Muhammad Ali Handbook

Muhammad Ali Handbook Muhammad Ali is the most adored iconic boxer and sportsman of all time This book tells the real story of Ali s life revealing a charismatic personality who has always evoked the most extreme reactio

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  • Title: Muhammad Ali Handbook
  • Author: Dave Zirin
  • ISBN: 9781846011559
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Muhammad Ali is the most adored, iconic boxer and sportsman of all time This book tells the real story of Ali s life, revealing a charismatic personality who has always evoked the most extreme reactions from others.

    One thought on “Muhammad Ali Handbook”

    1. A travel-size hardcover packed full with useful information on THE GREATEST FIGHTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. If you can't find a brick, throw this at your local racist / Islamophobe (it's pretty heavy).

    2. This is a terrific history of Ali and his place in culture and society. Both the writing and the photos are top-notch. The only negative aspects of the book are occasionally-sloppy editing and too much anti-Bush content.

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