The Girl from Reading Center

The Girl from Reading Center You Slowly Fade The Girl from Reading Center is a short story about first love and the permanent heartache that follows WARNING this story contains sexual content and other material that some readers

  • Title: The Girl from Reading Center
  • Author: Aaron B. Powell
  • ISBN: 9781490309262
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • You Slowly Fade The Girl from Reading Center is a short story about first love, and the permanent heartache that follows WARNING this story contains sexual content and other material that some readers may find offensive

    One thought on “The Girl from Reading Center”

    1. not intended for kids. this is a hot and sexy read that will keep your juices flowin'! still think the main character woulda been better off with the stripper! gotta stay away from those bitches that keep comin' back, they're the crazy ones! he's lucky she was still infatuated with him.

    2. Short and sweet. Strange how a person can have such a profound effect on another, even as the experience becomes more of a faded dream than a memory. I hope that someone will read this and remember how that first love made them feel, even if it's lost forever.

    3. I won this book in the First Reads Giveaway.I loved the cover! This is not my usual type of book and not a huge fan of short stories, but this book did manage to hold my interest which is saying something.

    4. My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 unicorns - I loved it!!**Book gifted to me by author for honest reviewFirst Aaron rocks being a veteran like me :) though I’m an Air Force vet not a Marine, but that’s his loss :) lol still love him for it :) Sorry Aaron, couldn’t resist :)The cover is beautiful where you can see loss or heartache through the look on her face (literally wearing her emotions on her sleeve so to speak.Okay this is a 20 page short story, and I could definitely relate to the having som [...]

    5. I think this was a great short story. It was a very simple, short read but it was interesting. Even though they broke up when Melanie moved away, Patrick and Melanie still ovbiously care about each other very much. He is moving away from the area now but the love they have is wonderful and they both just know that as long as each other is out there in the world they can take whatever is thrown at they even though they may not be together. It made me a little sad that they wouldn't be near each o [...]

    6. Received this book from the author. It really was a book that portrays what it is to have a true love and how things sometimes just don't work out but the love between them is so powerful. I think that everyone could remember there first love and at times probably try to imagine what life would have been if things worked out the way they planned it. So many relationships that end in a heartbreak that I feel that men and women are really not putting there self out there to get hurt again. Life is [...]

    7. This is a quick, fun read. How many of us went through a bad break-up? How many of us have realized that no matter how much we love or care for that person, the reality of staying together is only a fantasy? Yep, that’s what the story is about. No matter how strong our emotions and feelings are for the other party, we realize, it will never work even though we will always love that person. A good read. 3.5 stars.

    8. This book well deserved the 5 stars it received. I would like to thank Aaron for giving me the wonderful opportunity to read this story along with another story. Some Authors aren't very good at writing Short Stories but Aaron will blow you away

    9. I won this book as a FirstRead.The author did a good job of putting a lot of emotion into such a short story; I just wish it had come with a warning that it includes drugs, sex, and language. It's not my usual read, but it was a good story for what it was.

    10. Hot! Hot! Hot! I love this sexy read!Characters are real in this short story. Truth is told with reality. A must read!Thanks, Aaron Powell, for this free book!

    11. I've been trying to find a really interesting short story for a long time ,and I think I've found it! I can't wait to recieve this! I'm so honored to have won it in a giveaway. :)

    12. Vivid detail, came to life. The characters were very believable and relate-able. Enjoyable short story,a must read.

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