Stalked Book Trailer Available HereThe Stalker has become the Stalked Danny has a strange obsession he follows people Some may call this stalking Danny calls it an escape from his problems But Danny is not t

  • Title: Stalked
  • Author: LorraineTaylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book Trailer Available HereThe Stalker has become the Stalked.Danny has a strange obsession he follows people Some may call this stalking, Danny calls it an escape from his problems.But Danny is not the only one watching.When Danny decides to follow a stranger from a bar one night, he has no idea another is watching Now, the stranger and his companion are dead, murdered,Book Trailer Available HereThe Stalker has become the Stalked.Danny has a strange obsession he follows people Some may call this stalking, Danny calls it an escape from his problems.But Danny is not the only one watching.When Danny decides to follow a stranger from a bar one night, he has no idea another is watching Now, the stranger and his companion are dead, murdered, and their killer has Danny in his sights.To stay alive, Danny must battle wits with a ruthless killer, two homicide detectives, and a cat named Samson.Danny may win the battle, but who will win the war A tense thriller, Stalked contains adult scenes and references throughout.Contains bonus short story Massacre.

    One thought on “Stalked”

    1. 1½ starsThe stalker becomes the stalked in this thriller novel. Danny had a horrible childhood, has a skanky girlfriend, and has to deal with a cat who torments him. In other words, his life generally sucks. Add to it, a murderer who begins to torture him and he melts down (Danny is not a sympathetic character because of how often he whines).Will he survive his own stalker? Will he be jailed for a murder? Will he ever make friends with his neighbor's cat Samson? Overall, not a great read especi [...]

    2. Some Decisions Change Your Life ForeverDanny suffered terrible abuse as a child but he got out and ended up in a loving family, unfortunately he was left with scars both physical and mental. One night having just broken up with his girlfriend he ends up watching a couple celebrate their engagement. It seems cruel to him that this guy has everything he wants and the old urge comes back, he tries to control it but it is too strong and he follows the man from the bar.That fateful decision will set [...]

    3. I received this book from the Firstreads Giveaway site.Not sure what to say about this book other than it wasn't 100% horrible.Danny was such a wimpy whiner that I kind of hoped the killer would just put him out of his misery.The ending was over-the-top unbelievable and the only reason I gave this book 2 stars is because of the cat.

    4. Danny, who has an obsession with following people, finds himself stalked by a killer. The effects of his abusive childhood still haunt him and the killer plays up to that, making him the prime suspect in a double murder. This is an excited page turned and the twist and turns will keep a reader on the edge of their seat. I highly recommend it.

    5. A compelling thriller. The author juggles between a number of story lines but handles them so well. A riveting plot and makes for a great travel read.

    6. I give this book 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. I would have really liked to see who the killer was in the end. Had a few surprises. Overall a good read!

    7. It is all well and good to offer free books in exchange for reviews. I suppose I should have been wary of this one when I found that it had been self-published in 2013. Most books offered on 'for review' websites are about to be published and are looking for reviews to assist in the launch. I downloaded this book from Story Cartel and promised to review it. Although most of my review was written while I was reading STALKED, and I could have just finished it up and been done with it, I did read t [...]

    8. I admit that I did not find this book to be the most well written book I have ever read. I found that the prose at times could be rather simple at times and also at times rather cliche. The book even opens up with a scene of a man getting drunk in a bar bemoaning trouble with his girlfriend and making comments about bartenders as self-defined psychologists. But even though this was not the most profound book I have ever read, or the most masterful, there were still many things that I very much e [...]

    9. A great psychological thriller from this first time author. Without giving spoilers, I have to say this one kept me completely intrigued and I read it in its entirety in two sittings (and it was very tempting to do it all in just one!) In the few moments that aren't action packed, Danny's backstory is very interesting to delve into. From the mundane events that start the roller coaster, one simple curiosity leads to an incredible backlash of murder, mystery and general mayhem in the life of a ch [...]

    10. Beaten, starved, and neglected by his prostitute mother, Danny started following people to escape the life he lived. He would follow them to their homes and imagine himself in their place with a family and a mother who loved him.Danny’s life changed when his mother was attacked by one of her clients and he was placed with his aunt who didn’t know he existed. He quickly became a part of the family and thrived for the next several years. After he was grown he decided to look for his mother in [...]

    11. Daniel suffers mental and physical abuse as a child and he has the scars to prove it. Although, he is removed from his alcoholic mother’s custody at seven years old, the effects of the severe abuse follow him into adulthood. Daniel has just broken up with his girlfriend Becky and decides to go to a bar for a few drinks. While watching a couple in the bar celebrating their engagement, he becomes envious because he longs for a loving relationship with someone special. Then, that “same old feel [...]

    12. Danny Rivers had a troubled childhood and from an early age has 'followed' other people to get a brief glimpse of a life better than his own. Even as he settled into a normal life of his own, he continues to follow others.After a fallout with his on/off girlfriend, he decides to follow a man called Michael. His voyeurism is running its usual course when he is spotted by another stalker, sparking off a deadly game of cat and mouse.Taylor's debut novel is a fast paced thriller with enough twists a [...]

    13. This was an interesting book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Danny is a bit naive but I can see someone not telling the police a killer is contacting you. Several people around him are hurt or killed and that is hard for him to take because he is a nice person who has gone through a lot. Becky his girlfriend is someone I would have dumped since she didn't really are about him. Everything was about her and her only. He does save a couple of people which is great because he really is a nice guy. Rally e [...]

    14. Probably should not have read about real life stalking serial killers before reading this book, but hey, that’s what I did. This is a different take on stalking. The stalker gets the table turned and then everything goes out of control. It was interesting to say the least to see how the author gave Daniel’s thoughts. He begins to stalk a man who he witnessed celebrating his engagement. Stalking Micheal might have been a mistake. I laugh at myself for writing that last sentence. Might have be [...]

    15. I thought this might make for an uncomfortable read, thinking some poor woman was going to be stalked, raped, and killed, but this was not the case. Lorraine Taylor had an original idea and executed it with precision. The narrator in her story is semi likable despite being a stalker and becomes even more likable once he starts to be stalked. There were a few moments of the darkest humor as well. I enjoyed this book from start to finish and would happily suggest it to any of my friends.

    16. An unpredictable thriller told in the first person. Stalked is suspenseful from the start. The stalker tells his story and how he becomes stalked himself. The fear he caused now comes back on him. The dialogue is excellent and convincing. I read this book quickly and with excitement. Very well written and paced.

    17. I like to read books without knowing their plot. I don’t read the blurbs. I was expecting something different from a book titled Stalked, like a girl being the one stalked. Hahaha. Oh boy. This is so much better than I expected it to be. A stalker gets the turn around and gets stalked. I loved it. Well done.

    18. I found myself fearing for Danny, though Danny was not really the greatest person in the world either. A stalker that gets stalked, yet I was with him all the way. The story really grips you. It moves along at a great pace and you go where Danny goes even when you think he shouldn’t. Very well written and original.

    19. A very good interesting read. The stories two central characters, the stalked and the stalker, create quite an atmospheric read.A few sub plots as well that support the main storyline. Quite a few twists and turns that keep the reader hooked right to the last twist.

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