When It's Right

When It s Right He s the last resolution she intends to break Still licking his wounds after a messy breakup Nate is at loose ends for New Year s Eve and itching for a wild and crazy adventure to jolt him out of his

  • Title: When It's Right
  • Author: Jeanette Grey
  • ISBN: 9781619217621
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook
  • He s the last resolution she intends to break Still licking his wounds after a messy breakup, Nate is at loose ends for New Year s Eve and itching for a wild and crazy adventure to jolt him out of his rut Now if he could only convince his best friend, Cassie, to break away for an impromptu road trip to Times Square.Fun as it sounds, Cassie is reluctant to accept Nate s He s the last resolution she intends to break Still licking his wounds after a messy breakup, Nate is at loose ends for New Year s Eve and itching for a wild and crazy adventure to jolt him out of his rut Now if he could only convince his best friend, Cassie, to break away for an impromptu road trip to Times Square.Fun as it sounds, Cassie is reluctant to accept Nate s invitation Little does he know, she s made resolutions of her own resolutions about finally getting over her long standing crush on him Telling herself this trip will be the perfect last hurrah, she packs her bag.The trip is a fiasco from the outset A car that won t start, a freak storm that strands them on the side of the road, and a long drive with too much time for true confessions Cassie s rocks Nate to the core, leaving him wondering if the best thing that ever happened to him has been right in front of him all along.Warning Contains two best friends, a secret crush, and a road trip that leads to tow trucks, unexpected hotel room sharing, epiphanies, sex, and .

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    1. I was excited to read Jeanette Grey’s new book. I’ve followed her writing for about as long as she’s been doing it, and her words have never disappointed. When It’s Right was no exception.We start off with two friends just hanging out just after Christmas. Nate, our hero, tells his best friend, Cassie, that he wants to do something spontaneous. After a failed eight month relationship, he’s ready to make some changes in his life. Specifically, he’s ready to start making different choi [...]

    2. A cute best friends to lovers romance but too short. I would have loved more of their story. Review coming.

    3. Originally published at Reading RealityThis is a romance for everyone who has made a resolution and then wanted to have one last hurrah. And it’s for every time you’ve thought that a friendship was too good to mess up by trying to go for more.Because we’ve all been there, done that, and bought the whole closet full of t-shirts. Most of which are ugly and have sick-up stains on the front.Every once in a while, you do it anyway. And it’s so perfectly right that it works. Just like this sto [...]

    4. I’m a fan I can’t lie. I’ve been reading Jeanette Grey’s words for a while now, and I’ve never been disappointed, and When It’s Right does everything perfectly. I love the friends to more trope. You guys probably know this about me. Nate and Cassie have been friends for years… she’s watched him date all the wrong women and even held her tongue after his latest breakup. They’re both looking for something different this New Year’s and that’s why she agrees to an impromptu roa [...]

    5. I adore holiday novellas, particularly those that surround Christmas and New Years. But I especially love the novellas that have so much emotion in such a small space. The novellas filled with beautiful writing and a heartfelt story that has me wishing for more, yet fulfilled. When It's Right is one such novella, and Jeanette Grey has once again won me with her gorgeous, emotion-fueled writing. When It's Right is the story of two friends, Nate and Cassie, who've never tried to be more. Cassie ha [...]

    6. Reviewed @ Enticed by BooksOne of my favorite movie to watch during holidays is the romantic comedy, New Year's Eve, starring trillions of stars, and reading When It's Right felt like this easily would've been one of the story featured in that movie. It was cute, adorable and a beautiful story about two best friends finding love on new years eve and hell yes, the location being New York. The scenarios is so romantic in itself; I was honestly in love with this story the minute the read the premis [...]

    7. “She almost forgot that everything between them was up in the air. Because it was just her and him. Her and her very best friend, and that was simple. As simple as breathing.”Have you ever gone on a trip where everything goes wrong? Well, that is exactly what happens in this heart-warming novella. When It's Right is centered during the holidays around New Years. Cassie has had a crush on Nate for years. She's always wanted more with him, but he only sees her as his best friend. The decision [...]

    8. Charnel‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThis is my favorite genre of stories, a friends to lovers story when all of a sudden you realize what you wanted has been right in front of you the whole time. When It’s Right is a cute friends to lovers short story with true love, fun mishaps and road trip adventures that keeps things exciting.Nate: He is just out of another meaningless relationship and starting to look at his best friend [...]

    9. With New Year's just around the corner Nate has decided it's time for a change. He's single again after dating a woman who left him feeling disappointed. In fact most of the women he's dated have left him disappointed. He thinks a radical shake-up will refresh him and help him decide what he really wants. His plan includes a spontaneous trip to Times Square to watch the ball drop that veers radically off-course, but does in fact show him what he really wants, after a car accident leaves him grat [...]

    10. Sometimes love is right in front of your face. Nate has just broken up with his girlfriend and he wants to do something spontaneous and fun. He suggests a road trip to New York for New Year’s Eve to his best friend, Cassie, thinking the adventure will be good for them both.Cassie, unknown to Nate, has had a crush on him for years. She’s decided to make a New Year’s Resolution to get over Nate and move on with her life so what’s the harm in having a last fun road trip with the guy she sec [...]

    11. 4 stars for this fun New Year's novella!This was a lovely little 79 pages of friends to lovers book. I truly enjoyed it. Cassie and Nate. It's a little peek into the moments when two people who care about each other very much (as friends) decide that it's time to move forward and admit to their true feelings. Even though they are scared to death that by doing so, it will blow their friendship to bits.What better way to confront their growing attraction to each other by driving from North Carolin [...]

    12. I LOVE romances about best friends when one has a secret crush.Nate and Cassie have been best friends for about 5 years and all that time Cassie sat back and watched Nate go through one relationship after another. Nate has only seen Cassie as his best friend but after a messy break up he starts noticing she’s kind of hot.After talking Cassie into an impromptu trip to New York to watch the ball drop for New Year’s the two have one hell of a road trip that leads them to facing their feelings f [...]

    13. I love books about best friends falling in love. I love the uncertainty that settles in the pit of my stomach with confessions and the realization that one or both people might have *gasp* feelings for the other. Jeanette Grey masterfully captures all this and more as she lets Cassie and Nate's story unfold. Told from both of their perspectives, we get all the emotional ups and downs as they take an ill-fated (or is it?) road trip to New York to ring in the new year. Fun, achingly good, and hot [...]

    14. Really enjoyed this New Year's Eve holiday short. Had all the good feels - excellent writing, good character development for the length, happy feels, hot sexy feels, smack the characters and then hug them feels. Honest, realistic characters with honest, realistic lives, troubles, and frustrations, while still interesting and relatable. Definitely recommended for a fun holiday read and any other time of the year!

    15. Jeanette Grey's When It's Right is the kind of bite-sized, feel good romance that can turn a dreary day around. Short and sweet, it still feels complete, with just enough backstory to understand who these characters are and why they really need to get together. I liked them right away, and I felt like I was there with them when their road trip to Times Square took an unexpected turn, in more ways than one! A perfect New Year's Eve novella.

    16. Cute story, a big draggy but if you love friends to lovers you'll probably enjoy this oneSuper dense hero, but him running around does make up for well, some of it. I'm not mad I read it, but wasn't bowled over.C, C-

    17. I don't know what it is, but I think somehow Jeanette Grey has poked into my mind and writes books that just get at every sweet sexy thing I want to read. I don't know how she does it, and it seems like a weird business model, but I don't want her to stop.

    18. I've enjoyed everything Jeanette Grey has put out there. The only downside of this story is that it is very short - made to feel even more so because the story finishes up at only 83% on my kindle - where I'm used to 92-95%.

    19. Read my review on RomanceJunkies by clicking on the link below:romancejunkiesreviews/artmRated it 3.5 but upped it to 4 here since we don't have 1/2 stars as a choice.

    20. 4.5 stars. I always love Jeanette Grey's writing and this is excellent friends-to-lovers, which is one of my favorites. Just too, too short. *Greedy* I'll always look forward to more from this author.

    21. gah! wanted more nate & cassie!love the whole friends/one-sided crush turning into more when the clueless one finally gets a clue stories!!! :)

    22. Historia muy sosa y carente de emoción. No ha habido “chispa” entre los protagonistas y ha sido excesivamente corta y apresurada.Además de muy cara…No ha funcionado para mí…

    23. Above par romance. Short and sweet.There is nothing new in the plot - best friends maybe wanting more, the difference is in the quality of writing.

    24. Short and sweet read. I always like reading when best friends turn to lovers, I just wish there was more build up of them as friends. It seemed rather short.

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