Buffy Cazavampiros: 9ª temporada, Volumen 2: Solamente tú

Buffy Cazavampiros temporada Volumen Solamente t CONTIN A LA NUEVA ETAPA DE BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS Y ANGELLa vida de Buffy Summers se complica de nuevo Tiene que tomar una dura decisi n personal que afectar su vida para siempre pero su naturaleza de ca

  • Title: Buffy Cazavampiros: 9ª temporada, Volumen 2: Solamente tú
  • Author: Andrew Chambliss Scott Allie Georges Jeanty Cliff Richards Joss Whedon
  • ISBN: 9788467912203
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • CONTIN A LA NUEVA ETAPA DE BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS Y ANGELLa vida de Buffy Summers se complica de nuevo Tiene que tomar una dura decisi n personal que afectar su vida para siempre, pero su naturaleza de cazadora le aportar una sorpresa que lo puede cambiar todo Zompiros, Spike y un regreso inesperado animar n la nueva vida de Buffy Cazavampiros.Al mismo tiempo, la investigaCONTIN A LA NUEVA ETAPA DE BUFFY CAZAVAMPIROS Y ANGELLa vida de Buffy Summers se complica de nuevo Tiene que tomar una dura decisi n personal que afectar su vida para siempre, pero su naturaleza de cazadora le aportar una sorpresa que lo puede cambiar todo Zompiros, Spike y un regreso inesperado animar n la nueva vida de Buffy Cazavampiros.Al mismo tiempo, la investigaci n de Angel para encontrar una forma de revivir a Rupert Giles contin a por las calles de Londres Las pistas le llevar n a seguir a un peligroso demonio y a encontrarse con una vieja amiga Mientras, Faith se enfrentar al regreso de su padre, lo que la llevar a tomar una decisi n dr stica.

    One thought on “Buffy Cazavampiros: 9ª temporada, Volumen 2: Solamente tú”

    1. What the fuck? No. Nononono, if you could do a storyline with subject matter this SERIOUS in a worse way, I don't know if I could think of it.1) A FUCKING ROBOT?!? REALLY? You're going to bring up the issue of an unwanted pregnancy and abortion and some really deep character stuff, and then throw it out the fucking window with some "I'm-a-robot" cop-out? FUCK YOU.2) In the situation we were initially presented with, BUFFY WAS RAPED. No seriously, and fuck you, comics letter column, for saying sh [...]

    2. Oh man, that was weirdly funny. I wouldn't have guessed they'd go that way but it worked. And isn't Spike just the sweetest?

    3. WrensReads Review:I thought this volume was actually pretty deep but also super weird.And also, hasn’t Buffybot been done? But it isn’t really just a Buffybot it’s like I don’t know how to explain it without giving everything away. But this really kind of hurt my soul because Buffy never catches a break. She’s always doing everything she can but it is never enoughI’m just going to go over there and cry for BuffyOn the bright side, we see some familiar faces: WrensReads | | Twitter | [...]

    4. Buffy's still dealing with the "zompires," but now she's also having to deal with real life. During a massive party, she got blackout drunk (she thinks), and now she's pregnant (she thinks). After discussions with Robin about what it was like being the son of a Slayer, she decides to have an abortion, asking Spike to go with her. Then she discovers that she wasn't drunk and she isn't pregnant--she's a robot, part of Andrew's ingenious plan to save her from the Siphon. But her human body is out t [...]

    5. 3.5*Book source ~ LibraryFrom :With the Scooby gang on the skids, Buffy finds herself increasingly alone. When faced with some tough decisions grounded in “real world” problems (i.e not the slaying of pesky demons), Buffy is determined to make her own choices, but that doesn’t mean she won't need a little handholding along the way. Cue Spike, compelled to stand by his best friend in her moment of need. Together they'll tackle the increasing zompire population and a rogue Slayer out for blo [...]

    6. Well, that was weird. This volume went directly from a really well-done and actually fairly moving story about Buffy finding herself pregnant to robot!Buffy. Seriously. I have to say that the pregnancy subplot was really great. I loved how it was handled, how Buffy tracked down Robin and was very thoughtful about the impact her choices would have on her own life and on the life of her unborn baby. Possibly the best thing that's been in Buffyverse comics to date. And then suddenly it turns out sh [...]

    7. I really have mixed feelings about this one. The character development in the first part was excellent. The plot however is a different story. In the first part of the book is really well done and tackles a prominent social issue (I'll say no more as I feel this would really spoil the story) and really made my question my stance on this issue. Whedon handles this controversial subject with grace and compassion. My real problem with this book lies in the second half. The story became a watered do [...]

    8. These are always more entertaining when Andrew's part of the plot, even if he does seem to have the abilities of a super-scientist. The plot went from serious to silly very quickly, but it all still had the essence of Buffy and was enjoyable to read. The flashbacks with Nikki were a nice addition.I have to say, I was interested in where Chambliss was going with the plot at the beginning, (view spoiler)[ not that I was eager for Buffy to get an abortion, but the whole storyline of Buffy being pre [...]

    9. The Good: A lot of well loved characters show up in this volume - Spike! Andrew! Robin! And a lot of heavy issues mixed with wacky situations. This volume is very close to the show, in that it has some great stuff going on, some weird stuff going on, and some what-drugs-where-the-writers-on kind of stuff thrown in for good measure. We don't get a lot of plot progression, but we do get a deeper look at where the characters are now and what the driving force is that's motivating their choices.The [...]

    10. The first volume that didn't hit a full five stars from me. Buffy deals with some real world problems and calls Spike for support. And then Andrew gets involved. A thought the story meandered throughout this volume and jumped the shark a bit. Hopefully we'll get back on track in volume 3.

    11. This was great! It totally felt like I was back watching the show at its best. The Buffy bot! Spuffy feels! Nikki, 70s NYC Slayer! Buffy fighting herself! Real world problems mixed with paranormal Slayer problems! There was nothing about this I did not love, except 1) some hints of Xander being a jackass to Dawn?? 2) continuing art that could be better (although to be fair I didn't have trouble telling anyone apart this volume).

    12. Ah geez, this is some tough shit. Fuck you Andrew, that is not something you just do without concent, not even to keep someone alive. And I know in reality it was so the plot twist could happen, because why wouldn't Andrew tell Buffy? I mean, I don't see the point in him NOT running the plan by her. It makes little to no sense when you really think about it.As for Buffy, poor girl. Not only is the world out to get her because she made a decision that needed to be made, but to have someone mess w [...]

    13. I feel like neither one of the stories in this really worked that great together. Both sort of felt like cop-outs when you put them together? I dunno. I'mma keep reading.

    14. Pretty classic Buffy form, including personal life scares, androids, and a scary nutso chick with lots of time on her hands. Stepford Buffy was kinda nostalgic, too.

    15. Volume 2 of Season 9. So (spoiler for Volume 1), Buffy is preggers. Whoops. And she doesn't know who the father is 'cause she got blind drunk at a party and. Nice, Whedon. THIS IS WHY NOBODY LIKES YOU ANYMORE.Of course there is a big (big) twist, but much of this volume deals with Buffy trying to deal with a potential Slayer-spawn. She goes to talk to Robin, the only child of a Slayer she knows, so there are some flashbacks to our groovy jive 70s Slayer, Nikki. Andrew features prominently in thi [...]

    16. AUGH. So frustrating. The ending of Season 9 #1, Freefall, made me extremely excited to read this volume. The idea of Buffy being pregnant was, I thought, a great direction to take the character in. When Buffy was speaking with Robin and puzzling over her options and trying to decide what was best for both her and a child, I was fascinated. "Finally," I thought, "for the first time in a long time I feel as though there are some actual stakes here, some real drama and something that will actually [...]

    17. (view spoiler)[Really torn on this one. Like that Buffy is dealing with things like an unwanted pregnancy, and despite other characters attempting to tell her what to do she still makes the choice that feels right for her, which is to schedule an abortion. Do not like that it's treated like a mistake that SHE made when she was blacked out and COULD NOT GIVE CONSENT. But surprise it doesn't matter anyway because it's just Buffy's mind in Buffybot's body. I mean, is there a worse way to deal with [...]

    18. I went into this hating the beginning of this arc. Just loathing it to the point where I didn't pick it up for two days.The final four or five issues in this arc, though? Some of my favorite stories in the comic series since the canon transfer. Completely out of left field, and I absolutely loved it.It's continually surprising how good the storytelling still is in these arcs overall. Glad to see it continuing.

    19. This was the arch that made me quit Buffy comics for a while. I'm trying to give them another go. It wasn't as bad the second time - the Nikki Wood stuff was good, but (view spoiler)[Andrew drugging Buffy (his actual words: "I roofied you") to switch her mind out of body without her consent or knowledge (hide spoiler)] is still my least favorite storyline of any Buffy media ever. Not necessarily out of character, but handled with the sensitivity of a teaspoon. Ugh.

    20. This arc was incredibly refreshing compared to the previous ones in the Buffy comic series continuations. Rather than a bunch of continuous epic battling, this one touched base on what made most of us fall in love with the show in the first place. I'm hoping the ones after this keep this up.

    21. Buffy a robot? Again? Really? The whole pregnancy was completely unnecesary. They need to fix up Andrew's hair.

    22. This was the supposedly controversial issue but I liked how it was handled and resolved.Full review here: tinyurl/oqqhxjp

    23. So we get answers for questions that were brought up in the last volume, but none of those answers were Angel. If you like Spike you're going to be really into this volume. At this point I just feel really bad for Buffy, I know slayers mostly just die and never get to have nice lives, but after all this time I do want her to have a nice life. And I thought it was important and interesting idea when she was talking about how she just wanted to experience a regular person problem instead of a slay [...]

    24. Buffy is fighting vampires with Spike when her arm suddenly gets ripped off and she finds out that she's a robot. WTF, how long has she been a robot? The story starts with a pregnancy scare and Buffy getting advice from the son of Nikki the Vampire Slayer who operated in the 70's and was eventually killed by Spike. Buffy wants to know how it felt like to be raised by a slayer and he tells her that it sucked waiting up each night wondering if his mom would be home, but he thinks that Buffy is dif [...]

    25. Read this because I needed to read a graphic novel for a couple of reading challenges. I was a big fan of the first six seasons of the Buffy TV series, so this seemed like a good option since I'd know the characters already. I picked this volume because it was the earliest one on the shelves at the local library.I probably would have been better off finding the first volume post-TV-show. Clearly, a lot had happened since I stopped watching and that made some parts difficult to follow. Not that I [...]

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