Whiskey Lullaby

Whiskey Lullaby Adult RomanceEach book ends with a HEA All books are about different couples Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase Until he betrayed her in the worst way with one of her best friends

  • Title: Whiskey Lullaby
  • Author: Dawn Martens Emily Minton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adult 18 RomanceEach book ends with a HEA All books are about different couples.Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase Until he betrayed her in the worst way, with one of her best friends Devastated and heartbroken she runs away, leaving behind her family and friends She starts a new life filled with secrets.When Julie meets Dean, she thinks he is the answAdult 18 RomanceEach book ends with a HEA All books are about different couples.Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase Until he betrayed her in the worst way, with one of her best friends Devastated and heartbroken she runs away, leaving behind her family and friends She starts a new life filled with secrets.When Julie meets Dean, she thinks he is the answer to all her prayers, but Dean isn t who she thinks he is.Jase Gibson is a player Even when he had the girl of his dreams, he still played When he lost Julie, his life fell apart He turned to whiskey and women, to fill the void But, only Julie will ever make him whole.Nine years later, Julie s back home, but she s not alone What will happen when all of Julie s secrets are uncovered Jase vowed that if he ever got her back, he would do right by her and never let her go Will he let Julie s secret keep them apart When Julie s ex husband refuses to be her ex, Jase must choose to help her or hang on to his anger.Jase and Julie have to find a way to give their whiskey lullaby a happy ending.

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    1. DNF at approximately 50%PredictableCheesyJuvenileUnrealisticIf I could use one word to describe this book it would be DRAMA!WARNING: SPOILERS AHEADCheating--H cheats with the BFFHidden Pregnancy--h finds out and leaves town, turns out she's pregnantAbusive Husband--h is gone for 9 years, gets remarried, her husband beats herWhoring Around--during those 9 years, the H continues to whore it up and drink his sorrows awayAnother Pregnancy--h returns after a near death beating, sleeps with H at the w [...]

    2. Can you say bat-shit crazy train wreck? 'Cause that's what this was! Normally this would be closer to a 2 star or maybe even a DNF for me, but the entertainment value alone bumps it up to 3 Stars.

    3. First book of the year and sadly it turned out to be a huge messIt was poorly written, with an interesting plot but weakly executed and an absolute rip-off, of the well known Lexi, Baby. I even had problems with the original, but this one was ten times worse.The main character, Jase, is one awful, little jerk. I hated him right away, for so many reasons and he didn't work his case well, while the book progressed He kept aggravating me until the last pageEven when he did something nice, it felt f [...]

    4. “I’m so happy our story doesn’t end the way this song does."Whiskey Lullaby was A-mazing! I couldn’t put it down once I started. I know some people refuse to read books that involve cheating, but I think it can make a story feel real if written properly. We all make mistakes and sometimes things aren’t always what they seem at the time. Life is not always pretty, but sometimes we can find the beauty in life and it may just be enough. Whiskey Lullaby is a book that is just like the song [...]

    5. I usually never give books 1 stars but I had to make an exception. See, I'm a fan of Lynda LeeAnne and this book was so similar to the first book of her series that it made me uncomfortable. For those of you who have read Lexi, Baby, here's a recap on similarities(spoilers ahead)Boy and girl meet in High School -checkBoy cheats on girl- checkGirl leaves town and discovers she's pregnant -checkGirl doesn't tell boy about baby -checkGirl establishes relationship with abusive partner -checkBoys mee [...]

    6. UPDATE: Re-read June 23, 2017---------------------------------Her best friend is a shameless whore and didn't deserve to be forgiven. The hero should be scrubbed with bleach but heroin fuck him without a condom.But it's still a story that holds the attention from start to finish.-----------------------------------UPDATE: Re-read july 2015! paperpack------------------------------------UPDATE: Re-read september 2014!----------------------------------READ: September 14, 2013Uau!Grande leitura! Gost [...]

    7. One of her worst books yet! I really hated this book I could not relate to either main leads and I am sorry but a death does not justify what he did! She forgave him too easily this book made my insides churn, I felt no love from the heroine and no real remorse for his disgusting behaviour and the worst thing the "hero" still kept on seeing the other woman even after his girlfriend left how can the author expect the readers to like this guy??? This book went straight to my delete file!

    8. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of Whiskey Lullaby. I absolutely loved the story of Jase and Julie. We are introduced to Julie and Jase as young adults. They've been together for years and are happily in love. Jase takes Julie's love for him and betrays it, leaving Julie heartbroken. She leaves the town she grew up in to start a new life. My heart broke for Julie. I felt her pain and I never thought Jase could be forgiven. I was proven wrong. Nine years later, Jase comes back into [...]

    9. Thought this book was going to be better than it wasbut it just wasn't!!! The writing was not that great.ading about people in their 30's and it felt like I was reading about teens a lot of the time.me of the dialog was just ridiculous Also thought the story would have made a little more sense if she would have been gone a couple of years instead of 9.at's a long time consideringhe never found out about Jenny in nine yearseveryone else knew and NO ONE EVER SLIPPED UPJust don't buy it he kept the [...]

    10. *****lots of spoilers here - warning****Gotta be one of the worst H's ever in case my tags dont give you clues, here are some more:So h went to his workplace with bday cake, found H going hard at it with her bff - H was not aware of her, she left without saying anything, this is what she saw/heard:"As soon as I open the door, my heart rips in two. Jase's pants are down and a pair of long legs are wrapped around his back. d they're going at it so hard that the desk is squeaking." " Yes, Jase, har [...]

    11. This book was just meh for me. Jase came across as really immature. I am not sure how old he was supposed to be but he acted like and talked like a 17 yr old.I heard there was major groveling in this book I call bullshit.I hated that Julie took him back so easily and slept with him so soon. Hello not even using protection knowing he was a man whore.The only real bright spot in the book was the story of Bethany and Brandon.Oh and WTF is with all the damned B names Bethany Becca Brittany and Brand [...]

    12. ***BETA read 12/08/13***This book is AMAZING!!It doesn't hurt that it is my favourite style as I adore the chase, the cat and mouse games, the second chance love, the high school romance and the smokin hot bump and grind, if you, like me love this ^^ BUY THIS BOOK ASAP! It has it all, with so much more, I laughed, I cried, I gushed at the sweetness, I got all hot and bothered at the steam, I got angry, very very f%#king angry,I had just about any emotion you can think of throughout 'Whiskey Lull [...]

    13. This book is one the worst book I ever read !!!!! Just hate the hero/heroine . He cheats on her for almost one year with her best friend ! When she discover it she leave then she discovers she is pregnant and everyone from the family of the hero told her to not tell him . When she is back she sleep with the hero !! IS she serious ?? He cheat on her !!!!!!!!!!! Then when the hero discover she has a daughter he is angry ? Hey man you cheat on her i don't care if you were my bf i will never let you [...]

    14. I just finished Whiskey Lullaby last night and I was really happy with this book. There were a few editing issues, it didn't take from the story at all but I was able to notice them, but no biggie. My favorite was both POV's. I just love how an author is able to go back and forth between the two characters and you can still get a feel for both of them.Jase and Julie, got to love them. Jase cheats on Julie and she finds out and leaves. She is gone for 9 years. During those nine years, marries Dea [...]

    15. When I looked at the blurb I had a feeling where this story was going and Bingo! I was right. From the very first chapter you know what messed up thing Jase did to drive Julie out of town. (Jase--> you twat!!!)She returns years later with a huge secret of her own.This is a story I am very familiar with as I must have read it about a dozen times (I kid you not!) but it was still an okay quick read.Just remember how damn sorry I am and how much I love youFor a short second chance romance book i [...]

    16. I was fortunate to be a beta-reader for this book and I LOVED IT!!!! It was an exciting read that grabs you in the prologue and keeps you going to the very end!! There are moments of angst and suspense as well as steamy romance. The author really shows her talent in this book and it is a very enjoyable read. She even put in moments of hilarity that made me think "wow, out of the mouth of babes!" When this is published, I highly recommend this book!!!!

    17. Another fantastic beta reading opportunity. The review is my honest opinion.I am a sucker for first loves, and when first love gets a second chance.Jase and Julie have been together for years. They love each other, live together and are planning a life together. But Jase messes up. BIG TIME. And Julie leaves town, her home and family, with a big secret.Nine years later-Jase has solidified his place as town man slut. His hard living and drinking have given him a reputation that he continues to li [...]

    18. I wasn't sure about this book but I am really glad that I picked it up! You just know that the series is going to be fabulous.Julie meet her true love at a very young age being Jase but Jase fucked up big time. Now you see he cheated which I don't like in a book or a man but this book is bigger than the fact that cheating took place. This book is about how one mistake can cost you everything your reason to live, the love of your life and the future that could have been. Julie left his sorry ass [...]

    19. I really, really enjoyed this story. Julie runs from her hometown and the love of her life, Jace Gibson. Trying to move on, she accepts a marriage proposal from Dean, not realizing that he is a very dangerous man. He is a total womanizing prick who makes Julies life miserable. To save her own life and the life of her daughter, Julie has to flee. She escapes to the only place she knows, back home. Julie soon runs into her ex,Jace, and tries to continue hiding a big secret that she's been keeping [...]

    20. I read this book as a beta reader. I enjoyed the story of Jase and Julie which is a story of first love, passionate love, love lost, and second chances. It grabs you from the beginning with Jase breaking Julie's heart and Julie, understandably, leaving town.You end up feeling sorry for Jase even though he's the one who screwed up. He falls apart when Julie leaves and spends the next 9 years at the bottom of a bottle. When Julie comes back, he becomes a different man, a good man, one most of us o [...]

    21. A love once lost and a friend's betrayal turned Julie's seemingly perfect life upside down. She leaves behind her family and friends to only find more pain when she marries Dean. “I figured being married to Dean was better than being alone.” Boy was she wrong! After nine years of abuse, Julie returns home and with quite a bit of baggage. When Julie runs into her ex, Jace, she is flooded with emotions, both good and bad. Jace is determined to prove that he can change and be the man that she d [...]

    22. Where to start? Lets start off with this book was amazing, heartbreaking and twisted! Then it just gets beautiful and makes you want to scream and help Jase and Julie out! Loved this book and can't wait for the next one!

    23. Holy roller coaster Batman!Whiskey Lullaby gets a solid four stars from La Casa de Gilvaja. The first novel of the Love Song series starts us off with thesweethell maybe even too sweet now that I’m thinking about it…background of how Jules and Jase originally came to be. "I remember talking to my two best friends, Kristen and Bec, whenhe came up and told me we were going out. Yes, he told me, I was going out with him that night. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.”Sooooo while I’m read [...]

    24. 4 star review by Jen Skewes Everything seemed to be perfect for Julie. She was happy and in love with Jase, her boyfriend of over 3 years. Until one day he completely shattered her heart when she caught him with her best friend. Julie just picked up and left never saying goodbye to Jase or giving him any opportunity to explain, not that it mattered of course. But she couldn't escape fast enough. Julie went on to live her life and eventually found someone else who she felt happy with. Jase still [...]

    25. I am a completely romantic when it comes to books so any story about first love and second chances as my attention before I even open the first page.This book introduces you to Jase and Julie, childhood sweethearts who seem to have it all till Jase commits the ultimate betrayal……… sleeps with Julie’s best friend.This breaks Julie and with no one to turn to, ups and leaves without a trace.I loved the fact that like most men, Jase doesn’t realise how good he had it till it was gone. Fast [...]

    26. This story is plain and simply a rollercoaster. The authors will get you mad. No, seriously. The characters make some really bad choices and you get so invested in them that you wish you could jump in the book and drop kick them. Both of them. I'm all for a love story that has some struggle in it. I know that not everyone's happily ever after comes easily. I can totally get into books like this and I find myself enchanted by all the drama going on around me! It's like a soap opera on paper!! LOV [...]

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