Fever Dream

Fever Dream Petra Hewitt s the top ballerina in the world and The Great Rubio her obvious counterpart so why does she want to strangle him whenever he s around He s haughty abrupt demanding and alarmingly sex

  • Title: Fever Dream
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: 9781301281725
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • Petra Hewitt s the top ballerina in the world, and The Great Rubio her obvious counterpart, so why does she want to strangle him whenever he s around He s haughty, abrupt, demanding and alarmingly sexy Petra knows Rubio is dangerous to her heart, to her peace of mind, and worst of all, to her career, but his rough flirtation compels her When she gets a chance to play wiPetra Hewitt s the top ballerina in the world, and The Great Rubio her obvious counterpart, so why does she want to strangle him whenever he s around He s haughty, abrupt, demanding and alarmingly sexy Petra knows Rubio is dangerous to her heart, to her peace of mind, and worst of all, to her career, but his rough flirtation compels her When she gets a chance to play with him at a BDSM party, their professional partnership takes a feverish left turn.After that, any attempts to keep him at arm s length falter in the face of his obstinate sexuality Rubio s methods are ruthlessly erotic as he introduces her to the pleasures of sadism, bondage, pain, and submission The Petra tries to resist him, the she craves his strength and control.But as they play their sensual games of dominance and submission, career pressures mount, and an overzealous fan brings dangerous tension to their relationship Soon, the dream gives way to the stark reality of her vulnerability Maybe, just maybe, some risks are too terrifying to take.

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    1. Fever Dream is book two in Annabel Joseph’s BDSM Ballet series. I read book one on a whim after seeing a review from one of my GRs friends that I highly respect. I had never read anything from this author prior to that time. After reading Waking Kiss, I was flummoxed as to why I had never read an Annabel Joseph book before. It was perfection. Needless to say, I went into the second book in this series with extremely high expectations. WellMs. Joseph did not disappoint. I adored Rubio and Petra [...]

    2. DNF at 60 %.**2 stars. One extra star for the secondary character Liam (hero of Waking Kiss)After reading and enjoying Waking Kiss my expectations for Fever Dream were very high and it saddens me to tell you that the story didn’t meet my challenges, not by a long shot. I still can’t believe it. After a great beginning which was so much fun, I never thought I wouldn’t like Fever Dream. Everything went south when Rubio spanked Petra at Liam’s house (around the 22 % mark). How silly was tha [...]

    3. 3.5-4 Dancing Stars!When I read Waking Kiss a few months ago, I fell in love with Rubio. He was hilarious, charismatic, sexy and a self centered asshole. He still has some of those characteristics in Fever Dream, but he has changed some. Four years after Waking Kiss, Rubio is losing his dancing parter, Ashleigh. He is very upset about this. No matter how good the other ballerinas are, no one can take her place. The directer of the company brings in a ballerina just as talented and famous as Rubi [...]

    4. 3.5* The Prima and the Prince STARS!!The continuation of Waking Kiss with different main characters. Yeah, you all know who is he. Liam's kinky friend, Fernando Rubio is the most arrogant ass I've ever know! He's rude and spoiled. He's super talented and worshiped like a God among the ballerina. I couldn't connect with him in the first book because his attitude kinda major turn off, but now, Rubio got his own story!Let's meet Petra Hewitt, a top rank and famous ballerina. They first met was tota [...]

    5. **4 'Rubio’s Pet. Return if lost.'Stars**Fever Dream picks up four years after Waking Kiss ended. Ashleigh has decided to retire and that leaves Ruby without a partner. The Great Rubio is a world renowned ballet dancer.Petrais a world renowned ballerina.Liam is a lifestyle dominant. Ashleigh is former ballerina and Liam’s wife.Will Rubio and Petra be a"Great ballet couple of history?" Petra has had her fair share of man trouble. Her famous dad (who also was a ballet dancer) never acknowledge [...]

    6. 5 breathe taking STARS!!!I am a fan of any one of Annabel's books. She could write down her day to day activities, and I would love to read it, and probably request more.Rubio finally has his own book!!!I was anxious to read his POV. He was very mean in the last book. Very, self centered. Rubio is such an asshole in this book the same way. But he made me laugh from the very beginning. His English not so good. LOL. Cracks my shit up. He is very pissed off from the very beginning of this book. It [...]

    7. My Petra and Rubio:Petra is the world best prima ballerina with daddy's issues. When Rubio needs new dancing partner, she seems like the best choice. Will Rubio's intense sexuality be too much for Petra? Or will Rubio finally find his match?I thought that Rubio would be amazing character. Sometimes funny, sometimes obnoxious, big-headed, extremely talented The list goes on and on. He hides his insecurities, never shows his true feelings. Yes, he may behave like a prick, but he can be very charis [...]

    8. 4 RUBIO LOVING, HOT, BRAZILIAN STARS!This is the second installment of the BDSM Ballet series but can be read as a standalone. In book 1 Waking Kiss the story focused on Liam and Ashleigh and Rubio played a supporting role. This book is Rubio's story I guess it was time for an insight on Rubio's life. I absolutely adored him in Waking Kiss even though he was big-headed, horny and obnoxious. He made me laugh and a lot of times some times I wanted to slap him for being an idiot but overall he was [...]

    9. 4.3 Hedonistic Playboy Stars“We could be together, you know. I think you’re out of balance. Too much work, not enough play. You have sad, horny eyes.”---------------------------------------*full review to come*

    10. "“Yes. I want you so bad, but I’m scared. I’m so scared of what you’ll do to me.”“Ah, querida you know what, though? Is okay to be scared.”"I was lost back then. Now I'm found."These three-point-five stars are all for each and every single time Rubio used "is" instead of "it's" because for some reason, it never failed to get me all hot and bothered. But in all seriousness, I've wanted Rubio's own book ever since I read Waking Kiss. He really puts the "c*ck" in cocky and all that at [...]

    11. Since I only made it to 49% I will not rate this book. I loved the first one in this series, but no matter how much I love that hot BDSM ballet Brazilian, I just am not interested in finishing moving on.

    12. This was definitely one of those guilty pleasure books. I felt a tad bit wrong while reading it but at the same time it felt so good.I try to rate books within their genre so in the erotic/BDSM genre, this one definitely stood out. I’ve only read one other Annabel Joseph book before but I really enjoy her writing. I love that her books are still pretty smutty without crossing over into lewd or vulgar territory. She handles the BDSM lifestyle very tastefully and doesn’t treat it as some cheap [...]

    13. This is a very strong book covering the beauty of Ballet, BDSM relationships, trust and love.It picks up after Waking Kiss which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is an additional element of a stalker adding to the plot. If you love dance with the added ingredient of intense "play”, you will not be disappointed.

    14. Reviewed on: totallybookedblog/2013/10/Fever Dream was fantastic….on so many levels it just about delivered everything you’d want and more from one of Annabel Joseph’s books. It was so passionate, beautiful, emotional, erotic and incredibly funny and sexy. My favourite bit? Rubio….Rubio the lovable arse from book one; Waking Kiss. This is his turn to properly shine and entice and wow did he do just that. He’s still arrogant and condescending, sexy, and funny. However, this time throw t [...]

    15. For the full review with pictures, GIFs, and favorite quotes go to wp/p3DkX5-njFever Dream is my new favorite Annabel Joseph book. That's a crazy thing for me to say, cause I LOVE everything Annabel Joseph writes and, even as I write this, I'm feeling Matthew Norris (Mercy) and Jeremy "#TheOriginalMrGray(tm)" Gray (Comfort Object) burning holes into my back with their glares. Not to mention Court (Disciplining the Duchess) and Duncan (Cait and the Devil) They're scary, okay, people? So, for me t [...]

    16. 4.5 raunchy dirty stars. i loved it! i was a little worried going into this read because i was disappointed when i read book 1 several months ago. luckily, this book was much better. annabel joseph is one of my favorite authors (i have read all of her books except the historical romance ones). this book is one of her best. it is aggressive and raunchy and contains bdsm that is not for anyone easily offended. i recommend reading this series in order, because i think it is worth it and enhances ru [...]

    17. Three and a half starsI loved the first book better.I like this book very much but something about Ruby and Pet just didn't work as Liam and Ash for me.But still it's an enjoyable journey.The epilogue adds half a star for me.

    18. Sexy does begin to cover this book! Annabel did it again! Once and again we get to feel the ballet with some twists, great characters, great plot and great secondary characters from the first book.A MUST READ!First things first, you should read the first book (Waking Kiss) before this one. It gives you a better knowledge of all the characters and make this entire even more remarkable.Again I must say I really find amazing how Annabel gets to captivate you with the very well written ballet scenes [...]

    19. I was so looking forward to Rubio's story, and it didn't disappoint. He frustrated me, and made me laugh in equal measure. He was such a freaking ass at times, but I would have been disappointed if he hadn't been, and had suddenly turned into a different person. Joseph remained true to the original character from the first book, while giving him extra depth, and us more insight into who he is. He's shallow, conceited, complex, sweet, cruel, funny, innocent, naughtyl combined, he's just a fucking [...]

    20. I fell in love with Rubio when I read Waking Kiss. He is quite a character - I love how he talks. I can just hear his accent. This book is hot. I mean HAWT. It is definitely BDSM - some parts were a bit difficult for me to get through because I do not like pain involved in sex. The cane was a bit much for me - so heads up if you don't like to read about BDSM. But Rubio and Petra together were amazing! I think I enjoyed Liam and Ashley's story a bit better, I connected better with those character [...]

    21. FULL RECOMMENDATION AND FAVORITE QUOTES ON SMUTBOOKCLUBOH to have the lithe body, the discipline, and super-hot ballet dancer to throw me around like a rag doll. To tie me up, spank my narrow ass, and make me his plaything? Fever Dream makes me want all of these things.

    22. I definitely liked Rubio more in this book. Overall I enjoyed this book, though of course there were certain things that kept me from giving this book 5 stars. Regardless, I will be reading more from this author.

    23. Aside from Ruby's funny lines, this book was boring. Plus some totally uncalled for scenes in my option. It just ruined the story for me. Epilogue was super cute though.

    24. from time to time I heard friends complaining that reviews aren't accurate (although personally i haven't read anything recommend that is so far off from my own review.) Of course that was before I came across this book. I got the recommendation via Smart Bitches and Trashy book when I wrote to Sarah for some recommendations on books with dancer heroes. Sarah gave me quite a few books to read. I picked this book as my very first one to start because it has the highest review rating on GoodRead [...]

    25. Fever Dream (BDSM Ballet, #2) by Annabel Joesph Fever Dream, book 2 in Annabel Joseph's BDSM ballet series is a delightfully funny, erotic, romantic and eye opening story about two ballet stars whose initial dislike of one another blossoms into a sensual romance. A suspenseful stalker subplot adds a bite of angst and turmoil to the story. Rubio (Ruby) our hero is hilarious. I laughed throughout the entire book. From his outlandish remarks in his not so perfect English to his love of sadism, you [...]

    26. I'm not a huge fan of Rubio, but I really enjoyed Book 1 I'm on the fencePetra Hewitt’s the top ballerina in the world, and The Great Rubio her obvious counterpart, so why does she want to strangle him whenever he’s around? He’s haughty, abrupt, demanding—and alarmingly sexy. Petra knows Rubio is dangerous to her heart, to her peace of mind, and worst of all, to her career, but his rough flirtation compels her. When she gets a chance to play with him at a BDSM party, their professional p [...]

    27. Wow! I absolutely could not put this book down. I literally read it in a few hours. I was mesmerized. I loved every second and did not want it to end. Annabel Joseph is an amazing writer. This story tugged at my heart strings and excited me beyond belief. Her character exploration and deep knowledge of ballet are impressive. Rubio and Petra are sizzling together. I loved how this book build upon Waking Kiss. To say that I was jealous of Petra during her scene with Rubio and Liam, would be the un [...]

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