Ben And Jerry's: The Inside Scoop

Ben And Jerry s The Inside Scoop The former CEO of Ben Jerry s tells how two s holdovers built a single ice cream store into one of America s hottest companies Deftly and compassionately captures Ben s genius in all its entrepreneu

  • Title: Ben And Jerry's: The Inside Scoop
  • Author: Fred Lager
  • ISBN: 9780787101060
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • The former CEO of Ben Jerry s tells how two 60s holdovers built a single ice cream store into one of America s hottest companies Deftly and compassionately captures Ben s genius in all its entrepreneurial splendorThis tale will keep you entertained New York Times Book Review.

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    1. This was a cool insight (see what I did there) into the early days of Ben and Jerry's ice cream from one of their early key employees and later CEO, Chico. While both Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield both founded the company it’s obvious that Ben was an extreme, headstrong person who acted as the main guiding force behind the company.One of the big lessons within the book is the value of playing to your strengths. There were so many reasons why Ben and Jerry’s shouldn’t have done well and ye [...]

    2. This is a great story. I didn't know the making of a company could be such an enthralling story, but this one is, with conflict, suspense, and a series of highs and lows, that as the stakes get higher become progressively higher and lower.The main character Ben, like any great character, is flawed. He's genius and visionary and authentic, but unrealistic, capricious, and difficult to get along with. He's supported by a cast of characters including Jerry, his partner, Fred, the author and former [...]

    3. I picked this book up at the gift shop at the Waterbury, Vermont Ben & Jerry’s plant after the factory. I found that the book was more about the business world than about ice cream, but still enjoyed reading it.In 1978 Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened up an ice cream shop in a former gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Perpetually short of equipment, employees, and money, but with lots of enthusiasm and a desire to be socially conscious, their enterprise turned into a national phenome [...]

    4. Aside from making a great product, Ben and Jerry's ice cream also is a leader in social activism and strongly promotes good values and character.We all love ice cream. This ebook describes the background story of how Ben and Jerry started their successful ice cream business. Their mission statement had a three part focus: product, economic and social. Written by Fred Lager, he details how the business grew and faltered. Ben was the driving force behind the company but his stand on the social par [...]

    5. What a refreshing and inspiring insight into a company everyone knows. While I've enjoyed pints of Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia over the years, I had no idea how the ice cream giant came to be. Nowhere on the pages did it depict two guys who knew what they were doing in the beginning or for many years. Rather, the real beauty and inspiring factors come from their ingenuity and not being phased when new situations came their way. In one word, the story appears very "honest" and that's how thes [...]

    6. The whole time I was reading this book I was thinking, "I can't believe this company was actually successful." Especially at the beginning, but even during their explosive growth, the leaders (mostly Ben) made the most arbitrary decisions. In fact, because they grew so fast and had so little capital, their management and logistic systems were always hopelessly behind their growth. I love ice cream, particularly Ben and Jerry's, and it was interesting to see how the company got started. There are [...]

    7. I don't actually care for ice cream--I suffer from lactose intolerance, and bad teeth, so ice cream is not an unalloyed pleasure for me.But when I do buy ice cream, this is the brand I tend to buy, because of the revelations in this book. Ben & Jerry aren't angels--but their 'business' model strikes me as a wholesome corrective to the ruthless practices of MBAs who too often forget that, as several people have pointed out recently, 'a budget is a moral document'.Success in business CANNOT be [...]

    8. Who would have known that the rich, flavorful ice-cream filled with massive amounts of chunky chocolates, fruits, and nuts really came about because of Ben’s terrible sense of taste and smell due chronic sinus trouble! This and so many other things are reviled in this wonderful book. The book follows Ben and Jerry from their humble roots as a shoe string cone stand to a thriving multimillion dollar nationally know company. This book was an absolute joy to read. It was refreshing to read about [...]

    9. I think that the bulk of my enjoyment with this book originated in my interest in the source material, to wit, the ambrosia that is Ben and Jerry's ice cream. That, and the seeming honesty that the author brings to the figurative table; he seems to recount both the highs and lows of his experience as one of Ben and Jerry's movers and shakers with evenhandedness.

    10. This was an extremely interesting read into the how Ben & Jerry's grew from a single store run by two guys into a huge business. Very timeous read if you are building a retail store, if you care about retail, distribution, growth, branding, social awareness and leadership.

    11. Very interesting to read about the origins of the company, and the founders' focus on building a great product versus not going bankrupt. The history extends through the early 90s; I would like to read about the mid-90s through the present.

    12. The chapter "Ben is Ben" is worth gold, if only to understand the mindset of an entrepreneur. Ben is pretty much the Steve Jobs of ice cream. No doubt, no doubt in my mind. The book can be boring at times tho.

    13. An interesting look at the evolution of the company, especially with regards to how the key players worked together (or didn't). I found it fascinating to see how people's personalities affected key business decisions.

    14. Hilarious stories, business insights and interesting changes both the company and its founders went through when faced with overwhelming success.

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