Souls of the Stones Omnibus

Souls of the Stones Omnibus A convenient omnibus edition of the three main works of the Souls of the Stones series Contains Cornerstone Second Stone Broken Stone Souls of the Stones follows Emariya Warren as she navigates the

  • Title: Souls of the Stones Omnibus
  • Author: KellyWalker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: None
  • A convenient omnibus edition of the three main works of the Souls of the Stones series.Contains Cornerstone, Second Stone, Broken Stone.Souls of the Stones follows Emariya Warren as she navigates the three divided lands of her world, as well as the three families striving for control The series incorporates traditional fantasy elements such as prophecy and magic with a lA convenient omnibus edition of the three main works of the Souls of the Stones series.Contains Cornerstone, Second Stone, Broken Stone.Souls of the Stones follows Emariya Warren as she navigates the three divided lands of her world, as well as the three families striving for control The series incorporates traditional fantasy elements such as prophecy and magic with a love story that transcends genre and time Books 1 3 are included.Cornerstone When Emariya Warren learns enemy forces have captured her father, she ll do anything to save him Anything Even marry a mysterious prince she knows nothing about in order to rally the strength to arrange a rescue During her journey to Torian s foreign castle, Emariya comes face to face with her mother s killers and a deadly secret.Not only does Emariya possess a powerful but unexpected magical gift So does the prince she s promised to marry, and an ominous prophecy has warned their gifts must never be combined.If she breaks her promise to marry Torian, she won t be able to save her father and if she keeps it, she may bring a curse upon everything she holds dear Determining which choice is best won t be easy, but when she meets the gorgeous prince who may desire than just her heart, she realizes she will have to fight just to have a choice at all.Her heart wants him desperately Her head begs her to run If she doesn t want to share her mother s fate, she ll have to find a way to untangle the truth from the lies in time to save herself.Second Stone In the second installment in Souls of the Stones, the stakes are higher, the romance is hotter, and Emariya s power as a Cornerstone is growing.Determined to make sense of the betrayals, lies, and her undeniable attraction to Torian, Emariya and her prince begin the journey to Sheas to confront her uncle and bring her father home.Broken Stone Unable to avoid her destiny any longer, Emariya has become the leader her mother always envisioned Before she can focus on embracing her gifts to unify her three lands, she must first stop her own land from dissolving into civil war.

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    1. The Souls of the Stones series was absolutely brilliant! It was one of those series that started off good and just got better from there. I absolutely adored this series!The world building of this series as a whole was perfect. There weren't any holes in the magic or the world of the books in general. Nicely done by the author.The characters grew so well throughout the series. They started off as flawed characters that were uncertain in the face of the odds. But, they grew into strong leaders th [...]

    2. Rating is for the omnibus, all three books together.*I received a free ARC copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for review. Thanks!*So an omnibus Never reviewed one before, so I'm glad I liked this one! At some points it felt like 1 really long book, which is good. It flowed nicely from one book to the next and that's very awesome in a book. I hate it when it just jumps from one thing to another and this book didn't do that. The writing was good, although sometimes a bit simplistic [...]

    3. A land split into three, three families with different powers. The power of the Earth, the power of Vision and the power of the Spirits. The prophecy says they should not be combined but two brave souls disagree. They struggle against the powers to allow for a land reunited. Totally enjoyable books.

    4. Book Review- Souls of the Stones Omnibus by Kelly WalkerThis collection holds the three books in the series. In the first book Cornerstone, the reader meets Emariya Warren. Her father has been missing for the past three years and her brother Reeve has stepped in and assumed his missing father’s roles. Their mother was murdered when Emariya was an infant and her father has protected them completely as they grew up. Her mother’s people in Sheas by the sea are threatening to attack at the river [...]

    5. CornerstoneOverall, this book has me torn, on one hand I really liked how it was easy to read and took me less then a day to read overall. However, at times I really felt that the whole plot was quite predictable. Even though the book started off quite slow at the beginning, I did think it began to pick up pace halfway which made it more enjoyable to me.I wasn't sure about the characters, I thought many of them were far too single minded for me and this made them seem quite one-dimensional to me [...]

    6. Cornerstone (Souls of the Stones #1) - 4 starsThere are always prices to be paid in a bargain. For Emariya it is marrying Torian Ahlen, the prince of a rival land, in exchange for rescuing her father. When secrets are further revealed about just who Emariya chose to put her trust in everyone’s lives might be in danger.The storyline of this book is great. The fantasy and world building take the reader on a journey that is easy to follow.Even though Emariya was a little naïve I loved her courag [...]

    7. So I picked up this when I found the omnibus pretty cheap on the kindle store, and only finished it out of habit and duty rather than desire. I found everything about the series, characters, plot, setting, left something to be desired. Emariya was a really lackluster character for a heroine; she's supposed to be portrayed as this strong, determined young girl to be queen and yet she's sobbed her way through 1000-unbearable pages. I could find nothing likeable about her. Her relationship with Tor [...]

    8. Souls of the Stones possessed many of the qualities that I like in a book: political intrigue, warring kingdoms, plot twists, a strong female lead, excellent world-building, and unique fantasy elements.The pacing was excellent, and the many plot twists and betrayals kept my interest throughout the 700+ pages. The dialogue was often charmingly old-fashioned, the descriptions were very detailed, and it showed both Emariya and Torian’s POV. All of the characters (including the supporting cast) we [...]

    9. The Souls of the Stone Omnibus includes Cornerstone, Second Stone, and Broken Stone.In this epic trilogy, we follow Emariya Warren as she struggles with the kidnapping of her father. Having lost her mother to invaders from another region when she was only young, Emariya and her brother are the only ones who can save their father.Agreeing to marry a prince from another region, she travels to her new kingdom in order to unite their armies and have enough power behind them to get her father back. A [...]

    10. I'm not sure whether this is a good sign, but I had to fight to remind myself that this is a YA book and therefore it's okay that some of the situations are a bit more simplistic than I otherwise expect from this genre. Nonetheless, I enjoyed these 3 books - though not as much as the explanatory prequel, Severed Stone - and watched the characters grow, learning that both change and compromise are necessary, and that a rigid mindset is not a favorable characteristic, whether it's from a lord or a [...]

    11. I was enticed to download Cornerstone as a free Kindle giveaway. I'm not sure that I would have picked up the book otherwise, but I enjoyed it enough that I bought the rest of the trilogy. Overall it was a good read, although as not a regular YA reader I found the books a little too straight forward at times. Other than the one twist in the first book, the books were a bit predicatable. Plot lines moved fast and lived in the moment. I think some plot points could have benefited from more develop [...]

    12. I'm torn about this book. It started off slow, then got a tiny bit more interesting, and then I felt like I went back to reading out of duty (being invested enough to want to find out the end, but not really caring). I did a lot of skimming. while the concept of the Three Stones is interesting and there are a number of plot twists, the romance between Dorian and Riya is too much "love on first sight." I only read the first book in this trilogy, but I will not be reading the rest of this trilogy. [...]

    13. Fantasy in a land far removed from ours is hard to find these days. I enjoyed the characters and the world a lot. Suspense and mystery are big themes in this series it seems along with the usual action and adventure :) I read this book cover to cover and yet I am still unsure who the villain is usually I can figure that out by chapter three so I am very impressed! I can't wait to read the next book!!! **this book is suitable for young adult through adult readers

    14. Fun fantasy storyFast paced story in a world built on stones. Characters are interesting, twists abound. The fate of a world rests on the shoulders of a girl who has no idea she has a destiny bigger than she ever dreamed, no idea that the people she should be able to trust the most are the ones who will betray her.

    15. l liked this trilogy. Over all good story. I liked that the characters had challenges and human nature to overcome, but tried to do what was right. Clean relationships, not too violent, but some language. Gave it three stars because I prefer no vulgar language at all, but was pleased that there were no graphic sex scenes.

    16. Fantasy and Magic Enjoyed the journey with kings, queens, princesses and shooting flames. Unique talents and mistaken goals carries the stream of the plot along over mountains, across frozen streams and through several dungeons and creepy tunnels. Love has many ups and downs but usually wins the war.

    17. Don't have enough time to finish the third book in this seriesThe first book is really intriguing and I have posted my review of it separatelySo is the second book, I will finish the third book in the future, hopefully soon

    18. Intrigue by the ThreeLike Emariya coming into her own powers, it starts off as a good slow burn, and builds to an inferno of interest.

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