The Coven

The Coven Cal now Morgan s boyfriend helps her accept the truth Wicca is in Morgan s blood As Morgan learns about Wicca she realizes that she needs to find out about her parentage The answers are out there

  • Title: The Coven
  • Author: Cate Tiernan
  • ISBN: 9780141310473
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cal, now Morgan s boyfriend, helps her accept the truth Wicca is in Morgan s blood As Morgan learns about Wicca, she realizes that she needs to find out about her parentage The answers are out there, but she doesn t know how to find them.

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    1. This was an enjoyable story, and I liked finding out more about Morgan and who her ancestors were. Bree continued to be awful, and Morgan had to deal with quite a bit of jealousy. It did end on a bit of a cliff-hanger though.6.5 out of 10

    2. Morgan was an okay character in this, but most of the other characters annoyed me.This was an alright read, but there were points where I felt quite bored. The length of the book stopped it from dragging too much though, thankfully.

    3. 4.5/5I am in love with this series! This book was so great and I sped through it! The action picked up right where BOS ended and it got crazy and I love where the plot and character development is going.

    4. This review can also be found at fortheloveofbooksreviewssMorgan is a blood witch with strong magickal powers and a personal tie to witchcraft. After Samhain, she and Cal become a couple and, as a result, she finds herself targeted by her former friend, Bree. Aside from all the drama between current and former coven members, Morgan has to deal with a startling revelation, a revelation that may change her life forever: she's adopted. But who were her biological parents? And are the ex-coven membe [...]

    5. Morgan gets deeper into the world of Wicca and begins to discover more about herself. With a shocking revelation about her family, Morgan's life is headed for a quick change.PlotThere’s a tiny, little, itty-bitty making of an actual story in The Coven. Basically, Morgan’s found out some stuff about her family. Around eighty percent of the book is her angsting and generally being a giant brat to her parents. Eighteen percent is about more regurgitated, and probably false, information about Wi [...]

    6. ZOMG WHAT A FREAKING AWESOME ENDING!!I can't believe it ended like that! It makes me want to squee, sceam, and gasp! Can I get at "tre' awesome" in the house?"COVEN" picks up where "Book of Shadows" left off.Morgan passed out, Cal picks her up, smoochy boochy, you're a blood witch.But how is Morgan a blood witch? And what is a blood witch?A blood witch is a person who is born with witch parents.But Morgan's parents are like Dagwood and Blondie. Totally not very witchy. There is totally no Samant [...]

    7. This book was a clear improvement over the first one. In this, Morgan confronts her parents about her status as a blood witch, or a genetic witch, and quickly finds out that she was adopted. Her search for information on her birth mother becomes an obsession just as her relationship with Cal is heating up. She is also feeling very conflicted about what happened with Bree but when she finds out that Bree and Raven are asking another witch for a "withering of love" spell, hse is shocked to find th [...]

    8. So Cal finally kissed Morgan, his intentions and those of his mother are obviously not pure especially that we learn that Morgan is adopted, a Blood Witch and is descended from a very powerful clan.Bree and Raven and many other girls hate Morgan who they view as less than them and wonder how she caught Cal, Morgan wonders about that as well, but her emotions blind her judgment.The spell she worked on Robbie turns out to be amazing and her magick too powerful; her family doesn't accept that and d [...]

    9. I didn't like this one as much as I did the first one. Nothing really happened here except for finding out Morgan was adopted, and there were too many moments focused on Morgan asking her parents about it only to be told "we aren't ready to give you any answers." It was okay, but I'm hoping the next book is better.

    10. This book was not as good as the first book. I had a few problems with it, but i still enjoyed reading it. The thing that I didn't like were the beginning of each chapter which all start with a part of the book of shadow from Morgans mother. I didn't find the little part interesting and most of them didn't really add much too the story.I also didn't like the relationship between Cal and Morgan it just didn't feel real. They barely knew each other but they already started talking about being each [...]

    11. I have so much to say. But where to start? I'll start w/ Bree and Raven. Hate them both. Buuut also I suspect that what's happening w/ them isn't really them. I think someone evil is causing them to behave the way they are. I suspect it goes back to Belwick being destroyed. It goes back to Morgan's real parents being killed after they survived Belwick. Someone is fueling evil in Morgan's town. It's not just affecting Bree and Raven. It's affecting Bree's ex Chris and Mary K's boyfriend/ex. Mary [...]

    12. Aghhh, I can tell these short books are really going to have me gripped that I am already wondering how I will get some sleep because I find myself becoming addicted to the series. I don't think that this book was as good as the first one because the drama was missing, BUT the cliffhanger that it held and contained just meant that you got to the end of the novel and wanted to move instantly to the next one. I loved the fact that you seemed to see the evil sides of Bree and Raven in this book. In [...]

    13. My rating for this Book is 4.3 stars.La emoción existe por todos estos libros, bueno, en los dos únicos libros que he leído de Cate Tiernan u la saga de Sweep.La historia de Morgan tiene muchos secretos ahora se sabe quien su madre biológica, al igual que su padre. Irlanda. El país donde toco comenzó y New York la ciudad donde todo termino. Creo que la intriga es lo que me mantiene fiel al libro y la historia. La intriga sobre lo que realmente están haciendo Raven y Bree ahora que han dec [...]

    14. The character Bree is the reason I don't miss high school. I didn't like her from the beginning of Sweep number one, and I especially don't like her after reading this one. And I know she doesn't get better until later (and I still don't like her later either). I wish Morgan would see that she's better off without her like most readers can.I love how Morgan feels hatred towards Skye and Hunter when she first meets them. It just sets up the next couple books perfectly. I love how she eludes to pe [...]

    15. I didn't know what I was getting into when I picked up this series. I enjoy YA books, even though I'm not exactly the target demo. What I got with this, so far, is a fairly well constructed world containing Wicca, covens, and teen angst.Both this one and the first book are super quick reads and told in first person pov from a character, 16 year old, Morgan Rowlands, who is likeable enough. Though, she is given to anger and righteous indignation at the revelation that her parents adopted her. (I [...]

    16. Today's review is on The Coven by: Cate TiernanThe Coven is the second book in the sweep series, and though I enjoyed reading it it was not as good as the first book, Book of Shadows.The book begins each chapter with entries in the Book of Shadows of Morgan's mother then goes into the main story. After finding out that she is a Blood Witch, Morgan gets the courage to confront her parents and find out why they have been keeping the fact that they are witches from her and her sister. In doing this [...]

    17. I'm really enjoying this series. In this book we find out the truth about Morgan's parents. She demands the truth from her adoptive parents and rightfully so. However it takes them a while to tell her the truth. After finding out the truth she can now start to heal her broken relationship with her parents. I think they will end up being closer now.We also see how far Bree with go with revenge. Cal is the first boy to ever reject Bree. It's very obvious she doesn't know how to deal with rejection [...]

    18. I did enjoy this book more so than the first one. Only because there was more magic involved and cal and Morgan are together regardless of Bree. They are each other soul mates :) I also thought there were more revelations like the whole Morgan is adopted part, I will be honest I should have seen that coming but I didn't I thought her adoptive parents were witches but no it turned out she was adopted, it didn't tell us how she came to Be adopted but I'm sure we will find out in the next installme [...]

    19. So I picked up this book this afternoon, around 3. Took a 2 hour nap from 4-6. Picked it back up again and just finished it at 8pm. Yes, I am a fast reader, and it's a fairly short book, but that's not the point I could NOT put this book down! Which is really odd because I had a very lukewarm reaction to the first Sweep book. This one was definitely much better and I definitely will be reading the rest. In this book the story becomes much more interest8ing and the main character much more tolera [...]

    20. There's a little more tension, a little more drama, in this second volume of the series. Morgan finds out that she is adopted, and spends much of her time either obsessively tracking down information about her birth mother or being angry at her perfectly loving parents for "lying" to her for sixteen years.Some mysterious characters appear—ones who may wish to do Morgan harm. We also begin to learn about Morgan's birth mother and her coven, the Belwicket coven, which was mysteriously wiped out [...]

    21. Just as I had anticipated, these books are being spread out into little novellas where they could easily and better served, to have been set up as one or two novels. But such is the curse of young adult fiction and the attention span of their target readers.I am also finding that the plot is really thinning out substantially to be a witchy version of Twilight, and getting annoyed with Cal's preachy, constant "let me explain the wicky teachings of that" blah blah blah.I will try just one more vol [...]

    22. These are my new favorite lunch books. In this second book, Morgan is learning more about her family and about her powers. She is a little pissy through a lot of the book, but she is going through a lot of issues so I cut her some slack for this book. Hopefully she will have her big girl panties on for the rest of the series. This is turning out to be quite a fun series. I expect much angst and drama in my future. Can't wait!

    23. It was a reread. I still love it. I think it's even better than the first book. I love to see Morgan learning how to deal with her new life. I can't wait to continue on !C'était une relecture. Je l'aime toujours. Je crois que c'était même mieux que le premier tome. J'aime voir comment Morgan gère sa nouvelle vie. Je ne peux pas attendre pour continuer.

    24. this book was much better than book 2, and i read through it very quickly (a couple hours) and started book 3 immediately. there are some things i find annoying about the main character (why does she not tell people about things she sees and experiences?!), but i'm clearly hooked.

    25. Irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl in diesem Teil ist kaum etwas passiert Wahrscheinlich hatte ich deshalb auch eine ganze Weile keine Lust weiterzulesen. Mal sehen, ob und wann ich mit der Reihe weitermache

    26. It was awesome! I enjoyed it so much! It made me curious and I wanted to know what happened next. It is defenetly a pageturner!!!!

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