The Greek Coffin Mystery

The Greek Coffin Mystery From the very beginning the Khalkis case struck a somber note It began as was peculiarly harmonious in the light of what was to come with the death of an old man Georg Khalkis internationally famo

  • Title: The Greek Coffin Mystery
  • Author: Ellery Queen
  • ISBN: 9780451121363
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the very beginning, the Khalkis case struck a somber note It began, as was peculiarly harmonious in the light of what was to come, with the death of an old man Georg Khalkis, internationally famous art dealer and collector, died of heart failure After his funeral, his attorney found that the will was missing and immediately called in the district attorney.When InspFrom the very beginning, the Khalkis case struck a somber note It began, as was peculiarly harmonious in the light of what was to come, with the death of an old man Georg Khalkis, internationally famous art dealer and collector, died of heart failure After his funeral, his attorney found that the will was missing and immediately called in the district attorney.When Inspector Queen and his son, Ellery, are brought in to solve the mystery of the missing will, Ellery mentions the one place they have not searched for the will the coffin Upon exhumation of the Khalkis coffin they find that it contained not one body but two

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    1. The two authors who have taken the pen name of Ellery Queen are many things, but great writers they are not. By great I mean - maybe - humanizing. To see someone solve a rubik cube in record time inspires nothing but awe; I don't mean that in a good way by the way. They do not know how to make the journey to the final solution of the mystery memorable. But such is the force with which the authors have created this story that even an average minded person like me followed most of the ongoing deve [...]

    2. My first Ellery Queen mystery! For reasons now forgotten to me, I have Ellery Queen's The Scarlet Letters on my TBR list. Unfortunately, the library only has The Greek Coffin Mystery, so that's what I got.The Greek Coffin Mystery starts with a will gone missing, a body in a coffin where it should not be, and then ends up with a stolen painting. Chronologically, it's the 'first' of the Ellery Queen mysteries, so it features a young Ellery Queen.I have no idea if this Ellery Queen is different fro [...]

    3. Ellery Queen [1:] and S. S. Van Dine each began to write and publish a successful detective series in the late 1920s/early 1930s. The lead character in each was a young man who had a personal relationship with members of the law enforcement community in New York City (close friends with the DA in the case of Vance and son of a prominent Inspector on the force in the case of Queen) but was not himself officially part of the force. As the series begin there are many parallels and a few major diffe [...]

    4. Once again, good plotting let down by poor writing. The dialogues especially are poorly written in that they are not believable. Besides, the characters are unreal. A pity because the Ellery Queen series would have been brilliant had the writing been half as good as British crime writers' or Earl Stanley Gardner's, and had the characters been more real and endearing.Take Ellery Queen for instance. He is young man recently out of university, and far younger than the district attorney (Sampson) an [...]

    5. One of the joys of reading Ellery Queen novels is that moment toward the end of the book when the narrator steps out of character and challenges the reader to solve the mystery. I’ve read four of them now and I haven’t come close to getting the solution right. This time I caught one of the red herrings with a fair degree of accuracy—which means I was wrong, but not as clueless as I sometimes feel when I reach this point.This novel is a slow read but well worth your time. (It’s slow becau [...]

    6. This book while not the first Ellery Queen book ever published is chronologically the earliest Queen novel. The thing to understand about Ellery Queen is that unlike Nero Wolfe, Philip Marlowe, or Father Brown, there's not a whole lot of characters or wisdom to be garnered beyond the mystery, but when the mystery is good, it carries the rest of the book.Such is the case here. A man dies and the latest version of his will is missing. A murder soon follows The book proceeds according to typical pl [...]

    7. A wealthy art collector and gallery owner in a midtown Manhattan mansion in the 1930s (I think) is found dead, apparently of a heart attack. No mystery there. But the will, which is known to have been changed the day before is death, is missing. The presumptive heir is able to call in the US District Attorney! Well, so it happens in Ellery Queen's privileged world. The first mystery, then, is to find the will and this Ellery attempts to do by eliminating every possible place except the coffin it [...]

    8. Keeps one guessing, a good thing. Narrated clearly & well by Mark Peckham. Classic education is shown (proof of the dumb-down education). Loved the romp to yesteryear. I thought it was her ╰(*´︶`*)╯

    9. Great classic detection from the master ellery queen. In this book ellery investigates a possible double murder, great sense of time and place.

    10. A classic of the golden age of mysteries, this book features both Queen's Challenge to the Reader and his trademark "false" solutions to the crime. Well done, but the explanation is a bit wordy.

    11. I have been enjoying getting into the Ellery Queen novels since watching the older series on TV. This was an interesting case and very cleverly figured out as to how everything was done.

    12. When a rich New York art dealer dies and his will disappears Ellery Queen is called in. When he has the coffin exhumed, a second body is found it. A good Ellery Queen mystery read.

    13. Thank god this one is finally over. I read this for the Q requirement in my book challenge. I hadn’t read any Ellery Queens before, but I figured he’d be similar to Agatha Christie. In other words, this would be a rather short tale with lots of detail and a nice clean wrap-up at the end. Well, it wasn’t short, for one thing - 13 hours on audiobook. And lots of detail is an understatement. There were actually three wrap-ups by the end, because the myriad details kept leading Ellery differen [...]

    14. ***** 5 "Stars to Ellery ". -No Spoiler Review - Excelente la fenomenización en la descripcion de las escenas por parte de los autores. Resumida en pocas palabras : está hecha de verdadera Intriga - suspenso y misterio . Una novela policiaca muy bien lograda , y cerrada a posibles "soluciones apresuradas " por parte del lector , todo un desafío de intriga para el consumidor de novela negra . Es Mi primera experiencia con Ellery Queen , y a mi parecer es un Detective : jovial , divertido , sar [...]

    15. This mystery from 1932 hasn't aged well - clunky prose and surprising amount of racism. The mystery itself is unconvincing and depends (as is the case with some other early Ellery Queens) on trivial and arbitrary details that the authors hope the reader has forgotten. Like an episode of "House", the book had three different false solutions before the real one, none of the four any more organically plausible or psychologically satisfying than the others. Not a "can't-put-it-down" mystery by any m [...]

    16. My First Ellery Queen The idea of this mystery was good, but the writing style plodded along. Before the mystery was solved, I was tired of reading it. Three murders and an art theft with the police bumbling along. Ellery's constant logic being vocalized was rather wearying. His end summation unnecessary.

    17. I did not figure out the mystery, which is always a plus! But being an older story, the characterization of Miss Brett, and the way other characters treated and talked to her, did tend to make me roll my eyes.

    18. Very long. But very good. Has lots of false leads and red herrings. But very entertaining. I read half the book years ago but finally finished by listening to the audiobook. I recommend.

    19. My guess was good one, he is the one who did.but overall it is more of explaining the facts, deductions and environment, which sometimes I felt like more than what needed.hence lost focus. Good one if some one is more interested in them.

    20. I love a good mystery, as do many of us and after finding the Ellery television series alive and well on Hulu I decided to re-read a few of the early books. While not the first book in the Ellery Queen series The Greek Coffin Mystery does purport to be his earliest case.Written by two authors, Frederic Dannay & Manfred Bennington Lee, who had taken the pen-name of Ellery Queen one should understand is unlike Nero Wolfe or Philip Marlowe there's not a whole lot more to the books beyond the my [...]

    21. Yea, I finished this just because I purchased it. If I were to describe this in a single word? Corny. It reminded me of the movie Clue. The ending sucked.

    22. There are certain books--mostly older mysteries--that maintain my interest but also help me nod off to sleep after several pages. I usually read these on my iPad, using a sepia setting that also encourages sleep (vs. the default blue light of digital screens), especially when I have a hard time returning to sleep in the middle of the night. This might not be the highest praise for a book, of course, but nevertheless, they're books I did not give up on.This was the first Ellery Queen mystery I'd [...]

    23. This is quite a fat book for a cozy mystery. I picked it up after googling for authors similar to Christie who writes cozy mysteries. Strongly being recommended for me, I started this book. This is my first read of the author and I look forward to more.Ellery Queen is the son of inspector Richard Queen who assist in solving murders. There are lot of characters in the book and it took quite sometime to get to know them. Honestly, it took quite some time to get to know the psychology of the charac [...]

    24. This was one darn good mystery. First of all, Ellery "solves" it four times. Secondly, while I did pick out the most important clue, I was totally befuddled as to the third "solution." Thirdly, I NEVER would have guessed the correct solution. While Ellery can be a bit snobby and annoying at times, he is the best (most intricate) logician I've ever seen. If you are looking for a mystery which explains why the clues must give you this result, this is the book for you. Also, all Ellery Queen's (amo [...]

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