Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 1: Includes vols. 12

Ranma in Edition Vol Includes vols One day teenaged martial artist Ranma Saotome went on a training mission with his father and ended up taking a dive into some cursed springs at a legendary training ground in China Now every time he

  • Title: Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 1: Includes vols. 12
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9781421565941
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • One day, teenaged martial artist Ranma Saotome went on a training mission with his father and ended up taking a dive into some cursed springs at a legendary training ground in China Now, every time he s splashed with cold water, he changes into a girl His father, Genma, changes into a panda What s a half guy, half girl to do Years ago, Genma promised his old friend SouOne day, teenaged martial artist Ranma Saotome went on a training mission with his father and ended up taking a dive into some cursed springs at a legendary training ground in China Now, every time he s splashed with cold water, he changes into a girl His father, Genma, changes into a panda What s a half guy, half girl to do Years ago, Genma promised his old friend Soun Tendo that Ranma would marry one of Soun s three daughters and carry on the family s martial arts school Except that the girl picked to be Ranma s bride doesn t seem to like him, Ranma keeps getting into fights, and did we mention that whole changing into a girl thing

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    1. Reading Ranma now is a totally different experience than it was for me at fourteen. I really had no idea of the complexity that is the construction of gender and sex. At the time it was just a silly story about a boy who turned into a girl and all the awkward sexual situations that came about. So when I was reading it now, thankfully more aware--but still learning--I wanted to see how I felt about Ranma's sexual identity. Mind you, I am not transgender so this only comes from what I have read ba [...]

    2. Soun Tendou, a widowed martial arts instructor in the Nerima suburb of Tokyo, has three daughters: gentle Kasumi, cunning Nabiki and fiery Akane. They are surprised to learn one day that their father made an agreement with his old friend Genma Saotome to marry one of them to Genma’s son Ranma. Akane is unimpressed with the old-fashioned idea of an arranged marriage, especially as it turns out Mr. Tendou has never actually seen Ranma and knows nothing about him.Imagine their surprise when a pan [...]

    3. This is one of the first manga I'd ever read and it still doesn't disappoint. I still love the simple designs and 80s aesthetic of this manga. It's charming, funny, light-hearted and oka little weird. Akane will always be one of my favorite anime/manga heroines. Also the dad jokes in this are amazing!This manga isn't for everyone but it hits the right spot for me.

    4. I originally started reading this series several years ago (13 years ago I believe). However I missed many volumes so it was very scattered. The thing with this series is that, for the most part, that is okay as it is filled with several individual stories. However, reading this I got to see a bit more of the flow and character use and introductions that I missed previously. Especially early on. A lot more ties together here.Also, I will admit I have seen most of the anime. So my opinion coming [...]

    5. Originally posted on my blog, Misprinted Pages:I found this series after watching an episode of Geek & Sundry’s web series “Talkin’ Comics,” and I think it may be my favorite manga ever. Seriously, it’s that good.My experience with manga is limited (I’m more of an American comics kind of girl), but over the years, I’ve added collections like Fruits Basket and Cardcaptor Sakura to my library. Ranma 1/2 reminds me a bit of the former (both feature humans shape-shifting into anima [...]

    6. I know this is a manga classic, but I just couldn't get into it. It's not bad exactly, just not very interesting. The hook of the story is that the eponymous Ranma has a curse upon him that means whenever he gets splashed by cold water he transforms into a girl. This is treated about as maturely as you'd expect of a series aimed at teenagers. The rest of the story is essentially one martial arts scene after another, interspersed with the main female character slapping the male lead after he says [...]

    7. This book is exactly what it says on the tin. If you want to read about a guy who shapeshifts into a girl whenever he gets splashed with cold water, his father who shapeshifts into a panda, and a girl who finds these strange people living in her house because her father has questionable decision-making skills, this is the book for you. If you want a serious examination of gender roles (or anything, for that matter), it probably isn't.

    8. Super funny !! This series just doesn't get old !I just couldn't stop reading it, and after having a lot of good laughs and enjoying the nice artwork of this manga (which by the way, I'm quite impressed how close it is to the anime) I'm just looking forward for more :P

    9. Ranma is a quirky manga about a father and son who have been magically "cursed" cursed to have different forms when touched by cold water. Ranma's father turns into a Panda, while Ranma himself transforms into a girl.Back when I was in high school, I would occasionally try to read manga series, but it never seemed to appeal to me or grab my attention. I was a little nervous when my comic book club had this on the read list, but I actually really enjoyed it.There is a lot of fighting and challeng [...]

    10. This book is Rated Older Teen and has martial arts violence along with bare breasted moments so if either bother you or the knowledge at some point in the story(but not this book you will see a midget with an overwhelming to steal womens' underwear then you might want to forget about this classic that follows the anime really well(more likely the other way around though.)Ranma !/2 is set in various locations but the beginning of Ranma and Genma Saotome's problems find their origins in the Cursed [...]

    11. Ranma 1/2 is one of the first mangas I was introduced to. It was one of the first I had read that engaged me completely, from the absurdity of the story and the characters, to immense charm conveyed by those things along with the incredible artwork. This series made me fall in love with, and appreciate, the various works of Rumiko Takahashi. Nothing could make me happier when I found out this series was being reprinted, and in larger, combined volumes no less! It has always been a series I had w [...]

    12. I have to admit that the premise of a sex-changing manga filled me with some trepidation, but that was son dispelled by this delightful, sweet and very funny book. Yes, there are brief moments of nudity, but nothing is over-sexuaised and it is played out with a humour akin to saucy seaside postcards/Carry On films and quickly moved on. There are also cases of other people transformed like Ranma, foremost being his father who get changed into a giant Panda. In both cases these transformation are [...]

    13. I've watched the episodes of the cartoon that this covers so unfortunately the story wasn't really new for me, but I did enjoy this. I think I would have liked it much better to have read the books first and then seen the cartoons. I love the art and I love how I still get the full story despite having much more limited space in panel form as opposed to animation. I wouldn't mind looking at other volumes, but I'd have to read a decent ways before I got to something that wasn't already in a carto [...]

    14. I've passed this series by many of times without really thinking twice though I'm really glad that I picked it up! Already being a fan of Takahashi's Inuyasha I had a feeling that Ranma 1/2 would be just as addicting and fun, and thankfully I was right! Ranma 1/2 is not only comedic but it has a very entertaining and refreshing storyline! I've read a lot of both Shonen and Shojo manga and I'm glad to say that this one really stands out. It's absolutely hilarious and I can't wait to see Ranma and [...]

    15. First, I love the premise. It's amazing and lovely and I wouldn't mind if it happened to me. I like the hijinks, fun nature. The art is good, though Takahashi falls into her usual pit of all the females being the same except for their hairstyles. The martial arts is well-portrayed though.Overall, it's a great read for any middle or high schoolers in your life, so if you're looking for a holiday or birthday gift, grab a copy!

    16. No soy de las que leen manga o ve anime pero sin duda con Ranma puedo hacer una gran excepción.Simplemente desde siempre me ha encantado esta serie, Ranma y Akane son mi OTP desde siempre <3Por mi le daría las 5 estrellas que se merece pero trataré de ser justa y guardar esa puntuación para los mejores capítulos :')

    17. Funny, clever, over the top story with fantastic characters. I enjoy Rumiko's drawing style and humor. I've been itching to reread this series for some time, and the re-release seemed like a good time to do it. This is one of my favorite mangas from my childhood and perhaps colored with the bias that nostalgia can bring, but I am enjoying Ranma as much this time around as the first.

    18. I love Ranma, I've watched it when I was younger, so I know the story, but I want to continue reading it. The drawings are beautiful, the story is so funny. I like Akane, she is a strong, inteligent girl.

    19. By now, I guess we can consider this a manga classic. I still found it as funny now as when I first read it some 20 years ago. I'm really glad they decided to re-print these books and I'm definitely gonna collect the entire series.

    20. I have always wanted to read the manga for Ranma 1/2. I have seen every episode, OVAs and movies and I cannot get enough!

    21. I loved it!! I'm excited to keep reading but also kind of not because the series is a lot bigger than I had originally thought. But this manga was so much fun!

    22. A manga classic, one of my favorites of all time. The anime is a must see as well. Fun characters, great artwork & wild humor that will make you laugh out loud.

    23. Made me laugh (out loud) so many times, definitely helping me out of my reading slump especially during exam time :)

    24. I don't think I'll read anymore of this series. I don't dislike it, but it didn't really hold my attention either: it took me a couple of days to finish it, reading off and on.

    25. Hello my first manga series from few decades ago, we meet againSo nice to reread all the gags & silliness before they were everyone's go-to gags

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