The White Seal

The White Seal Written by the two time Academy Award winner this is a story about Kotec who is an adorable baby white seal who inhabits a world of tension He emerges as a true hero and shows his courage and determ

  • Title: The White Seal
  • Author: Rudyard Kipling
  • ISBN: 9780824965983
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written by the two time Academy Award winner, this is a story about Kotec, who is an adorable baby white seal who inhabits a world of tension He emerges as a true hero and shows his courage and determination in finding the solution to seal survival an island safe from his greatest enemy man.

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    1. This book was included in the free Kindle download of _The Jungle Book_. Never heard of it, but it's short and entertaining.

    2. Originally this was a short story by Rudyard Kipling that can be found within his "Jungle Book" series and then was made into a movie for children to watch thus the cartoonish illustrations found within the pages. And in the end it is a movie that I hope to watch eventually just to see how well they carried it out. When compared to the actual short story by Rudyard Kipling you can notice where they removed parts of the story and either continued with the plot or added something else to it, which [...]

    3. 'They told him thatmen had always driven the holluschickie [yearling seals] —it was part of the day's work—and that if he did not like to see ugly things he should not have gone to the killing grounds.But none of the other seals had seen the killing, and that made the difference between him and his friends. Besides, Kotick was a white seal."What you must do," said old Sea Catch, after he had heard his son's adventures,"is to grow up and be a big seal like your father, and have a nursery on t [...]

    4. A white seal, Kotick, sees his fellow seals being hunted and killed by men and decides to do something about it. He searches for a long time to find a safe, sheltered beach where they can live without men being able to reach them. When he tries to get his tribe of seals to move they mock him and he has to fight them. At its core, it's a story about doing something brave when everyone tells you that you can't do it. He refuses to accept things as they are and instead searches for a better life an [...]

    5. Many of Kipling's stories are fables. This one made the most sense. It is a very simple story. One that you could tell a child at night before going to bed. It makes several good points in a very simple, easy to understand narrative.

    6. I read the book to my child before going to sleep, who loved it. It is a cute short fable by Kipling, with several teachings, from love to animals to persistence, setting lofty goals for ourself, and ignoring criticisms if you think you are doing the right thing.

    7. I didn't read his exact version, I read a book that had a ton of rudyard killings books in it, but in shorter version. But I didn't like it to much, I thought it was sorta boring. I do however like how rudyard Kipling writes about animals .

    8. This book shaped who I am as a person. My parents read it to me as a child. To this day, I hold the humane treatment of animals close to my heart.

    9. Another great classic animal story by Kipling. This one features a white seal born into a colony that experiences troubles from hunters. A great underdog on a quest story.

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