Broken Broken Trust Deceived by her parents Ebony learns of her true heritage she is an angel from the otherworldly realm of Avena and she is in danger Broken Hearts When Ebony s eternal soul mate Nathane

  • Title: Broken
  • Author: Marianne Curley
  • ISBN: 9781619631687
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Broken Trust Deceived by her parents, Ebony learns of her true heritage she is an angel from the otherworldly realm of Avena, and she is in danger.Broken Hearts When Ebony s eternal soul mate, Nathaneal, is arrested for using his secret powers to protect her, she finds herself alone with a friend she cannot trust.Broken Realms To save Ebony s human parents, NathanealBroken Trust Deceived by her parents, Ebony learns of her true heritage she is an angel from the otherworldly realm of Avena, and she is in danger.Broken Hearts When Ebony s eternal soul mate, Nathaneal, is arrested for using his secret powers to protect her, she finds herself alone with a friend she cannot trust.Broken Realms To save Ebony s human parents, Nathaneal must journey into treacherous Skade, the world of his archenemy, the Dark Prince, who would do anything to destroy him and capture the angel they both love.Only Now will Ebony piece together her stolen past and become as powerful as she was meant to be.

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    1. This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibrarySUMMARYWhile Nathaniel is charged with the crime of revealing his power to his enemies and is sent on a mission to redeem himself, Jordan gets to work breaking up Thane and Ebony, only to find that his time has been cut short when the evil Prince Luca, surprise surprise, kidnaps Ebony early to claim her as his brideBUILDINGI don’t get this worldbuilding. There, I said it. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why Thane was in trouble i [...]

    2. I have a rocky relationship with sequels, as you may know. Middle book syndrome is a real thing, and it plagues too many books these days for me not to look at sequels with trepidation. But Broken, the sequel to Hidden, is everything a sequel should be, and if you liked the latter, you should absolutely pick up the former.One of my favourite aspects of Hidden is that it wasn't formulaic, and the plotting and characters were different from most other paranormal romances. Broken is more of the sam [...]

    3. Title and cover revealed, already!I just hope this second one is better than the first was. Just a bit. I need some of the Marianne Curley old-school of fantastic books.

    4. Broken is the much anticipated second book in the Avena series. It had me enthralled from page 1 and I was eagerly flipping the pages to find out what happens next. I love the character development in this book. It's a great step up from book 1 and you find out much more about Ebony's world. There's an evil cliffhanger at the end. I NEED book 3 Fearless now!

    5. Ebony, a girl who never quite believed she belonged, is coming to terms with the fact that she might be an angel. If only if it was as simple as that! There is a chance that those who believe she was switched at birth may be mistaken and her uniqueness has nothing to do with anything angelic. Her guardian and friend, Jordan, has his own agenda at hand and as much as he loves and cares about Ebony, his motives and emotions are clouding his judgement. Nathaniel (Thane) is forced to face the conseq [...]

    6. *Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.*I loved this book. It was a fantastic follow up to Hidden. Once back in this world, I remembered how much I love Curley's twist on angels. She is just another great Australian writer that writes angels so well. It has only been a few weeks since the events in Hidden have taken place. Ebony and Thane are enjoying their new relationship. But their joy is short lived as Thane is taken to Avena to stand trial for revealing his powers on eart [...]

    7. The book takes off shortly after where Hidden ended. Nathaneal has been taken back to Avena to stand trial as a repercussion of revealing his powers. Meanwhile, Ebony is left with Jordan and Mr.Xavier, a man who claims to be her uncle. Something about Mr.Xavier doesn’t strike her right, yet desperation can lead people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. I have to say that while Jordan did not make much impression on me in the first book of the series, I absolutely hated him in this [...]

    8. 'Broken' is a stunning sequel. I've just read it for the 2nd time in waiting for the 3rd instalment in the Avena series. The characters feel even stronger than the first. Their complexities really come to shine with the events of 'Broken', The relationships between Jordan, Nathaneal, and Ebony, develop in a way I didn't expect, and kept me turning every page (even the 2nd time around). It's refreshing to see in this genre. What's also refreshing is Ebony herself. She shows strength in adversity, [...]

    9. 4.5 Avenean stars!The fact that this series continues in 2015 has me on edge!!!!!I want to know how it ends, Never thought it would be this good lolPlease Marianne Curley dont dissapoint us Thane + Ebony= Starcrossed Lovers

    10. "Broken" was amazing, a real thrill ride with non-stop action. I can't wait for "Fearless" to see what happens after that stunning ending.

    11. great book two in the series. can't wait for book three!! action, tension,world building,character building, guessing at what happens next and great twists. I really enjoy her writing.

    12. This book's pacing is significantly slower than Hidden's but somehow it manages to be actually more interesting to me. It has quite a lot of things going for it - the most important being Nathanael and Ebony separated for the most of the book. That helps a great deal because together, they are insufferable. I really enjoyed Jordan's story, he's still a great and interesting character. So are Zavier, Luca and Skinner. I was delighted to see that Jezelle got more space (although not that much) - s [...]

    13. See the original review on my blog, Behind the PagesThanks to Bloomsbury Australia for providing this copy for reviewAmazingly addictive. Broken has everything you need for a fantastic sequel, action, romance, drama, and one crazy cliffhanger.I really liked this sequel. It was a little slow for me to start out with. We get into the story a few days later from where we left off at the end if Hidden. Because I read Hidden as an ARC, I started getting lost in this book. I recommend reading Hidden s [...]

    14. I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.I've loved Marianne Curley's books since the early days of Old Magic! A read I happily discovered one day at Waldenbooks--sob, Borders affiliate! And pretty much have been hooked to her words since that day! Her newest series, is a bit different than that and The Guardians of Time, but is still a magnificent story weaved together. Broken is the second installment in [...]

    15. Review originally posted HEREYeah . . . I didn't enjoy this book very much. It wasn't my cup of tea. The whole sappy romance and the 'predestined' to belong to each other concept didn't appeal to me at all. So ultimately for me, this book was both a bore and a cringe to read.This will be quite a short review because there's not a lot I have to say except for some things here and there about the characters and the plot.Ebony was a whiny and useless character to me. For most of this book she drone [...]

    16. In Book #1 Hidden , to refresh those who have read it memories we met Ebony who discovered that she was in fact an Angel and had been hidden on earth till she turned 18 years of age and then she was to marry the future king. In Book #2 Ebony is engaged to Thane and still attending mortal school with her best friends Amber and guardian Jordan. The thing is though that there are those on Earth , who do not want Ebony to discover her true identity as it could start an Angel War and currently Thane [...]

    17. As the author of The Avena Series, I am happy that Broken (Avena Book 2) has now been released in Australia, NZ and the UK. The hardback will be released in the United States in November, 2014. The great thing about Broken is that, as the second book in the series, I was able to jump straight into the story without a whole lot of scene setting or bringing readers up to speed. Broken begins only a few weeks after the battle at the end of Hidden (Avena Book 1). Ebony has moved into Nathaneal's hou [...]

    18. This book.Let's just start with the good things then work on why I gave it four stars and not five. This book was undeniable gripping, I couldn't put it down when the end was near, it was emotional and everyone loves a good love story. This is basically about a guardian angel, her charge, Jordan and her husband to be, fellow angel and prince , Nathaneal. Nathaneal is taking onto a quest into the underworld to find Ebonys parents who have been captured by King Luca who is obsessed with Ebony. He [...]

    19. Another great book from the Avena trilogy! Can't believe I have to wait until July next year for the last book. I was tempted to give this book a four star because it did not have enough Jason but I decided to not be that harsh. This book follows on nicely from book one. The ending of the book could have gone better but you can not have everything in life. I am hoping the last book has a happy ending! Everyone loves a happy ending!The detail in this series is fantastic, it allows me to imagine h [...]

    20. It's as disappointing as the first one. The plot is there - it just wasn't built on well and elaborated more properly. It's as if the writer lost grasp of the plot in between. There is just no coherence, no structure in how everything was written and told. Pity as the whole concept in itself is very interesting.

    21. I LOVE this book so much!!! Can not wait to get my hands on the next one, especially after that huge cliffhanger!

    22. Found this book a bit boring. The plot was all over the place sometimes and I got a bit confused. It was only towards the end that it got exciting.

    23. Sorry, I didn't even finish this book. Its boringd omg the writing is horribled theres like 500000 misspelled words. I can't

    24. “Broken”, the second book of the Avena series, continues the journey of a girl named Ebony finding out that she is an angel herself and tries to find a way to save her angel boyfriend Nathaneal, or Thane, who seems to be her fiancee since birth, on a journey to her home, Avena. Thane is arrested for using his powers on Earth, which he has done in the first book, “Hidden”, so Ebony is trying to find a way to rescue him. During that time, Jordan, Ebony’s friend, is also trying to find a [...]

    25. Do you remember that gif of Britney that really took the internet by storm after she released her "I wanna go" music video? You know, that press conference in the beginning of it. She's basically telling everyone to stuff it. Now imagine me as Britney, instead of press conference a room with all the characters from the book, and insted of fuck you, I'm pointing and screaming "you're dumb, you're dumb, you're dumb!" with a "you're cool" addressed to the horse.Thinking this review doesn't make muc [...]

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