B.P.R.D.: Vampire

B P R D Vampire A vampire haunted B P R D agent s quest for revenge turns into a rampage as he pursues a clan of undead and their gorgon eyed queen Collects the five issue miniseries

  • Title: B.P.R.D.: Vampire
  • Author: Mike Mignola Fábio Moon Gabriel Bá Dave Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781616551964
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • A vampire haunted B.P.R.D agent s quest for revenge turns into a rampage as he pursues a clan of undead and their gorgon eyed queen Collects the five issue miniseries.

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    1. Oh your gods This BPRD mini-series was amazing! This was one of the best horror books I've read for a long time, novel or comicbook, and it's probably my favourite non-Hellboy 'Mignolaverse' book to date.This was a genuinely creepy nay, scary vampire story and I lovingly devoured every gorgeous page! The creative team deserve a round of applause for this one. The artwork was absolutely luscious and always fantastic colourist Dave Stewart knocked my socks off with his work on this book!I was star [...]

    2. This is a follow-up story to the B.P.R.D. tales set in the 1940s (namely B.P.R.D Vol. 9: 1946, B.P.R.D Vol. 13: 1947 and B.P.R.D.: 1948). In this tale Agent Sanders, infected with the spirits of two vampires, goes Buffy the Vampire Slayer and heads offf to Europe to begin his work. By the end, he has gone full vampire and may have slaughtered many people (or witches) rather than vampires, and the agents of the B.P.R.D. may have to take him out as a rogue agent. I wasn't that fond of Sanders as a [...]

    3. When I say that this isn't the best thing in the Hellboy universe, that's a qualified statement. Mediocre Mignola is still darn good stuff. Perhaps this suffers more from a sort of "been there, done that" reaction by loyal readers. At heart, it isn't that terribly different from so many other Hellboy stories, and not as good as some of them: lone man with demons of his own goes on a monster hunt. I've kind of read this before. But it's still good stuff, particularly the art. I really liked the l [...]

    4. Set in 1948 in the early days of the BPRD when Hellboy was still a child, one of Professor Bruttenholm’s (pronounced “Broom”) colleagues, the troubled sailor Simon Anders, is having waking nightmares of the two demonic sisters trapped within him, thanks to the Professor from a previous adventure. He decides this can’t go on – he must vanquish their spirits once and for all and restore his sanity, by going back to their earthly home and killing all of the witches and vampires there. Gam [...]

    5. Hellboy got me into comics and while I used to read each volume as they came out, after I stopped collecting physical copies, it has become harder to read Hellboy and B.P.R.D. without paying high prices for them. So I really cherish when I can get them cheaply on Comixology and re-enter my favorite world. This was a pretty fun volume that builds off some characters that have been in the Hellboy universe for quite a long time. While I don't think Vampire breaks any new ground, it is a satisfying, [...]

    6. Slightly more interesting than the last book but not by a lot. The artwork was very interesting and has a distinct vintage feel, the era comes alive. The vampire angle is the main focus in these spinoff stories and the story is focused on one of the team becoming something much more. The book isn't a great addition but it leads the way to the next Hell on Earth storyline.

    7. The most powerful recommendation I can make for this book is that every issue I read had me going "Crap!". Even once the arc was complete, I was still floored.

    8. A brilliant continuation from the 194- series and whilst it continues and wraps up some plot lines, this story arc tells its own story which stands strongly on its own. The art is fantastic and really works well alongside the writing. What was most surprising was a story arc featuring vampires which seemed original and fresh, not the usual vampiric fare.

    9. Reading this volume out of order with rest of the series was a big mistake, because I really didn't understand what was going on here. It is clearly "the middle" of a storyline and doesn't give any answers to why Simon is haunted by two ghost sisters, who some of the characters are and why they doing certain things. It left me more befuddled than entertained. I did enjoy the artwork however. Perhaps if I reread this in context of the surrounding volumes, I'll enjoy it more.

    10. -Continuación de una miniserie donde hubierón zombies,vampirosy una fiesta con Hecate.-Un arte brutal por parte de los gemelos brasileños Gabriel Ba y Fabio Moon,esos bosques dan frio, esa sangre se ve espesa-Lo mejor que he leido hace mucho en comics de terror, aunque el final nos deja queriendo mas, mucho mas

    11. L'ambientació ho és tot. La història ja cau de previsible i repetitiva. Sort que està ubicat a Cesky Krumlov i pots gaudir del castell, idoni per aquesta aventura.

    12. A side story from the early days of BPRD. Those pesky vampires need to be hunted down, don't they? It helps to have read some of the other places where vampires have shown up in this mythos. The spectacular on this is that Ba and Moon are involved. I sometimes forget about those guys. Made me go out and read some of their stuff right away.

    13. English (but not so good) / ItalianoStill Simon, still vampires in a dark breathtaking story that promises not to end here.ItalianoAncora Simon, ancora vampiri… in una oscura vicenda mozzafiato che promette di non finire qui.

    14. Great continuation to Simon's story begun in the BPRD: 1940s stories, and a truly gripping and well-told vampire tale with the perfect mix of classical touches and Mignola's particular style and workings.

    15. Strong continuation from the stories in B.P.R.D. 1947 & 1948. There are a lot of interesting characters in the Hellboy universe and it sounds like we'll eventually see Simon Anders again.

    16. This is how things from the past come to haunt you.Wow it's been setting up since 1947 and Vampire finally shows us how mistakes even with the best intentions sometimes will haunt us. A wonderful arc that is full of consequence, characterization, and also linking it's emotional core to one of the biggest characters in the Mignolaverse.World: Moon and Ba's art is great, they were wonderful in 1947 and now it seems right to go full circle back to them for the culmination of the Anders storyline, t [...]

    17. This rating/review is based on an ARC I got from netgalley.This is the first book I'm reading from netgalley (yay!!).I haven't read any BPRD yet, but this feels like an OK place to start. From what I understand, it's a miniseries; so the story is pretty self contained. There's obviously a backstory I'm missing, which is interesting not essential. There was one chapter in the middle that I thought was a little explain-y, but otherwise it was really interesting. I love when Hecate has a hand in wh [...]

    18. A continuation of the mini-series looking back at the B.P.R.D.'s origins, this volume centers on tormented agent Simon Anders, who became something close to a vampire back in B.P.R.D. 1947. Unable to manage the dark inclinations overtaking him, he convinces B.P.R.D. head Trevor Bruttenholm to let him head to Europe to hunt what vampires remain there.Bruttenholm agrees, although this never seems like a good idea--and it isn't. The storyline is a bit unsatisfying from there, as Anders hunts for th [...]

    19. As I've said before, the 194- series are probably my favorites of the B.P.R.D. comics to date, and 1947 is the best of them. This, however, is something else. Not just a continuation of 1947 (and the somewhat-more-disappointing 1948), this feels like something much bigger than just the resolution (and also beginning?) of Agent Anders' bizarre tale. This doesn't feel like a filler piece, or like a self-contained story, but rather the setup for something very big that we haven't really seen yet.Be [...]

    20. ARC provided by NetGalleyOne of the best things about the Hellboy series, is that we get to see different artists and writers bring their take on the characters. And in this miniseries we get two of the best artists working today in Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. While we don't get to see much of Hellboy or the Professor, they design fantastical characters to inhabit the world of Hellboy, especially that of Hecate. Creepy and only loosely there she provides a haunting presence throughout the book as [...]

    21. The B.P.R.D. has a long history of collecting misfits and using them as field agents. Hellboy is a demon child summoned by the Nazis at the end of World War II to change their fortunes. Abe Sapien is a fishman from the American Civil War era. Roger the Homunculus was grown in a German castle as a slave for bad guys. In B.P.R.D. 1948 Agent Simon Anders was a normal human until the souls of two crazy vampire sisters were imprisoned in him, turning him into a vampire. In this sequel, it's still 194 [...]

    22. B.P.R.D.: Vampire follows events in B.P.R.D.:1947. B.P.R.D. is the paranormal organization that Hellboy is part of and in these stories he's still quite young, so the stories are about other members of the organization.This story involves a young sailor named Simon Anders who seems to have two demonic sisters trapped inside him. He decides to go in search of the vampires behind these spirits. The question is if he will get lost in his quest for vengeance or if he can rid himself of the two spiri [...]

    23. I am not a regular reader of books in the BPRD / Hellboy universe, though I do know something about the storylines. I think that definitely helps if you're going to read this. It also helps to appreciate this particular style of artwork, but if you've seen anything from Mignola before you already know what to expect. The story here was enjoyable - a nice build and then an intensity that stuck around through the end. The art has a lot of movement and is very effective in portraying that intensity [...]

    24. The twins are in part responsible for my return to the world of comics. Their work with Matt Fraction on the inimitable creator-owned comic series Casanova became a stepping stone towards more interesting and convention shattering original works. of the past decade.BPRD isn't a series I follow with regularity, but out of what I've read this is the best. I'm probably biased because of the art team here, but this journey of a BPRD takes us deep into vampire country, and even deeper in the realm of [...]

    25. All right, now this one is pretty good. Mignola and company ditch whatever else was going on in the 1940-something series and just follow Simon Anders as he goes to hunt vampires, and all sorts of crazy stuff happens. He ends up fighting a vampire lord in Czechoslovakia, along with a huge coven of witches, and the result is lots of gore and mayhem, rendered rather gorgeously by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (who collaborate really interestingly here, sometimes alternating pages, sometimes drawing di [...]

    26. This is a good story that delights us with the furthering of the Simon Anders saga. I have however, mixed feelings about the artwork by brothers Moon and Ba.It is often vague what is going on, to a certain point this helps the excitement of"what is going on?" but at a certain point that gives way to the more pronounced"what the f*(< is going on!"At times their stylized geometric bodies take on Popeye-like proportions, Anders nose for example becomes a shark's fin in many panels, but as for co [...]

    27. The art is typically atractive as with most of the BPRD related books, and the dark tones suit the story well. The story is a bit confusing towards the end, and I found myself needed to read over pages again to figure out what was actually happening. As with most Mignola stories, there is a lot left left mysterious and unanswered, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Overall enjoyable, and deserving of 3.5 if not quite 4 stars.

    28. I am way behind on reading these but even so you don't need a lot of back story to know what is going on. This is set in the 1940's and deals with witches and vampires. I don't want to say too much but it was pretty good. If you are looking for Hellboy all you get is a few shots of him in the background. You do get some more on his father and him running the BPRD. A good entertaining read and I really need to read more of them. Digital copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley

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