Loving From Afar

Loving From Afar What would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events Allison Ransome loses everything everything except her love for Cole Slater the young man she planned to marr

  • Title: Loving From Afar
  • Author: Mona Ingram
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events Allison Ransome loses everything everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.Gutted by Allison s perceived treachery, Cole moves on with his life Ten years later, he returns home, telling himself he will avoid the woman who broke hWhat would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events Allison Ransome loses everything everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.Gutted by Allison s perceived treachery, Cole moves on with his life Ten years later, he returns home, telling himself he will avoid the woman who broke his heart.But nothing goes as planned Can Allison and Cole forget the past and come to terms with the events that tore them apart

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    1. I could never really get past the amateurish writing and the simplistic characters & dialogue. The story line was not believable at alle event that initially separated them was so unrealistic it was downright silly, and the events that followed were equally unbelievable, silly, and unrealistic. Their entire 11-year separation was based wholly upon wrong assumptions about each other—not one word of conversation nor any communication. NONE! Who does that in the real world? When you truly lov [...]

    2. 216 pagesBook one in the Women of Independence series of threeStand aloneTwelve years on Cole is returning to Independence because his father is terminally ill. There he struggles to connect with his past love Allison who broke his heart.(view spoiler)[ SPOILERS AHEADMy thoughts that kept me from getting deeply emotional about this story: 12 years? Way too long. Yes I know it happens but this is fiction right?I wanted more of Cole and Allison together and less of everyone else, much much lessSta [...]

    3. I have been given the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book. I have to say, there serious subject matter in this book, not so much that someone would be offended. I'm telling you when you read this book, you need to grab a tissue. You know its a good book when you can actually feel the emotions of the characters and thats exactly how I felt. I felt the turmoil, sadness, love, friendship. This book has it all. Its a definite keeper, I couldn't put the book down. I"m telling you, you' [...]

    4. My kind of read! The traumatic journey the characters had to endure to earn their HEA tugged at my heartstrings. What I liked.The conflict. The turmoil. The continued pursuit of happiness and as a reader rooting for them to get it. I love reading books with lots of emotion and this book had the events that made it emotional.The hero. He was kind, lovable, likable, tough, lived by his own rules and didn’t care what others thought. Defended the weak. The heroine. She was sweet and innocent but w [...]

    5. This book was not my cup of tea. I picked this book because of it title "Women of Independence" I didn't find this to be true. Allison, the main character was not strong. I think I would've enjoyed the story more if Dani her bestfriend, was the main character. Her character was stronger. I liked the beginnig of the story, it was sweet, but when the main female character was raped. My enthusiasm for the book waned. I hate any book with rape in it, especially when the rapist is not punished. Even [...]

    6. I was given this book in exchange for a honest review! This was a interesting book for me, I say that because in a way it's a love story but so much happens that it takes a min to get there. The reason I rated four stars instead five was because I felt that there were parts of the story that could have been elaborated more. But the story it's about a girl named Allison who finds the guy of her dreams in Cole. But when her parents die and she has to move with her sister to a new town it causes a [...]

    7. My ThoughtsThis is know the 5 book I have read from this amazing Author. Allison is a strong young woman. She over comes so much in her life. The one thing is was counting on to make her heart whole again never comes. Cole never asked the question he should have and Allison never tells him the truth. With mistakes made and 10 years later with one look at each other & the love is still their. Allison just needs to tell Cole the truth and see if they are truly soul mates. I recommend any book [...]

    8. Allison and Cole plan to get married once they graduatebut when Allison moves away and Cole is arrested and sent to jail, their lives take different paths. Tragedy strikes Allison soon after, and her life is shattered. She loses everythingeverything that is except for her unwavering love for Cole. I couldn’t put this book down once I started. The story was so tragic at times and so unfair, yet Allison grows and becomes an amazing woman. When the two characters meet 12 years later, you will be [...]

    9. This story has touched my inner most feelings today whilst reading it. It truly is one of those stories that you feel you want to bash someone's head together because of all that wasted time.I thoroughly loved this book, I wish I could have read it sooner but as a reader and reviewer some books take its turn, and this was a delight to read. It was one of those stories that were it a film you would sit back after it ended and heave a nice sigh of satisfaction. I was given this book by Mona Ingram [...]

    10. I was really disappointed by the ending. There was absolutely no resolution, just a quick ending. Also, the entire book followed the chronology, from the moment they met in high school all the way to when they reunite twelve years later. So the romance is basically right at the beginning and then the whole book is about their lives each during those twelve years. So yeah you can imagine how I was disappointed that the end was just them getting together and voilà! all problems resolved instantly [...]

    11. This ebook was a free download on Nook. I am glad I downloaded it; it's an amazing love story. It was sad at times but hey that is life for you, sometimes things are going so great and then wham life hits you with some hard challenges. I love that almost all the characters had to go through something awful; it just wasn't about the two main characters Cole and Allison. I just love the whole storyline. Makes you believe in true love and that there is still kind and sincere people out there. The e [...]

    12. Loved loved loved this book. I've just spent my Saturday reading this story & enjoyed every minute of it. This was one of them stories that grabbed you from the beginning & wouldn't let you go until you had finished it. The characters were wonderful & the twists in the story was brilliant. I highly recommend this book & it's definetly one I'd re read. This is the first book I've read by this author & it certainly won't be the last. Received from author in return for honest re [...]

    13. This is a story of basically miscommunication and people making assumptions without getting the facts.I would have liked to see it edited to tighten up the story flow. At times it dragged, and I think a good editor could have improved that flow.That said, I enjoyed it and I liked and cared about the characters. I will be looking to get Book 2 in this series.

    14. I really enjoyed this book. It's a very emotional love story that will touch your heart. I love the caring and loyalty between the friends and family.I read this book in one day because I didn't want to put it down. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.Received from author in return for honest review.

    15. Allison and Cole meet as teenagers and have a very strong connection. Cole goes to jail to cover for a friend and refuses to read Allison's letters or to see her. Allison realizes life has to go on after she hasn't heard from him in 5 months. She goes out with some friends from school to a party where a creep drugs her drink and rapes her. She was a virgin until that point waiting for Cole. She ends up pregnant and decides to give the baby to her sister who cannot have children. At first she can [...]

    16. Slow, predictable and painful to read. I got to the party and had to put it down. I just couldn't handle how tortuous the pace was. The characters were being well-developed on this painful journey, though. So I can give this two stars for starting strong in that regard and having an intriguing plot. Maybe I'll pick this back up and finish at some point, when I can deal with the glacially slow death of the relationship.

    17. A New Favorite Author!I am not a big fan of contemporary romances, but this book, Loving From Afar, blew me away! It is very well written with a tremendously wonderful storyline! I look forward to other books by Mona Ingram!

    18. Wonderful readFirst love and sisterly love is the greatest. She went through so much to have a child for her sister. I still think the police should have been called and a report taken so this stupid person could not date rape again.So many emotions going on in this book

    19. It usually doesn't take me this long to finish a book. It seemed to have all the right elements for me, but I just couldn't get into it. I can't say I liked it, nor can I say I disliked it. When a book doesn't hold for me it drags on forever.

    20. Allison Ransome loses everything; everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.

    21. Ok readIt was ok I did not like how the H did not talk to her and hear her side of things. Maybe the next book will be better.

    22. BeautifulAllison found love in Cole, and the in her in high school. Then her parents died and she with her sister and brother in law. They made it work until he got arrested wrongfully and didn't want to see anybody. She wrote he didn't answer. She was raped and decided to let her sister adopt the baby, he came back early but didn't get a chance to explain. The rest is a beach story of two lives finding there way back.

    23. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandI feel like I have been reading a lot of books recently that just don't engage me with the characters and their thoughts and feelings. Loving from Afar was one of these. There are lots of things that happen in this story, some of them really horrible, but the writing never made it seem like a big deal. Like they were issues, but the characters seemed to deal pretty well with everything and justI never really got the super love between the main [...]

    24. Reading loving from apart it makes meaning to the book title, since the main characters tend to love from being apart, not just as woman and man love sense, but also family sense. Several situations happened due to life events that become very dramatic and terrifying for a woman's life.The plot of this story is really shocking, it can make you feel angry, sad, and happy from time to time.Having read some of the events the characters go through their life are really harsh. If you put yourself goi [...]

    25. Technically if there were half stars, I'd give this 3.5 stars. Easy read, but I could see why it won't be everyone's cup of tea. There is romance, but because the book starts in the present, but jumps back many years and works back to the present, there isn't as much romance as I'd usually like to see in this type of novel. The ending, while happy and sweet, wrapped up rather abruptlyFitting a little due to the way the story unfolds and *spoiler* them wanting to be together after all these years [...]

    26. When bad things happen to good people"She had always trusted people; she’d had no reason not to. Brought up by loving, supportive parents, she’d been taught to look for the best in people. Maybe her life up until now had been a fairy tale, but as of today, that part of her life was over. She’d seen the dark side of human nature, and in the process, a big chunk of brightness had been stripped from her life."I almost didn't finish this book. It is well written, but I read to be entertained. [...]

    27. This book was a huge disappointment. I liked the blurb and thought this book would be quite interesting. The writing is basic and the characters are so unbelievable. For 11 years the main characters stayed apart because of a mistake that neither one of them decided to explain? Come on. The story of the male character's 'time away' is so beyond anything that would ever be true. When the two characters actual speak again, she spills on everything. What she went through is extremely traumatic. All [...]

    28. I would actually give it 2.5, feeling generous with 3.I frequently go for light reads between my intense readings. This book did justice to that. It was light, easy and I knew it would end on a happy note.Of course the characters went through too many tragedies of similar nature, like loosing parents etc. But i agree on one thing, the nature of misunderstandings, people by nature assume and never consider to confront an issue / situation. The main reason being Ego !! Two quotes i liked - 1. "Jus [...]

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