Loved by You

Loved by You It s time for Karma Taylor to ante up When her mom raises the stakes KT has no choice but to prove that she s living up to her potential To her mom that means performing in the upcoming concert but

  • Title: Loved by You
  • Author: Kate Perry
  • ISBN: 9781939102126
  • Page: 375
  • Format: ebook
  • It s time for Karma Taylor to ante up When her mom raises the stakes, KT has no choice but to prove that she s living up to her potential To her mom, that means performing in the upcoming concert, but KT would rather run naked through Golden Gate Park than expose herself on stage Chance Nolan, world traveler and all around gypsy, offers KT a solution distract her mom bIt s time for Karma Taylor to ante up When her mom raises the stakes, KT has no choice but to prove that she s living up to her potential To her mom, that means performing in the upcoming concert, but KT would rather run naked through Golden Gate Park than expose herself on stage Chance Nolan, world traveler and all around gypsy, offers KT a solution distract her mom by faking an engagement to him KT would be doing him a favor, too, so he can shake the overzealous blonde who won t take no for an answer Only pretending to be in a relationship feels very real, and Chance wonders if he hasn t been searching for KT all along He just has to convince her he s so much than a decoy fianc.

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    1. Kate Perry has once again (for the eleventh time) shared a story that made me wish I had friends like the ladies in Laurel Heights. Karma and Chance are so perfectly different but at the same time so perfectly similar. They compliment each other well. The secondary story was about Karma's sister Bijou and her relationship that started as a professional relationship and naturally moved to personal. Kate's books always make me feel so hopeful about love and finding it even when I'm not expecting t [...]

    2. This a series I have really enjoyed reading. Great characters throughout. This one, again, ends on a slight cliffhanger and leads on to Say You Will which is the first book in the Summerhill series. So you really need to read that immediately after this one.

    3. FantasticKate perry is a fantastic author and I enjoy reading her books as she makes you feel like you are part of the cast

    4. Karma Taylor has lived in her parents shadow her whole life and she is content there. She doesn’t have to be in the spotlight. Unfortunately one incident when she was incredibly young has kept her there. Though she is completely comfortable hiding out in the bungalow behind her parent’s home and composing music for herself, her mom wants so much more from her. She feels as though she is the reason her daughter stays hidden away, knowing that she subject her daughter to this life with that on [...]

    5. First, I have to admit I am a fan of the author. I have read more than one of her books and will probably read more of them in the future. Having said that, I LOVED this book. I appreciate that the characters in Ms. Perry's books are flawed, without being hopeless. While it is kinda unrealistic that all the characters would meet their matches and immediately know that the other one is "the one" for them, I appreciate that there is not a lot of subterfuge in the relationships. You know what I me [...]

    6. Audio for AudioGals review.Content: D+ Narration A-Narrated by Xe SandsAlways enthused to hear another romance title narrated by Xe Sands, I started listening to Loved by You expecting an intelligently written contemporary romance, on par with Rachel Gibson and Kristan Higgins. After all, the publisher’s blurb compares Kate Perry’s writing to these contemporary romance giants. Two of my favorite authors, Gibson and Higgins know how to develop characters and focus the action on the protagonis [...]

    7. This was a very confusing story. I loved that basic romances involved music and the two sisters: KC and Bijou, but they was so many other people involved that they disappeared.First there was the families of the girls (the guys families were barely mentioned). I say families because the next door neighbors were like a second family. If fact, as we learned in the previous story, KC hid out most of the time at her friend Scott's next door. Though Scott was on his honeymoon with Nicole, she still h [...]

    8. This was a quick and pleasant read. It is part of a series, but I didn't feel as though I was missing anything major from not reading the other books. This story is about KT and Chance and a secondary story about her sister, Bijou and Will. KT is the daughter of two music industry greats. She, however, hates the limelight. She is happy keeping her music to herself and refuses to perform. Her mother has a different idea and schemes in a way that KT can't refuse to perform.Chance is a smart guy wh [...]

    9. The gift of life comes with a price Karma (KT) and Bijou Taylor grew up in the limelight of their parents. Still, popular performers, their parents continued to hobnob with the rich and famous of the music world. Refusing to be overshadowed by their parents, the two girls have lofty aspirations and the talent to achieve them. This doesn’t mean that talent was any guarantee for success as they both had their personal shortcomings. Karma, or KT, as she preferred to be called had that rare musica [...]

    10. OK. So it's a romance novel at it's core, but there is a storyline! Unlike some other books I've recently finished, this book seems like it was planned out. The story pulls you in. It follows a mostly logical progression. Sections of time that are missing aren't just randomly referred to - they are part of the plot. KT and Bijou are sisters whose parents are rock legends. They are also musically gifted, but KT suffers from intense stagefright - something her mother attempts to force her to overc [...]

    11. This is the 10th, and I believe final, novel in the Laurel Heights series by Kate Perry. KT and Chance are both quirky characters who begin a fake relationship that at some point stops feeling fake, and they have to figure out if they can make a real relationship work. The side story is about KT's sister Bijou's budding relationship with musician/therapist Will, and her reluctance to date another relationship. KT and Bijou grew up the children of world famous rock star parents, who are just as q [...]

    12. This was a pleasant story - number ten in a series but I didn't feel that was an issue to understanding the story.Our heroine, KT is a talented musician, daughter to a famous singer/songwriter duo who has crippling stage fright. She won't even sing or play in front of her own family. She has become a little bit of a loner, living in her parents' pool house. Her mother gives her an ultimatum - start living life. Since she resists all attempts by her mother to set her up with a "nice boy" her moth [...]

    13. Loved by You came at a perfect time for me I just read two very "make you cry" books in a row and needed something short and light-hearted. Kate Perry and her Laurel Heights gang always fit the bill. I love these characters and always look forward to the next one. In LBY you meet two sisters looking for love and boy do they find the right guys when they least expect it. Who couldn't love a couple whose names are Chance and KarmaI know I didmewhat broken, Karma, and looking for his anchor, Chance [...]

    14. The best of the series. Another fun quick read, but this was much deeper.KT (Scott's best friend from Mad about You) is the daughter of a famous rock and roll duo who doesn't want to perform (even though she's gifted) and Chance is a poker player and Scott's friend who's staying at Scott's mother's estate (KT's neighbor) while he gets his act together.Bijou is KT's sister and wants to perform but was scorned by a pop star who used her for her songwriting. Will is a musician/shrink who was origin [...]

    15. Well Kate Perry I am sad and sorry that this is the last of the Laurel Heights crowd,but as always I loved this story just as much as the rest. As I've said previously I love these strong minded women that can take on the world but still have a vulnerable side like all of us when it comes to their personal stories.I love KT and her quirky eccentricities from when she was introduced to us in previous books. I love that at the age of 30 she still jumps the fence and hides next door. Upon doing it [...]

    16. I can't believe that ends the Laurel Heights series! This series changed my life. Thank you, Kate, for giving me the opportunity to follow so many diverse women as they discover their purpose, live out their dreams, and each find the love of their life. These books encourage your passion and give you the hope and drive to never settle. Who knew one neighborhood could be so full of possibilities and life. Read Laurel Heights or miss out on the best books ever!Experience a wonderful end to a remar [...]

    17. I always enjoy the Laurel Heights books and this was no exception. The final installment in the series finds Karma (KT) and Chance (Yes, just the names alone are perfect as a couple) meeting and pretending to be a couple. They both have their reasons for pretending but we see from the get go that they really enjoy and have a strong connection with each other. KT is an awesome musician with an amazing talent but she has severe stage fright. With Chance's support and encouragement we see her take [...]

    18. Keeping the storyline from the Laurel Heights series, Kate Perry takes on KT's love life. I liked the story in general, how the characters were developed and the dialogue, but I did have problems with the mother. How could KT and Bijou (her sis, the parallel storyline) stand her meddling so much in their lives? I get that it's got to do with their traumas and getting through stuff, but still, I would have bitten her head off after the first conversation. ***Spoiler alert*** KT doesn't want a big [...]

    19. Another great Laurel Heights story by Kate Perry! I really like this series and enjoy, not only meeting the new characters, but seeing glimpses of the old. Karma and Chance are great characters with a lot of chemistry and sexual tension between them from the start. Their journey to a HEA was filled with a lot of laugh-out-loud, as well as heartfelt, moments. They were definitely two different types of people that I hadn't read about before. A gambler and a musician with stage-fright make for an [...]

    20. I have really enjoyed Kate Perry's Laurel Heights series. It is one of my favourites, with this last book, Loved by You, as one of the best. Great, fun characters, who tackle a few of their own issues along the way. Beautiful men, who support and love and banter, with wit and purpose. A bit of sexy times gives the book some spice, without going overboard. Karma and her sister, Bijou, are fantastic! They are flawed, but not weak. They are unique, and they learn to embrace that uniqueness. It's a [...]

    21. I guess I'm kind of a sucker for Kate Perry. Her books are light, fun, and a quick read. Sure, they are predictable as are most in this genre but her characters are genuinely likable. There's the abrupt meeting with instant attraction, bold moves, hot sex, relationship development, misunderstanding/conflict, happy ending resolution. And you know what? That's okay. That's why we read them. I think I've read close to all of the Laurel Heights series and though the plots might not be totally differ [...]

    22. Kate Perry did it again. Sad that this is the last instalment of Laurel Heights but I'm looking forward to her upcoming books/series. I always enjoyed reading Laurel Hights. I love how the story tackles the the love story of KT & her sister Bijou. What an ending to a very good series. Karma & Chance nice combination! See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter

    23. Another book in the Laurel Heights series, I have read a lot of them, this one popped up on sale. I love these cute, sexy, fun books filled with little laughs. Karma Taylor is part of a musical family her folks are famous singing duo and her sister is trying to make it big. She had her heart broken when the song she wrote with her then boyfriend stole. She hasn't been able to write music since. Chance Nolan is living next door and suggests he and KT pretend to be dating to head off her pushy mom [...]

    24. Loved this book about two sisters with musical talent. Karma (yes that's her name) meets a guy Chance and they pretend to have a romance only it turns out that pretend turns into for real.Her sister Bijou meets a therapist to ask him to help her sister get over her stage fright.He is also a musician and after a previous bad relationship she swore not to get involved with musicians but falls for him.A happily ever after book (this is the first book I've read of this author's)with alot of funny si [...]

    25. On a personal note, I think that this was the best in the series. It was also fitting as the finale. I can't count the times a dialogue or a scene made me smile. There were times that I was laughing inside. It may not be a heart-wrenching story but it made me feel light and good inside. For me, that was something.I can't wait for the Summerhill series!!! I will surely be in line to have a copy for the installments.

    26. The characters and plot points of this "novel" were really nothing more than a vehicle to move from one sex scene to another. Reading any work of fiction involves a temporary suspension of reality on the part of the reader. The premise of the book was so flimsy that I couldn't silence the voice in my head reminding me what a waste of time this was. I won't be reading another book by this author. I'm glad I got it for free from .

    27. The beginning of this book sucked me in and refused to let me go. The setup is perfect, the characters enticing (especially the pet pig), and the romance seems sweet and believable.Unfortunately, the book was really too short to do everything it tried to do --- tell two love stories while also relieving the protagonist's deep-seated stage fright. I guess it's a good thing when a 379 page book feels too short, but I was still left wanting a bit more depth to each thread.

    28. Karma & ChanceI wanted to like this story so much but I just didn't. I get she had stage fright and he helped her. I loved the pig too but I don't know maybe I just didn't connect with this story. Bijou & WillNow this is the story I wanted to hear more of. He helped her when she needed it and she showed him it was ok to be a rock star and a professional which I like. The passion lurking was off the charts too!

    29. Finally! Right when I was about to question my literary taste and sanity, the writer showed up and produced an acceptable romantic storyline. I'm being generous with my use of "acceptable". I also would like to point out that the main characters' names are Karma and Chancee writer has a smidgeon of humor after all. Rating: the effort and the humor deserve a Hallelujah chorus.

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