Eighth Note

Eighth Note Eva Reed saved the world Actually she saved two worlds but who s counting Finding herself in the middle of present day suburbia married and a mom at only twenty years old she s beyond bored Even w

  • Title: Eighth Note
  • Author: Kimberly Stedronsky Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eva Reed saved the world Actually, she saved two worlds, but who s counting Finding herself in the middle of present day suburbia, married and a mom at only twenty years old, she s beyond bored Even with her popular music blog and her handsome husband Will catering to her every impulse, she longs to use the incredible powers that she possesses.But Earth is no place forEva Reed saved the world Actually, she saved two worlds, but who s counting Finding herself in the middle of present day suburbia, married and a mom at only twenty years old, she s beyond bored Even with her popular music blog and her handsome husband Will catering to her every impulse, she longs to use the incredible powers that she possesses.But Earth is no place for magic.When Cole Mathison arrives, asking for Eva s help in solving the death of a famous pop star, she cannot resist the overwhelming pull to use her abilities again Eva finds that there is to the sinister murder than what the evidence shows People who listen continue to die, and she must rely on her immortality to protect her from a frequency that is shattering minds and stopping hearts There are forces at work that she could never have imaginedAnd evil will be heard.

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    1. Kimberly had done it again, she has stolen my heart. I have told her and I say it all the time, I am NOT a fan the paranormal genre but I stumbled upon Roam (another wonderful book by this author) a few months ago and fell in love!Eighth Note picks up 18 months after the end of Reign (the last book in the Roam series). Eva Reed is living in North Carolina with her husband Will and their daughter Perry. She board and restless. Since she loves music so much Eva has created a wildly popular music b [...]

    2. I am so thankful that i got an ARC of this book because it was absolutely amazing. Eighth Note is a Spin off from her series Roam(which if you haven't read it yet is a must.) It has to do with my second favorite couple Eva and Will and also Cole. I have to say it was a great read Eva has so much spunk in here its not even funny. But when she ends up being tired of always being home with nothing to do and Cole ends up asking her for help, she doesn't turn him down but what she doesn't know is she [...]

    3. That was weirdly good took me a minute to catch on as this is the first book I've read in this series (or by this author) and I had no idea there was a mystical element to it. I'm excited to see how this plays out! Full review to come with my tour post on 11/5.**FULL REVIEW**“You and I both know there are things in this world that are disturbing, and monsters that have yet to make themselves known. It is not your responsibility to fight them.”Eva Reed is immortal…her entire family is. Eva [...]

    4. Eighth Note is book 1 in the new Fire Ballad series by Kimberly Stedronsky. This book dives into the life of Eva Reed, whom we met in the Roam Series. Now, don’t get all squirrely on me now because I’m here to say that one doesn’t have to read the Roam Series (but you really should anyway because they’re the best books ever) in order to enjoy this new series because Ms. Stedronsky does a bang up job giving the best cliffs notes rundown from her 6 book Roam series in the first 5 pages of [...]

    5. Although it has been some time since a novel has made me want to look in dark corners, be wary about pulling back a shower curtain or second guess a visit to a remote cabin in the woods, this new novel by Kimberly Stedronsky was that kind of read. Beginning the book fairly late at night, I couldn't put it down until I read the spectacular ending. A spinoff from the popular Roam series written by the same author, characters from the series were introduced and explained enough that you never felt [...]

    6. "Eighth Note" (Fire Ballad #1) is a truly phenomenal book. It's a spin off from the 'Roam' series and it prominently stars Eva, Will, Cole, along with West and brief moments with Roam. It revolves around Eva and Cole.Kim has done an amazing job right off the bat with giving a quick run down of Eva's life, which is helpful for anyone not having read the 'Roam' series. (I advise reading the entire series as it gives you a detailed background on all the characters and you'll have time to fall in lo [...]

    7. **Review written for an originally posted on my blog, Book Bliss.I received a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review**Review:5 starsGeneral: This book entertained from the start and had all the elements a good mystery needs. From the get go I was a little bored and then BAM it slammed right into the story and talk about creepy, mysterious and consuming! The writing was wonderful and the character of Eva was so easy to connect with and I have to say I loved Cole!The plot k [...]

    8. Kimberly Stedronsky has written another brilliant series. Eighth Note is a spinoff book from the Roam Series featuring two of my favorite characters, Eva and Will, and Logan's son, Cole Mathison. This book has a brilliant mix of suspense, murder mystery, lots of magic, music, demon and definitely some hot scenes. For the first half of the book, I was starting to get nervous about the sexual tension between two of the characters. I found myself falling in love with Will more in this book. I also [...]

    9. I am a faithful Kimberly Stedronsky reader! And this book does not disappoint. I started reading it while I was traveling for work. So I was all alone in a hotel, and it was dark, and I HAD to put it down because I got creeped out! lol. It's just scary enough to give you the creeps, but not so scary that you can't read it a well lit room. :-) Kimberly writes about her characters in a way that even taking into account immortality, magic, demons, and alternative worlds.you still relate to these ch [...]

    10. I don't normally read or watch anything scary But I loved this series so much that I made an exception. I wanted to stay in touch with the characters that I loved. This book was no disappointment! There was a riveting story line with the promise of more in the future. The reader was reacquainted with favorite characters from the Roam series. Although you don't have to have read the series to follow the book, I highly recommend you do, just because they're great books. Looking forward to more boo [...]

    11. Eighth Note takes you on a wild ride, after saving another world, Eva is at home and is feeling a little lost. She loves her husband and daughter, but feels as if her magic could be used for something else, something special.Cole Mathison, comes asking for help. He is also immortal, but he needs Eva to help him find out what really happened to the pop star who died.Eva and Cole start their journey together, neither has any idea what is in store for them, or what kind of dangers they will face. O [...]

    12. I'm going to be honest here. I saw the title for this, saw the cover, and signed up. It had to do with music. I'm a sucker for music. Following me so far?This story is so much more than I thought it was! I mean, wow. What a unique concept and yes, it still had a music tie in. Just with a paranormal/ fantasy type twist. Even better! Finding a story that has various elements of things I love with a sense of originality? SCORE!Eva is so much more than a kick butt music blogger, mother and wife. Wou [...]


    14. Excellent! Eva has grown onto the woman we knew she should be. She loves Will, her King and he her, his Queen. Her young age is shown perfectly. West and Roam are here in the nick of time. Cole tells Eva how much kidnapping her haunted him and you see that there really is a worthy dude in there.Great story. So looking forward to the next book.

    15. Kimberly really hit it out of the park with this one. After reading the Roam series this is exactly what I needed. More! The beginning of a new series with familiar characters that we get to know more about. I loved learning more about Cole! Can't wait to see what happens next and who we'll get to know more about. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    16. If you loved the Roam series then you'll love this series as it stars the daughter of Roam & West. The relationship between Eva & Will is both hot & explosive. I loved that this book took a big supernatural turn and everything was very well written. Lastly, I will mention Cole. *fans self* Yum. ;)

    17. Love this first book in the Fire Ballad series. If you've read the Roam series you need to read this book!

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