Seize Me

Seize Me Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father One day her father does the unspeakable When he turns his back Winter flees acros

  • Title: Seize Me
  • Author: Crystal Spears
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father One day, her father does the unspeakable When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada Lana is her best friendWinter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father One day, her father does the unspeakable When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada Lana is her best friend and the only family Winter has Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in the county While working a shift, Pyro, Lana s long time crush, propositions Winter He begs her to do a private gig at Breakneck She accepts, with the condition that Lana dances with her.When Winter s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker s, the President of Breakneck, she realizes she is no longer free she has been seized He is everything she is running from but at the same time, everything she wants Braxxon will not take no for an answer, and purposely disrupts Winter s life.Rivals of Braxxon s club are vicious and they do something that will have him out for blood Winter s and Braxxon s relationship is anything but a normal one If they want to be together, crimes must be committed, friendships will be broken and people are going to die.What happens when all that chaos mixes with Winter s father locating her It will be a bloodshed when Winter and Braxxon seek revenge and take no prisoners.WARNING This novel contains explicit language, sex, drugs, abuse and sexual situations that some might find offensive Recommended for ages 18 and up.

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    1. WHAT! THE! FUUUUUUUCK??????DNF (had to stop @ 33%) so I am not rating this one I changed my mind and gave it one star which is technically still one star too many I think it's pretty safe to say this is one of the worst books ever copied written.Note from the author:Dear Readers, you will have questions all throughout this novel; those questions will be answered as you continue to read Seize Me.I only have two:1. Do you know a good editor?2. What the fuck were you thinking??I doubt these questi [...]

    2. 4 bad ass biker stars!!!Intense. Raw. F@cked up. Gritty. Crazy. Hot. 
I think that pretty much sums it up. If you don’t love biker books, and you can’t handle reading about the darker side of their life, this one probably isn’t for you. If you do enjoy those types of reads like I do, this may be your next good read!Winter’s life has changed dramatically. After watching her boyfriend get shot in the head by her own father, she leaves her old life behind. She is now living with her best [...]

    3. DNF at 21%Sorry, but I was done at "Prosto yebat' menya"No one that speaks Russian should read this book.EVER. It will drive you up the wall, batshit crazy.I love biker books, and I've been curious about this one since a GR friend told me the heroine is Russian. But at the same time I've been avoiding it because nothing bothers me more than inaccuracies in portrayals of different nationalities.I've been skimming a few pages here and there but never got into it. Finally yesterday, I decided to gi [...]

    4. This is me NOT bashing the author or story. This is me giving MY honest opinion. It's a to each his own book world and this book as you will see didn't work for me. If it worked for you, kuddos to you. Now some might say, Spoiler Whore, if you didn't like it why did you continue reading it? Here's me telling you why. I see there are 4 and 5 star reviews and I think to myself, really? Did they not read what I just read? But then I tell myself it's to each his own. Whatever floats your boat that k [...]

    5. DNF at 28%I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf since June and decided to give it a shot this fine early Monday. And while I was reading? Notice how my face changed.First things first. This book is riddled with typos. I don't know if there's a more recent version out, but my copy I bought in June is filled with errors and grammatical mistakes. As an English major, this bothers me A LOT.Next, what is up with the insta-love? These are bikers we're talking about here!! Insta-love and MC club shou [...]

    6. ABSOLUTELY FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!Hells bells this book was AMAZING!!! This book crept up on me out of nowhere! I'd not heard of it just last night when it popped up on my feeds and I thoughtm this sounds pretty good. I LOVE biker books and this one called out to me immediately. Well, I started it and couldn't put it down. Stayed up until 1AM reading then had to force myself to put it down. Finished next morning. This book is gritty and no holds barred there's no rainbows or sunshine. This is some se [...]

    7. MehI can't really say I liked it but can't say I hated it either. I expected the MC to be a bit more badass, especially since she grew up in this environment. This is one of those hard to rate books, it had some stuff that I enjoyed but, on the other hand, it had a lot of stuff that was pretty bad, IMO.I don't really like cheating in my books. I can understand it sometimes, I just don't particularly enjoy it. Some could say that Brax didn't really do it, but ah well, what he did was enough in my [...]

    8. I don't typically write reviews from this account. As a rule I try and keep it neutral--but when I come across a book that is STILL stuck in my head weeks after finishing itwell, that one deserves the praise. This book is about as perfect as it gets when I imagine a MC in my mind. Crystal holds nothing back and I mean nothing, but that is the pure and fucking beauty of this book. It's dark, raw, gritty and so brilliant. My advice, read this book. But, please pay attention to the author warning. [...]

    9. **2.5 stars**'Heaven mixed with hell.' Winter is running from her Russian mafia past. Her heart was broken when her mafia dad murdered her boyfriend in front of her. Winter saw her chance to escape and never looked back. Braxxon is the Prez of MC. A birthday lap dance preformed by Winter begins their crazy love tail. I started losing interest for the story when 'insta-love' happened after their first meeting. I do love my crazy motorcycle books but this one didn't work for me. I know I'm in the [...]

    10. Re-readI originally read this book in 2013 and I loved it, gave it 5 stars and everything. It happened to come across my feed tonight and I decided that I would do a re-read while and that something a little dark and gritty would be perfect for my mood. Well, sadly it wasn't.This is one of those books that just show you how much your tastes can change. I didn't re-read more than half of the book before giving up and admitting to myself that this just isn't for me anymore. It wasn't as intriguing [...]

    11. UmjustNO. No, No, No!DNF at 40% & I think I only got that far because I'm crazy.I would love to explain myself, but I won't go back to read the rest of the book in order to do it.Take books like Undeniable, Club Justice and Reaper's Property, which have all sort of been shadowed by the popularity of Motorcycle Man(which is by no means the 1st of MC drama fiction). These books at least had"something", like actual reason and some technique. Seize Me was like playing musical plots. At every sto [...]

    12. I really really enjoyed this Strong as Heroine? - Hell yeah Hot Tatt'd and Pierced Biker? - Hells to the yeah! OK OK Any time I can picture Daniel I'm gunna use him so he's missing piercings but he's super hot and on a bike so that's who Brax was! lol Great MC Club- Hell Yeah! Awesome secondary characters? - Hells yeah! An alpha, possessive, completely head over heels Hero? - Yep. LOVE YOU BRAXXON! But be warned. This is not light and fluffy It's hardcore. There is rape, rough sex, murder, reven [...]

    13. ***WARNING FROM AUTHOR *** This novel contains explicit language, sex, drugs, abuse and sexual situations.I love hot biker books that are dark, shocking, intense, and even repulsive. I read the author’s warning, which is why I wanted to read this book. I love being pushed out of my comfort zone. But I had big issues with the way the story is executed. Winter Belov’s family is the Russian mafia. The Russian princess fell in love with one of her father’s men and then was forced to watch her [...]

    14. 4.5 stars“Vy skhuatili menya.” “You’ve seized me.”It was love-lust at first sight when Braxxon see’s Winter dancing on the pole, he knew that this was it, she was his and he’d be damned if she tries to getaway. Winter ran away from a dangerous home, and she is doing everything she can to never go back to that kind of life, unfortunately she has no choice because once she locks eyes with those grey eyes "my mind, body, and soul are assaulted, I know that I’ll never be the same eve [...]

    15. Ok, DNF this on at 65% I'm going preface this with the face that MC books are big time hit or miss for me. For instances, while I cannot deny that it was an extremely well written story, I just could not like Undeniable. At the same time, I thought the next book, Unbeautifully was beyond fantastic. Usually my issues with MC books is because honestly, the lifestyle (and especially the role if women, and the usually rampant infidelity) doesn't work for me at all. All that said, that wasn't my prob [...]

    16. !!Ostanouit'!!!!STOP!!This review contains spoilers!This book is nothingNOTHING like UnDeniable, UnBeautifully, Motorcycle Man, Reapers Property and so on. Those books are the Sun to where as Seize Me is fuckin' Pluto. Not even close to the brightness and hottness of those books. Seize Me is cold, dead and a long way from being anything but a distant thought. Too harsh? I can't help it. That's how I feel. At first I gave this book a 1 star rating. Then the more I thought about it, the more I rer [...]

    17. Dark. Dangerous. Sensual. Fucked up. Seize me is crazy read that will take you over the edge of sanity, because nothing in this book is normal or ordinary. Every page bleeds dark emotions and angst that will twist you or even repulse you. Gritty, raw and full of angst Seize me will hook you from the very first page. You will love it or hate it, because with this novel, there is nothing in between. Before purchasing and reading you have to decide if things like rape, drugs, sex, violence and murd [...]

    18. Where to begin I liked the story for the most part. I just didn't love the delivery. The first few chapters were executed really well, I was pulled right into the story. But then things started getting rushed, I'm not sure how else to explain it. All of a sudden I was no longer IN the story, it was like I was on the outside looking in and I was only given the highlights. I missed the build between Winter and Braxxon. All of a sudden they're so into each other and completely monogamous, but I jus [...]

    19. 5 Heart wrenching Gummy Bear Stars!!This novel is full of angst, drugs, sexual situations and abuse, violence, murder and full out vengeance and rape, pretty much all the taboo subjects have been touched on within this bookAll nuns/prudes please walk away now and read something else because this will make you look like you've sucked a lemon!!This book rocked!! A gritty, dark tale not for the faint hearted!! Highly recommend!!

    20. 3.5 starsHmmm how do I feel about this book -I don't know.Did this book come with a WARNING -Yes Did I read the warning -No Why not -No fucking idea Did I read this book in one sitting -Yes Was I hooked -Yes What was in the book Sex -Yes Drugs -Yes Violence -Yes Death -Yes Rape -Yes Cheating -Yes Hit me with the gold babyAfter so many mixed reviews I understand why there are so many mixed review, you are either going to love or hate the book. Now you ask what do I choose. I'm on the fence here t [...]

    21. SPOILER-ISH R@YORI really hate leaving reviews for books that I didn't enjoy. I always feel like such an assholebut this book just didn't do it for me My deal was I feel like I read this book before, and I was so busy comparing similarities between this book and Undeniable and also a little bit Mystery Man Things like Gummy bears Reminded me of Gwen with her cookie dough (Mystery Man)only retarded. your friend gets shot, you kill a man and you NEED Gummy Bears!? The rape and the converses in a b [...]

    22. It wasn't the book synopsis that sold me on reading, it was thisA letter from the Author Dear Readers, You will have questions all throughout this novel; those questions will be answered as you continue to read Seize Me. I would also like to warn you that I did not hold back on any details with certain aspects of writing this novel and some areas might be difficult for you to read. I wanted to make my fictitious world gritty, raw and full of angst. Nothing is held back. So here is my warning bef [...]

    23. WARNINGS: Sadistic and vindictive rapes (male and female), descriptive violence, drug use.I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and give a synopsis of the entire story. There are people that do that better than me. What I will do is give you my thoughts about this book.I have read A LOT of motorcycle club books. As my friends know, Tack in Kristin Ashley’s Motorcycle Man has always been my favorite male biker. That being said, let’s face it, her portrayal of a motorcycle club, as most romanc [...]

    24. Jesus fuck!!! If this isn't one of the absolute BEST books I've ever read10+ starsOh my fuckin Christ!!! I'm in love with these badass bikers. My snatch is on fire. FUUUUUCKKK!!!!I was immediately captivated from the *Warning* and then I just got sucked into the world of Breakneck starting with the prologue. This story is intensely RAW and GRITTY and I loved every damn page of it. Please take caution and READ the *WARNING* before you jump on this. Some people may find scenes in this book not to [...]

    25. New biker book!!! Looks good!Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father. One day, her father does the unspeakable. When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada. Lana is her best friend and the only family Winter has. Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in the county. [...]

    26. First, can I just say that I call breakneck on Braxxon!! Tattoos covering his entire back, lip pierced twice, crooked smile… (swoon)AAAA-May-Zing!!! This book sucked me in right from the beginning and didn’t let go until the very last word. It was so full of action, I couldn’t put it down. I carried my Kindle with my EVERYWHERE yesterday so I could sneak in a few minutes of reading every chance I got! Braxxon is the sexy as sin, badass president of Breakneck, a motorcycle club. Winter is a [...]

    27. DNF fifty pages in. The pace was crazy fast, the writing was not even close to descriptive, and the main character was so unbelievable. Very hard to follow. Not for me.

    28. WARNING: This is a story of a MC that has cleaned up it's act. This is a gritty club. Drugs. Violence. VENGEANCE. This author did not pull back when writing some of the scenes, you won't get just a hot badass biker, you get the good, the bad and the ugly with this read. Winter has escaped her past. A past that included her share of Motorcycle Clubs, the Russian Mob and seeing first hand how it all can destroy love. She's vowed never to return to that life again. Moving across the country, Winter [...]

    29. This shit gets stars???I just can't with this book. The plot was all over the fucking place.Multiple 1% MCs, Russians, Mexican Gangs, drug traded a secret gold mine. Fuckdid any one else tell you about this shit? No. Cuz they thought it was so fucking ridiculous they imagined it.H coerces h to snort coke (she's a very light user so it's not like it's her first timen't worry, rant coming). She doesn't want to but she feels obligated because it's the H's b-day and he's the MC Prez. She's blindfold [...]

    30. WinterBraxxon“Name’s Braxxon baby and I wanna touch an Angel.”Winter is the daughter of a Russian Mafia leader. After he finds his daughter has fallen in love with one of his employees he kills him right in front of her. So she saves what she can without her father know and takes off to start a new life. Since she danced in her old life she decides to use that skill in this new life and takes a job as a stripper. Winter and her best friend Lana are offered and decide to take a private gig [...]

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