Torn Skylar McKenzie is a serious artist with a plan She ll graduate high school travel around Europe then leave her life in Texas and move to New York She ll also leave her feelings for the boy she s kn

  • Title: Torn
  • Author: Annie Brewer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • Skylar McKenzie is a serious artist with a plan She ll graduate high school, travel around Europe, then leave her life in Texas and move to New York She ll also leave her feelings for the boy she s known her whole life, behind and move on Or so she hopes.Jackson Cruz is ready for a future as a star quarterback once he graduates high school It s the path he s been leadiSkylar McKenzie is a serious artist with a plan She ll graduate high school, travel around Europe, then leave her life in Texas and move to New York She ll also leave her feelings for the boy she s known her whole life, behind and move on Or so she hopes.Jackson Cruz is ready for a future as a star quarterback once he graduates high school It s the path he s been leading for years now But when his cheerleader girlfriend cheats on him, and a teammate causes a lot of drama, he wonders if this is really the life he s wanted, or if there s something They thought they had it all figured out their futures But life doesn t always go as planned With feelings revealed, their dreams on the line, this is a year for changes, choices, and a love that might or might not overcome all obstacles.Told in Jackson and Skylar s POV, this is a story about acceptance, first love, embracing your passions and finding your way, even if it s not the way you had planned.A new Young Adult novel, with adult content coming late November 2013.

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    1. 4.5 Stars! Torn is a story of two people who grew apart, and found their way back together. Skylar and Jackson had been best friends since they were children. As they got older, things started to change. Jackson became the popular football player dating the head cheerleader etc. Skylar’s passion is art and wasn’t in the popular crowd. One of the main reasons Jackson changed and distanced himself from Sky is the feelings he was starting to develop for her. Feelings that went beyond just frien [...]

    2. IT'S LIVE on !!!amazon/gp/aw/d/B00GYQQ***update***This book took a different turn during editing. I mean, what the fuck? It was completely done and finished and ready(minus the last bit of editing). And then when I changed a couple of things, it kind of changed the events of EVERYTHING. So with that said, it's not ready for publishing. But it's okay, because this change was for the better. It'll be ready by Monday and I'll keep it at .99 for a few more days for the delay. Grrrrr! Sorry for the w [...]

    3. Skylar is in her senior year of high school and she can't wait for it to be over. Skylar isn't exactly "miss popular" She's a brilliant painter with big dreams.Skylar has been best friends with Jackson and his brother Jared for years.Jackson: The boy who is still in her heart and dreams- the one who "changed" and left her behind when he became popular. Jared: The most awesome guy you will ever meet. Handsome, sweet funnyWhen Jared finally tells Skylar he likes her more than friends, she doesn't [...]

    4. 4.5.Hanging in there. starsThis is the story about growing up, friendships, and love.We meet 17 yr old, Skylar, 18 yr old Jackson, and 20 yr old Jared. Jackson and Jared are brothers and they grew up with Skylar, and are the best of friends until Sky/Jackson started high school. They drifted apart, and now Jackson won't even talk to Skylar anymore. He's more interested in football and being popular than being Sky's friend. His brother on the other hand, is a sweetheart and has always been there [...]

    5. 3.5 STARS!High school drama at its best! Cute story of two best friends who grew apart. Despite the fork in their roads, fate has a way of bringing these childhood friends back together.I thought this story started out very strong. I enjoyed the heroine, Skylar, who is this pretty, quiet girl who loves to paint. Her lifelong friendship with Jackson came to an abrupt end when he struck popularity gold and dumped the friendship.Jackson has become one of the popular jocks. You know the type the guy [...]

    6. "CLIFFY"Torn was a pretty quick read. A story about two best friends, who grew together but at one point, they grew apart. They are more like strangers now.Jackson and Skylar are two loveable character to read. I felt few similarities between Torn and Bully. Jackson at times was behaving like Jared from Bully!He ignored her as he started developing feelings for her. And then, he realises that he is wrong." Are you cold? ""You stopped kissing me to ask me that?" And Amber, is one hellavu characte [...]

    7. Received an arc from the beautifully talented author herself, in exchange for an honest review.anks Annie!Another great read!! Loved itfull review to follow

    8. I love reunion romances and first love stories, and despite a whole lot of pain and betrayal, Skylar and Jackson were just that! She'd pretty much resigned herself to the fact that this boy who used to be her best friend had no need for her in his life anymore. He'd tossed her aside, joined the higher ranks of the cocky jocks with bitchy girlfriends, and moved on. Until suddenly, seeing her decide she'd wasted enough time wishing they could be more, he realized maybe he was the one missing out. [...]

    9. OUT's ReviewI don't know where to begin with this book. I loved it from the beginning to the very end. Have you ever read a book that you can't stop thinking about. Your at work or just running errands and you are counting down the time until your at home and in bed reading that book again. I thought about this book for hours and hours. Finally when I read it again I just didn't want to ever put it down. I had to stay up later then usual to try and finish the book and when I reached the very end [...]

    10. Skylar and Jackson were best friends growing up. They have both lost a parent but in different ways. Skylar has been able to cope better with the loss of her father after a tragic accident but Jackson on the other hand has not been able to deal with the loss of his mother as easily. That loss though was a choice. Jackson and Skylar are now in High School and no longer as close as they once were but they still harbor deep feelings for each other. Jackson is on the football team and dating a cheer [...]

    11. I absolutely LOVED this book. It was an amazing read; I couldn’t put it down once I started it. I wanted to keep reading even when my eyes wanted to do nothing more than close. So yes I got a book hangover from reading this wonderfully written story and it was so worth it.I was instantly in love with Skye. She is an amazing girl. Has so much talent and love in her heart. There is definitely no one else like her. My heart broke for her that she was dealing with the loss of losing a parent, her [...]

    12. Another great read by Annie. This is my second book by her, and all I can say is they keep getting better.In "Torn" we have three characters that play a main role in this novel, and one i really wanted to give an upper cut, boy he pissed me offbut the story has to start somehow, right? I enjoy reading stories when the characters know each other from childhood, it sounds more authentic. In this story we have Skylar, Jackson and Jared. The two brothers grew up with Skyler and were best of friends, [...]

    13. This is a story of childhood friends who grew apart and then come back together. I love how strong Sky was and I really love how her art wasn't just mentioned once and then forgotten. Her art is a big part of her life and left me wanting to see her paintings. When we first saw interaction between Sky and Jackson I thought I was going to hate him, but he proved me wrong. He was a teenager still dealing with heavy stuff that lead him to be the way he is. At first I thought something would happen b [...]

    14. I love these stories, childhood friends who grow up together and later find that they have feelings outside of friendship. I love that these stories are not insta-love and insta-sex. The heroine is very likeable. She has no idea how beautiful she is inside and out. That is what made some parts of this story very sweet. She has no idea that Jackson or anyone else could have romantic feelings for her.Some of the problems I had with the book are that I felt like I was told what to feel. I rather dr [...]

    15. Loving the cover.Whaaaa! Sweet Annie can really get my blood pumping with her evil teasers and now a cliffhanger!!!!! Never knew she had it in her.First, I'll start with the writing. I think it could of used another dose of editing, only because it wasn't perfect. There were a couple of words that were used multiple times that I'd noticed. Just like, "His eyes MISTED over." That was in there a lot. My only complaint.I see a big difference in Jackson. Honestly, when Annie first gave me her book t [...]

    16. Reviewer : Liz - Magic Within The PagesRating: 4 stars Torn is about best friends Skylar and Jackson who grew apart and slowly grow back together to form an amazing relationship. Skylar, who is strong, beautiful and a fantastic painter then there is Jackson, football star, who has a bitch of a girlfriend Amber, who loves to make Skylar's life hell because she is jealous of the friendship Sky and Jackson shared in the past. There are a few different things going on in this story, but it keeps you [...]

    17. I have never read YA before and was pleasantly surprised by Annie Brewer's teenaged love story. It was very dramatic in parts. Real teenaged crises! Angst! But the ending left me hanging, I wanted to know more about the two main characters' future together. I read the unedited version, and received an arc before it was published. The author asked me to read it and give an honest review. With that said, I have to admit what I enjoyed most was the plot line and the way the author alternated betwee [...]

    18. Holy Cliff-hanger!!! Why?! Oh, WHY?!So yup, its a cliffy :( I really like alternating POVs, so that's a huge plus for this book. Jackson is self aware. I really liked him, and his brother. and his father, the side characters in this are good. (view spoiler)[I kinda want to kill Amberd Daniel! (hide spoiler)]I found Jackson's part of the story more compelling than Sky'sbut that's not really unusual for me. I liked Sky, she's not a doormat type heroine, but pretty down to earth.I could have used a [...]

    19. I would love to thank my friend Annie the author for giving me the honor of being a beta reader, I loved the journey with you, and the end product speaks for itself as it's amazing . This is the 4th book I've read of Annie's and each one gets better and better. I loved all the characters in this book, but even though he had his bad moments I'm still a Jackson softy. I loved skyler too she has such a strong personality but is quiet at the same time. Once you start reading this book you won't want [...]

    20. Reading by the Book REVIEWOh, I got left hanging. Skylar and Jackson story was touching but the emotional struggle of Jackson touched me the most.Coming to terms that your mother not only left you but says she don't know you in public us another story. I would have put walls up to and stop feeling or acknowleding emotions too. I was happy when Amber showed her true side and he left her to follow his own dream and give into the LOVE in which he had for Skylar. Jackson was a true sweetheart and ad [...]

    21. I would first and foremost like to thank Annie for providing a copy for review.Wow, I had read the previous version of Torn and that was good. But this updated final version!? Even better. Sky and Jackson were best friends growing up. As they grew older they drifted. Jackson became the jerkoff jock dating the evil cheerleader. Beginning their senior year Jackson can't fight it anymore. He knows who he loves, and who he wants to be with. He has scars that hold him back, but Sky is there to help h [...]

    22. Awesome little story! You have Skylar she's a high school senior who loves art and keeps to herself, then you have Jackson he's your football star. They used to be the closest of and then life happened. Jackson is dating this nasty hoe named Amber who annoys the he'll outta me! I dealt with bitches like her in high school, I might dare I've had a fight or two because there are some nasty whores out there. I liked the story it was typically high school stuff an it made it real and that's what I l [...]

    23. ARC provide by the author in exchange for a honest review.I found myself rooting for Sky and Jackson's LOVE connection to blossom for the start. The ending :&. (*lips shut*) will have you wanting book two!


    25. Great story. I thought i had the story figured out from the beginning but I was way off! Full review to come during blog tour! Def add to your TBR list!

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