Directing Herbert White: Poems

Directing Herbert White Poems The debut poetry collection by the actor director and writer James FrancoI m a nocturnal creature And I m here to cheat time You can see time and exhaustionTaking pay from my face In fifty yearsMy s

  • Title: Directing Herbert White: Poems
  • Author: James Franco
  • ISBN: 9781555976736
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • The debut poetry collection by the actor, director, and writer James FrancoI m a nocturnal creature,And I m here to cheat time.You can see time and exhaustionTaking pay from my face In fifty yearsMy sleep will be death,I ll go like the rest,But I ll have played All the games and all the roles from Nocturnal There s never been a book quite like this Hollywood famThe debut poetry collection by the actor, director, and writer James FrancoI m a nocturnal creature,And I m here to cheat time.You can see time and exhaustionTaking pay from my face In fifty yearsMy sleep will be death,I ll go like the rest,But I ll have played All the games and all the roles from Nocturnal There s never been a book quite like this Hollywood fame, celebrity, the promise of becoming an artist is the beast at its center Franco knows it like Melville knows whaling Hollywood in this book devours its young Obsessed with myths about its own past, it can be survived only by finding a vantage point that is not Hollywood Bold yet subtle, fearless yet disarming, Franco has made a book you will never forget Frank Bidart A star studded cast moves like ghosts across the screen of James Franco s poetic consciousness, imbuing the writing with scenes of icons who are also humans replete with sorrow and presence in our own psyches James Dean, Monica Vitti, Catherine Deneuve, Sal Mineo, Heath Ledger, pass and fade The author has a wonderful self reflexive insouciance about his own fame and roles inhabited, from Hart Crane to Allen Ginsberg to Harvey Milk s lover Franco is a gifted contemporary Renaissance kind of guy, surveying the waterfront of illusion, suffering, and impermanance We leave the movie theater a little wiser Anne Waldman

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    1. When life on Earth as we know it is over and aliens come to the planet to do archaeological research, one of them might find a copy of this book and then they will know where exactly humanity went wrong. James Franco is a terrible poet, y'all, and I am not a Franco-hater by any means. I thought his short story collection Palo Alto was actually pretty decent, but this is just on a whole different level of atrocity. The two things I can say with conviction after reading this book are that James Fr [...]

    2. James Franco was really good in Pineapple Express. In this book he writes some poetry. He was really good in Pineapple Express.

    3. The reason I chose to read this book was because James Franco had written it and I’m slightly obsessed with the Franco brothers. I wasn’t aware until finishing the book that many people thought the poems were awful. Having read many reviews dissing Franco as a poet; I have to say I completely disagree.I am not an expert on poetry, but that does not make me enjoy and understand the basic meaning of the poem any less. In fact, I very much enjoyed the poems and I’m saying that as a poetry rea [...]

    4. Yes, I actually read this whole thing. True to form, it is very much James talking about himself. Even if he's talking about other, better actors, he's talking about himself. Though he suffers in the comparison. Many of these "poems" pretend to be interview segments explaining his most pretentious movie work, made poetic only by the amount of white space. Some of it is gossip about Heath Ledger, and particularly Lindsay Lohan, who btw could have written a much more interesting volume. Unbelievab [...]

    5. Since these poems are about Franco's personal experiences you'd think they (the poems) might lean toward the megalomaniacal. Not at all. You're "supposed" to write about what you know, and Franco does just that. His main topic is acting, although he clearly enjoys the occasional jaunt through the time machine.I caught glimpses of vulnerability and frailty in here which surprised me. The boisterous bravado you'd typically expect from Franco is distinctly (almost peculiarly) muted.Franco exposes h [...]

    6. Let's be honest, this book got a shot because I was curious as to what James Franco poetry would look like. And as it is, it's really not that bad. Sure, it's privileged, self-conscious, and all that other stuff's people said about it, but a majority of the poems are also good, which supersedes those other pejoratives. Not every poem in this book is a winner, but there are a more than a few that are.

    7. I heard about this book when I was viewing a clip on YouTube from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with James Franco as a guest and he mentioned this book and how one of the five Masters Degrees from Yale is in Poetry. Jimmy was about to read a poem from the book, but James stopped him and from that point on my curiosity was sparked enough that I just had to read the book. James is very insightful in a whimsical way which made this book very fun to read. James said so much in poetry that if he [...]

    8. Several of Franco's poems have titles from songs by The Smiths: "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"; "Please Please Please"; "Girlfriend in a Coma". This makes sense. If there's one person with whom the performance-art persona of a tortured intellectual celebrity would identify, it's Morrissey.One of the Smiths poems, "Ask", recalls an ungainly sexual memory: "Love came – like viscosity filling a tube – / And you killed it with a bunch of thrusts." That violent ugliness feels like a rever [...]

    9. James Franco's book of poems, Directing Herbert White, is actually really good. You can tell at multiple points how pretentious and narcissistic the author is (I mean this is James Franco), but such momentary annoyances are quickly eclipsed by the power of the pieces. On a technical level alot of them stumble around a bit, but damn does he know how to end a poem. I found the hair standing up on the back of my neck on multiple occasions. Definitely recommend this book

    10. Read this whole thing off the shelf in a Barnes and Noble I'm an asshole huh? It was short as hell and not that good. A few gem lines to maybe make it above average for poetry, I don't know.

    11. So fascinatingly, yet awkwardly, beautiful. I love it when he tries to get inside the minds of other people and write from their perspectives and experiences, because, really, the way he must think these people think is truly bizarre at times. Most of the time, actually. I can't even tell if he loves, hates, or would even self-describe himself as belonging to the human species. Maybe he's just a hot, weird alien trying to learn Human English. I now feel that I must write a poem about James Franc [...]

    12. I wouldn't say James Franco is a totally horrible poet. Structurally, it's not the worst I've ever read, his use of imagery is okay and his word choice is fine. To be honest, it's not even the worst poetry by a celebrity I've read. He's writing about his experience and I think that's what throws me off the most. His experience is totally unrelatable, which makes sense considering his vocation. It really doesn't make you feel anything for what he's writing. On top of that, he writes a lot of poet [...]

    13. James Franco is definitely not the best poet, but I did enjoy his poems. He was incredibly honest and vulnerable in each one, and I didn't my expect that. Although I wish his poems were more cohesive or focused rather than scattered like they were, I did find his stream of consciousness sort of writing style very interesting, and it seemed to make him even MORE honest than he already was. His poem "Fake" was absolutely brilliant- it might even be my favorite poem ever written. I even stuck a sti [...]

    14. It seems a lot of people didn't enjoy this book of poems, describing it as entitled, or immature on Franco's part, but I was really overwhelmed with the honesty. It felt real, and I respect that about Franco's writing.

    15. Well, I enjoyed it. There are accessible nuggets of truth here."Fifth Grade""If I could just sneak over to Amy Kush in the dark,Then everything would be okay"The mic drops of "Los Angeles Proverb" and "Brad Renfro"The sweetness of "Telephone"

    16. Franco might seem annoyingly self-referential at times, but poems like "Brad Renfro" make you wish he was writing more. Fantastic!

    17. I expected this to be not a great book but it was actually pretty decent and I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those don’t knock it til you try it kind of books.

    18. Some really lovely poems in this book. This book is probably not something you would enjoy unless you have a passion for film and theatre and James Franco of course 😜

    19. This collection definitely has James Franco's distinctive voice--unfortunately, I'm not so sure that it's totally suited for poetry. Even though I gave Palo Alto a 3/5, I really am a fan of James Franco's, and writing poetry myself, I was quite excited to read this collection! What I found was a collection that absolutely had a number of interesting moments, and occasionally a line I found really impressive. However, I also found a level of referentiality and specificity that turned me off, alie [...]

    20. There is no overt identification in the poems of anyone as bi, but the author writes about feelings for women as well as for a male high school friend. Franco has stated in interviews that he is neither gay nor bisexual. Some view his frequent portrayals of gay men and directing of movies on queer subjects as cultural appropriation and queer-baiting. So although the narrator of these poems at first blush appears bi, I’m not sure Directing Herbert White should get my usual extra star for bi con [...]

    21. If nothing else, this collection of poems gave me a deeper insight and understanding of the actor James Franco. A lot of the poems were filthy. A few were really good. All were interesting. Artistically, there's a lot to criticize here, but I'm not an expert so I won't. If you're going to read this collection, prepare yourself for an onslaught of f-bombs and sexual content (necrophilia and bestiality included). I did not appreciate that aspect of Franco's poetry whatsoever. I did appreciate his [...]

    22. I thought this collection of poetry was quite interesting and easy to read, which is good when I'm in the mood for it. James and I have quite a few similar interests, such as literature, James Dean, River Phoenix, and presumably The Smiths (since he named ten poems after song titles in the album "Best of the Smiths"). Because of these similar interests I enjoyed many of his poems. I suppose that if you are purely searching for great poetry this won't interest you, although there were a few gems [...]

    23. It's easy to toss barbs at Franco as a poet, but in reading this book I think those being honest with themselves have to admit that there IS talent here, and a unique perspective that the author is willing to plumb and examine. When it's at it's best, it's glimmering in a way that I've yet to fully come across before. The collection definitely has its moments, and when you get used to his style, you start to hear things in there that you might look past upon a reading of just one or two of his p [...]

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