Jacob's Choice

Jacob s Choice Jacob Hochstetler is a peace loving Amish settler on the Pennsylvania frontier when Native American warriors goaded on by the hostilities of the French and Indian War attack his family one September

  • Title: Jacob's Choice
  • Author: Ervin R. Stutzman
  • ISBN: 9780836196818
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jacob Hochstetler is a peace loving Amish settler on the Pennsylvania frontier when Native American warriors, goaded on by the hostilities of the French and Indian War, attack his family one September night in 1757 Taken captive by the warriors and grieving for the family members just killed, Jacob finds his beliefs about love and nonresistance severely tested.Jacob endurJacob Hochstetler is a peace loving Amish settler on the Pennsylvania frontier when Native American warriors, goaded on by the hostilities of the French and Indian War, attack his family one September night in 1757 Taken captive by the warriors and grieving for the family members just killed, Jacob finds his beliefs about love and nonresistance severely tested.Jacob endures a hard winter as a prisoner in an Indian longhouse Meanwhile, some members of his congregation the first Amish settlement in America move away for fear of further attacks.Based on actual events, Jacob s Choice describes how one man s commitment to pacifism leads to a season of captivity, a complicated romance, an unrelenting search for missing family members, and an astounding act of forgiveness and reconciliation.

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    1. This novel is based on the true story of my ancestor, Jacob Hochstetler, who emigrated from Alsace in 1738 and settled on a farm with his family in the eastern edge of the colonial Province of Pennsylvania (today about a mile west of the present day village of Shartlesville, in Upper Bern Township, Berks Co Pa).He was Amish--an anabaptist Christian sect--and the area where his family settled was an Amish community with neighbors of the same faith. The community thrived and by the time of this st [...]

    2. The story of the "Hochstetler Massacre" has been passed down through the generations, particularly by the many Amish and Mennonite descendants of Jacob Hochstetler. The basic outline of the story is that the Hochstetler family was attacked by a group of Native Americans. Jacob refuses to let his sons use their guns to defend the family. When the warriors set fire to the house, the family survives in the cellar by using cider to put out the flames. After some time the family escapes through a cel [...]

    3. This is a true account of the violent Indian attacks against the Amish Jacob Hochstetler family. A story based upon mostly factual events in 1757. It's hard to explain this read; it's not laced with as much happiness that I would normally read; but it was truly worth the read. It's a exceptional account of a period of time I was glad to learn more about; but also saddened that this took place. The details in this book are riveting; I often had to stop reading and soak up what I had just read and [...]

    4. I was somewhat disappointed in the novel. I have described it to friends as a "teaching novel." Part of the aim appears to be explaining Amish life in 18th century North America. The second aim is an explanation of Christian nonresistance in the Amish context. Both detract somewhat from the literary quality of the fiction.I felt Jacob Hochstetler's struggles with his faith were too easily resolved. It felt like too much 20th or 21st century Mennonite theology was superimposed on an 18th century [...]

    5. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose out of the book of Romans. This story talks about God's love, forgiveness, and it also talks about sharing. Jacob is the true hero in this story. I just wanted to wrap my arms around him during his trials and tribulations that he went through in this book and "It will be ok and God will prevail. I cried with Jacob in the middle of the story. Jacob is the true hero of nonresis [...]

    6. Although this book can be read and enjoyed on its own, I now definitely want to read the rest of the trilogy as soon as they are available. I feel that I am reading my family history as well as Stutzman's.

    7. I was very excited to get the opportunity to read Jacob's Choice by Ervin R. Stutzman as A First Reads Winner. I received this author-signed book for free from Herald Press Publishing. I was interested in the book from the first page as I know very little about the life and beliefs of the Amish people and wanted to understand more of their beliefs in a nonresistance in the face of conflicts. The book is based on historic facts of the Jacob Hochstetler family who lived on the Pennsylvania fronti [...]

    8. I was disappointed in the storytelling. Doubly disappointed, because I am a direct descendant of the protagonist, whose true-life adventure is the basis for the book's premise. However, I will concede that there are good points to this historical novel. 1) It deals with the issue of non-resistance in a stark and realistic manner. Being a pacifist is not the easy way out. 2) It portrays the harsh world of life in the colonies during the French and Indian War, when terrorism was a constant threat. [...]

    9. This book is based on actual events that happened in Pennsylvania, back in the mid 1700s, to the Hochstetler family. Jacob Hochstetler is an Amish pacifist. He does not believe in killing to defend himself or his family from the threat of Indians that have been attacking the locals. When his family is attacked and he is taken hostage, Jacob begins to question whether or not he did the right thing.This was a story about an Amish man, the trials he encounters, and the beauty of forgiveness. I love [...]

    10. The story of the Jacob Hochstetler family is based on real incidents of being held captive, surviving and escaping attacks during the French-Indian war. As a descendant of this Hostetler family tree, I've been familiar with this story as part of my family history. To be able to read a well-researched and well-written novel has been a great help to me in understanding the motivations and faith that are at the core of the decisions made by Jacob throughout the telling of his story.Unlike so much o [...]

    11. At times, the story made you think about what could have been going on inside of the main character's head (in actual history) and that was an interesting exercise. In general, I would have liked more detail and further character development. The book seemed written at at level to possibly read to children. As an adult, I found that frustrating. Also, Jacob's Choice just sort of ends in the middle of the tale obviously to set up a sequel. This though reminds me of the recent 3 movie Hobbit serie [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. it was hard to put down. this is a book that follows a family that lives by simple rules and the trials that they go through to abide by their beliefs during the indian wars, I would definitely recommend this book.

    13. Title: Jacob’s Choice (Return to Northkill #1)Author: Ervin R. StutzmanPages: 350Year: 2014Publisher: Herald PressMy rating is 5 stars.What a very interesting series! I absolutely became engrossed first by the story being set during the French & Indian War. Second, the novel is based on an actual person who lived during this time with the last name of Hochstetler. In the first book, we read the narrative through the point of view of the father named Jacob and his daughter Barbara.Here is a [...]

    14. Undoubtedly, Jacob's Choice possesses good qualities, and I enjoyed the book and do not regret reading it, as it stimulated intellectual thoughts on non-resistance. However, I docked my rating down to the three stars because the writing waswell, how do you put it? Simple, almost bland at times. The dialogue could be unrealistic and stilted. Now, don't get me wrong, simplistic books can be beautiful writing, concise and to the point, but the simplicity in this book was not to the story's advantag [...]

    15. This is a fictionalized account of a well known story of the Anabaptist faith in colonial America. The author, who is director of Mennonite Church USA, imbues the story with rich historical detail, suspense and compelling emotion. The characters are real and credible even when making extraordinary decisions. The author's ancestor Jacob Hostetler chooses the path of Christian non-resistance during the French and Indian War, which leads to death and capture of his family members. There is also wis [...]

    16. Lois, North River patron, June 2016, 5 stars:Mesmerizing story of an Amish man who was captured by the Indians in the 1700s; part of his family, his wife, young son and daughter were massacred, and he and his two sons were taken to separate villages. Months later he managed to escape, still not knowing the whereabouts of his sons. In spite of this, Jacob struggles with, and hangs on to themes of nonviolence and forgiveness. An amazing historical fiction story that has much to teach us about the [...]

    17. the love of this family and the pain endured in living by their principles in their following Jesus, is evident.

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