Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion

Pirateology The Pirate Hunter s Companion Aar Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere The eagerly awaited new title in the best selling Ology series than million s

  • Title: Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion
  • Author: Dugald A. Steer
  • ISBN: 9780763631437
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Aar Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere The eagerly awaited new title in the best selling Ology series than 5 million sold worldwide Step lively, pirate foes and fanciers Mysterious booty found inside a long lost sea chest, hidden for hundreds of years off the coast of NewfoundlanAar Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere The eagerly awaited new title in the best selling Ology series than 5 million sold worldwide Step lively, pirate foes and fanciers Mysterious booty found inside a long lost sea chest, hidden for hundreds of years off the coast of Newfoundland, has just been uncovered for your enjoyment Within these covers is the fascinating eighteenth century journal of Captain William Lubber, an earnest soul who sailed the seas in search of the vicious female pirate Arabella Drummond Prepare for a mesmerizing tale of the golden age of piracy from storm tossed sailing ships to tantalizing treasure islands, from pirates flags and fashions to their wily weapons and wicked ways An extraordinary find for pirateologists, here is a true and complete companion for the dedicated pirate hunter.Pirateology s special treasures include a stunning cover bearing a working compass and glittering gems treasure map with a missing piece for the canny reader to find multiple flaps, maps, charts, and booklets harboring codes and clues intricate drawings of ships interiors a packet of gold dust a pocket sundial a cache of pirate letters, pieces of eight and a jewel as a final reward

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    1. I felt no shame picking this up for myself. It is an incredible compendium of Pirate lore, backstory and world building. The illustrations are beautiful and the stories in depth and magical. I love all of the little pockets and gems. It is easily one of my favorite coffee table books, when I first bought it I would flip through every morning while I drank my coffee, it is lovely. Easily enjoyed by all ages, I can't wait to pick up the others Dragonology is next on my list!

    2. Ahoy, mateys! The journal of Captain William Lubber, a notorious pirate hunter tracking the legendary pirate Arabella Drummond, was discovered in a treasure chest. Read the ship's log, see the map of his journeys, and learn more about pirate lore, weaponry, tying knots, weaponry, ocean navigation, and the Jolly Roger. This pop-up book, which was designed to look like worn parchment, is chock-full of sidebars, maps to unfold, and drawings of infamous real-life pirates. As Captain Lubber logs his [...]

    3. The -Ology series is one of the best child-orientated illustrated information collections I've come across. In this one, it's obviously about Pirates. Don't be fooled, though: it's accurate and contains some of the best historical information in one place. It's interactive and contains hidden letters and jewels and all sorts of paraphernalia.From an adult's perspective: the information contained is great for research purposes and it's a great place to start for terminology and a few of the more [...]

    4. წეღან შევნიშნე თაროზე და გულმა არ გამიძლო, კიდევ ერთხელ არ გადამეკითხაა. ჰოოოდა, უცბად ძალიაბ მომინსა მეთქვა, რომ ძალიიიან მიყვარს ეს პირატოლოგია :'( ძალიან :დ და ჩემი პირველი ოცნებაც პროფეს [...]

    5. While I find this an accurate analysis of pirates, I'm surprised not to find a single mention of lemonade. Other than that it's very helpful.

    6. This book was so much fun! I read this in my pirate phase and absolutely loved it, especially concerning the differences between cultures and famous female pirates.The format is great and the subject matter is engaging. Great for younger readers.

    7. Aar! Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures — a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere. The eagerly awaited new title in the best-selling ’Ology series — more than 5 million sold worldwide!Step lively, pirate foes and fanciers! Mysterious booty found inside a long-lost sea chest, hidden for hundreds of years off the coast of Newfoundland, has just been uncovered for your enjoyment. Within these covers is the fascinating eighteenth-century journal of Cap [...]

    8. This book was about different pirates from around the world and how they use to rule. One of the main pirates would be Blackbeard who was a really cold hearted pirate that did bad things and didn't seem to care about anyone but himself. This book also showed a lot about pirate’s ships and their flags. Another thing about this book is that it explained a lot of faults about living at sea like scurvy. It tells us about Blackbeard who would put fuses in his beard so he would look like a devil fro [...]

    9. I was given this book as a gift, and it's very much a "gift book" sort of volume--oversized, foiled letters, plastic gemstones and an actual compass set into the cover. The friend who sent it to me knows i'm an enthusiast of pirate history and culture in the Age of Sail, and even though this book is something like a pop-up book for teens, it's also full of some decent legit info on aspects of life at sea on board pirate ships, privateers, and the naval vessels that hunted them. There's ostensibl [...]

    10. This book is excellent for topic work and information it also builds a story into the children's imagination of what life is like for a pirate. It has a real compass on the front.It is one persons tale and part diary of life as a pirate, it includes the rules of the pirates such as "if the pirates fly a black flag it means they show mercy to the pirates they in battle with." It has many pictures to show and describe the clothes worm, the treasure chests etc There are also flaps to lift with spec [...]

    11. This is a book for any child's bookshelf or proudly displayed on their desk at all times. The book is a good read about pirates and their history, costume, weapons, women pirates, battles, treasures etc. The art work is a throwback to those wonderful books for children done with care and love in the 1950's or at least how we like to remember how they were done. The book is hefty, like a treasure book should be with a working compass on the front. Handling the book, reading it, becoming immersed [...]

    12. Parents, treat your children to the "ology" books. They are exquisite and fanciful and just plain wonderful. Pirateology may be my favorite, but it's like choosing your favorite children--they all are terrific and worthwhile in their own way. From the cover design, complete with a working compass, to the extraordinary details inside, this book is a real treasure. If you have a child even mildly interested in pirates, this book will keep them busy for hours. I would guess that it will not stay in [...]

    13. Aarr, there be hidden booty found inside a long lost sea chest.! This book has been told in the form of a journal of Captain William Lubber. Therein lies a tale of the golden age of piracy, of tantalizing treasure islands, from pirates’ flags and wily weapons and all their wicked ways. "Pirateology’s special treasures include:— a stunning cover bearing a working compass and glittering gems—treasure map with a missing piece, just waiting for the canny reader to find— multiple flaps, map [...]

    14. I love all of the books in the Ologies series and this is definitely one of my favorites. It fulfills my love of all things nautical and piratical perfectly! How I would have loved this book as a kid! Who am I kidding, it's still super great as an adult. It's such a fun, interactive way to learn about pirate history and customs, ships, world cultures and life at sea during that time. I'd recommend this for children in Kindergarten and older. Even if the younger kids can't read all of the passage [...]

    15. this book was about pirates. they showed pirate ships and life on the sea. it had many faults in living on the sea. blackbeard was one of the main pirates in this book. he was very many and it seemed like he wanted to bring fear into other people/ pirates. he did really bad and mean things. this book could connect to other books. some things are true about oirates in this books and other books. but some are totally different from this book and other books. but it is kind of hard to relate this b [...]

    16. This was the first of the "Ologie" books that my son and I read together. I wasn't sure how much he was going to like it because he has never shown too much of an interest in Pirates. But like it he did, and I think a big part of that was how interactive the book was.As a parent I have to say my favorite part was how the book did not seem to dumb down the terms or language in too obvious a way. For a 5 year old much of what was said was over his head, but it was engaging enough that instead of w [...]

    17. This collection of piratical knowledge is beautiful enough to display proudly on any coffeetable, with its gilded-lettered faux-leather binding and jewel-tone compass rose emblazoned on the cover; yet it is also incredibly informative in nautical terminology, geography, and the lore of legendary pirates. With pull-out letters, charts, and maps, you find yourself immersed almost as a fellow-traveler on the mysterious and tumultuous path of pirate-hunter, Captain William Lubber, on his quest aroun [...]

    18. These Ologies are insanely fun. They're beautiful, they're fun to play with, opening out maps and such, the information in this one is largely correct, albeit brief, and the story of the pirate hunter is interesting. The PandaBatWolf loves pirates and still breaks this out from time to time.The KitKatPandaBatWolf dearly loves these -ology books. She desires every single one regardless of topic. Paleontology? She'd read that. Parasitology? Yum. The books are tremendously fun multi-sensory experie [...]

    19. I guess this book is directed toward children, but have to admit the ‘kid’ in me loves it. It’s based on the fictional pirate, Captain William Lubber and is chock full of interactive bits of information from his personal journals, newspaper articles, advertisements, maps, and navigational charts. For all pirate aficionados there are foldouts on pirate customs, articles, and piratical terms as well as pirate history, jewels and gold coins and a built in compass in the cover. I’m well pre [...]

    20. I added this book as an example for all the "ology" books that have been coming out and are so popular among elementary students! I am in a 3rd grade classroom and the students cannot get enough of these books. Other "ologies" that I have seen include: "Alienology", "Vampireology", "Spyology"- and I am sure there are more! These books are interactive with created documents students can pull out and look at, things that can be touched, and very vivid drawings! They appeal well to students who lea [...]

    21. This is about Captain William Lubber who is trying to capture the female pirate, Arabella Drummond. The book is his journal. It has a lot of information about pirates - it has pictures of pirate ships, maps, guns/muskets, knives, paper models of their navigation equipment and the Jolly Roger. I had fun with the book because I could open up envelopes, pockets and folds. There are also letters but of course, the characters are fake :) My favourite part of the book is the bit about the Jolly Roger [...]

    22. The only reason I am giving this two stars is because it come with an awesome pirate boat you can build yourself. The boat looks good on your book shelves. I know these books are made to play with more than to read but this one is the worst read of them all. The pirate information is common knowledge. You don't learn any fun pirate facts. If you want a tasteful pirate ship then buy this book on sale, it is not worth the full price.

    23. Genre: Concept/Fantasy Copyright: 2006This book has been sitting in my home office for two years since one of my friends' kids left it here on one of their trips out west. I haven't seen them since, but I decided to pick up the book since I knew it would fit into one of my genres. Visually stimulating and I can see boys being very attracted to it base on the title, the size and the cover. LOVED that the pirate was female (bit of a twist), lots of stuff to look at, open (letters) and enjoy.

    24. Sun. Feb. 12, 2012Luckily for Me, my younger brother had a copy of thise little rats at the library either take/steal/tear up, and/or cause the librarians to tape up all the cool stuff to see/do that come w/these kinds of booksLuv Mr. Steers wit and humorCan't wait to see others in this series (again, my younger brother has a few of these already so at least i'll get to see 'em the way they should be)xoDaleB.xo

    25. I have to highly recommend all of the 'ology' series for children and adults alike. Both the girls (ages 8 and 13) have loved these since they discovered them. They are wonderful interactive adventurous books that will keep them entertained and reading for hours. And they are a book they will come back to time and time again. I had to actually confiscate these more than once from my older step-daughter when she would be up way past bed time searching for some new detail she hadn't seen before.

    26. I stayed up late and read this last night. It's not very big of a book, but it's really interesting. AndI think I want to write a pirate story now. :PIt's written as a captain's log book, supposedly by Captain William Lubber. There are some pretty cool sketches of ships, maps and weapons that different sorts of pirates used.

    27. If this book had been around when I was little, I think I would have died. I love the little pieces you can pull out of envelopes, the pouch of "gold dust", and all the other tactile elements of the book. It reminds me of a kids version of the Griffin and Sabine books, and the journal and letter factor were so fun!

    28. This is a really great history of pirates. It's not comprehensive by any means and since it's for children, the gruesome stuff is cut down, but it does give a deeper look into the pirate mythos. The story throughout is not totally at the forefront but I was really interested in the content so I didn't need the story as much.Oh P.S.Pirates are better than Ninjas

    29. I bought this book for my nephews for Christmas. My nephews, unfortunately, are not big readers so I am hoping this will help them. All 4 of them love priates, so I think all 4 will enjoy it. I will rate the book after my nephews read it.

    30. I love pirates. After watching the Pirates of the Caribbean I became obsessed with them, and this book it totally awesome. I have now decided that I am a pirate. So, if anyone else out there is a pirate, read up on your history in this amazing book.

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