Hellhound Defined

Hellhound Defined Kasadya Hellhound Defined Book of the Kasadya Series For centuries his only reason for existence was to destroy evil But when he finally found his mate that all changed for the deadly Chax De Luca

  • Title: Hellhound Defined
  • Author: Karen Swart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kasadya Hellhound Defined Book 4 of the Kasadya Series For centuries his only reason for existence was to destroy evil But when he finally found his mate, that all changed for the deadly Chax De Luca When the hellhound Kasadya captured his heart, he surrended it to her, thinking he d finally found what he d been looking for Little did he know that his mate would sacrKasadya Hellhound Defined Book 4 of the Kasadya Series For centuries his only reason for existence was to destroy evil But when he finally found his mate, that all changed for the deadly Chax De Luca When the hellhound Kasadya captured his heart, he surrended it to her, thinking he d finally found what he d been looking for Little did he know that his mate would sacrifice herself to save them all.His fury is legend His wrath, merciless His love for his mate, undeniable He s going to hell to retrieve his heart, and if that means that he must destroy hell itself, then so be it.Kasadya awakes to a world in peril, her mate forever changed, and a war filled with evil creatures intending to enter Earth s realm and destroy all that she holds dear Can she complete her divinity in time to save her loved ones and mankind Will she have to choose Or will all be lost in the final battle The final battle is here, and with it, secrets are revealed and worlds are changed forever.

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    1. Any book addict will tell you that there are these precious moments in life, very rare, but very precious. It’s a moment that is engraved into your memory and stays there forever. It’s when you close a book slowly, then gently keep you hand on it for a while and slowly, with much caution, take it away. As if you were not ready to part with it yet, as if you couldn’t say goodbye. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, I wasn’t ready to see the end of something so amazing. But that end came whet [...]

    2. Probably around a 2.5, but I will round up. After the third book, I really had high hopes for Defined, but the convoluted battle scenes, along with the grammatical errors, made it really hard to follow.Plot: This book picks up where Born left off. Chax is ready to go to hell and back (literally) to find Kasadya. Naturally, the gang (Lada, Lotan, Max, Nanini, Raven, etc.) refuse to let him go alone. As they search for Kasadya, they run into all kinds of obstacles, obstacles that eventually escape [...]

    3. A fantastic ending to a phenomenal series! Book 4 wraps it all up for you. With non stop action and some intense moments that leave your jaw gaping in surprise! We finally get to see who Chax really is in this book. And man oh man, I knew he was great, but this was something! I am sad that it is over, but happy to hear there will be a breakout series, 'Arch Angels' coming soon. We were not left wanting at the end of this book. Everything comes together and ends with a very happy ending. I wouldn [...]

    4. Hellhound Defined is a journey to Hell and back. Never have I had such an urge to flip to the last chapter just to see who would survive. In true Karen Swart fashion this was a roller coaster of action that left me gripping my kindle and my mouth gapping open. She continues to leave me in awe. I cannot say much regarding the story itself without adding spoilers. Trust me this is one series you do not want to miss. The action, the violence, the love that holds them together; this series has somet [...]

    5. One hell of a finale to the series, and I’m really glad the author has decided to do a spin off series so we don’t have to completely say good bye. Non-stop action from the start, I was completely gripped and loved every twist and turn. If you’ve enjoyed the series, then this book will definitely not disappoint. I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    6. Great final. Up and downs, huge surprises coming from Chax that I never saw coming. Having his POV really made this book stand out from the serie and made me like it even more. The final battle finally takes place and you will not be disappointed.

    7. SatisfyingFinally this book has been released! I have found great satisfaction in finally knowing the end of Kasadya's story. The climax of the book is epic! But at the end Karen has an agonising secret for yah! Enjoy ;)

    8. Yipee Yepse series finally concluded and I am gonna miss it dammKasadya, our badass heroine and Chax our high and might Custos.wait he is something else.Too much action, too much thrill and too much of gore. I loved it. Love it like hell. Speaking of which our story starts with Chax's narration and his journey with his team to get Kasadya back from hell. Alias are met between. The most sensational and epic thing i got from this book was Chax's reality. I mean bang. Bang. Bang. It was delusional [...]

    9. This is an overall review for the series (4 books). It's pretty good. It's easy to connect with characters and the plots interesting. The world building is good too It's just that almost all the world rules are extremely flexible, and some of them only get followed when it's not easier for the author to forget them. There are quite a few things that left me thinking 'wtf just happened that shouldn't be possible', or 'that should be possible because they have already done something similar'. It c [...]

    10. Hellhound Defined was absolutely stunning from start to finish. I found my heart stopping and then kick-starting again at sporadic intervals, and I could not seem to stop myself. This book was absolutely invigorating, and every single word enthralled me, capturing my attention completely. The last thing readers will be when reading this book is bored. Taking place soon after the last book left off, the gang is readying to descend into Hell to rescue Kasadya from The Devil's clutches. Her sacrifi [...]

    11. I received this book from the author, Karen Swart, and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock. Kasadya Hellhound Defined is the fourth and final book of a four book series written about Kasadya. WARNING: If you have not read Kasadya Hellhound Awakened, Kasadya Hellhound Twisted, or Kasadya Hellhound Born then this review might contain spoilers, so read Kasadya Hellhound Awakened first and then Kasadya Hellhound Twisted and then Kasadya Hellhound Born and then come back to read this book.T [...]

    12. I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock. Hellhound Defined is the last of the Kasadya series by Karen Swart. Now this book was a great ending to an awesome story. In this book we get to see a side of Chax that we didnt know and it helps understand why he is the way he is. After many centuries of fighting as a fallen and being alone he has now finally a reason to be happy a fight with a much better purpose. what he did not expected was that Kasadya w [...]

    13. OMG Absolutely Loved!Wrapped up in a blanket, nice and cozy, spending time with Chax De Luca with this final installment in Kasadya's Hellhound Saga was utterly amazing! I was engrossed in the story and could not put the book down. At least I got to spend my nights with one of my all time favorite characters. Kasadya has once again put herself in a position where she needs to be rescued and Chax is determined to get her back! Facing off with the most evil of all beings, Chax takes a team with hi [...]

    14. The book had lots of action but not enough romance, so I focused on the little romance that was in the book, because well I like romance. Chax he's more protective of Kasadya than before because of what's going on, "yes, you can. I will take care of any danger in the future." I'm not sure of what's going to happen to Chax and Kasadya with their new positions I think I would really like a novella as to see how they're doing in the future. I know Chax is a sweetheart, well this time around he is h [...]

    15. Once again join Kas and Chax while they fight demons again. Hellhound Defined I don't know, I wanted more for the conclusion of this series, but honestly it's the same fight, same issues, same everything, including bad editing again. And seriously? The whole end of the fight with the devil, come on by the conclusion of this book, I was desperate for it to be done I enjoyed Kas and Chax, and I'm glad with how they're story went, but this book just seemed to be a repeat. 3 stars

    16. This book was well worth the read, and I am very happy how this book ended. This series has brought so much release to me in my stressful times, and I cherish it for that reason. This book brought me to a whole new world filled with angels, hellhouds, fae, demons, and so many more different things,and it was a pleasure reading it.

    17. I enjoyed itI give it a 4.5 star rating.I really enjoyed reading this book and series. I find the ending to be quite funny and hopefully there will be a couple of spin offs to see what happens to everyone. I hope raven can figure out what this do with her problem and hopefully get some help from everyone.

    18. You know, I liked the story but the errors drove me nuts in ALL four books. Also please someone buy Swart a thesaurus. The word storm/stormed/storming was used hundreds of times. How could NO one mention this? I have never in all the books I've read seen an author use the same word for attacking and movement over and over and over.

    19. I loved the entire series just sad to see it be finished. I want more kas and chax to me their story isn't finished. I want to c more of their relationship the books never give a lot to them as a couple. but I love all the fights and the perserverance

    20. Amazing series, i laughed and cried so much through it all! So sad that it's over:/ Highly recommended! 5 stars are not enough for this! <3 <3

    21. I will Miss all the characters in this series. Kas was wonderful and this was a great conclusion to an Amazing story.

    22. God I loved this series. It's depressing that it's over so soon. I loved Kasadya but that was the end of her story and it was amazing. So worth every second

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