The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block A cache of bones is found in a shallow grave in local woods Meanwhile missing persons cases in Portland seem to be on the increase As bones are discovered Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt a

  • Title: The Chopping Block
  • Author: John Passarella
  • ISBN: 9781781166567
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • A cache of bones is found in a shallow grave in local woods Meanwhile missing persons cases in Portland seem to be on the increase As bones are discovered, Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt and his partner Hank Griffin investigate but there seems to be no connection between the victims A brand new original story set in the Grimm universe.

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    1. I considered giving this one a low five but instead I'll give it a high four.(That would be a silver 5 or a gold 4 I suppose).If you have seen our Grimm thread in the Action Adventure group you know that I'm a huge fan of the TV show Grimm. If you read my review of the first Grimm tie in novel you know I was just short of hating it. The book used the character names and hit some of the "creatures" close enough that it was like a familiar song sung and played badly out of tune. it was like finger [...]

    2. If you miss the TV series, then you'll like this book, which offers you another episode of Grimm in book form. I liked the book, and the author does a good job of throwing some twists in and keeping you guessing. The characters come across a bit flat, but the plot is enjoyable and the book makes for some nice mind candy, plus you get to enjoy Grimm some more.

    3. In the middle of a case of Wesen-induced zombies, Nick and Hank have another case to follow. Human bones have been found – chopped up human bones. Investigation quickly reveals more and more bodies quickly piling up and a disturbing fact…The bones have been boiled.Many disturbing scenarios occur to the investigators are they become more convinced that the perpetrator is a Wesen – but there are many false leads to track down and as the full horror of what is happening becomes apparent, more [...]

    4. 2.5 starsReasonable take on the excellent TV series of which I'm a big fan.Not the most imaginative writing ever but makes for a good escapist light read (and with a little more gore than I was expecting - bonus!).Nick was a little bland in comparison to the more fleshed-out (no pun intended) character of Monroe, but the tension and action compensated somewhat.Juliet's 'plotline' seemed largely pointless, however. I was expecting some sort of tie-in to the main story and it never happened.I'd re [...]

    5. An entertaining read albeit a somewhat stomach churning one as the action deals with elite Wesen dietary requirements, as in the hunting, butchering and eating of humans. A great story to read just before Halloween!

    6. Loved the show, love this book!!I really loved the tv show Grimm, and I was so happy to find this book. From the moment I began to read it, I was swept back into the Grimm's world. Every character was brought back to life and I enjoyed being able to get more inside each one's heads for more details of their thoughts. The storyline was fantastic! I plan to read every book in this series and I hope there will be many more books written by this very talented author.

    7. I have read all of the Grimm books. I was a big fan of the NBC show and was saddened when it went off. These books are just like the show was. Sorry that they only released three books. Wish there were more.

    8. A very good book, much better than the first in the series. True to the source material and characters, a lot of scenes that were gut wrenchingly gore and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    9. I'm sorry there were only 3 of these. I thought they were well written and linked in with the series well!

    10. I would definitely say that "Grimm: The Chopping Block" by John Passarella is an improvement over the last Grimm novel I reviewed ("The Icy Touch"), but this newest Grimm adventure may be far too "grim" for some readers.Honestly, it depends on how much cannibalism grosses you out. Why? Because "The Chopping Block" is all about a society of cannibal Wesen (humans who have animal sides to them) who prey on regular humans as a part of a ritual high society feast.If you're a fan of the TV show "Grim [...]

    11. Kurzer Einblick:Während einer Geocoaching-Tour stößt ein Vater mit seinem Sohn auf ein grausames Knochengrab. Ein Fall für Nick Burkhardt und sein Kollege Hank Griffin. Nach der Gerichtsmedizinischen Untersuchung steht eins fest : Die Leichen wurden ausgebeint und gekocht - welches die Ermittler schnell zu dem Entschluss führt, dass der Täter nicht menschlicher Natur ist!Kurze Zeit später, werden weitere Menschenknochen in einem verlassenen Fabrikgelände gefunden. Jedoch verlaufen die Er [...]

    12. Detective Nick Burkhardt, von der Mordkommission Portland, entdeckt, dass er einer geheimen Elite-Gruppe von Profilern, bekannt als „Grimms“ abstammt, die die Balance zwischen der Menschheit und mystischen Kreaturen bewahrt. In den Wäldern nahe Portland wird ein Bündel menschlicher Knochen gefunden. Nick und Hank finden heraus, dass die Zahl der vermissten Personen in der Stadt in den letzten Wochen rapide gestiegen ist. In der Zwischenzeit hilft Monroe einem alten Freund in den Ruhestand [...]

    13. You can tell John Passarella did his research on Grimm before writing this tie-in novel. The story fits smoothly into the world established by the show. Set between "The Waking Dead" and "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm", I actually felt like I was reading an episode, that's how good it was.Hank and Nick are well-written and in line with what we expect from watching the show. While we didn't get much Rosalee in this book, what there was of her was consistent with the character. The insight into Juliette [...]

    14. This was a gritty Grimm book. It goes well beyond what the television series does, and can do, and I think that's what I really enjoyed about it. Bones are showing up in piles around the Portland area. Someone, or something, is cutting up people and taking all the meat. Wesen, anyone? Nick and Hank start searching but they have no leads. I enjoyed that there wasn't a trail of obvious clues in front of them and this pair of detectives had to do some actual detecting. This made this unreal story a [...]

    15. This is very much like the TV series. In fact, I was surprised by how perfectly this story grasped the show's tone, right down to the behavior of the characters following exactly the patterns we have come to expect. One major difference: it is quite gory, dealing with cannibalism in a very Hannibal Lecter sort of way (as in, cannibalism with a chef's touch). This makes me think that the story was meant to be an actual episode before the network said, "Oh god no, you can't show that during primet [...]

    16. This is my first media – tie in novel in this 'verse and it’s fun and a bit gross, too. It’s about, among other things, a Wesen hoighty-toighty cannibal ring that happens every twenty five years, and this time has chosen Portland as its host city. It is an interesting and unusual choice tell the reader a bit from some of the many victims -- and perpetrators -- points of views. The people served up come perilously close to some of the series’ regulars. The dialogue, the setting, the peopl [...]

    17. It gets one star for just being a Grimm book and one star for the plot.I don't consider this a spoiler, more like a warning: people get chopped up in this book, in one scene in somewhat excessive detail I thought. It's disturbing, a little too disturbing for a regular network show(even in book form). Other things I didn't like, it's supposed to take place between two episodes that I thought happened concurrently, not a week apart, but the week lag between them might have been mentioned briefly o [...]

    18. Nick Burkhardt knows the stranger the case, the more likely it's Wesen related in John Passarella's The Chopping Block, based off the TV show Grimm. This book is jammed pack with Grimm goodness with main points of view from Nick, Juliette, and Monroe. The fast-paced detective story kept me hooked as more people went missing and more bones showed up. I enjoyed Monroe's attempts to help out a fellow Blutbad, but best of all, I thought Passarella made me understand Juliette's motives more clearly a [...]

    19. Grimm: The Chopping Block is a tie-in novel by John Passarella the second novel set in the Grimm universe. Compared to the TV series, the case in this book more dark and disturbing. This takes place just before the Season 2 finale, and summarizes details about recent events and background to the Grimm universe. Nick and Hank investigate a number of murders where the killer leaves piles of bones. Written from various character's perspectives I thought Passarella captured the voices of the charact [...]

    20. Ye gads, this book took a while to get through. I'm not big on real horror, so reading about the subject matter in this book (in brutal detail) (view spoiler)[having someone describe in rather accurate terms the dismemberment and gutting of a human body was more than I was expecting for this book - though appropriate for the subject matter (hide spoiler)] was not a fun thing to do and I don't recommend trying to read it while eating either.

    21. Well, this was MUCH better than the first attempt at a Grimm-inspired novel! John Passarella should write all future novels based on the NBC series. This was a little more graphic, in terms of the descriptions of crimes, than the type of book I typically read for enjoyment, but Passarella definitely captured the characters and the feel of the show more than the first novel written by a different author.Overall, I enjoyed it. Recommended.

    22. I enjoyed this story. It's set back when Hank's leg is in a cast, Juliette just regained her memory and learned about wesen, and Wu doesn't know about them. To be more specific, it occurs between the episodes "The Waking Dead" and "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm." It has all the usual characters in it and is similar to watching an episode of Grimm. It was pretty dark and rather gross, as it involves wesen cannibals.

    23. I picked up two books this last week, this one and a Supernatural one - they were coincidentally written by the same author. They bot manage to touch on subjects that tend to creep me out in written horror - in this case dining on human flesh - not just dining but preparing. This is an Excellent Grimm story, the author has a good grasp of the characters.

    24. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first book in the series by John Shirley. Passarella has a much better grip on all the characters, the book is clearly set at a specific point of the show, and the case, while exceptional brutal even for Grimm standards, was also fitting. And even though he didn't include Juliette and Rosalee in the action, at least he didn't ignore them completely.

    25. This book was written like it would have been the script of the real show. The whole time I was reading it I was thinking what episode this was but found out it was all John's creativity creating this book.

    26. I really enjoyed this book. Fast paced and engaging. It felt like a Grimm story and the characters read like the character's from the show. I would have liked to have seen this story as an episode. John Passarella's writing for this book makes me want to check out his other novels.

    27. I really enjoyed this, the author did a great job of creating the characters in book form and how what has gone on in the actual series of where they are at this point in the book. The story was brilliant and the story gripping and full twists and some great funny moments also.

    28. Hurrah the Portland good guys!!!!!!Again John Passarella gives us a brilliant story that carries the reader along with the adventure. I definitly recommend this book to all who enjoy. something different!!!!.!!!. jmj

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