Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus Into the World

Reformed Means Missional Following Jesus Into the World If It Isnt Missional Its Not Churchand Certainly Not Reformational Church

  • Title: Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus Into the World
  • Author: Samuel T. Logan Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781938267758
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • If It Isnt Missional, Its Not Churchand Certainly Not Reformational Church.

    One thought on “Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus Into the World”

    1. I think this could have been more focused in the topics and editing. There was a wide ranges of thoughts and ideas, which was helpful is some ways but also meant that some parts were much more interesting than others. In some ways I think it missed the sweet spot for me. Some of the articles were along the lines of 'yeah, yeah I already know that' and others were interesting, but covering things that were almost to big to get into in my own context.

    2. I was intrigued by the title of this book, simply because I'm somewhat tired of this debate, 'Are you missional or not?' I've simply never found a good definition or description…until now. Logan, the editor of this work, does a great job of pulling together a good number of writers to tackle this very issue: define, describe and convince the church that if you are a true church you are missional. This is so because the 'mission is God's', not ours. Too often, we (the church) have made missions [...]

    3. Was a bit dry, though admittedly I am not always enthralled by theology books. I think the fact that it was composed of a series of pieces by different individuals made it difficult to find an overarching theme or point to follow throughout the book. If you are a pastor or in seminary, you might find this interesting, but as a member of a small group that did a study on this, it wasn't my favorite.

    4. Good book. Mission = Gospel movement and transformation in all spheres. So this book covers theology, missions, and ethics in a collection of essays.

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