oppression of Rome is one of those moments in history that would have caused a major change in the events to come if the winner would have been the other side. The book is not 100% historically accurate, but it does capture the most important parts [...]

  2. Raffaello Giovagnoli's Spartacus is a fictional story of the historical figure who as a Roman slave started one of the biggest gladiator revolts around 70 BC. While today's knowledge of the subject makes several passages inaccurate or plain wrong, this book is wonderful both in its depiction of Roman life and in showing the agony of an enslaved soul (saying more would spoil the fun for the reader-intent).

  3. I really wanted to like this book because Spartacus is one of my favorite historical personalities.But it turned out to be too naive and too idealistic for my cynical soul. It also contains women-blaming, slut-shaming and women fainting from ~feelings. I know it was written in 1874 and I should give him some slack but I never had such a problem with any other book from that period.

  4. Not exactly what I was expecting. I felt as if the book itself was very short, and this was the reason why the story appeared rushed and lacked a lot of details. Apart from that however, the main characters were charming, and I couldn't help but enjoy the adventures and the battles.

  5. The story of Spartacus is very interesting and kind of amazing but this was boring and pretencious. That's it.

  6. Спартак у Джованьоли — сильная личность, некогда представитель фракийской знати и воин римской армии, после ставший рабом, когда решил сражать с Римом за родную страну. Именно на понимании, что Спартак изначально принадлежал к элите и судьбою был выбран для управления люд [...]

  7. Un roman istoric de referinta pentru perioada care ma pasioneaza cel mai mult: antichitate. Spartacus este un personaj romantic pentru Raffaello Giovagnoli, care i-a atribuit niste idealuri mult prea nobile pentru personajul istoric despre care azi stim mai multe pe filiera stiintifica. Insa autorul voia sa trimita un mesaj, iar personajul principal al romanului a servit drept vehicul pentru livrarea acestui mesaj de sorginte romantica (raportat la cultura romana i-as spune "sorginte pasoptista" [...]

  8. В детстве была одной из любимых книг. Теперь же откровенно разочаровала. Автор явно стремится подражать Александру Дюма, совмещая художественное произведение с исторической хроникой. Но вымышленные сюжетные линии не достаточно увлекательны, а порой и нелогичны. Историче [...]

  9. The book is about 600 pages and i was prepared it was going to start slow . I even thought that the whole book was going to be in slow motion ,but i was surprised . It was unexpected and I really didn't know what was going to happen . The moment I though had I predicted something I was wrong. This book was interesting for me . I knew the ending but not the fullest and i still wanted to go on whit the whole book . I recommend this novel to everyone .

  10. I loved the book since it reminded me of the books i used to read when i was little: fun, adventurous, not too deep and yet the language was quite gripping and i couldn't put the book down. It was also very warming in its' naiveté, as well as in description of ancient Rome, its history, traditions, some of great people we read about only in history books - he made them somehow more alive and real

  11. When I first started reading this book I thought It was gonna be some dull history book but by the time I finished reading, I declared this to be one of my all time favourite books :)

  12. Read this while doing a short biography on Spartacus for a college history class and learned many interesting things about this man.

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  14. Spartacus was brave and courageous enough to fight for his freedom against the Romans. We should do the same and fight for what we want what's right.

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