Crazy Beautiful Love

Crazy Beautiful Love This is not the typical bad boy meets good girl story Logan Martelli is a bad boy He s handsome sexy and knows what he wants He steals cars He doesn t do relationships And he has the hottest green e

  • Title: Crazy Beautiful Love
  • Author: J.S. Cooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is not the typical bad boy meets good girl story.Logan Martelli is a bad boy He s handsome, sexy, and knows what he wants He steals cars He doesn t do relationships And he has the hottest green eyes in River Valley.Maddie Wright is a good girl with a wild streak She s confident, strong, and goes after whatever or whoever she wants And Maddie wants Logan MartelliThis is not the typical bad boy meets good girl story.Logan Martelli is a bad boy He s handsome, sexy, and knows what he wants He steals cars He doesn t do relationships And he has the hottest green eyes in River Valley.Maddie Wright is a good girl with a wild streak She s confident, strong, and goes after whatever or whoever she wants And Maddie wants Logan Martelli with a passion.One fateful night brings Logan and Maddie together and electricity sparks between them Maddie and Logan make a real connection, but when Logan finds out who she is, he wants nothing to do with her However, he soon realizes he can get the ultimate revenge for his family if he continues to date Maddie The problem is he s starting to fall for Maddie, and he knows that a relationship will mess up everything.Logan has to decide if revenge is worth losing his one shot at real love What price will he pay if he betrays the one woman who may finally see behind his bad boy image

    One thought on “Crazy Beautiful Love”

    1. I listened to the Audible version of this book and it was a "middle of the road" type of story for me. The dialogue frequently seemed immature and even irritating. It also didn't help that the narrator for Maddie came off as a complete ditz. (Think Dory from 'Finding Nemo' and you'll have a good idea of how this character came across.)Logan is the town's bad boy. He has followed in his father's footsteps, stealing cars to get by. Being a Martelli, his job options are limited by his family's crim [...]

    2. Eh, not for me at all. Author was talented in writing and editing but the dialogue, thoughts and actions of the 20 yr old heroine was that of a 16 year old girl to me. I laughed out loud at some of the things she said and what they said to each other even though it wasn't meant to be funny. Plus she chased after him constantly, which I didn't like. She also let him say some awful things to her one min and the next she'd be laughing with him.****spolier alert**** And near the end when he misunder [...]

    3. 3 frustrated starsThese two crazy kids frustrated the shit out of me. Either you want to be together or you don't. And all the back and forth, chasing each other then running away worked my nerves. Not to mention the horrible thing Logan does to Maddie out of pure stupidity and miscommunication. The writing was fine, but the 2 MCs could take a lesson in dysfunctional partnerships and how to avoid them.

    4. Jenee's Book Blog“It’s going to be crazy.” I laughed.“No, it’s going to be beautiful.” She poked me.“Okay, it’s going to be crazy beautiful.”“That’s love."J.S. Cooper wrote another keeper in my opinion. Crazy Beautiful Love was exactly like its title. I loved the characters, the story line, the suspense and best of all there was no cliffhanger! I have a felling this will be a series about the three brothers and I cannot wait for the next book to be released. I couldn’t pu [...]

    5. I really don't understand how this book has so many good reviews. I mean, it isn't terrible by any means. The writing is pretty good (though boring in parts), the sex scenes are pretty well described, and there were very few errors- none that interfere with meaning. However, the plot and dialogue were definitely flawed. The plot progresses rapidly and didn't really hook me. Logan is appealing superficially, but his moods change so quickly, it's difficult for the reader to keep up. He seems damn [...]

    6. This book was just okay. It was quick and a little over the top on the hero's dramatics. I didn't really feel too much of a bad boy vibe coming off Logan. I mean there was a lot of talk of how much he and his brothers were the bad boys of the town, but it was pretty much all talk and no show.I did enjoy the heroine. Her character came off as fun, quirky and true. The plot of the story was good. I liked how the author wove the two lives together and they didn't even know their whole lives where i [...]

    7. First off before I say anything HOLY BIRTHDAY CAKE BATMAN! HOW PRETTY IS THIS GUY??!?!I COULD STARE AT HIM ALLLL DAY."Cause your hot." She giggled and leaned towards me. "I'm sure plenty of girls come onto you and say that. But I'm not one of those girls. But your hot. Like James Dean. You've got that air about you." She nodded. "Definitely a James Dean look: dark blond hair, shimmering, hooded green eyes, slight stubble, and you look like trouble.""I look like trouble?" I raise an eyebrow at th [...]

    8. So far I have beta read the first two chapters and I can't wait for more. J.S. Cooper never let's her reader down.

    9. I hate giving books bad reviews it physically pains me because I know how much work and love goes into it and honestly I feel like I am telling someone that their baby is ugly or something but this was bad. I probably wouldn't have powered through the last 200 pages if I wasn't behind on my challenge (i'm a firm believer in the "life's to short to read books you don't enjoy" philosophy) but I made it through it damn it! so here is the review the rest of this review is spoilery and ranty so read [...]

    10. What happens when the town's dashing criminal meets the crazy girl Collision Explosion thats what happens . Maddie is indeed one hell of a crazy girl ,but she is headstrong , confident , and beautiful.She is rich & maybe a bit spoiled ,but She is so sweet and caring. She also doesn't hesitate in asking what she wants. Logan Martelli , town' bad boy, steals car , eldest of the Martelli brother , but there is much more to him than the mere facts.He has a heart of gold & guilty conscienc [...]

    11. I fell completely in love with this book. It was such a great story. It has romance, family, and even a little bit of thrills in it. You will love the Martelli Brothers. They are such amazing guys. I loved Maddie. She was a very brave and courageous girl. She saw what she wanted and she went after it. She definitely held her own when it came to the three brothers especially Logan. "That's Love," she leaned in to kiss me again. "It's going to be a house filled with crazy beautiful love." (Maddie) [...]

    12. The heroine, Maddie, knows what she wants and goes after it. Maddie wanted to meet Logan Martelli and she is going to do whatever it takes to meet him. Logan is the town’s hot bad boy. His mother died when he was younger and it was just his brothers, his dad and him. He wants a better life for his brothers than what he has to live which is stealing cars to make a living.When Logan meets Maddie, he does not know what to think of her. She is running from the police after attempting to steal a po [...]

    13. I love Logan Martelli.And I can't wait Vincent's storyEz nem a tipikus Bad boy találkozik a jó kislánnyal történet.Nos,talán nem,de nem is állt messze tőle. Ennek ellenére szerettem ezt a könyvet. A történet érdekes. Logan Martelli igazi bad boy. Ő a város pitty bűnözője. Szexi,jó képű,tudja mit akar,és azt is hogyan szerezze meg. Nem mindennapi munkahelye van ám. Autó lopásból él. Maddie Wright a jó kislány. Tökéletes élete,tökéletes szülei,tökéletes háza v [...]

    14. A modern day Romeo and Juliet, Logan Martelli is the town bad boy dead set on providing a way for his family until a girl with dark hair and violet eyes by the name of Maddie Wright runs by him and catches his eye.From the moment this book began all I could think of was…this chic is crazy Maddie…But Logan was feelin’ it and even drank the kool aid so I was likeOnce the truth comes out and Maddie sees the light all hell breaks loose, people get shot, a Bugatti, a million dollars and then fi [...]

    15. Crazy beautiful Love is AMAZING!! This is my new favourite, I loved it. JS Cooper has out done herself yet again. Logan is the bad boy ever girl wishes she had hot as hell and sexy as sin and smarter than everyone thinks. Maddie is pretty, kind, a good person and she's daddy's girl but isn't so innocent. She can talk circle around Logan and even makes herself seem a little crazy, and because of it Logan can't stay away, he was hooked he just didn't want to admit it. Their relationship had one he [...]

    16. I see this one pop up on my newsfeed a lot, also there's a lot of 5 star reviews from the GR friends, also I FB liked J.S. Cooper, so I see a lot of buzz on this read. I may just have to dive in and read it.This is not the typical bad boy meets good girl story.Logan Martelli is a bad boy. He's handsome, sexy, and knows what he wants. He steals cars. He doesn't do relationships. And he has the hottest green eyes in River Valley.Maddie Wright is a good girl with a wild streak. She's confident, str [...]

    17. This book is like every other J. S. Cooper books I've read. The plot is simplistic, the characters are predictable, and the quality of writing is poor. I like reading her novels because they are mindless romances that always have a happy ending. This plot was less predictable that her other novel, but the love story was obvious. Not to mention that these kids get away with years of robbery and are sympathized with. The father is an abusive drunk and lives happily every after. The dialogue was un [...]

    18. I have to admit, I had no plans of enjoying this book. I just read it for a reading challenge. But from the moment Maddie Wright opened her mouth, I was captivated.Sure, it wasn't super original but hardly no book is anymore. Bad boy Logan Martelli, scarred by his father's past and shunned by society as a criminal finds love in the daughter of his father's enemy. Romeo and Juliet anyone? I loved Maddie's vivaciousness, her determination to make Logan fall in love with her; and her kind heart. Sh [...]

    19. I loved JS Cooper's other books but this one just seemed off. The dialogue between Logan and Maddie was so childish. She was so immature. He supposedly grew up in this hard life taking care of his brothers but he wasn't street smart enough to figure out what was really going on. Everything just seemed to be too convenient for Maddie. She really did come off as this spoiled little rich princess who was determined to get what she wants and that was Logan. She didn't even really know him and she's [...]

    20. The storyline was okay. But the dialogue was awful! I felt like I was listening to conversations between two 12-year-old adolescents, not a 20-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man. "I like you. Do you like me?" and "I like you too, a whole lot" Really? No one over 13 talks like that!! And i'm pretty sure I got whiplash from the ups and downs of the conversations. In one line they're saying how much they adore each other and then in the next they're arguing and pushing each other away. Also, the [...]

    21. I LOVED this book. I loved Logan ad Maddie. Their chemistry was crazy sexy and beautifully explosive. Logan definitely is at the top of my book hottie list. Bad boy with a good heart and sexy as helloh yeah I'm in love. He is strong and dominate and everything he does, he does with passion. Amazing. Cannot wait for the other Martelli Brother books. I loves Maddie`s personality. She is cute and fun and honest and forward and determined. She is one of my favorite heroines to date. The ending was a [...]

    22. It pains me to say that I just couldn't finish this book. I very rarely leave a book unfinished but I couldn't continue past 55% on this. Maddie and Logan might as well have been five year olds the way they talked to each other and the whole thing came across as very childish. Logan treated her like a piece of shit and said unthinkable things to her yet she called him things like "wonderful & mysterious. Uhality check needed mucho! The story dragged on and became very boring and I lost inter [...]

    23. Logan despises the town of River Valley and its residents who only know Logan as the town's bad boy car thief, but Maddie wants to know more about the gorgeous boy she's been infatuated with since she was in high school.Maddie Wright shows up at the pier to "accidentally" bump into Logan Martelli. In a moment of recklessness decides to steal a cop car. I mean, what better way to catch the attention of the town car thief? And man does he notice! When he picks her up in a stolen car just moments l [...]

    24. I would like to start off and say this is my favorite book of J's so far. I loved this book the most. Logan is like the ultimate sexy bad boy. I loved him to pieces. I loved crazy Maddie, she was so kooky and the lengths she went to to meet the elusive Logan Martelli was awesome. It's new and fresh, bad boy with a twist. Soo many interesting things happen in this book, I don't want to give too much away. But you must read it so you can also fall in love with Logan, he's the bad boy with a heart [...]

    25. I would like to start with a bit of a background for this book, which is part of a series (or novel, whatever you’d like to call it) of standalone books featuring three brothers: Logan, Jared, and Vincent (each book feat a different brother). Crazy Beautiful Love will tell the story of Logan Martelli and Maddie Wright.Logan is a car thief, a very good one, and freaking handsome as well, who carries a big baggage on his back. Logan has two younger brothers, Jared and Vincent, and a drunk father [...]

    26. whooshwhoosh You hear that?That's the emotional whiplash I got from all of Logan's hot/cold emotions. Logan is the towns bar boy criminal. He steals cars, for a living. Hmmm That was my first thought, then my second thought was why? Maddie and Logan meet one night when they are both stealing cars. Except Maddie is getting chased by a cop becausewelle tried to steal a cop car. Lol. She was so not what I expected, spunky yet innocent. Confident, beautiful, crazy, kind, has a sense of humorI could [...]

    27. Okay, I think I'm having a headache here. I started reading this a couple of hours ago. I thought this could be really good but I was wrong again. This started out pretty okay. There's something that made me not want to put the book down. The hero is a Martelli and that last name alone had a negative implication all over the town. The family was known to be criminals stealing cars for a living. And the heroine was the mayor's daughter. When their paths crossed, there's forced chemistry. There's [...]

    28. Crazy Beautiful Love (The Martelli Brothers) Logan Martelli and his brothers are the bad boys in their home town. Maddie Wright is the good girl who wants to be bad and she wants Logan. Logan is a criminal and Maddie is the town's princess because of who her father is. Logan's father and Maddie's father have a connected past, that is the whole catalyst for the things Logan and his brothers have to do their entire lives. When Logan and Maddie meet for the very first time, there is a connection, b [...]

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