Buffy presenta: Historias de Cazadoras

Buffy presenta Historias de Cazadoras Este volumen incluye las historias procedentes de Tales of the slayers Buffy Tales of the slayers y Tales of the slayers Broken bottle of Djinn de Dark Horse

  • Title: Buffy presenta: Historias de Cazadoras
  • Author: Joss Whedon Amber Benson Jane Espenson David Fury Rebecca Rand Kirshner Leinil Francis Yu Tim Sale Ted Naifeh
  • ISBN: 9788496402751
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Este volumen incluye las historias procedentes de Tales of the slayers, Buffy Tales of the slayers 1, y Tales of the slayers, Broken bottle of Djinn, de Dark Horse.

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    1. I love stories about non-Buffy slayers so much that this was pretty much a guarantee. But I totally have to knock down a star because I wanted so much more! I mean obviously it's the nature of the project, just a few pages for each slayer, but oh maaaaaaaaaan did I want to know more about every single one of them. Overall Whedon's stories were the strongest, and when I realized Espenson's story was the pretty ladies at the ball story, it made me laugh because hello that's also her "Firefly" epis [...]

    2. I really like this graphic novel brought to the table by Joss Whedon. I read it in about 20 mins and I wish there were more. There's only one thing I'm confused about. If Fray is a slayer from the future, why is she the only one? It doesn't make sense, since Willow cast a spell years and years before Fray that would release all potential slayers into active slayers. Well, maybe this will get answered when I start reading the Fray series and delve deeper into the Buffy series. Great reading eithe [...]

    3. I want more!!!!! I love the new stories of the other slayers, it ends with Fray and left me all hopeful that there will be more quality books of non BTVS slayer stories though I love them. This only took me about 15-20 minutes to read but you can see glimpses of the Slayers that were and will be (minus the Chinese slayer, Faith, Kendra, and Potentials, and one photo of Buffy)

    4. Fun, some excellent artwork, but not worth $15. I feel like in the age of the Internet comics meme, a collection of 5-page stories should have more than ~10 of them. I would love to see the Nazi Germany story expanded. That was one the few that actually touched on some mundane evil.

    5. A few of the tales were really good while the others were ok. I liked that there were different illustrators for each slayer!

    6. Some nice short stories about previous slayers. I particularly liked the French Revolution, and the Jane Austen one. It was interesting to see how previous slayers were treated in different time periods. A very good, if short read.

    7. This one was super cool. They went back a few centuries and told mini stories about the slayers. Very interesting.

    8. I have this in paperback and I loved it the first time I read it. This was just a really cool collection of short tales that expand the slayer mythos. Very cool book.

    9. In Tales of the Slayers, the writers from the writers from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, including the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, and one of its stars, Amber “Tara” Benson, present the tales of past Slayers with the help of some of comics’ greatest artists. Tales of the Slayers is an graphic novel anthology of short stories focusing on different Slayers through time.Here’s my break down of each story:“Prologue”Written by Joss Whedon Art by Leinil Francis YuFans of the sho [...]

    10. Tomo especial sin numerar pero que corresponde al #10 de la colección de Buffy de Recerca. Aparentemente, incluye una historia corta más que el tp USA.

    11. I like anthologies. It’s fun to pick up a collection of works by different people, see how different writers handle a common theme or idea. In a graphic novel, that also translates into lots of different art styles, which is also cool. Some you’ll enjoy better than others, but that’s fine because the next person to pick up the book will probably have a whole different set of favorites. In the case of a media tie-in, an anthology has the added benefit of freeing an author from the bounds of [...]

    12. Tales of the Slayers is an odd one. I began to re-read it as my partner and I watched Buffy Season 7, because it was during the first time I watched Season 7 that I originally read it and it had a really good effect. I think, if I were to advise anyone to read this comic book, it would be to do so while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7, preferably for the first time. In fact, at some point between the episodes "Potential" and "Touched" would be perfect.The reason for this is because Ta [...]

    13. This was a good group of short stories. I always love reading/seeing previous or future slayers. Prologue - 3.5 stars. This was a good first comic in the collection but it wasn't my favorite. I did enjoy seeing a little more of the first slayer, it's always a treat. Righteous - 5 stars. One of my favorites. I loved both the art and the story immensely. The Innocent - 5 stars. Another favorite. (view spoiler)[I loved that this Slayer was in love and in the end he didn't deserve that love (hide sp [...]

    14. The biggest issue with "Tales of the Slayers" is that it feels like a squandered opportunity. It's only six short stories, the first serving to set the stage and the last being a follow-up mini-sequel to Fray. The ones in the middle are up and down in terms of quality, and some have the traditional short story conceit of "AND HERE'S A TWIST" that re-shapes the story you thought you were reading. But overall, I don't feel like they play with the idea of what it means to be a slayer nearly as much [...]

    15. Tales of the Slayers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) introduces the different Slayers over time. It begins with ‘Prologue’, which is set in ancient Africa and reveals the first Slayer. But my favourites have to be Righteous and Presumption. Righteous is set in a medieval town and Presumption begins in a Jane Austen-ish way, at a lovely ball, and has a wonderful twist that made me immediately reread it, and marvel at the storyline.Joss Whedon (the creator of ‘Buffy’) wrote three out of eight o [...]

    16. I had forgotten about this one until my movers managed to drop it on the floor in the midst of a hasty packing. (When you have a library of over 1600 books and you're moving on a budget, you pay for cheap movers and you get what you pay for. I may never buy a book that's not for Kindle ever again . . . ) What a delightful surprise -- some of the stories came back to me as I read; the plus was that this collection was written by actual Buffy staffers. Standouts for me were the Jane Austen-era sla [...]

    17. I often mock Jane Espenson simply for the commentary track on the Firefly episode Shindig because it seems that every good line in the episode, she admits, was actually written by Joss. My first thought on starting her story, then, was "what is with this woman and ball gowns?" My apologies, now, to Ms. Espenson. Everything about her entry in this graphic novella was phenomenal, down to the perfect title, Presumption. It goes without saying that her story MUST be read through twice. Overall, howe [...]

    18. This book is a collection of short stories based on the lore of the slayer from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It includes stories from the show's creator, writers, and from one actress.I thought these stories were excellent. If you are a fan of the television show, you will recognize characters and references that are in this book. These stories are set in different eras ranging from the first slayer to the future slayer Fray who has her own graphic novel(which I strongly recomme [...]

    19. This is a must read for serious Buffy fans, as it fills in some tiny but awesomely interesting details in the canon of Buffy. The Whedon stories were my favorites and, I think, the best, but I liked David Fury's Navajo story alright and Jane Espenson's story set in Victorian times as well. The "Sonnenblume" was not so much to my liking, though the artwork was striking, if in a sort of grotesque way. Amber Benson's story was pretty good. There's artwork by Tim Sale as well as the amazing Gene Col [...]

    20. I was quite disappointed with this one. From the get go, I am not a fan of one shots. I'd rather read a long continuous story arc. That said, really loving Buffy comics, I was thrilled at the chance of seeing a bit of its extended universe. What's in the book, however, is just a bunch of unequal, always too short, stories with more often than not (but not always) sub-par art.The Fray story and the Navajo ones were clearly highlights. The first slayer and the medieval ones were cool, but in the f [...]

    21. This was a nice departure from the world ending drama the Scooby Gang go through. It's not that I don't enjoy seeing how things play out for them, just every so often it's nice to step back and take something else in.This volume is a treat, showing slayers past and future. Each tale has it's own style and like all anthologies some are stronger than others. There is also a surprise cameo of one of the early baddies Buffy and the gang faced that left me pleasantly surprised.I would love to see ano [...]

    22. 3, 5*Lucky to be tidying up so I can find some jems :)Enjoyed the collection, some stories were better some were just interesting addition to the chore and some were great - how the Sunnydale came to live. Melaka and her findings of the others pride and prejudice part. Each story has different ink and colouring to keep them easily recognizible as well author is different thought several stories are written by Joss himself. Personally would appreciate more stories to feed my curiosity :)

    23. I always enjoyed the mythos of Slayers throughout the ages in the television show and here we're shown glimpse into some of those girls' lives. While none of the stories are given enough pages to unfold what we do see is really good writing which makes sense because the pieces were penned by those associated with the show. The art however was hit or miss with the biggest hits being Yu, Sale, Colon, and Moline. Overall there isn't a lot to this and I wish there was, which I guess is a good sign t [...]

    24. So hard to rate something made up of shorter stories, each one written by someone different, with separate artists. Hands down, Joss Whedon is my favourite. His stories speak of experience. The other stories are written by various contributors of the Buffy TV show. Some of them are winners, while other fall short. Severe lack of dialogue was a little annoying at times, although I suppose they're trying to essentially narrate action sequences. Sometimes it would be better if the narrator took a b [...]

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