How to Cheer Up Dad

How to Cheer Up Dad A hilarious book about parent and child relationships for fans of Ian Falconer and Jon Agee a perfect gift idea for Father s Day and beyond Little Jumbo just can t understand why his dad is having suc

  • Title: How to Cheer Up Dad
  • Author: Fred Koehler
  • ISBN: 9780803739222
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A hilarious book about parent and child relationships for fans of Ian Falconer and Jon Agee a perfect gift idea for Father s Day and beyond Little Jumbo just can t understand why his dad is having such a bad day It couldn t be the raisins Little Jumbo spit out at the ceiling or the bath he refused to take after all, Little Jumbo s dad knew he hated raisins and had alrA hilarious book about parent and child relationships for fans of Ian Falconer and Jon Agee a perfect gift idea for Father s Day and beyond Little Jumbo just can t understand why his dad is having such a bad day It couldn t be the raisins Little Jumbo spit out at the ceiling or the bath he refused to take after all, Little Jumbo s dad knew he hated raisins and had already taken a bath that week Luckily, Little Jumbo is such a thoughtful elephant that he decides to turn his dad s bad day around with some of his ahem, his dad s favorite things.How to Cheer up Dad is a standout debut featuring a charmingly oblivious little elephant with serious pluck and staying power It turns the parent child roles upside down is a great book for dads and the kids who make them laugh.

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    1. Little Jumbo’s dad is having a very bad day, but Little Jumbo can’t figure out why. When Little Jumbo spits his raisins at the ceiling, his dad should have remembered not to put them in his oatmeal since Little Jumbo doesn’t like them. His dad also should have remembered that Little Jumbo doesn’t like his brown overalls, but he didn’t so Little Jumbo ran out of the house naked. Little Jumbo had to figure out how to cheer up dad, especially after getting a time out when it seemed like D [...]

    2. Little Jumbo simply can't understand why his dad is having such a bad day. It can't be the raisins he spit out at the ceiling, or the bath he refused to take, but Little Jumbo has a plan to cheer his dad up.A cute book that kids and parents will both relate to, How to Cheer Up Dad left me both smiling and wanting a little bit more. There is a wonderful mischievousness to Little Jumbo, yet there was never any understanding on his part, never any accountability that it was his actions that were up [...]

    3. Little Jumbo goes to great things to cheer up his dad, unaware the he is the cause of his dad's bad mood.

    4. A charming book about a baby elephant who tests his dad's patience, but finds ways to turn it around each day. Destined to be a Father's Day classic.

    5. Hilarious book. I've probably sold a dozen copies telling others about it.Little Jumbo is close to his dad and senses Dad is having a bad day, as Little Jumbo walks out of the kitchen dressed in cereal boxes, leaving behind a pile of cereal splayed across the floor. Innocent of his contribution to dad’s mood, Little Jumbo claims that, “Dad forgot that [he] did not like wearing his brown overalls”, when he dashes into the street wearing only his birthday suit. Trying to cheer up his dad, Li [...]

    6. Little Jumbo's dad seems a bit cross. Little Jumbo knows just what to do to cheer him up. Oddly, it seems like these are all Little Jumbo's favorite things as well. An adorable little book. I think storytime parents will especially enjoy it. Kids will like the little elephant's antics. Could foster a discussion with the kids on what are their favorite ways to cheer up. Will definitely try this one for storytime.

    7. Little elephant is a handful, getting his dad frustrated. Then the elephant helps cheer him up, ending with tucking him in, reading him a story, and putting him to sleep.

    8. Summary:Little Jumbo is a naughty little elephant who is up to no good. His actions, such as not taking a bath, making a mess in the kitchen and refusing to get dressed, lead to his dad having a very bad day. Little Jumbo suggests that his dad take a time out because he is in a bad mood. As you can imagine, this only made things worse. Little Jumbo gets sent to time out where he thinks of how he can cheer up his dad. He hugs him, plays catch with him and even takes him to get ice cream before cu [...]

    9. Viewers see the bad day beginning - with raisins from the oatmeal ending up on the ceiling. The playful troublemaker’s wild behavior increases with the addition of an unsuccessful bath, a no-clothes race, and a time-out. In an almost-cartoon-like style, the pencil and pen artwork is enhanced using digital media. Lots of white space and limited colors strengthen the young elephant’s naughty mischief making. This highlights the gap between the child’s delight and the father’s exasperation. [...]

    10. How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred KoehlerFind this book at your local libraryGenre: Single parent, single dads, elephants, fathers and sonsJumbo’s father is having a bad day. Although Jumbo seems to be at the root of the problems, he does his best to cheer up his dad by doing all of his dad’s favorite things.This is really one of the sweetest books I have come across in a while. The illustrations are purely adorable, especially little Jumbo. Just look at that face on the cover. What I like best is [...]

    11. This book was super adorable, not only the content but the illustrations too. You can tell the author/illustrator is the parent of small children as this plays out pretty much like a real-life situation. Dad is taking care of his young elephant son Little Jumbo, who is misbehaving and he is, of course, getting super frustrated. Of course, his son has no idea why his dad is so upset, as children never do. Little Jumbo wants to cheer him up so starts doing things to make him feel better, like gett [...]

    12. Little Jumbo can't understand why his dad seems so grumpy. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the raisins that Little Jumbo spit toward the ceiling, or the bath that Little Jumbo just simply did not need, or the brown overalls that Little Jumbo decided just not to wearuld it? Luckily, Little Jumbo knows exactly what to do to turn Dad's mood around.Simple and sweet, this is a great father-son read-aloud that will get a smile out of both kids and adultsd maybe even inspire your own Litt [...]

    13. This is a cute, but not-too-cute book depicting the relationship between a father and child. Little Jumbo, though most likely a male elephant, could easily be seen as a lady.Throughout the day, Little Jumbo's antics make Dad a little unhappy, and so Little Jumbo tries a few things to cheer dad up. Although all of these things are probably more fun for Little Jumbo than for Dad, it is probably Little Jumbo unknowingly being on his best behavior that cheers Dad up and puts him to sleep happily.unt [...]

    14. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=3436This book was a gift for my husband and son to read together, and it is a perfect father-son book. It shows the connection that a child and parent has, and also how a child’s choices can affect a parent and vice versa. It is a wonderful conversation starter and is a wonderful way to teach this lesson. And it is funny!Additionally, I LOVE the illustrations. Fred Koehler’s style adds an extra layer of joy to the book (with Fred’s “signature messy li [...]

    15. Little Jumbo is worried about Dad. He needs some cheering up. Mostly as a result of what a toddler might do to cause a parent-sized headache…but Little Jumbo is still worried. When Little Jumbo can’t put Dad in a time-out to make Dad feel better, Little Jumbo really has to think about how to bring a smile to Dad’s face. This is a sweet book about a dad and his little elephant. Most parents and toddlers will find truth and humor in what happens in the book. And perhaps the laugh that the bo [...]

    16. I picture reading this book to a group of kindergarteners or first graders. The lesson to be taken away would be that even parents have hard days and sometimes all they need is a little quality time together to cheer up. It teaches about empathy and how the son felt bad and wanted to find ways to make his dad happy again. Everybody has 'those' days and it's up to us to try and change that mood and make it all better. I think kids would like this story because the pictures are fun to look at and [...]

    17. I began this book with high expectations set by the flurry of clever picture books that have entered the market in the past five years. Unfortunately for this book, it didn't measure up. It's cute, but it didn't have the twist, the hidden punch, the authorial wink, or the tongue-in-cheek narrative that I had expected from the premise. It's close, but seems a little too rudimentary to quite make it. The illustrations convey action and emotion well, and they have the potential to take the book to [...]

    18. A mischievous little elephant tries to cheer up his dad after causing him an awful lot of grief. I liked this pen and ink/digitally rendered picturebook because 1. There is no mother, 2. Little Jumbo wants to make his dad happy, even though he completely misunderstands that his own actions are making his father upset and 3. The illustrations are fun.I don't dislike this book, it just feels as though it could use a little more depth. The brevity is emphatic, yes, but it seems to be lacking just t [...]

    19. It's a concept that's been done a zillion times before: parental love for a child, but here it's the child looking for ways to do something special for his dad. I loved the sweet undertones of the well-timed humor, and several vignettes resonated personally with me. I could picture similar interactions between my husband and eldest son. Any parent could appreciate Little Jumbo's obliviousness that his actions are getting on Dad's nerves, as well as his well-intentioned attempts at cheering up.

    20. Little Jumbo's dad is having a bad day. Little Jumbo has no idea why.Luckily, he does know just how to cheer up Dad with some of his dad's favorite things!Fred Koehler's hilarious debut is the perfect ode to dad everywhere and their own energetic Little Jumbos.Some days, dads just need a little extra attention!SubjectsFather and child -- Juvenile fiction.Mood (Psychology) -- Juvenile fictionElephants -- Juvenile fiction

    21. This book had potential to teach some great lessons to young children. Little Jumbo however failed to ever right his wrongs. He never took responsibility for what he had done and at the end of the book he returns to his bad habits. This book could have easily been a 4 or 5 star book given that it taught something applicable to children's lives. Is it a fun storySure, I will give them that. But it fails to teach anything meaningful to the development of a young child.

    22. Little Jumbo's dad is having a bad day. He should have known that Little Jumbo didn't need a bath or raisins in his oatmeal. But as Little Jumbo sits in time out, he tries to figure out what he can do to cheer up dad. Hugs ice cream playing catch. It's all good. And finally, a bedtime story. And tomorrow is another day.Sweet story about father son relationships. Illustrations are fun, too.

    23. An elephant father and son spend the day together with their share of challenges, yet all in all it is a happy day. The mother is absent from the story, but there is a picture of a motherly looking elephant on the boy's dresser. It appears that dad is a single dad. I really like that more and more picture books are dropping the "traditional" family storyline in favor of more contemporary family situations.

    24. Adorable. I really enjoyed this one and it made me chuckle. Cute illustrations, and I think we all know a Little Jumbo in our own lives. Could be a great Father's Day gift from a young one. Would be great to use in the classroom to talk about perspective/point-of-view as Little Jumbo's version of narrating this story would be very different than Dad's.

    25. Cutely illustrated, with an entertaining reversal of roles at the end. But fundamentally this book suffers from humorously promoting a lack of personal responsibility, the thing modern society suffers from the most. While the end state of the day is acceptable, the child has hardly learned a lesson.

    26. I was ready to dislike this book from the summary however, the illustrations help it work. Jumbo has no idea why Dad is in a bad mood. The illustrations show the reader how Jumbo has contributed to Dad's mood. The text never explains or scolds with the exception of giving a time out so the reader must pay attention to the pictures, which are humorous for both parent and child. (three star-)

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