How the Beatles Changed the World

How the Beatles Changed the World The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show has been called a night that changed the course of American culture More than seventy million television viewers the largest ever audience for an

  • Title: How the Beatles Changed the World
  • Author: Martin W. Sandler
  • ISBN: 9780802735652
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, has been called a night that changed the course of American culture More than seventy million television viewers the largest ever audience for an entertainment show watched the Beatles performance that February 9, 1964 It was only the beginning.Had the Beatles been simply the most successful musical group of aThe Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, has been called a night that changed the course of American culture More than seventy million television viewers the largest ever audience for an entertainment show watched the Beatles performance that February 9, 1964 It was only the beginning.Had the Beatles been simply the most successful musical group of all time, their place in history would be secure But they were much, much The Beatles changed popular culture forever They changed the way people listened to music and experienced its role in their lives And they were even For as their work matured, they became nothing less than the embodiment of the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s Readers will also discover how the Beatles became prisoners of their own success and how, by retreating into the recording studio, they attained even greater heights by creating songs and albums of such meaning and of such influence that the entire nature and importance of popular music was profoundly altered.

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    1. Great info and insights. Great pics also. About probably the most influential band in history. They changed the world in many ways from fasion and music but also to politics. I've heard it before, but the Beatles and their music was credited with helping to end communism and the Soviet Union. the electric guitar was banned in the USSR etc. Even Michael Gorbachev credited the Beatles with bringing freedom to the people. So between Reagan and the Beatles, the USSR dissolved. Anyway I have come to [...]

    2. First off, I am really happy to see a nonfiction book about The Beatles for the middle school age. Personally, I would have ATE this up back then It was the age when I started to really connect and obsess over music. (Did I list "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" as my favorite song in the 8th grade yearbook to show off my superior knowledge of The Beatles Bsides? Shamefully, I did.) The Beatles are a good choice for a music non fiction book for kids. Their richness in societal influence and musical [...]

    3. YA biography appropriate for middle school and early high school. This is a comprehensive look at the career of The Beatles. The book opens with the first appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 (or as the chapter title deems it "The Night That Changed America." Sandler's second chapter chronicles the impact the group had on popular music before returning to the early days of the band in chapter 3 and then moving forward more or less chronologically with chapters devoted to the [...]

    4. Martin W. Sandler never fails me. He's written another book--How the Beatles Changed the World (2014)--that I would recommend to middle and early high school students - who are interested in this group, in this period, in music. I never understood the fascination with the Beatles beyond some cool songs and a funky look until I read this. Sandler is very aware of his audience. He has an overarching central idea - that the Beatles changed the world in many ways and in the book, he remains focused [...]

    5. The list of groundbreaking firsts goes on and on in this gorgeously photographed middle grade biography of the Beatles that combines a chronology of the band's influential career with fascinating musical facts and moments in history. Learn the story behind Hey Jude, find out how A Hard Day's Night influenced movie-making, see bootleg recordings on medical x-rays called Rock 'n' Roll on Bones, and spend some time in teashade glasses, Chelsea boots, and moptop hair, enjoying the "jingly-jangly hap [...]

    6. Beatlemania was just a little before my time but I remember when I first heard Revolver and The White Album and most people could probably sing along with the music that made them famous.Regretfully, parents did not listen to popular music, so I came to the Beatles late. My friends shared their records, but by the time my grandmother gave me my first transistor radio for Christmas, the airwaves were full of Barry White, Seals and Crofts, and Chicago.This book has filled in the blanks for a very [...]

    7. The Beatles had a lot of firsts. From being the first band to play in a stadium, the first to have an official lead guitarist, the first to record an album of all original songs and many more. All of these firsts are things that show how the arrival of The Beatles really did change the world. Martin Sandler’s pulls you into Beatle’s Mania off the bat through detailing their first visit to the United States. 73 million people tuned into their performance on the Ed Sullivan show and it brought [...]

    8. It has been 50 years since the Beatles burst into American consciousness by appearing on the Ed Sullivan show, and this history focuses on how they impacted various aspects of society: religion, fashion, music, etc. Filled with color and b&w photos and a thoughtful text, Sandler aims this at middle and high school age readers who probably have heard of the Beatles but don't know why they were so important to not just pop culture but 20th century history. I didn't see any outright errors but [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book and found new things I didn't know despite being a long-time fan. I especially liked the structure in which each chapter focused on some element of such as how the Beatles changed popular music, the movies, fashion and even world history. I especially liked the chapter on titled How the Studio Changed the Beatles which was really fascinating and from a musical standpoint and How the Beatles Changed the World with the interesting stories of teens behind the Iron Curtain [...]

    10. The Beatles are one of the most innovative and revolutionary bands that broke many world records and changed the face of music forever. Fifty years after the British invasion began, Martin Sandler explores The Beatles' long-lasting impact on the world in this wonderful book. Overall I think you will be overly impressed and astonished by the amount of information held in this book about everything you thought you knew (and didn't know) about The Beatles and their musical history. A great book for [...]

    11. How the Beatles Changed the World (176 pages) by Martin W. Sandler is a great book if you are interested in music. This biography about the Beatles and how they changed the world is loaded with interesting facts and information. They grew from a semi-famous band in England to one of the most popular bands ever across the world. There are lots of photos throughout the book to help the reader follow along.My favorite part about this book is where they tell you all the things the Beatles were first [...]

    12. This book tells about the life and how four guys form Liverpool, England became famous. The band consists of four members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The Beatles were most popular from 1960 to 1970. The British band won many awards throughout their career. The Beatles were very successful and sold over 600 million records in their era of fame.This is a good book to read if you are going to do a report on The Beatles, but its not very interesting and defiantly n [...]

    13. What an interesting read! I grew up with the Beatles, knew many of their songs, and admired them. This book is filled with the fascinating history of each musician and the group as a whole. Sandler is to be commended for putting all this information together. Who knew the extent of John, Paul, George and Ringo's influence on the whole world, never mind just the USA. I recommend this book for others who knew the Beatles growing up as well as for those young people who find the Beatles' music wort [...]

    14. This books a good book with great facts.The book has accurate data of the beatles,and there impact on the world.How the beatles changed the world was clear and easy to understand the beatles effect on the world music and itself.Even with these great features,facts,and decaptions it has a few problmes.How the beatles changed the world sometimes had too much information in it and it was hard to focus,read.

    15. In his conclusion, Sandler says, "Millions of Beatles fans, now parents and grandparents, those who made Beatlemania one of history's greatest phenomena, have not only remained loyal fans but have come to a deeper appreciation of how the Fab Four enriched their lives." I think he should have added that we shared our love of the Beatles with our children who shared it with their children. Even my grandkids at 9 and 13 can sing almost any Beatle song.

    16. I love the narrow focus of this book. Looking at the various aspects like fashion. movies! music, TV, etc. I will look at other books this author has written that also take a narrow focus to big topics.

    17. High level juvenile or YA nonfiction. I'm a big Beatles fan, so I was surprised that this one had details about the band that even I didn't know, particularly a section on the impact of the Beatles on teens living behind the Iron Curtain.

    18. I learned a lot about the huge influence the Beatles had in so many mediums. Some was familiar (hairstyles, for example), but I had no idea that they were the first in so many areas. Clearly organized and interesting.

    19. Not the most exciting read but a solid informational book. The captions on the photos are artistic but totally illegible - who thought it was a good idea to put 8 pont black text in a RED box?

    20. A few fact errors here and there, but a nice concise Beatle book for older kids and teens. Goes beyond music and explains the band's cultural influence in fashion, politics, philosophy, etc.

    21. Despite some minor factual errors and oversights, Marty Sanders does a fine job chronicling the immense influence The Beatles had upon music and popular culture.

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