Faded Coat of Blue

Faded Coat of Blue Veteran of Queen Victoria s wars and recent immigrant to America Abel Jones believed he had left his days in uniform behind Now firmly rooted on the shores of his adopted land where American has tak

  • Title: Faded Coat of Blue
  • Author: Owen Parry
  • ISBN: 9780380976423
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Veteran of Queen Victoria s wars and recent immigrant to America, Abel Jones believed he had left his days in uniform behind Now, firmly rooted on the shores of his adopted land where American has taken up arms against American in this most terrible of conflicts he has signed on as a confidential agent to General George McClellan, the man touted as the savior of the UnionVeteran of Queen Victoria s wars and recent immigrant to America, Abel Jones believed he had left his days in uniform behind Now, firmly rooted on the shores of his adopted land where American has taken up arms against American in this most terrible of conflicts he has signed on as a confidential agent to General George McClellan, the man touted as the savior of the Union Within hours Jones finds himself in a dark and unexpected world, where questions lead not to answers, but to other deaths Set against the backdrop of battles and bordellos, of the intrigues of war time Washington and the elegant mansions of old Philadelphia, FADED COAT OF BLUE reaches behind the myths and heroics to paint a ravishing, disturbing and deeply moving portrait of the United States in the midst of our harshest trial A determinedly moral man in a troubled age, Abel Jones triggers a drama involving greedy immigrants and impassioned patriots, vicious politicians and the greatest president the country has ever known His investigation draws him into a web of sinister relationships that reveals a hidden side to Fowler s life and a shocking secret the youth may have died for As a nation begins its long march into war and as President Lincoln agonizes over the coming carnage Abel Jones discovers that good and evil are easily intertwined, while heroes may be betrayed by those who cherished them the most Vividly told, rich in history and compelling authentic detail, Faded Coat of Blue is a riveting tale of crime and punishment set amid the blood and tumult of the American Civil War a startlingly original work of fiction that introduces Abel Jones, a most unusual crime solver, a true American hero, and a keen observer of a world on fire.

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    1. At first I commended the author on how well he mimicked the prejudices and small mindedness of the average 19th Century person. Then I found out who he is in real life and realized that those are his actual opinions today and it's no great stretch. Books are still entertaining, though. He's a talented writer.But don't BUY them if you're a liberal. Get them from the library. You don't want your money going to this Fox News contributor who has vilified captured servicemen in uniform, called for th [...]

    2. I found this book at Goodwill for $1.00 and it looked interesting, so what could I lose? Absoltuly noting. Parry has a keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the Civil War. And language. I'm sure he's a fan of Miss Ravenel's Conversion, one of my all-time favorite books written just post-Civil War. Anyway, it's a great mystery, I felt like I was in Civil War Washington. I plan to read more in the series.

    3. Enjoyed this Civil-war mystery. Clearly the best part for me was the voice of the 1st POV narrator and main character. The author has created a delightful character in Abel Jones. I would have enjoyed it even if he were reciting a recipe for ham and beans.

    4. I'm usually not a fan of mysteries, however, I loved this mystery set in the civil war era. The protagonist, Abel Jones, is such a humble and likeable guy. I can't wait to read more books by Owen Parry.

    5. I've read the first four of these, but apparently longer ago than I have kept track on , so I must reread them!Abel Jones series:#1 Faded Coat of Blue#2 Shadows of Glory#3 Call Each River Jordan#4 Honor's Kingdom#5 Bold Sons of Erin#6 Rebels of Babylon

    6. Struggled through 2/3 of this but truth be told, I do not care who killed the young officer and have grown weary of the protagonist's voice.

    7. This book hit the bestseller list quite quickly, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great historical mystery, and those seem to be all the rage now. This first of two novels featuring Abel Jones, a captain of volunteers in the Union Army, is set during the early part of the Civil War. Jones has been asked by General McClellan to investigate the death of Anthony Fowler, a well-known abolitionist, son of a prominent Philadelphia family. Jones soon discovers that Fowler’s death-- he was found s [...]

    8. In the beginning of the book "Faded Coat of Blue", there was a murder at a training camp and the body of a man named Anthony Fowler was found. Next the story switches to a man named Captain Abel Jones of the Volunteer army. Many people respect this man. He soon found out in the newspaper about the young Fowler's death “the golden youth”. Abel was soon called on by General McClellan to investigate the murder. Now he is first going to meet the mother of Anthony Fowler who lives in Philadelphia [...]

    9. What I liked most about the novel is the rich, detailed and often judgmental narration by the main character, Abel Jones. We see Civil War-era Philadelphia and Washington through his eyes and read his thoughts on all manner of aspects of life in that time.This character is surprisingly well-developed for the first book in a series, given a rich back-story in which he has been a soldier in the British army before emigrating from Wales to the United States where he is reluctantly drawn into the Ci [...]

    10. Faded Coat of Blue by Owen Parry/Ralph Peters was recommended to me by a friend and he wasn't wrong about it. It's a fast paced read with lots of twists and turns. I like historical fiction because it provides details of eras that the reader may not know all that much about. This tale is during the Civil War and I think the author did a good job of catching the flavor of the time period. I had no idea that corruption then was so widepread and rampant, so some of what I found contained within the [...]

    11. This is a page turning work of fiction by Ralph Peters written under his pen name, Owen Parry. A golden boy of the Union Anthony Fowler, has been murdered. He was a volunteer captain and a famed abolitionist. He was found, deceased, along the picket lines outside of Washington leading everyone to believe it was a southern assassin. It is up to the hero of the story, Captain Abel Jones, to discern the truth. His pursuit of justice takes him from Washington to Pottsville where he interacts with a [...]

    12. Owen Parry in Faded Coat of Blue introduces the reader to Captain Abel Jones a recent immigrant from Wales who serves his new country during the civil war as a way of to express his gratitude. Although injured he continues to work as a clerk until General McClellan asks him to investigate the murder of a prominent young abolitionist.We find Washington D.C. during this time to be a seedy, dirty place where schemers are profiting from the war. At this time there are already dangerous areas of the [...]

    13. NOTE: others will have provided a summary of the story.For me, it was a combination of interesting characters and twisting plots all painted on a wonderful canvas of 1861 America. The sights, the sounds, the smells - what a wonderful job. The author Owen Parry puts you right there!I will admit I am a little biased because I'm part Welsh (the protagonist Capt Abel Jones is originally from Wales). Love the Welsh dialect the Parry uses.Also his new American home is in Pottsville, PA - home of the f [...]

    14. One of my favorite political commentators and authors is Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. His commentary on world events is always spot-on and I read everything I can from him. He also happens to be the fiction writer, Owen Parry. Having just read the first in Parry's (Peters') Abel Jones mysteries I have to say that his historical fiction is just as good as his current events books. This book---as do all the Abel Jones books---take place during the time around the Civil War. Parry has managed to really c [...]

    15. This is the first in a series of detective stories set during the US Civil War, by a writer who has written both non-fiction and fiction about the era, so is well-researched and detailed. The most interesting thing is probably the details of Washington DC, also Philadelphia, at the time, also the details of government offices, ordnance suppliers, and the like, as well as the impressions of different immigrant groups. Ultimately the plot is far-fetched - hard to believe that the murder victim cou [...]

    16. This series appeals to me because I have two ancestors who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Reading these books helps me picture the times in which they lived. Abel Jones is a Welsh immigrant living in Pennsylvania, married with one son. He had miltary experience when he was in his 20's, fighting in India for the British. His past is shown in short flashbacks. Presently, injured at the Battle of Bull Run, where he distinguished himself, he has an office job, supplying the army with [...]

    17. This is the first book in the Able Jones series; after reading Honor's Kingdom for other purposes, I decided it was only fair to start at the beginning and see what I made of things from the beginning of the series. Most of my criticism still holds true: the reader is prevented from understanding the crime until a rather slow-thinking narrator gets around to figuring it out in a process that is not revealed to the reader, and the author is really, really interested in the history of daily life w [...]

    18. I found this book on a donation rack at work, and since I like Civil War stories and Detective stories, thought it might be worth a read. It sat in a dark place for over a year (maybe two) before I broke it out to read when I didnt want to go downstairs where most of my "to read" books are. I am glad I did, and regret I had not read it sooner. I'm not a polished reviewer, but I do know what I like, and I really enjoyed this. However, I wasnt pleased to find that this was the first of a series of [...]

    19. A Civil War detective story with an unlikely "hero, " Abel Jones, a Welsh Immigrant. As Parry discussed at the end of the book the 2 things he wanted to get across in writing this was first, what it was like to live in those times in those cities (Philadelphia and Washington DC - the conditions, pastimes, struggles, etc) and second, the role immigrants played in the war and the building of a new country. He did both wonderfully. As a mystery, it was only fair - no big surprises or clever plot tw [...]

    20. I am anxious to get back to some Civil War novels! Owen Parry has several books on the topic and this one is the first in a series. I very much enjoyed the book and the insights into 1861 in Washington, D.C, Owen Parry uses historical characters in the midst of his novel to bring the time to life. The main character, Captain Abel Jones, is likable and an unlikely hero. He has seen war in India as well as here in the Civil War. His love for country and family bring him into a murder mystery and i [...]

    21. No Civil War novel I have ever read (and I've read a lot of them) achieves this book's pervasive sense of authenticity. The writing is absolutely captivating, and the story is equally engrossing. Ralph Peters has done more than just craft a mystery novel that happens to take place against the backdrop of the Civil War. He has mastered the complexities of the war's experience for the North and distilled them into a mesmerizing snapshot of political intrigue and clashing ambitions, both in McClell [...]

    22. "Faded Coat of Blue" is the first in a series of mysteries set amidst the tragedy of the Civil War. Abel Jones, a recent immigrant to America, becomes confidential agent to Union General George McClellan. While at first I was put off by Jones' stiffly moralistic worldview, it soon became evident that this was appropriate for the character given his background and the times in which he lived, until I found myself liking him very much. I'm only sad that there are only six books in the series.

    23. By the time I finished Parry's 4th Abel Jones book, Honor's Kingdom, and then picked up this one and began reading, I was hooked! Owen Parry's ability to narrate according to the historical time period protocol is more than commendable! His character development through his notable command of the king's English is marvelous! I can't wait to get to the second and third in the series, then on to the fifth and beyond!

    24. I listened to an abridged edition. Reader Cazenove did excellent accents, especially the Welsh of the main character but also Irish and Yankee voices plus women which were not silly sounding. The story was a little slow starting but in the end very good with no real black or white to it- nicely complex. This was definitely the set-up to a series with just enough back-story on Mr Jones to make him interesting and make you want to come back to learn more.

    25. Provides an interesting background view of civil war era society, but the main character is such a prig and the writing is so thin that the book was not altogether very satisfying. He should have gotten a German speaking editor for all the Deutsch he sprinkled in, so that at least the grammar would have been correct, and the names chosen for the people would not have been so painfully cliched. This series came highly recommended, but I cannot see spending time on another one.

    26. "Faded Coat of Blue" is a mystery novel that takes place during the Civil War. The main character, Abel Jones, can be compared to Sherlock Holmes in that he's courageous and intently seeks to figure out the truth. "Faded Coat of Blue" creates a very historically accurate depiction of life in America was like during the mid 1800s, and will leave readers hungry for more!

    27. This is the first installment in the Abel Jones series. Jones is a Welsh immigrant who enlists as a Union soldier in the Civil War and is chosen by General McClellan to investigate the death of an abolitionist. An interesting plot, good historical details, and well-drawn characters combine with terrific writing to make this a truly entertaining book. Highly recommended.

    28. I only read free ebooks. I got "Faded Coat of Blue" free. I'll gladly pay for more in this series. Loved it. Historically accurate. Doesn't preach, but discusses relevant social and political issues. Parry is brave enough to say that, even in 1861, the war wasn't about slavery- at least not for everybody.

    29. In reading the author’s end notes he mentions his intention to give the reader the day to day feel of life in America during the civil war. He succeeded in doing that, with quite a few memorable quotes as a take away. My favorite, “We must forgive the hard hearts of the young, for they do not know what awaits them.”

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