All the Right Things

All the Right Things In Love in All the Wrong Places Annie tried her hand at online dating but it brought her nothing but a broken heart This girl can t seem to catch a break in the dating world While wondering what we

  • Title: All the Right Things
  • Author: Audrey Harte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: None
  • In Love in All the Wrong Places , Annie tried her hand at online dating, but it brought her nothing but a broken heart This girl can t seem to catch a break in the dating world While wondering what went wrong once again, she met an attractive, funny and sincere hip hop dancer in the parking lot at work But just as Casey expressed interest in taking her out, he had to lIn Love in All the Wrong Places , Annie tried her hand at online dating, but it brought her nothing but a broken heart This girl can t seem to catch a break in the dating world While wondering what went wrong once again, she met an attractive, funny and sincere hip hop dancer in the parking lot at work But just as Casey expressed interest in taking her out, he had to leave town to tour the country with an up and coming pop star Annie was willing to wait for him to return, but then she received an apologetic text from Nate, the last guy she met on Craigslist Join Annie on her adventures in All the Right Things as she makes some of the biggest decisions of her life While she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent with Nate and is still attracted to him, he screwed her and then ditched her at the bar without a word Will Annie accept Nate s explanation and his heartfelt apology and give him a second chance or will she kick him to the curb Or will Casey s charm and determination to show her how a real man should treat a lady win her over Or will both of these guys be left in the dust when someone from her past reappears

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    1. 3 Continuing Romance in the 21 Century Stars * * * This is the second in the series of books which look at the way 20 to 30 somethings are meeting, hooking up, learning about life and love. They use the romantic life of a small group of friends and the cities they take place in give an added demention to the tales. We are right where the last book ended Annie has finally met an actually cool, sweet, nice, hunky guy. After a bunch of crappy experiences with men over her young life looks like she [...]

    2. Let me ask you thiswhat do you get when you follow your dreams?Well, hopefully you get what you're looking for!In book one: Love in All the Wrong Places, I felt like Annie didn't know what she wanted in life. She was just living her life, looking for a man to fill a void. In All the Right Things, things seem to be finally clicking for Annie and let me tell you, Casey can show me his dance moves in private ANY DAY!I really enjoyed this book and happy that there will be a third book. I hope Annie [...]


    4. * A review copy was provided by Audrey Harte in exchange for an honest review * Buy Link---->> All the Right Things (Love in LA Book 2) ~~ 4 Stars ~~ Again this was another fun and entertaining read by Audrey Harte. All the Right Things is the second book in her Love in LA series. This book is a continuation of book 1….Love in All the Wrong Places….d can't be read as a standalone. You definitely need to read book 1 first. This is a fairly quick read. The flow and pace of the story was [...]

    5. Let me give you a fair warning - this book can not be read as a standalone. To better understand Annie's complicated relationships you will have to read the first installment which is Love in All the Wrong Places. Don't worry, book 1 is a very short read which I thought was enjoyable. It was also unique and distinctive. More than a hundred plus books later, I still remember every detail of Annie's story. That's saying something since I have a very bad memory. Ha!For me, the follow-up was even be [...]

    6. 4 1/2 Fierce and Fabulous StarsAll the Right Things picks up right after Love in All the Wrong Places. Annie has just gone out for coffee with Casey for the 2nd time and found out he’s heading off to go on tour for the next 3 weeks. On her way home, Nate texts her to apologize for his behavior (leaving and ignoring). Annie agrees to listen to his explanation and invites him over. Surprisingly, Nate’s story makes sense and is forgivable. Annie now has to decide what to do with Chase and Nate. [...]

    7. 3.5 starsBlurb: In “Love in All the Wrong Places”, Annie tried her hand at online dating, but it brought her nothing but a broken heart. This girl can't seem to catch a break in the dating world! While wondering what went wrong once again, she met an attractive, funny and sincere hip hop dancer in the parking lot at work. But just as Casey expressed interest in taking her out, he had to leave town to tour the country with an up and coming pop star. Annie was willing to wait for him to return [...]

    8. I originally read the first book in the Series Love in All the Wrong Places last year and absolutely loved it. I was very excited when I was able to read All the Right Things. I enjoyed it and it would a good read that you can slip in between those dark angsty reads we all love so much.In the first book we went along with Annie as she explored the nightmares of online dating. She had her heart broken and she was left undecided what to do. Now, she decides to have a little fun. We already know Ca [...]

    9. Not having read the first book in the series, this book picks up where I believe the first book did. Luckily, despite not reading the first one, I could keep up with what was happening with the characters and the storyline. Annie is a typical twenty-something, trying to figure out life and love. Her love life is somewhat of a mess, especially when her last foray into dating lead to her having sex in the bathroom of a karoke bar and then being left. But dancer Casey is there to try and prove to A [...]

    10. This is the sequel of Love in All the wrong places, as you know the book ended up really bad, Nate leaving Annie and she was going out with Casey but he was about to go on tour because he is a dancer and everything was not looking fine for her.And as usual I don’t do summary of the books thats why the synopsis is here so I will go straight with why I like this bookThis book is really great one, you can see here how she is struggling between letting her insecurity of the past getting in the way [...]

    11. 4 starsI was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.When I finished Love In All the Wrong Places I felt like I needed to lecture Annie about Nate. In All the Right Things it picks up where book one left off and at times I was lecturing her in my head. Well actually there were several times in the book I was lecturing her in my head.I liked the story and I liked the character development. As you could probably tell I was caught up in all her relationship issues and wanted to be her friend [...]

    12. Make sure to read the first book in this series Love in all the wrong places. Annie just doesn't seem to learn until she meets Casey She runs into her ex that had made the choice to choose his ex girlfriend over Annie cause she is pregnant only to find out that the baby is not his and wants another chance with Annie. Annie finally realizes that she could do better and should be put first on a boyfriends priorities. She takes a chance to follow her dream and is selected as a final round contestan [...]

    13. Let me start off by saying I loved All the Right Things, but I think I may love this one more. This series is following Annie while she is trying to figure out her personal and professional life.So we start All the Right Things where Love in the Wrong Places takes off.While continuing to get to know Casey other men are trying to come back in her life. While Annie must make some decisions on where her life will be heading she finally makes the choices to follow her dream. With her dream in sight [...]

    14. This books picks up where book one left us. Casey going on your and wanting to start a relationship and Nate wanting to explain. I really like the premise for this book. We get to see more Casey. In the beginning, I was rooting for him when I was originally team Nate. I'm not so sure now. And Gabe from book one made his reappearance. I'm hoping maybe for a rekindle with him in the final book of this series this fall. I feel like he was put in a tough position and now he needs to redeem himself e [...]

    15. 5 StarsIf you have not read Love in All the Wrong Places (Love in LA, #1) you should read that book first.This story continues where the last book left off with the text. You re-meet the men from book one Casey, Nate and Gabe. She needs to decide if any of them are worth the trouble they are putting her through.A kind of side story is her talent competition she is involved in. Casey is also involved in the talent show but who will win?Can she find the love she so wants? Can she find it with thes [...]

    16. "All The Right Things" is about the results of online dating. In book one of the" Love in La" series, Annie ventures into online dating and in book 2 all the men she meets are now vying for her attention. Who will she choose?I will admit I was disappointed in the first book when Annie resorted to drugs to douse her feelings of anxiety. There was no drug use in "All the Right Things" possibly because everything is going her way.This is not one of my favorite series but it is definitely a page tur [...]

    17. I can`t believe I`m saying this but I *think* I like this book even more than Love in All the Wrong Places! I think the reason behind this is Annie. In this book she is more determined what she wants. And she goes for it. She wants to be happy! She goes after her drams. She also meets very handsome man named Casey. I really like him. A lot :) I love this book so much, because not just I can relate to Annie, but characters are so lovable! I`ve enjoyed reading every page of this book! And cannot w [...]

    18. I really love Audrey Harte and I love her characters.It was fantastic to continue to read Annie’s story.She is a little dynamo this one and Audrey has written her so that so many young women can relate to her.Casey is just swoony and I really do like him and he can dance for me any day!!Her characters are entertaining and real, I love Audrey's style of writingThe book continues perfectly from book one, it is well paced and well developed. I can’t wait to see where Annie goes in book three

    19. Annie is finally finding herself and meets Casey, a professional dancer. Follow them as they explore a new relationship and the ups and downs that go with Casey being on tour with a pop star that wants him. Can their relationship survive her jealousy, or will they fall apart like all her other relationships. What happens when Gabe comes back into the picture? Will what he has to say to her change things with her and Casey? What happens when Annie and Casey try out for the same reality show? Find [...]

    20. This book was so much better than the first. I liked the All the Wrong Places but All the Right Things was just a great story. Annie has figured out what she wants and is going for it. It picks up with her and Casey still friends and spending time together but there are other guys that want her back in their lives too. She has to make a decision and stick to it. The story flows good and the characters great. Loved it

    21. I loved reading more about Annie and the direction life was taking her. I truly am happy she is starting to take the leap and do something for HERSELF! She is an amazing character. And Casey whew boy mmm I'd love to get him on the dance floor any day of the week! :) Great Job on book 2 I can not wait for book 3!!!

    22. Its not very often I enjoy the second book in a series more than the first!I've LOVED Annies character development, and it really takes off with this one!Casey Is just all around swoon worthy!They story flows so well and I love the emotions in it! I cant wait to see where Audrey takes this next!

    23. A lovely read a book not to be missed I loved this second book as much as I did the 1st can't wait for the 3rd book to come out to see where it takes Annie and her life! Defiantly twist and turns loved the chemistry between Annie and Casey, what a brilliant future this author will have producing such lovely work like this, well-done Audrey,

    24. Oh my gosh! I LOVED the sequel even more than the 1st one- do I really have to wait until fall for the next part?!?! This is a GOOD read that keeps you interested and entertained and SO ready for more!!!! Thank you Audrey Harte!!

    25. I looooooooved itAnnie is a cutie and Casey, ah, I'm totally in love with him.But I have a complaining question though:Why a good book always finishes when it is in its best part? I need more, like, yesterday =/

    26. Loved this book more than I loved the first one, and I really loved the first one. Audrey Harte is a great author and if you haven't read any of her books.what is wrong with you? 5 stars all the way!!

    27. 2 thumbs upGreat follow up to the first book. Can't wait to start the third one! They are killing me with the suspense.

    28. A nice follow-up and I was happy to see that decisions Annie made with each guy. I find myself really rooting for her and hoping she'll win in every aspect of her life.

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